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DN [English, Uncensored and High Res version], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Death Note series, by Maniac Street

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All those lace decorations must have been a pain to draw ^^

This is something that annoyed me a lot when I read Death Note. The male MC has a super cute gothic lolita idol who’s all head over heels for him, and he only sees her as a tool for his grand Keikaku. I wondered if it wouldn’t even be possible to make a psychological analysis from this, this fucker has no libido and projects his (missing) lust over the world as a whole, since he isn’t able to perform the deed himself with women. A sad sublimation.

Back to hentai: eight years ago I was sharing the censored low res version of DN, but now, Belldandy100 has gotten the high resolution version, has re-translated and decensored it: THANK YOU!! :woot:

In the present doujinshi, with some initial comic relief help, Light Yagami reluctantly (at first) accepts to satisfy Misa’s needs. Usually, the disappearance of censorship protects my willing suspension of disbelief, this time this is Light Yagami having an erection that looked fishy to me :lol:
The drawings are great, and Misa would have deserved many more hentai doujinshi about her, so: ENJOY! It’s too rare, and it’s worth it :twisted:

By the same artist, under the pen names Sugaishi annd Maniac Street, I also share Harem Collection (149 pictures, Uncensored), Himegoto Blue, Pure Bitch Club, Shitsuke No Jikan, Itoko No Karada, Hameai Pink, Pavlov and Tarafuku Manma, the bad Saigo No Kisu, Don’t Say Piggy (just average), Plug In Baby (cuuuuute !), the beautiful Harenchi Vacation and a pack of 2 other works (You Can (Not) Refuse + The Counterattack of the North High Baseball Club).

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