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Onikko Bitch [English], by Yukiusagi

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Walking in the forest, you stumble upon THIS. Do you (a) rescue the young man, or (b) totally bang that girl's ass like there's no tomorrow? Me? I rush B :D

Some of you may want to blame me for falling into the “boys can’t be raped” debate trap: I’m not going to tag this share as a rape manga, even though it’s about a man bound and forced to have sex. I can’t really explain, I just don’t feel it went that way, and I have no intention to try and elaborate :D

The story: a cute female horny oni (OK, I confess, I totally wanted to make that awful pun the second I read the title) sets her sight on a male human. She uses her magical powers to immobilize him and make him steel hard, denies him cumming repeatidly, uses her magic to renew his virility beyond normal human limits, and all along, it’s cheerful sex.
The girl’s got a cute face, thick eyebrows, a confident smile, and a splendid ass, enjoy! :3

Onikko Bitch has been scanlated by Drai123456, thank you! :)

By the same artist, I also share Patchou Milk and Ikinuki Lunatic Time.

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Buta No Onna (“A Pig’s Woman”) [English], a WTF hentai doujinshi parodying the Dragon Ball series, by Jack-Pot

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Lolwut, /gg oolong

What . The . Fuck

I’m not saying I live for moments like that. But, damn, am I glad there is hentai to provide us moments of full WTF, so weird it becomes hilarious, that we would have never thought about ourselves :D

So. Do you remember Dragon Ball, before it becomes Z, when Oolong saves the day by jumping in front of Shenron and asking for panties? Let’s make Oolong wish for something really perverted :twisted:
Also. Let’s give oolong a super freaky body, much more humanoid, with a face much more pig-like. It’s a huge “ew”, lol :lol:

I don’t recommend this share for power faps (unless you really want, I beg you don’t make it a challenge), but for a few giggles, hell yeah, check it out :D
Thanks a lot to Biribiri, Axalon and Jerk for this weird share, huhu ^^

By the same artist, under the pen names Jack-Pot and Jyura, I also share Junai Sadi Sukittu (195 pictures),  Tsukino Usagi (30) Uwaki Hen, Chibiusa – Enjo Kousai hen, Aiko Minako (Age 30) Fuzokujo-hen, a cheerful pack of 3 works (Love Nene + Lightning + Oppai Meister), a pack of 12 works (Hino Rei (30) Disposal of the Evil Spirit Arc, Kino Makoto (30) Shoutengai Zuma-hen, Mizuno Ami (30) Onna Kyoushi Hen, Monhan Erontier 1-2-3, Nyuugi Senyou Shimai, Obenjo Tenshi, Ryoujyoku Academy, School Fuuzoku, Tekken Mousou Ver, Tekken Suiminyaku ver), a pack of 2 works (Sailor Moon (30) + Tenoh Haruka (30) ), another pack of 2 works (Tekken Saiminjutsu ver + Tsukino Usagi (30) R Deliheal Zuma Hen) and Entry Plug Injection.

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Twin Ball Love Attack chapter 5 and tank bonus [English, with the chapter 5 in much-less censored tank scans], + the chapters 1-5&bonus in another Zip file (the story is now COMPLETE!), by Goban

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I feel that Goban is one of those rare mangakas whose work looks even BETTER when in full color O_o

Wait, it was only one month ago, that I was sharing the previous chapter 4 of this series?!? I felt like it was like at least 3 months O_o :shock:

Excellent news, here is the final bits of Twin Ball Love Attack: its chapter 5 and a “tank bonus”, with them the story is now complete! :woot:
The previous chapters were based on magazine scans (and had huge whiteout censorship), while the final chapter 5 uses tankoubon scans and show much less censorship. The tank also came with a short full-color bonus chapter, which is included in the present share.

In case the series is new to you, basically, here’s the gist. Very big-busted slightly plump cheerful volley-ball club highschool girls make a classmate their obligated helper. Nothing better than good old blackmail, right? Throw him a bra, take a photo, and profit! :twisted: Fortunately, hentai oblige, there are no hard feelings and the boy will essentially be helping the girls have sex ^^
Don’t let the mention of blackmail deter you, it’s only here as a form of comic relief. We’re exclusively served happy sex in which the girls take the lead :)
There will be sex in various outfits (including bikini ^_^), in duos, threesomes and group, simple as that =)

Graphically, there’s a good deal of paizuri, whiteout censorship ruining like half of the sex pages (the other half is quite OK) in the chapters 1-4, with Goban’s good drawings. Looking great, enjoy! :kickass:

Credits are for DerEX, Mikocon, DarkMac, Axalon, Wayne and CellTF, for the chapters 1-5 and, additionally for the chapter 5, also to Salar from Hentaicore (scanning the tank) and Dynellen (commissioning of the scanning). Thank you very much, I am most grateful for all you guys did! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Chichi Iro Toiki (198 pictures), Please Kiss Me, Love Cheering, Please Kiss Me, Zettai Nyuuki (“Absolute Breast Kingdom”, 201 pictures), and Renai Katekyo + Secret Study

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Ochinpo Nanka Ni Zettai Makenai 2 [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Girls Und Panzer series, by Shinyashiki

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Nonna and Anchovy from Pravda High have been hypnotized, given aphrodisiacs for good measure (you won’t believe where the rapists stored the drugs), and turned into (quoting) cocksleeves. Successful mindbreak follows.

You guys probably know all the good I think of scenarii like that, but I need to praise the drawings at the very least, they’re hot, hardcore, and clearly above average. Mostly vaginal, a bit of DP, ahegaos, at times reminding me of the mangaka Tamagoro… I don’t need to like it to honestly appraise skill.
If you liked it, it’s to Doujin-Moe you ought to adress gratitude ^^

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Love Plus No Manaka-ni No Joshikousei Ga Otonashii Ko to Do-S Purei Shita [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Love Plus series, by Tukimi Daifuku

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If it were the real world, in that position she would have trouble uttering a complete sentence ^^;;

There are uselessly long hentai titles, and then there is Love Plus No Manaka-ni No Joshikousei Ga Otonashii Ko to Do-S Purei Shita.

Manaka, from Love Plus, catches a boy admiring her panties. Punishment follows: forcing him to wear the panties, (light) verbal abuse, footjob, handjob, (too short) quick oral and paizuri, vaginal sex. I have little to say of the story, but I’ll praise the drawings, they have a really pleasant hand-drawn feeling, it’s not perfect but it’s crafted with skill and dedication, it shows…
This release comes from Nipplezits (I just love that nickname), Bango, Baran and God jesus, from Hennojin, thank you! :)

By the same artist, I also share the excellent Ecchi Na Cosplay Asuka, Charlotte No Okurimono, Chifuyu Nee No Ecchi Na Choukyou Ichika and (brace yourselves) Producer Hibiki No Onegai Kiitekuretara Iikoto Shiteageru.

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Ingoku No Kouki Dietlinde [English, 195 pictures], by Taira Hajime

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Rationality can't explain why I disliked this manga so much. Ew.

I can’t even explain why, there are mangakas against which I am extremely negatively prejudiced. I can’t stand what they make, the stories they choose, the atmosphere in them, how they draw, everything.
That’s the case for Taira Hajime. I’ve shared lots of works that are worse, looking much more fugly, with much more horrible stories – but those other works, by other mangakas, don’t make me want to scratch my arms as if to peel off unease and distress.

So, open confession, I didn’t fully read the manga I’m sharing here. I browsed bits and pieces to make myself an idea, and that’s that, I’ll leave it to you guys, trusting I’ll be the only one with this not sane reaction to the mangaka.
(For that reason, if more tags must be addded to this post, let me know in the comments, thanks!)

The story: an elf princess, a magical item, men with darkness inside them waiting to surface, women with darkness inside them waiting to surface, humiliation, forced sex, falling into depravation, blah, blah, blah.
The drawings: not bad, I should suppose, but see for yourselves, I’m done with this post :o

Thanks to Desudesu and Shin for this release!
By the same artist, eight years ago, I shared Bad Moon.

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Pack of 3 works by the hentai mangaka Nitta Jun [English]

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That was, oddly, pretty good motivational material

And now, for something entirely different ^^

I gathered here 3 works by Nitta Jun that I had in my downloads folder.
The themes: a massive WTF factor, women dominating men in all kinds of ways but always to their mutual benefit.
Graphically: very, very crude, wild pubic hair in which sometimes a herd of orangutangs might be hidden for all we know, barely censored. It’s close to gross, but manages to stay on the good side of weird.

Those three works are:
Fudeoroshi Kouen (we’re in a world where men can line up naked in parks with a sign around their neck telling they’re virgins and beg for pussy, schoolgirls and MILFs check them out and pick whichever ones they want to mate right on the green. The hairiest MILF of the neighborhood picks the male MC. Quotation: “Nice to meet you! Wow, I love your ugly pussy!”)
Toriko (“Captive”) (young men are kidnapped to please an ojou-sama, orgy forever. Quotation again: “From now on, you’re cock number 19. You’re my toy… just like those other cocks behind me.” – WTF lol)
Youthful Advancement (a schoolboy is blackmailed into being his teacher’s sexfriend, his female crush is revealed under his eyes as a huge sow to convince him, and the conclusion is a lesson about power and domination, encouraging the boy to become a dominant adult after he’s had enough guidance O_o)

See what I mean, about the WTF touch? ^_____^
We owe those releases to N04h, Herzer, Snake2243, Rinruririn and SuperShanko, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share another pack of 3 works (Christmas Present + Crush! + Little Sex Devils’ Banquet).

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