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Maid Minami No Gohoushi Full Course [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the [email protected] series, by Gustav

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A handjob, well done, feels great. Speak to your woman about lubricants! :3

I am starting to wonder if the mangaka, Gustav, couldn’t be a total, hopeless and resolute maid lover :D

Allright, in this one, we’re in a strange setup in which the male hero is a producer from an idols company, going through a training session to better himself and be worthy of his agency’s top idols. Namely: he must control his sexual urges. And for this, duh, he’s being endlessly sexually teased by a cute idol dressed as a maid, what else? :roll:
OK, it’s a weird setup. But there are good drawings and good sex, lol :D

I couldn’t really enjoy it, though, the mangaka went overboard with the domination of the male hero and the whole orgasm denial ideas, but I guess it’s a “to each his own” moment, right?
Credits are for Peganuss, Herreis, Lesher and Vilis, from Hennojin Scanlations, thank you! ^_^

By the same artist, under the pen names Gustav and TelomereNA, I also share Reika Wa Karei Na Boku No Maid chapters 1-5, Ijiwaru Desu Producer-san (“Producer-san is a meanie!”), Kouiuno Ga Sukinan Desuka, Doko Miterundesuka Producer-san and Minami Syndrome.

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My Dear Maid One Day [English], by Takatsu

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SCORE! *cough*sorry*

When I shared the tank version of My Dear Maid, 11 days ago, Dynellen mentioned a bonus chapter existed in Japanese. Well, here we are, he has gotten it translated too, thank you ^^

This bonus work came as a small addon to the tank, however I must warn you, this is with magazine-grade censorship: massive whiteout, and it’ll stay like that. Also, the story is kinda forgettable, the maid visiting her master at school (sex) and then having sex with him more privately. Enjoyable, sure, but nothing worth getting a cardiac arrest over, shall we say ^^
I’ll let you to read it, and, once again, thank you, very much!, to Dynellen, Kuma-pun and Svines89 from B.E.C. Scans :)

The Tank version of My Dear Maid is still available HERE, BTW ;)

For MORE, I recommend you The list of Takatsu/Takatu’s works on HentaiRules

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Callin! Kourin! [English], by Oberon

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Sales done right.

This… ah, what can I say, it’s another hentai UFO. The main character is a stern office lady, in charge of a customer relations team, who suffers from pent-up professional and sexual frustration. She’s strong, competent, qualified and unfucked; her job has her surrounded by insufficiently performing coworkers and forced to apologize to customers.
Basically, a hentai ticking bomb that’ll eventually stop being a normal adult under our eyes.

Call that customer care, call that vengeance, call that a successful sales conversion, call that WTF hentai, I don’t care, it was funny, weird, disturbing, amusing and cheerful ^^;;

Side note. I worked for many years in phone call relations with sales prospects (individuals and – much better – professionals), business partners and in customer care (only individuals, regrettably). So I kinda sympathize with the heroine, in this job you end up wanting to murder EVERYONE, incompetent colleagues and dumb phone relations equally. You spend your days wanting to yell “YOU . DENSE . MOTHER . FUCKER!” ^^;;

We owe this highly original and absolutely worth reading release to Dyjin, thank you! ^_^

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Mamire Chichi – Sticky Tits Feel Hot All Over – Smeared Breasts [English, 218 pictures, now in a better version!], by Andou Hiroyuki

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That girl. She's having a threesome while wearing a chinese dress. SO MUCH WIN!

Woah :shock: :D :twisted:

Long story short, the present share uses a digital source and comes as a replacement of the version of Mamire Chichi that I shared in 2013. The 2013 version had pictures from various origins, in various sizes (between 1400 and 1660 px) and the images were in lesser quality.

A comparison, if you want.
The (now former) 2013 version… VS… the new (present share) digital version.
That was cropped from manga pictures, vertically, but not horizontally, it’s full pages width. You’ll notice the slightly stronger censorship, the way the former version was excluding part of the drawings on the right and the left, and (look at the areolas for instance, it shows well in them, the combination of differences) the way the new version has better printing, with smoother lines, no pixel pollution and better shades.

… and now, a summary, there we go! ^^
Here is a long manga (218 pages) bursting with very intense sex. Tons of paizuris (I mean it: EVERY CHAPTER COMES WITH PAIZURI, WOOHOO!! :D :woot: :kickass: ) and vaginal sex with many girls, with hardly any scenario at all (basical happy sex canvas with minor variations, usually the girl initiating the sex).

Some things may get in the reading pleasure of a few, such as the hyper veiny dicks (they’re drawn as massive, so it’s even more visible), or the few stories with cheating in them. But as long as you don’t mind that, it’s a full manga bursting with pleasure to draw hentai for you :)
(Side note, pages 198–203, don’t miss the mini-story in which the mangaka represents himself wanting to have sex with the 2D girls he drawn ^^;; )

Release credits are for Genl, Misael and Doujin-Moe, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Orgasm + Creampie = Zero, Koisuru Purin-pai (188 pictures), Nigai Milk (“Bitter Milk And The Smell of a Female Animal”) (164 pictures), and also The Energetic Girl And her Medic(k)al Treatment. And there’s also Oneppyu (221 pictures) and a double-manga pack : All I Want Is A Hole + Pai Nuki (337 pictures).

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Reika Wa Karei Na Boku No Maid chapter 5 [English], + the chapters 1-5 repacked together (120 pictures), by Gustav

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Maid power in action. NO MAN IS SAFE! :D

NICE! A new chapter, already :)

In the previous chapters, we followed two main characters, the master wondering whether his maid really likes him or just makes her job, the maid mostly oblivious of anything non-maid-related and yet deep inside loving his master. Lots of sex happened of course, with Reika being in charge and gently, teasingly, dominating her master at the same time. Over time, their relation became more balanced, the maid gained human traits and the master grew to be her equal. Great feelings.

In this new chapter, we follow a new character, another maid of the household, trying to seduce the man she likes, and discovering that maid-power is nothing to sneeze at :twisted:

The drawings are top-tier, they’re really great, both for Reika’s and the new maid’s face, the outfit variations, and the girls’ bodiesy. The sex is made of footjobs, paizuris, oral and vaginal. Only negative side, the huge whiteout censorship, what a pity, really!
Please enjoy, this is fapworthy :twisted:

A quote I loved: « I have been waiting for you since many years ago. Because you’re the answer for everything I have ever wished… If master falls in love with me, that would be my wish coming true. »

(Side note: I retouched the chapter 1: Before… – And after!)

By the same artist, under the pen names Gustav and TelomereNA, I also share Ijiwaru Desu Producer-san (“Producer-san is a meanie!”), Kouiuno Ga Sukinan Desuka, Doko Miterundesuka Producer-san and Minami Syndrome.

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Reiteki Iyagarase (“Test Of Courage”) [English], by O-Uso

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Haunting SM sauce O_o

Facesitting, verbal abuse, kicks in the balls, domination, footjob… Yep, that’s femdom :(

In more details, a boy with the rare ability to interact with spirits commits the mistake of visiting a school building in which apparently dozens of girls at the peak of their puberty found death from bullying or excessive masturbation. He was sexually pleased and left the building alive, at least.

But the whole femdom left me flaccid, to each his own, I guess. Or maybe that’s actually a hentai genre sought after by girls?

Credits are for Peganuss, ZellBell, Satoshi and Vilis, from Hennojin Scanlations, thank you! BTW, I’ll mention they now have a Patreon if you want to reward them.

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Teasing Master Alice [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Touhou series, by Michiking

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Who can resist the appeal of a shapely ass? I can't.

Touhou’s Alice is wonderful hentai material. Blonde, busty, a lovely hairband, a cute outfit… In the present doujinshi, Alice is simply marvelous, with her confident and dominating eyes, showing kinky pleasure when “manipulating” a shotaboy into her bedroom, and there are her proud breasts, her pleasure-flushed expressions, her meaty body during sex… HNNNNNNGGGGG! Michiking’s good.

As of usual, it’s now that I must whine about the choice of a shota male partner, I can’t imagine under which heavens this is perceived as adding to eroticism, but fuck it, I’ve got no choice but to deal with it :-/

By the same artist, I also share Abstinence Club 1-5 (it is complete), The Older Sister Experience For A Week 1, Yuuwaku Suimin, Hasande Kudasai Okuu-chan, Ushiro De Alice, Yoidore Desuka Aya Onee-san, Let Me Suck On Them, Udonge-mama, Seisakei Imouto and (featuring one of the most arousing doggystyle invitations ever) Hatsujou Shimashita Kagerous-san.

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