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Ninshin Shichatta Dareka Tasukete [English], a sad hentai doujinshi parodying the Sailor Moon series, by Aki Kitahara (under the Secret Society M circle name)

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Sigh. Poor Venus.

Ten months ago, I was sharing Venus VS Chuunen Dansei Kyouyu, in which the Sailor Senshi Venus is blackmailed into having sex with a filthy adult abusing her until she became pregnant.
Here comes the present share, it is:
– a sequel, with a second part to the story, in which Venus accepts an abortion – but for that, she has to accept to be used once again, this time by the doctor going to operate on her.
– a repack, as the present share, within a single huge volume, is made of both the first half, formerly Venus VS Chuunen Dansei Kyouyu, and the new second half, with the abortion clinic asshole taking advantage of desperate girls who lack any means to escape.

In my eyes, the addition of this second half makes it worse, this is now a sad, oh so sad story.
Because the narration is “lived” from the first person, Venus’ feelings of disgust, humiliation, shame and existential distress are deeply ingrained in every page.

For me, that made the volume almost unbearable, and the skill put into drawing a really pretty and arousing woman has gone to waste.
But if it’s your own kink, what can I say, enjoy, good for you, within that niche, Aki Kitahara has outdone himself, reaching new heights (or lows, depending on the POV.)
This release has been commissioned by Doujin-Moe, thank you!

By the same artist, known as Aki Kitahara and Secret Society M, I also share Senpai Ga Benki, Torikage No Joou, Venus Ga Oji-san Ni Camera Mesen De Makuwararete, Sayonara Nene-san, Inyoku No Kan 2199, Helena-sama And I, Shintaku No Kairou and A Pack of 9 other works.

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Re_ Incarnation [English, 254 pictures], by Chiba Toshirou

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A good manga with a shitty trick to it, ah, sigh

Hentai durian.
The best and the worst, combined.

To put it into a chronological flow, Re_ Incarnation is the story of three young mangakas writing a dramatic hard-sci-fi manga. The balance of their circle is broken by the intrusion of a “were slut” female, followed by the bonding of one of the members with another woman who had a soft spot for him. As they discover the joys of abundant sex, the story they write becomes sexual; meanwhile their inter-personal relationships become a mess, until at last a new point of balance is reached and we have a vanilla conclusion.

To put it into the way the Re_ Incarnation manga went: it’s a fucken bloody mess. The volume starts with the first chapters of the manga created by the youngsters, and it’s a piece where monstruous male orcs rape and mindbreak and kill and dismember women. It’s only 83 pages after the beginning that we exit this fucking nightmare and realize it was a mise en abyme, a manga within the manga.
Fuck. That. shit. As a literary trick that was dishonest, distasteful and disgusting.

Its a pity that the “method” chosen by the mangaka grossed me so much, if you exclude the gruesome orcs parts, it’s a frankly interesting read, the fictional manga affects the “real” (airquotes! ^^) characters, who are affected back, the human interactions aren’t bad at all, and the sex is super hot, I adore the way Chiba Toshirou draws women.

Well, I’ll leave it up to you guys, and I apologize I wrote yet another super long wall of text. I imagine it could have been summarized better, but I’m not good enough :D
Release credits are for a lot of people: Dynellen, CynicW, Lapan, hentai2read/, Axalon, MrWayne, Dudeman, Inkblot, Wavedash, Shoku, from,, and Thank you very much! ^_^

(Remember to view the updated list of Celluloid Acme’s works on Hentairules)

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Story of the N Situation – Situation #2 Kokoro Utsuri [English], by Mashira-Dou

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The feels. I recalled how it felt at that age, so much hesitation, fear to fail, fear to misunderstand, so many excuses for cowardice...

That story was beautiful, moving, harrowing, it felt *too* realistic, the kind of thing that can happen in real life, in which there is no villain, only humans with their weaknesses, their complex feelings and occasional bursts of courage.

I think I can spill the guts this time: we’re in a concluded love triangle, one girl, two boys, a childhood friend and a new boy who fell in love with the girl and conquered her heart after much effort. The girl was “stolen” by the new boy, and that is entirely due to the childhood friend’s lack of confidence and fear of failure, he didn’t dare to respond to the girl’s open feelings, he prefered to tell himself he wasn’t good enough for her.

It would be very tempting to blame him and call him a faggot, an herbivore, insert any silly insult you like. I can’t agree. He was weak and indecisive, but, hey, aren’t we all, especially at this vulnerable teen age, didn’t we fail many times, us too?
It would be very tempting to hate the new boy, but to the contrary, he was earnest, honest, his feelings are pure and he chose to be courageous even at the risk of losing everything, he deserved the girl more.
As for the girl… she was the most courageous of the three, trying to pull the childhood friend, and deciding she could move on and love the new boy…

Last thing, the title. This “N” letter bothers me. Netorare (cheating on the GF/BF in a manner that leads to him/her knowing it and hurting a lot from it): I can’t agree, at all. Nobody wanted to hurt, or enjoyed it. No existing relation was broken by force. Netori (stealing a BF/GF): well, that, perhaps. The new boy’s courage won the girl’s flickering heart, so, let’s say it’s netori, eventually.

A detail that marked me… The hand she stretches, on page 31, and that is caught, and pressed tightly by her lover… Haa, that was moving. In my eyes, that was shoujo hentai, full of feelings, what mattered was less the porn that the untying of the knot of emotions.

Sorry for the wall of text, hey, I’m me.
Long story short, it’s moving, complex, and totally worth reading IMO :)
Biribiri, Axalon and Rudy, are behing this release, thank you so much! :jap:

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Dark Palace Inyoku No Kyuuden [English], by Yuugiri

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Come on, I wasn't the only one who got a Dragon Quest feeling about that girl, right?

Fair and serious warning, this story is dark, very dark. We’re in a fantasy-based society led by orc-like monsters, in which humans are slaves and cattle, worked till death unless they are beautiful females and then they serve a different purpose, a sex doll made to be mindbroken over and over to please the leaders. There is no beacon of hope, no reason to dream of a better tomorrow, and mindbreak is the only reasonable choice to make, at least it’s a “less worse” fate.
Bleak, eh?

Let’s make it worse: the sex isn’t with humans. Think of the trolls in Skyrim. But uglier.

End of the shit list.
The rest is complimenting: the art is exceptionally good, the censorship is bearable, we fortunately don’t see much of the male partners during sex, and the women are treated, all things considered, correctly given the context: vaginal sex with big dicks “only”, no DP, anal blasting, maximum gagging or stuff like that.

I gave you all the info I could, choose for yourselves guys. Don’t get burnt, but if it’s something you can tolerate, or love altogether, it’s quality materials.
This has been released by Constantly and commission by Poin, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share the sweet Seiso-kei (“Sex Junkie”), Bijo To Yajin (it’s a pack of a big full-color pack of works), Hatsujou Training, Iinazuke Wa Hanshokuki, Immoral Lesson, the despicable Hitoduma Goroshi and Inbai Shoujo Dealer.

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Watashi No Suki Na Oji-san x Ore No Suki Na Iede Shoujo Ge (“My Beloved Mister & My Beloved Runaway Girl”) chapters 1-3 [English, the story is COMPLETE], by Miyabi

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I think I can call this one a masterpiece.

That’s one of my favorite kinds of hentai, when love is not just physical, when sex is more than just copulation.
The story of Watashi No Suki Na Oji-san x Ore No Suki Na Iede Shoujo Ge is built on the opposition between the mere satisfaction of carnal instincts, and the inner need we all have to build bridges between our soul and the loved one’s soul.

In this share, a broken girl had to discover what she needed wasn’t sex, but to be loved and accepted. Before she found it, sex was just copulation. After she learned it, at last, sex became something entirely different, more intense, more fulfilling, more healing, too. And it was wonderful :)

The drawings are of great quality, with censorship either average (thick black bars) or weak (thin black bars). The girl is the thin intense brunette type, with a form of inner elegance, a sense of self-confidence and zero grams of embarrassment in her, while the male hero is a serious good looker too, already a productive member of society with a leonine feeling to him.

Ah, I wrote yet another wall of text, sorry. Go for it, I whole-heartedly recommend you this hentai manga :)
Release credits are for Spirtohleb, Hentai2read, HentaiHere,, Metaphrastes and Cedr777, from Triple Seven Scans. Thank you so much, really! =)

By the same artist, I also share Joujou Shoujo Etcetera (“Pure-hearted Girl Et Cetera”) (203 pictures), Kagami, Present For You and Kanojo Ga Nekomimi Ni Kigaetara.

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FetiColle Volume 4 [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Jitaku vacation

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Tender. Intense. Slutty. Depravingly slutty. Caring. Liberating. Served by perfect breasts, hot outfits (once again: plural form!)… and all of that with incredibly lustful stares…

*slowly coming back to Earth. Feeling embarrassed now*
Erm. Here is a really pleasant Kantai Collection hentai doujinshi, in which Hamakaze, one of the girls, enters in a romantic relationship with her admiral. Its not all love and butterflies, there is a dreadful, stifling atmosphere, the girls are presented as mere objects meant for battle and sexual relief, and it’s against all odds the Admiral and Hamakaze become true lovers, sharing love, caring, and plans for their future.
The first half takes place in the usual Kantai Collection setup, with vanilla winning over drama.
The second half… ah, it’s like a gift from Heavens, it’s a “sequel”, taking place after the Kancolle wars, and we watch a married life between Hamakaze and her (former) Admiral. In which Hamakaze performs one of the best titfucks of hentai history.

Enough said, that was awesome. ENJOY!!
Very late realization as I was preparing my share: wait, there is no vaginal sex, lol, I didn’t even notice ^__________^

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Fuyu no Hashikko [English], by Makio

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Sadface T_T

This story is beautiful, sad, moving, and erotic. I’m tagging this as “drama”, but don’t expect absolutely crazy shit; we’re simply focused on a brother and sister who grew very close in a pure fashion, as a way of sheltering them from the pain of watching the marriage of their parents disintegrate.
Eventually, they become lovers, but this is less a matter of arousal than of emotions, even then.

And, as with all story-driven hentai shares, I found myself lost in thought for a loooooong time after I finished reading, trying to imagine how the story could unfold after this, writing myself long mental novels, refusing to let go of the characters… come on, please don’t let me think I’m the only person like that, right???

There is annoying blur-mosaics censorship, true, but the drawings are beautiful, full of sensibility, doing the mature story justice. I believe it’s worth reading :)
Thanks a LOT to NecroManCr for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Irogoto – Love Affair.

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