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Marcille Meshi [English, Uncensored!], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Dungeon Meshi series, by Asaki Takayuki

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Today, a female Elf was not raped. Today is a good day.

Funny how things go. In a dicussion on Batoto, I jokingly mentioned, about Danmachi, that humans must be actually perveived as a plague, coming and slaughtering the wildlife for petty reasons. Someone answers with a recommendation to read Dungeon Meshi.
I start reading it, and, ho ho ho, this is great dope, funny, interesting, original!!
And then a name at the top of my Downloads folder catches my eye: “Marcille”, it’s the name of a goofy tsundere female Elf… Yep, I had a Dungeon Meshi doujinshi on my hard drive, I am now obligated to share it ^____^

There are decent enough drawings (not amazing, but they’re fully decensored!) and the story is comedy-oriented, you don’t even need to know the original series to enjoy, just imagine a female elf forced to wear a cursed sexy armor and ending up having sex when she tries to take it off ^^
No idea who is behind that one, thanks to whoever released it! :)

And don’t forget, boys and girls, try reading Dungeon Meshi, the original series is even better, a crazy mix of comedy and fantasy, about adventurers roaming a dungeon and eating the local animals…

By the same artist, I also share Fuuka-chan’s Summer Diary.

Update: argh, my bad. This was a 2D-Market publication, an official store selling uncensored translated hentai mangas.
I’m removing the links.

To get the manga, it’s simple, get it from 2D-Market, follow this link :)

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