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Tanetsuke Colosseum! (“Conception Colosseum”) Episode 1 [English], by Motsu Aki

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Ah, if only there had been more than two pages of paizuri!


That’s hentai UFO level here ^^;; In this share, a female magician, looking like an elf, is beaten in a rigged fighting tournament, and she discovers the loser must provide sexual services to the winner. In front of the entire audience. While the enthusiastic commentator adds to the poor girl’s embarrassment with his descriptions of everything as if it were wrestling moves. “Incredible!! Mark decides to mount cecilia, and… ! Wait, could this be?! It’s the legendary mating preeeeeeess!!
Usually, I read hentai like that with a frown, but not this time, that was simply too much, I eventually shrugged, giggled, and went with the flow ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

This is a Little White Butterflies release, thank you! :)

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Boku No Onee-chan Ni Wa Teisou Gainen Ga Nai.

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High Elf X High School volume 8 (“Dosukebe Smell”) [English], + a repack of ALL the 8 translated volumes of the Elf Highschool series (288 pictures), by Fueta Kishi

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A nice, nice shot :3

One again, Fueta Kishi takes us to this universe in which there’s a highschool for super sexy female elves seeking humans able to impregnate them.
The male MC is a lucky male human, who keeps on gathering around him total sexbombs. Girls like that shouldn’t be attracted to an ugly nerd like him, but, hey, hentai magic ^^

Though, let’s be frank. I may be a fan of Fueta Kishi, but it’s been a long time now the mangaka’s drawings have become sloppy, it feels as if they were lacking, as if enthusiasm and skill were left behind and now it’s just a job, as if quantity now primed over quality, as if, to be blunt, Fueta Kishi stopped caring. It’s still good, but not amazing anymore.
For all these volumes, my gratitude goes to several groups and persons, Tigoris Translates, Lazarus LP, Cometravel and CovertOpBoobs, from Lazarus-H, N04h per a D-M request (whatever that might mean?), and Doujin-Moe now become Thank you! :jap:

In the new volume I share here, this is a busty adult elf with glasses. One more for the harem!

A summary, to help, currently the HEXHS (High Elf X High School) series contains:
– HEXHS volume 1 (no additional naming, let’s just call it volume 1)
– HEXHS volume 2: Haku
– HEXHS volume 3: Koku
– HEXHS volume 4: Shiro X Kuro
– HEXHS volume 5: Twintail
– HEXHS volume 6: Shuugeki Hen Zenjitsu
– HEXHS volume 7: Shuugeki Hen Toujitsu
– HEXHS Volume 8: Dosukebe Smell (presently shared)

For more goodness, Cf. The list of ALL Fueta Kishi’s works on Hentairules!

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Anata To Nara (“If It’s You”) [English], by Awayume

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Aphex Twin mode: I can fap to this

Nothing beats vanilla… especially when the female MC is a dark elf in highschool girl uniform :kickass:

This share combines several ingredients, without going too heavy on any of them: love, the freshness of the woman, artistic drawings reminding me of great mangakas, and this undescribable “human warmth” touch that gives softies like me a warm and fuzzy feeling deep inside =)
Seriously, check it out, I am fully confident you won’t regret it ^_^
We owe this one to Jatrans and Pr1de, thank youuuuu! :)

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Anata No Kaori Ni Sasowarete, Suzuya To Natsu Love Vacation, Call me, Alice and, with very different art and yet it’s the same artist’s name, Samugarikko (“Cold-Sensitive Girl”), Yawaraka Lip No H Na Sasoi.

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Kegasareta Chikai, Kowareta Ai (“A Corrupt Oath, A Broken Love”) [English], by Kazuhiro

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Good in its own niche, let us say

Elf hentai’s back to its roots: rape, mindbreak, and netorare’ing the former male elf partner :D I can’t say I like it, but at least those of you with dark tastes should particularly enjoy that one, I think.
More precisely, we arrive long after the breaking was done. We follow a male Elf who comes to the rescue, as he finally found where female elfs and elves were imprisoned. The last person to release is his (former) spouse, however he will discover that she is long gone, and humiliation, despair and a hopeless future await him.

Graphically at least, it’s intense and all, with very little censorship (sometimes not even noticeable), as expected from the manga Kazuhiro. Within its own niche, it’s very good, I’d say :)
Thanks to Stopittarpit for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, to this day, under the names “Tiramisu Tart” and Kazuhiro, I also share Zenana Biyaku Choukyou Nikubenki Collection (200 pictures), Error (in which for the first time I was YAY ! GO RAPISTS ! – it’s a weird idea I know), Yariman Ni Koise Shi Okasare Doutei, Botsuraku Reijou No Seiteki Maid Gyoumu, Anal Choukyou No Hibi, Yariman Ni Koise Shi Okasare Doutei (“Virgin In Love Violated By A Slut”), Do You Like Horny Older Sisters, Dakyou Sakuya, Lewd Wolf Awakening and NTR Game.

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Isekai Bitch Ga Tokyo Ni Yattekita [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Quiz Magic Academy series, by Taihei Tengoku

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YES, she has tits larger than her entire head. Don't tell me it surprises you :D

No need for a scenario, I guess? without a particular reason, a plump, sexy, slutty elf from another world (you know, the popular isekai trope, these days) is roaming around Tokyo at night, looking for an easy fuck. She finds it, she has impregnation sex, this is it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
-Update: thanks Anony-Mouse, I now know, this is a parody of the games series Quiz Magic Academy.

The style was a little excessive for me, but that’s Taihei Tengoku for you ^^ Also, side note, the heart-censorship, that was oddly cute, huhu ;)
Thanks to Fated Circle and his commissioner Garass! :jap:

By the same artist… Ah, this time it’s complicated. There are two entirely separate things.
– Taihei Tengoku (the artist called like that)
– Circle Taihei Tengoku (a group of different mangakas united under the same brand)
By the artist, I also share Saenai Oji-san No Kareinaru Seikatsu, Enjyo Kosai (221 pictures), Pai Fella Lady (233 pictures), Saikai (“Reunion”) and Misaki Fight G.
By the circle, I share Zone 44 and Night Head Harlock.

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Elf Shimai Control (“Elf Twins Control”) [English, Colorized but also strongly Retouched version], by Tabigarasu

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Long story short, make love not war ^^

Would you remember Elf Shimai Control, that I shared a year ago?
Here’s the good news: a nice person called Ironhades has colorized it! :)

And here’s the second good news: I share here a significantly improved version, sent to me by another nice person, called MiloTheFirst.
I know it’s a matter of personal taste, but I didn’t like how the remnants of the dotty grayscale screentones looked in the colorized version, for instance. I think this new version is better, IMO, looking more like a “genuine” full-color creation.
Look, see for yourselves: original colorizationVSimproved MiloTheFirst version! :twisted:

As for the description of the story, I’ll let you read it in the page of the grayscale version ;)
Thanks to IronHades and MiloTheFirst for this full-color alternative, and to Constantly for the translation, I’m grateful :)

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Gang-raped Dark Elf [English], by Gonzaburo

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My my proudest erection

Story-wise, it’s worth a sigh and a shrug, hardly more than that, either you dig these themes or you move on. Basically: a dark elf with a generous self-sacrificial nature is betrayed, raped by a gang of orcs, and mindbroken from too much pleasure :roll:

Graphically, I’m torn. The orcs = garbage. But a dark elf drawn with skill having hardcore sex with “only” white bar censorship = “zboing”.
It’s up to you ^^

It’s been released by Orla and Seijirou1337, from Hennojin!, thanks are an order.

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Indecency Magic (158 pictures)

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