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Atashi Ga Roshutsukyou Dakaratte Yariman Janain Dakara Ne [English], by Hal

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A position that would only work in hentai, I feel ^^

So, it’s weird, but the good kind of weird. A popular girl has a secret not-shameful habit of masturbating in almost public places, the risk to get caught sends her into maximum thrills and orgasms. Until the day one of the boys from her class catches her.
Which leads us to the natural solution, she will exert domination over him all along, making him watch out for the surroundings while she continues masturbating in public places, and it will end up in sex.

The drawings are good, the girl is bursting with sex appeal, something made even more obvious by a certain disrespect for proportions or anatomy.
All good? Nope. The amount of censorship has gone beyond horrible, it was somehow gross and disgusting. Big words probably, but I’d have preferred full whiteout to this blurry mosaics mayhem :(

I don’t know if I must recommend you the read because of this horrible censorship; see for yourselves, I guess?
Thanks to Cgrascal for this release!

By the same artist, I also share Okusama Wa Razoku, Bitch Summer Vacation, M No Honkai, Kono Natsu, Shoujo Wa Bitch Ni Naru and My Girlfriend Is My Innocent Queen.

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FutaKyo! ~Futanari Kyouko-Chan~ [English, 218 Pictures] by Kurenai Yuuji

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Free Image Hosting
Hey Troops! Delta’s back and with a Futa share this week. Actually make that for the next 2 shares and give monster girls a break. I know what you are thinking: “Hey Oliver! Someone hacked DeltaOblivion’s account!” No guys, it’s really me, it’s just that for the past few months I feel that Futa translations are in decline; I mean I can barely find a handful of the good stuff for the past weeks. So I plan to get some Futa from my private stash and share it in the following shares. Today I’m sharing a newly completed manga. The sequel to “FutaRoMa”: “FutaKyo!”

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One-Night Stand With A Gyaru + Fucking A Gyaru Slut [English], by Sian

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« Geez, if you leave girls hanging, you might find yourself without a fuck-buddy, you know ? »
« I’m a pervert, aren’t I ? ♡ AREN’T I ? ♡ I’M A PERVERT!SO LET’S FUCK LIKE WILD ANIMALS! »
– Gyaru is love. Gyaru is life. Gyaru is awesome hentai material.

That girl is a total slut, to the point it’s embarrassing, for an average man, to be in her presence. And yet… she is irresistible, able to make adorably cute and sincere smiles, she’s simply herself, and as herself, she is a verrrry sexual person.
I don’t care about describing in lengthy details the story, just start reading, and enjoy, allright guys ? Please make yourself a favour and do NOT miss the adorable rub-rub on the last page ^____^

Behind this share, there are Shockwave, Katherine Kane, Quintessence, DerEX, from Lewd Wani Bootleggers, and their commissioner, my dear CellTF. Thank you very much! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Sheltered Couple and MMS allure.

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Coat No Shita No Bokura No Himitsu Zen (“The Secret Of Us Under The Coat”) parts 1-3 [English, COMPLETE series], by Ayakawa Riku

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There we are, the series is complete, at last :)
The story is about a highschool girl with exhibitionist urges, who finds the perfect boy for her, but of course she has difficulties in admitting it, and lots of loving (I don’t *only* mean fucking, allright) will be required. There’s not a lot of actual exhibitionism, and we may rant a bit at how dense the girl is (why would you want to break up ?!?), but all in all it’s a good read, with mutual love and very well drawn hentai in the chapters 2 and 3 :)

Cadenza, Crystalium, HayateKBL and Palaxius, from Team Koinaka, are behind this release, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Futanari Parfait (168 pictures, Uncensored), Boku Wa Kimi Wo Daite Nemuru and Sunao Ni Natte Yo.

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Yareruko! Densha Ecchi [English, 954 pictures], an HGC pictures series by Maron Maron and Aomizuan

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My favorite girl, the blonde foreigner one. I almost read the speech bubbles for her. Almost, let's be frank.

I’ve already shared long series of CG pictures with dialogues in the past. But… something that’s 954 pictures long ? And full of dialogues ?!? :shock:
I never even imagined a day like that would come :shock:

So, there we are, with great, shocked, amazed thanks to Drozetta and Dekirutranslations (they went and scanlated 954 pages about teens fucking in the train, for Pete’s sake, someone give them a Nobel prize!), here is Yareruko! Densha Ecchi, a story based on the fantasy idea that some teens are both candid (zero defense), lacking common sense, and extremely slutty (open to sexual advances, becoming aroused with any ecchi words or mere caressing, not having a problem with moving on to real sex). They ride the train, the male hero sweet talks them or simply gropes them, and there you are, public sex in the train! :D
That’s as far as the scenario goes (look, I’ll recognize I hardly read two dozens speech bubbles in total ^^;;).

Graphically, I must reckon the art was quite good, much better than most other series I’ve read so far. The girls have candid faces, very large breasts, very short miniskirts, plump thighs, and great ecstatic expressions on their faces. To my surprise, even the amount of censorship was quite low, it was pixelated but with small enough squares to let us earnestly enjoy the visuals :)

A word about file sizes: originally, that took 1 GB on the disk. I ran a recompression (not leaving visible differences) and the file shrunk to 307 MB. I hope that helps!

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