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Osananajimi To Musubareru No Ga Tadashii To Wa Kagiranai Kouhen [English, strongly retouched], by Mukoujima Tenro

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Would someone remember where I left my flamethrower, my chainsaw and my bulldog ants terrarium?

Ah ah ha.
Murder that fucking bitch.

Ahem. Rewind.
Osananajimi To etcetera is about a scumbag boy with a lot of female sexfriends who successfully made his bitch the girlfriend of another boy. The other boy is totally oblivious that his GF already knows about sex and practices with someone else. The girl is totally addicted to scumbag-kun’s dick and she agrees to break up with him in exchange for more sex.

The ending both brought a plot twist and caused me a visceral “NO! DON’T! BURN HER ALIVE INSTEAD OF HUGGING HER!” burst of inner rage.
Because there’s no trusting a girl like that: we’re in a situation different from the usual basical mangas in which it’s required (to make the scenario “work”) that the girl is a dumb cow and her idiocy makes her half-forgiven. Here, the girl made a moral choice.

Mascot and Insight are behind this release for which I spent more time writing a description than reading it lol. Thank you ^^;;

Ah, side note: I ran strong retouching on the images of this manga. Originally, the images looked flat, lacked contrasts, we kinda had to work our brains out with every new page to make out everything. I ran a combination of shadows/highlights and levels in Photoshop: now, the images look dark, but at least the volumes and details are back in town, I feel it’s much better.

By the same artist, under the names Mukoujima Tenro and Kotoshiki, I also share Virginity (205 pictures), a pack of 2 works (Shemei Sassou + Mutual jealousy : Kei & Yuriko), Senran Chichi Ninmai, Mutual Jealousy Mio & Shirou, and Mutual Jealousy Shinobu & Kazuya, and also a pack of 3 works (Chichi Hime Musou, Shin Chichi Hime Souha, and Senran Ninja Tits 2 Hibari VS Haruka).

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Mitsubo No Kokuhaku (“Confession De Miel Mère”) [English, 195 pictures], by Clone Ningen

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One of the few good pictures

The attempt at adding a French title, done by the mangaka, gave me cancer.

The male hero, in this share, is a male hero with Rohan Kishibe‘s haircut, who won’t manage to overcome the shock and trauma to discover his mother is a total slut. A hot total slut.
He will decide the only course of action is to make her his slut. His aunt will join too, because why stop at just one hole, right?

I want to facepalm, the story was bad. Not only bad because I find this kind of niche moronic (that, it’s a matter of tastes, not my business), but even bad, within that niche.
That said, if that’s to your tastes, hey, great for you, why not :)

Graphically, erm… Do you know the Belgian painter, Rubens? This is it – pornified. Women with lots of fat. With muscle curves everywhere. With weird articulations.

Warning: the pages 137-138 show defecation, feel free to delete them without viewing them.

By the same artist, I also share Cotton Candy, Machine, Its Beautiful Flower and the uncensored version of M4 girls.

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Zutto Suki Datta [English, 209 pictures], by Yuzuki N Dash

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Unable to fap to this

Updated, today the 20th of December 2016: the manga has been reedited to TANK SCANS. From beginning to end. The images now look much better, and the dialogues were improved.
That’s still Yuzuki N Dash’s worst manga.

Isn’t there an expression to describe this feeling, when you just have to sigh, put your forehead to rest in your hands, and wish you could go back in time and not waste 15 minutes of your life? Somebody, give me back the fifteen minutes I wasted on Zutto Suki Datta, I would have prefered to eat an apple, drink a coffee, or just watch my ceiling without nurturing any particular thought.

Le sigh.
Let’s get on describing, still? I mean, to each his own tastes, I’ll be sincerely glad for those of you who dig stuff like it and can enjoy it.

It’s about a highschool girl about to realize her (evidently mutual) feelings for her male childhood friend, but regrettably a scumbag teacher blackmails her, steals her first time, shows her the pleasures of the flesh. And, because she’s fucking dumb (as required by both the niche and Yuzuki N Dash’ own idiosyncrasies), she confuses newfound sexual yearning with liking, falls for him, ends up pregnant, gives up on the almost-boyfriend with regret.
A pale epilogue attempts to turn this sad waste into a happy ending – that was as efficient as plastering a band-aid on a bullet wound.

Graphically, it’s a mixed bag. The early chapters suck a bit, the last chapters shine more, but I found myself absolutely unable to appreciate the art, it felt like I went to a hype-ish restaurant only to be served rotten food, it tasted and felt awful.
Cedr777, Rudy Omega, HentaiHere and from Triple777Scans, I imagine thanks are an order nonetheless, even for a fucking waste that I’ll delete from my hard disk.

You know what it is, that’s been killing me, contrary to those of Yuzuki N Dash’s past works that I also didn’t like? There is no emotional involvement for us, the readers, save worn-out sighing. We can’t even get mad, feel angry, feel involved, it was too lame to make us spend mental energy on it.

(MOAR ! For more works, Cf. The List of Yuzuki N’s Works on HentaiRules)

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Bokura Wa Yarimakuru, Kimochi Ii kara (“We Fuck Like Rabbits, Just Cause It Feels So Good”) [English, 82 pictures, Full Color], by Aomizuan

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Unplug your brain right now, or else you'll feel embarrassed to enjoy reading it, lol

The male hero, in this share, is a very horny male teenager in a highschool mostly populated by smoking hot girls or, as he imagines them after school, fucking sex machines. It’s only natural he’ll fantasize about them being horny whores, however this time fantasy and reality will merge, the girls will naturally accept to become his harem bitches, as he is the only Alpha male daring to show his dick in the predestined harem. (Sorry if it sounds silly, I’m summarizing as it is :lol: )
The rest is a strong harem setup, all the girls loving his dick, accepting his advances or asking for them, and establishing his alpha supremacy.

The drawings are very good, in full color.
I’d say, if you can tolerate the obligatory huge censorship for CG sets, go for it, it’s easy brains-free faps =)
Thanks to JuliusWinnfield for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Yareruko! Densha Ecchi (954 pictures) and Resort Island Of Women Who Love It When You Cum Inside Them, volumes 1-3 (110 pictures.)

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Hiyake Musume to Massaajii Oji-san [English], by Fumihiko

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Oh no you don't. FUCKING FACEWALL

Quotation: « I’m going to perform the next massage using my dick. The stuff that comes out of it is necesary for you to become an adult woman. »

All along history, it’s been a frequent way to avoid any guilt and feel allowed to do whatever you want to others, by “de-humanizing” them. They’re not white like me, I can treat them as property. They’re not christians like me, I can enslave them and claim their land. They’re massively not educated, I can segregate them by law.
… she’s a total dumb cow, so it’s okay to turn her into a cump dump and make her netorare the boy with whom she was in love. Same deal.

Let’s add to this the gross blur-mosaics censorship.
We end up with an INFURIATING product, because I would have loved to love it, the art is seriously good and the sex was full of intensity and talent, damn it :wall: :gfy:

Well, thanks to Brolen for this release nonetheless! And to those of you who either love stories like it, or are able to put their feelings aside for porn and who aren’t pussies like me: enjoy! ^^;;

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Ou-sama Appli (“King App”) [English, 203 pictures], by Takatsu

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Damn, that one was a TOTAL let down :(

That might be the manga by Takatsu that I disliked the most. It’s like every choice the mangaka made has rubbed me the wrong way.
There is shotacon. There is mass hypnosis. There is cheating, adultery, netorare. There is mindbreak. There is facepalm at the vile and pathetic personality of the male character, a bullied unnoticeable small loser who gets his hands on a magical hypnosis phone app and doesn’t stop to ask himself if he couldn’t also use it on himself to stop being a loser.

I’ll have to be honest and reckon the art was good and only a tiny bit censored. Maybe that matters. And, hey, the chapter between pages 161 and 177 has a male adult, as the pathetic main story arc ended at last.

I’m done. Enjoy this manga if you like, guys.
Release credits are for Glvdtr, Zedward, Aspect, ShotaCat, TheRobotsGhost, TMA-2, thanks for bringing a new complete tank to the hentai masses!

For MORE, I recommend you The list of Takatsu/Takatu’s works on HentaiRules :)

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Cumming Inside Mommy’s Hole Volumes 1-2 [English, full color, the story is now Complete, 251 pictures], by Kuroneko Smith

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I know some people will love it. Enjoy, if you're one of these.

My feelings, in one sentence: « Oh god, just let it end, already… »

So, yeah, here is the second and fortunately final volume of this series, in which a mother falls punch drunk after one or two beers and is unable to notice her teenage son creampies her over with everything he’s got. Calling her alcoholic might be far-fetched since she’ll drink once or twice a week, but confusing her son with her husband the few times she retains her consciousness is beyond bad.
The second volume doesn’t differ from the first, creampies and facepalms, at least we are blessed with an ending that is happy, drama-free, and allows to move on at last.

It’s kind of a pity to have such a poor story line, when the drawings could have easily been great under different circumstances. Sure there’s the bad mosaic’ed censorship, but the mother is hot, is seen in a variety of casual outfits, wears glasses in the end of the second volume. The mangaka, Kuroneko Smith, has great potential, let us say.

Release credits are for Monas, that has been lots of work, so, thank you :jap:

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