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Bell-kun Gomenyo [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Danmachi series, by Kowareta Radio

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Even like that, Hestia's body seriously fappable :3

Ah, this doujinshi didn’t go the way I imagined. In a nutshell: the boobs goddess in Danmachi, called Hestia, is extremely stupid (so far, it’s just like in the real series) and falls for a shady medecine merchant who will gradually mindbreak her into his own private cock-sleeve. End of the totally thrilling scenario.
So, yeah, the story isn’t much, but the art is rather nice, I think. If you dig the character, Hestia, or are a boobs lover, chances are you might find this doujinshi to your taste, check it out :)

This has been relased by Herokey, thank you! :jap:

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Kagehinata No Hinata [English], by Kiasa

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This isn't your usual dumb cow. This is ADVANCED dumb cow.

It’s one of those shares made to enrage the reader, in which the girl is good-hearted but fucking dumb, she won’t believe the guy she likes and who obviously likes her back might be sexually interested in her, so the stupidest blackmail excuse allows their fake best friend to stop playing the third wheel and make the girl his guilt-tripped bitch.
Jebus, I hate stories like that, because, first, it’s rageworthy of course, and, second, because it’s so annoying I find myself unable to use the drawings for fapping, which is a sad waste :gfy:

Still, well, thanks for Sky7777 for this release!

By the same artist, under the names of Kiasa and Jyouren Kishidan, I also share Aoku Blue volumes 1-2-3 (122 pictures, Hinata NTRism (222 pictures), Keiyaku Melusine Jo and Sakura Neya.

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Naburizuma (“Teasing Wife”) [English], by Aoi Hitori

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You see the censorship? You see it? THIS is censorship I can tolerate!! :D

I sometimes wonder what have lived the persons who write stories like that. Did they find out in their life that the trust they put into their wife/husband was a fallacy, and they were betrayed, laughed at, behind their oblivious back?
Or is it simply the attraction of darkness, which you can feel precisely because you’re in a comfortable, sheltered situation, you toy with an idea without fearing it will ever befall you?
I guess it’s a mix of both, but, still… sometimes I ask myself again.

Ah, sorry, my bad wall of text habit. Simply, this share is about a wife cheating on her husband with his brother, reluctantly at first, but then loving the sex more on the adulterous side and being treated like meat makes her feel, quoting: “alive“. Nothing unusual in itself, but it gave an odd mix of good and bad vibes, it made me feel very uncomfortable :/
Graphically, on the other hand, THIS IS faptworthy to the max, as long as you dig Rubens-type women, the censorship is almost entirely invisible, good luck noticing it ^^

Would someone know who I should thank for this release?

About Aoi Hitoriā€¦ The other works that she released, with the appalling exception of Jimi Tsuma Netorare Shigan and the Hitozuma (“Marrried Wife”) series, are more intelligent and sensible: Amayadori (Uncensored version!), Hitoduma Katei Kyoushi, Dousoukai, Tutor Wife, two Yeah stories, Yaritai Hitozuma, as well as an older pack of various gathered works.

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Hitozuma Series (“Married Wife series”) [English, Uncensored version, 85 pictures], by Aoi Hitori

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Excuse me, would you have matches? Thank you. Oh, would you also have ropes? Gee, thanks again. Would it be too much to ask you for a liter of oil? Most grateful. Now, you wouldn't also have dry wood branches, right?

R-Ictrad has made a HUGE work (thank you very much!!) on something that I totally dislike even though I feel obligated to praise it for its quality within its own niche. I feel like my head is going to explode from contrary feelings, argh!

Here’s the deal. Graphically, this is excellent within the Rubens-type women (as in: very meaty, un-smooth skin with lots of curves due to some kind of muscles of sorts go figure), and this is entirely uncensored. Sex-wise, it’s excellent, oral, vaginal, double penetrations, beautiful hot facial expressions.
Scenario-wise, though, it is complete facepalm horseshit, a wife cheating again and again on her oblivious non-commited husband, with more and more people, for no particular reason, nearing getting it exposed several times (the husband remained oblivious and was never made to suffer, so I don’t sort it as “netorare”, though), not caring who made her pregnant and all :gfy:

Some other Aoi Hitori works were ingrained with inner humanity, a sense of poetry or gentleness; here, this isn’t the case, better sex but a worthless story canvas. I’ll let you decide for yourselves, you’re grown-ups ;)

About Aoi Hitori… The other works that she released, with the appalling exception of Jimi Tsuma Netorare Shigan, are more intelligent and sensible: Amayadori (Uncensored version!), Hitoduma Katei Kyoushi, Dousoukai, Tutor Wife, two Yeah stories, Yaritai Hitozuma, as well as an older pack of various gathered works.

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Kuzuo No Kuzu Application (“A Shitty Man’s Shitty App”) [English], by Date

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Sigh. Fucking SIGH.

The mangaka Date has gotten us used to fucked up stories, in which things go seriously bad, and then, take a turn for the worse. The present share lacks the “what the holy fuck?!?” touch present in most of the other mangaka’s creations, but we’ve still got the bad vibes, it still makes the average vanilla lover – me – feel like scooping out his eyeballs with a rusty spoon in the end.
TL;DR version: an asshole neighbour hypnotizes the wife who moved next door to him, mindbreaks her, superfucks her at her home while the husband is about to come back and have his life wrecked. Take it or leave it, it’s a matter of tastes, as always, but I’ll have warned you.

Graphically at least, it’s OK. I’m too disgusted by the theme to have a fair opinion, sorry, though.
We owe this release to Sailor1980 and Desudesu, thank you! :jap:

By Date, I also share Honey Lesson, a pack of 3 works (In The Forest + Konna No Atashi Janai + Overwrite) and Saimin Sharyou Bishoujo JK O Jibun No Mono Ni.

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Saikai (“Reunion”) [English], by Zonda

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The kind of ass you ride into Valhalla

Good old rage netorare hentai incoming, brace yourselves, leave it or take it, you get the idea now ^^
It’s the stereotypical story where a fugly male teacher rapes a teen girl, is caught and has his life destroyed, and then comes back several years later, when she’s adult and married, to finish destroying her life, humiliating the husband while she moans in pleasure and confesses husband-kun is no match.

The story is as bad as it can get (or as good: depending on your own tastes!), but at least I’ll commend the drawings, intense, generous, with a most tappable ass (in my mind, I would play THIS to finish riding an ass like that), very little censored. Bonus points if you’ve got a bloomers/volleyball uniform fetish :3
Thanks to SureOK1 for this release!

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Musuko-tachi No Haha Asobi chapter 1 [English], by Chanpon Miyabi

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Why is it always shocking for children when they discover their parents still have a sexual life, frankly?

A mothercon finds his widowed mother is visiting dating sites, so he asks a class mate to date his mother to see if it’s the real deal. The helpful buddy really wants to be sure, so, as a kind, nice earnest guy, he streams to the son the vid in which he hard fucks the mother. Following this, the son visits his buddy’s mother and heaves out this forgettable line: “Toshio stole my mother. So it’s alright if I violate you too, right?!?”
OK, OK, we moved past the point where it deserved to be called pathetic, me, I found it funny at this point ^^;;

Fated Circle is behind this release, thank you! :)
(I hope I was not mistaken, as I saw it, this is a one-shot translation, without an intention to translate more chapters.)

By the same artist, I also share Chou Onee-san Tengoku 1-7 (1265 pictures), Pervertspotting (213 pictures), My Mom The Sexy Idol volumes 1 and 2, Slave Mother Rape (188 pictures), Futa-Bo volume 1 and Futa-Bo volume 2.

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