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Futari No Ie Kimi To No Hibi [English], by Utsutsu Minoru

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Shadow Of The Biggus Dickus

The story in that share reminded me of that “grandma is allergic to semen – this message is brought to you by the Jesus coalition of America, because God, or something” legendary vid.

In Futari No Ie Kimi To No Hibi, a husband comes back from the hospital with a newfound psychic power: he can recall the memories lingering around objects. And, because netorare generates sales in the hentai industry, pretty much everything in his house has been stained with scenes of his own father banging his wife, with a culmination in his wife’s marriage ring, dropped like trash on the ground. Despair ensues, etcetera.

You won’t find a fan in prudish me, but I’ll reckon this is fairly well made at least, original, and drawn okay.
Thanks to Raizu and ObsoleteZero! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Boku No Shiranai Kimi No Kao.

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Otouto No Musume (“My Little Brother’s Daughter”) [English], by Jingrock

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Wait, what? MY TADPOLES?!?

We’ve got an hentai father of the year here. A guy who sees no problem with leaving his teenage “peak of nubile age” daughter in the hands of his sleazy, no-good, unemployed brother. He watches his daughter’s chest and openly comments she’s grown a good pair, so what, isn’t it common courtesy? ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
Unsurprisingly, as soon as they’re left to live together, the middle-aged guy “accidentally” shows himself naked (look at my junk! Oh, it’s growing big, magic!), repeatedly makes his niece feel uncomfortably sexualized, and in the end, no surprise: she gets his dick and reluctantly adores it. With also the drawing quality and stifling eroticism we could expect when it’s brought by Jingrock.

I can’t say I’m a huge fan this time, but if it’s your kind of fetish, there’s no denying that Jingrock always provides quality.

We owe this release to Pincluc, Tim, Blurk, Axalon and Serea, thank you! :jap:

(For more works by Jingrock, Cf. The list of Jingrock’s works on Hentairules…)

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Enkou JK Yamabuki Saaya [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the “BanG Dream!” series, by WindArt

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Would you call that ahegao already?

This is something I have observed over the years, you could split the eromangakas in two groups.
– The ones for whom sex is healthy and normal, no matter how kinky it is, it’s just a fantastic normal activity.
– And, second group, something I would tend to call “typically Japanese” but I’m probably wrong about it (I imagine it’s present in all cultures, it’s just the only times I’ve been exposed to it, it’s come from Japan), the writers for whom sex is shameful, therefore giving in to lust is abnormal, doing more than mildly enjoy it (as a woman, of course ¬_¬ ) is a mark of embarrassment, a proof of social failure, it can’t end well.

Case in point, let us oppose the merry teenage prostitutes in Enkou Ojisan to the female MC in the present share, she kinda likes sex but this is to provide for her needy family that she sells her body. That also calls for the predicable corruption, one of her customers is a vile scumbag who gives her a spiked drink, rapes her until she’s mindbroken, etcetera :roll:

It’s perfectly cool if you legit enjoy corruption hentai, my rant is against, well, the hypocrisy of stereotypical scenarii like that.
Sorry for the ramblings, thanks to Kotarou Kurogane and ObsoleteZero for this release! ^^

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Koi Hime Love Maki 1, Koi Hime Love Maki 5 and Eri 29-sai Aokan Roshutsu.

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Musume To Chichi No Ketsumatsu [English], by Distance

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A huge let down, metaphorically and objectively

This is drawn by Distance. It looks good.
But, damn, apart from that it’s like the mangaka tried his best to pile up as many boner killer ingredients as possible. Father having sex with daughter: check. Cheating on earnest wife: check. Impregnation without thinking of its consequences: check. Betraying mother: check. Blurry scans: check (admittedly, not the mangaka’s fault). Daaaaaaaaaaaamn :shock:

So, well, entertain yourselves to that one guys if you like (it’s a sequel to the last chapter of the Triple H tank that I shared eight years ago) but don’t expect words of praise for me.
Oh, maybe not praise (I’m not a fan of the typesetting, I spotted typos and the English sounded awkward at times in my baguette eyes) but, still, thanks are due, to SMDC and his commissioner, Anonymous.

(Remember to view the updated list of all Distance’s works on Hentairules)

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Oyako No Omoi (“A Mother’s Love”) [English, Uncensored and Colorized version], by Shinozuka Yuuji

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So good looking. So rage inducing.

The original grayscale version of this h-manga was way outside of my comfort range, and I felt also annoyed that I had no choice but to praise it despite my personal “POV” disliking.
Dealing with Oyako No Omoi is a pain for me, so for a description, see what I wrote in the page of the grayscale version, thanks ^^;;

Well, here comes a new version. Same ranting from me, but now it’s looking better :D
The changes? The manga has been:
– Decensored: kiss the censorship goodbye
– colorized
Here’s a comparison: beforeafter. Nice, right? :)
THanks to Ocho-H for this new version! :jap:

I also share other works by this artist, under the pen names Shinozuka Yuuji and Shinozuka Hiroshi (watch out: Shinozuka Jouji is a different mangaka, though.) Those works are: JK Bitch No Renai Soudan, Delivery sex (grayscale version), Delivery sex (full color version), Oyako No Omoi (grayscale version), Yukino Sensei No Seikyouiku and One Time Gal Kouhen + Zenpen, Fumajimena Tsuma.

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Nakiris Oishiku Meshiagare [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Shokugeki No Soma series, by Takurou

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At least, kudos for the Erina cosplay pages.

Ah, this is so frustrating! Just like in the previous volume, Nakiris Oishiku Itadakimasu, The girls are perfect, but the scenario stays on the same corruption track from before, with a dark sucky basis and a fugly male MC :gfy:
Usual disclaimer, if you love this stuff, hey stuff yourself full, it’s quality within that precise niche.

So, if you need a summary, it’s Alice and Erina Nakiri, the babes from Shokugeki No Soma (although I personally belong to Team Tadokoro, the braided maiden in the series), their will has been bent in favour of some obsessed scumbag, and they have sex. Alice is kinda tsundere, Erina is openly naughty and cosplays (main highlights: nekomimi maid, Kashima O_o). Sigh.

Thanks to whoever released it.
By the same artist, known as Mix Fry and also as Takuro Art Works (or add an “u” and make it “Takurou”), to this day, I also share Rika No Kenkyuushitsu ~ Chiteki na Rikei Onnano Seitai (206 pictures), a pack of 2 works (Ruizumu + Mikkusufurai HaruLala), Oagari Yo, Iinari Kirara no Saiminjutsu, Nakiris Oishiku Itadakimasu and a pack of 3 works (Minamino + Nagi Kan + Ran Nana).

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Miboujin Konsui Rinkan (“The Widow Coma Gangrape”) [English, 100 pictures, Uncensored], by Aoi Hitori

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Fucking SIGH.

Damn. I already shared hentai mangas with depressing titles, but that one marks a new milestone. The. Widow. Coma. Gangrape. The fuck.

I’m having a hard time remaining a bit objective, to describe this share.
I’m tempted to tell the art is among the worst I’ve seen by Aoi Hitori, the female MC’s body looked grotesque most of the time, with her flesh making abnormal lumps anywhere, while the male MCs didn’t have faces but blurry ugly gorilla masks, it was almost disgusting.
I’m tempted to say the story, about drugging a widow multiple times to have sex with her, and then not caring anymore and doing it while she’s awake until she’s mindbroken, all of that under the pretence that the old farts love her and want to help her get over the loss of her husband, is beyond pathetic.
But maybe it’s just that I’m biased. Maybe I shouldn’t call that an odious pile of horseshit.

Sorry to R-ICtrad for the negative feedback, as he’s done a great amount of work, translating and decensoring the manga for us, hopefully those of you with different tastes than mine will enjoy the read, so, thank you! :jap:

About Aoi Hitori… She doesn’t release “neutral” works, in my eyes, they’re either super bad, or beautiful and moving O_o
On the appalling side, there would be Naburizuma (“Teasing Wife”), Jimi Tsuma Netorare Shigan, Gibo Nashikuzushi (5 chapters, 106 pages), and the Hitozuma (“Marrried Wife”) series.
On the more intelligent and sensible side, there would be: Tutor Wife, the Yeah stories, Yaritai Hitozuma, as well as an older pack of various gathered works (Yaritai Hitozuma chapters 1-3 + A Bit Drunk + Helper + More Than Sister Less Than Brother + Sensei Belongs To Me.) Lastly, Zuma Chichi (“Breast Of Wife”, 219 pictures) and Hitozuma O Mawasu 8-Tsu No Houhou (“8 Ways To Gangrape A Wife”, 180 pictures) are so-so, a bit of facepalm, but not too much.

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