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Chinatsu To Kuma-chan Sensei (“Chinatsu And Coach Teddy Bear”) [English, Full color], by Amazoness

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Nice, right? :3

Hentai mangas like this one are the reason I love having an hentai blog :)
Here is a sweet story, actually, story wise it’s a very simple one, showing a highschool girl from a swimming club being the lover of her male adult coach. It’s the little details that count, the feeling of liking each other without needing to put it into words, of being accepted as you are… It’s kind of the magic of vanilla, be it in hentai or elsewhere :)

Graphically, it’s also a delightful oddity, this stark contrast between the male sasquatch, very hairy, and the sporty beauty of an eighteen years old girl with an hourglass figure, beautiful naked, in uniform, or in competition swimsuit :twisted:
The scanlator, PrincessCuck, ended on a bittersweet credits note, something we all gotta deal with, how we get attached to characters that fade away back into the nonexistence of fiction… It’s a bit sad, yeah…

Anyway. I hope you enjoy this one, and thanks a LOT to PrincessCuck for this release :)

By the same artist, I also share Angel Club Netorare Hen.

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Delivery Sex [English, gloriously Colorized version], by Shinozuka Yuuji

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Calling her fappable would be a serious case of criminal understatement

I expressed significant disappointment with Delivery Sex when I shared it half a year ago, noting the drawings were excellent, but the story was facepalm material. I don’t know for you, but when a woman is created as so stupid she’s not even deserving to be called homo sapiens, I’m losing all interest and getting angry at the mangaka.

Well, I still resent the mangaka, but I certainly won’t bitch around when a fine colorization is released. The woman was super hot and arousing, before, in greyscale? Now, with quality colorization work like that, she’s even hotter!! :shock: Her adorable tanned skin, her perfect figure, she’s simply stunning! :twisted:

Release credits, for this updated version, go to everyone involved, Dynellen, Axalon (from, Cabirtmann, Wuzapp, Hoary and CellTF, Mysael, N04h and Herzer, and, of course, last but not least, Ochoh who colorized everything save the cover. Thank you very much! :)

I also share other works by this artist, under the pen names Shinozuka Yuuji and Shinozuka Hiroshi (watch out: Shinozuka Jouji is a different mangaka, though.) Those works are: Delivery sex (grayscale version), Oyako No Omoi, Yukino Sensei No Seikyouiku and One Time Gal Kouhen + Zenpen, Fumajimena Tsuma.

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Jidou Kouryaku (“Auto Capture”) [English, Full Color], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate Grand Order series, by OrangeMaru

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Chances are she's right

Allright, that one’s an easy share, easy read, easy fap, easy forget, the typical fap’n’go :D
We simply have five girls from Fate Grand Order having sex with the male MC, the art is in full color and it’s full of energy, drawn well, and not burdened by too much censorship. As long as it’s within your tastes, what can I add, save: “Enjoy!” ;)

Thanks a lot, for the asses and everything else too, to Shuten Doujin and Coffeedrug! ^_^

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Saimin Appli ver. 666 + Saimin Appli Ver. 666 ~ Manatsu No Beach De Mizugi Bijo O Gochisousama [English, 329 pictures], a pack of 2 CG pictures sets, by Black Smile

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Tanned gyaru: unsurprisingly, the best girl in the two whole sets =)

I gathered here two complete CG pictures sets:
– Saimin Appli ver. 666
– Saimin Appli Ver. 666 ~ Manatsu No Beach De Mizugi Bijo O Gochisousama

They are about an adult man (not even a fugly disgusting old fart, for a change) who finds an hypnosis app for his smartphone, and puts it to predictable, if not good, and frequent use :D
The drawings, for the CG hentai sector, are rather good I felt. But of course, it’s censored as hell and there are only actually a few images with minor changes: this IS a CG hentai, so no false promises, okay? ;) (also, honest warning, there is a loli, pp. 92-103, sorry.)
NaxusNL is behind this release, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Namassuka! Yariman Days volumes 1-2 (“Namassuka! Slut Days”, 410 pictures).

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Screwdriver [English, Full color], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Girls Und Panzer series, by Kesshoku Mikan

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America FTW ;)

No complications here, it’s Kay, the American babe in Girls Und Panzer, having sex with a lucky man. That’s decent full-color art; sure, it’s heavily censored (as always in full color, or almost T__T), but it’s looking good nonetheless :)

We owe this release to Comoop, Shinko.Aelith, and their senpais from the E-hentai Random Translation help thread, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Sapphire Rose and a pack of 6 works (Carnaval + Cobalt Delphinium + Mercury Narcissus + Scarlet Dancing Cherry Blossom + Stainless Sage + Titanium Lotus).

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The Summit Of Mad Dream [English, Uncensored version], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kakegurui series, by Clara

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I liked the palette of colors, not very realistic, but nicely highlighting the contrasts and the body's shapes..

Yumeko, a girl from Kakegurui, has sex with a man, namely to pay a gambling debt, but mainly because she totally feels like it. In the end, a few bonus pictures show other girls from the series.
We have decent (something about the eyes felt weird to me, otherwise, it’s good) uncensored drawings, vivid colors bringing life to the sex, it makes this doujinshi a pretty nice fap’n’go, I believe :)

We owe this release to Rick, Herreis, Baran and Grink, from Hennojin, thank you! :jap:

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Ochibure Charisma Cosplayer [English, Full color], by Rubi-sama

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Those guys are jerks, but the girl is super hot nonetheless.

WTF, lol ^^ This share illustrates the tough life of professional cosplayers, forced to let fans have sex with them in order to preserve their popularity. Well, somehow :lol:
Actually, it could be seen as something sad, but I’m not in that kind of mood, so, no!

Anyway, here we are with a cutie, petite but busty, wearing cute maid-like cosplay clothes and adorable panties, giving in to group pressure and having intense group sex, as far as double vaginal and then DP. Sweet full-color art and a cute girl like that, it makes a fapworthy match =)
Thanks to Constantly for this release! :)

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