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Pack of 4 works [English, Full-color, 102 pictures] by the hentai mangaka Kamogawa Tanuki

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Oh god those boobs.

I gathered here four fullcolor doujinshi by the eromangaka Kamogawa Tanuki (also known as Kamogawaya). There’s never a particular scenario to mention, there are girls, there are dicks, and brains are not necessary frankly ^^
The censorship level is: “infuriating”, AKA huge mosaics, it’s a sad pity. But I believe that doesn’t stop the drawings to be arousing and really pleasant to the eye… I hope you’ll like it enough, haha :)

Those four works are:
Gochuumon Wa Koucha Desu Ka: the Girls Und Panzer girls in school uniforms (woohoo, nylon fetish for the win!!) and (wut?) nanobikini too. One of the girl is a loli, sorry.
Houra: for some reason, Nodoka, one of the girls from the Saki series, has sex with her father. Great paizuri, vaginal sex, and boy does pink hair (and giant boobs) make a girl sexy. A weird note: I deliberately chose to share with you a censored version of this one. The two alternatives I rejected were: a “fantasy” version (with weird changes, ranging from useless/unnecessary to garbage) and a “decensored” version (that was so poorly decensored the original white censorship bars looked much better on genitals.)
Not Pants: three Strike Witches girls, and dicks. One of the girls is a loli, sorry.
Saki To Nodoka Act 2: Saki, again. Foursome time. I know it’s hard to tell because it’s the volume that got, by very far, the greatest amount of censorship, but one of the panels is featuring double penetration, woot.

By Kamogawa Tanuki (also called Kamogawaya), I also share A, Twentys, the excellent re-scanned HQ uncensored version of Elements, a pack of 2 works (Cherry Sister Blossom + Da Houra – Fallen Win), Waryou, NineteenS NXF, Dog Style, a pack of 4 works (the Nineteens volumes : 1, 2, Clock Up and Ne), Saki To Nodoka and Innocence.

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Erina-sama No Renai Kenkyuukai 2 + Les Desserts 2 [English], a pair of delicious hentai doujinshi parodying the Shokugeki No Soma series, by Hisasi

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That was AWESOME!!

Six months after the first pair of volumes, here is the excellent sequel, two FUCKING GREAT new volumes in which Erina and Yukihira have greatly pleasant sex together, in an onsen (nudity) and with Erina dressed as a megane nylon-clad teacher.

The drawings are beyond excellent, they’re genious. Both in greyscale (nylon! glasses! Vibrator! Paizuri! HNNNG!!) and in full-color (a long onsen bath, toying with the ignorant ojou-sama theme, oral, paizuri, vaginal, and it lasts long enough to fully enjoy it.)

I wish you a great time reading it, and thanks a LOT to Metaphrastes! ^_^

But wait ! There’s more. Cf The List of Hisasi’s Works on HentaiRules!

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Nekomimi Onee-san To Kyouei Mizugi Hiyakeatox [English, Full color], by Ennui

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Too bad it was censored like that, really

That’s a quick share for me: the drawings are average, badly censored, and the mangaka excels at totally failling at drawing the hips area, but it’s, still, catering to:
– nekomimi fans
– swimsuit fans
– tanned skin fans
– full-color hentai fans :D

So I guess this share will still please a certain audience, enjoy, my dear creeps ;)

Side note, the name of the manga studio, “Ennui”, surprised me. To this day, I only found “Ennui” twice in the English language, and it was in nerdy comics, here and there. I mean, the word is totally common in French (it means “boredom”), but it seems the English infuse it with odd existentialist after-thoughts :shock:

Thanks to Hora, Iradescence and Voidmaw, from Sometimes Translating The Sauce for this release!

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Getsu Ka Sui Moku Kin Do Nichi volumes 1 and 2 [English, UNCENSORED version], by Isao

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I'd go for a Venus/Mercury combo, if given the choice...

Uncensored hentai lovers, raise something! Your Hand, preferably, but I leave it up to you.

Our dear Belldandy100 has decensored some time ago two of the best full-color Sailor Moon hentai volumes there are, the volumes 1 and 2 of Getsu Ka Sui Moku Kin Do Nichi. I should have shared them earlier, sorry about that :)
The contents: for some reason, the Sailor Senshi bring relief, confidence and ecstasy to hand-picked adult men; they’re sweet, caring, heart-warming, and deliciously hot.
The drawings are great too, see for yourselves, and enjoy!! ^_^

Release credits are for Belldandy100 for the quality decensoring, and, for the scanlation, to Red_Vodka, Phantom Renegade, Psyburn21, Almond and Lightshader, from Little White Butterflies and Trinity Translations Team, and, for the second volume, Doujin-Moe. Thank you so much! :jap:

For the list of my Isao shares, please follow that link =)

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Seika No Musume Daga, Shikashi Hentai volume 2 [English, Full color], + a repack with the volumes 1-2 together, an hentai doujinshi parodying the Dagashi Kashi series, by 320 BPM (A.K.A. Blastbeat)

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Yiss. I'd tear apart those fragile black panties with my teeh.

Here is an enjoyable share, I’m glad to share it with you guys :)

In Seika No Musume Daga, Shikashi Hentai volume 1, Hotaru, the crazy merry odd girl from the Dagashi Kashi series, has sex with three boys and then with Kokonotsu, in a comedy setup.
In the freshly released second volume, she teases Kokonotsu during a whole week, keeping him on the brink of ecstasy, until at last they have sex.
I felt this second volume was less comedy-centric and had less awesome sex (plus, I look down on orgasm denial), but it’s still a fairly good read, I hope you may enjoy it =)

Enjoy! And thanks to Von, Almond, MrWayne, Axalon, DarkMac, Shoku, Super Shanko, Sahasrahla and CellTF, from and :)

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Chikan Dame Zettai Kanzenban [English], a full-color and Uncensored CG pictures set, by Redlight

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Fuck yeah, it's fappable! *cough*

It’s a modest CG pictures set, doing its job of delivering porn, that I decided to share essentially because it was uncensord felt like having a change, so there you go :)
Chikan time. The theme, in that one, is of a highschool girl with sexbomb body but extremely lacking in brains, who’s unable to deal with how aroused men feel around her, but who doesn’t dislike feeling pleasure. So, yeah, chikan and hotel stuff.

Thanks to Doujin-Moe and YifMun for this one!

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Grancolor Fantasy [English, Full color], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Granblue Fantasy game, by Thomas

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Hentai does not need to obey the laws of physics. It's okay to bend the laws of physics and have two dicks for a blowjob.

It’s Granblue Fantasy. Danua, Yuel, Sochie, and two other girls whose names aren’t given, have sex with the “dancho”. Actually, there’s just no scenario at all, each girl has a few pages, with/and/or oral/vagina/anal sex, and that’s it ^^

The drawings are the “take it or leave it” style, I imagine, because the idiosyncrasies of Thomas’ style are strong, I lack the proper words to describe them, see for yourselves. Personally, I ADORE it, it makes me feel the art is infused with life, enthusiasm, intensity and movement :)
Thanks a lot to Tigoris Translates, and whoever commissioned him, for this release!

By Thomas, I also share the absolutely fucking AWESOME Sweet Lip (gloriously uncensored version) (230 pictures !), Magical Customize, Okuchi Ni Koibito + Who Does This Fragrant Sun Belong To, Usamusu Nagato, a pack of 2 works, a pack of 3 works, Honey Syrup (213 pictures), Mikaze Seigetsu Hizakurige, Kouwan Nagato Heiki Enshuu, Bunny Mucchan No Muchi Muchi Daisakusen, Magic Interpretation, A pack of 5 works, A Great Discovery regarding genitals, Matsuyoi Nagato and a great pack of 3 Monster Hunter doujinshi.

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