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Nero No Teisou Kannen [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate Grand Order game, by Marushin

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Blonde + twintails + striped small bikini = so much win!

Constantly, commissioned by a generous Anonymous, thank you very much, has released this Fate Grand Order doujinshi in which Nero / Saber / Red Nero have sex in glorious full color (oh, those boobs!) and have quality sex. Simple as that, enjoy =)

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Master No Tashinami [English, Full color], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate Grand Order series, by Mizuhara Yuu

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I fear I'm alone in this rant, but FUCK FATE GRAND ORDER, turning so many historic figures into shit pixels without any background or worth

Wait wait wait… Cherrypicking a female warrior from celtic legends, Scathach, nobody cares, OK. But… JACK THE RIPPER? The cunts behind Fate Grand Order have adapted Jack The Ripper into a near-pokémon-like anime girl for their game?!?
Fucking hell.

I’ve got this bias against games in which the characters are “items”, that can be stacked, evolved, collected, discarded. Who have no soul, no personality, no… no depth. Be it pokémon or human characters, I dislike it; for me, you need to get attached to a character, and it’s not possible if the character “works” like a handkerchief that you use and throw away. Plus… Jack the Ripper, seriously? Tch.

Sorry for the personal fit of anger. Long story short, Scathach and Jack The Ripper, Fate Grand Bullshit version, are shown having sex. It’s quality full color art, excellent red and black bikini time, that ought to count, I guess.

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Royal Harem [English, Full color], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Azur Lane game, by Rei’s Room

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Honest disclaimer, I darkened a lot that pic for it to look good inserted inside a blog with a dark blue background color, otherwise, in genuine colours, it would have looked suuuuper pale.

I’m missing time, so here’s something super quick to prepare, that pleased my eyes greatly when I read it (and that’s an understatement, the color balance between blues and pinks, the soft drawing style, the lingerie bits… haa, it felt good ^^). Don’t you even expect a scenario, it’s simply a full-color Azur Lane doujinshi in which two girls, called Belfast and Illustrious, have sex with their captain. Simple as that, a fairly good fap’n’go =)

Thanks to NHNL Translations for this release! :)

By the same artist, I also share Taigei Kai No Tsukurikata, There’s No Way My Yozora Is This Cute, Cinderella No Aishikata, Kujira No Ongaeshi and Tsukihi Karen And I Fight Too Much.

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Lost Eden 00 [English, Full color, Uncensored version], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Dead Or Alive game series, by Datendou

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No idea why, but it's always hotter with braids

Here’s a little complication-free share (for a change, because me, at least, I was reaaaaaaaally needing it ^^), simply showing girls from fighting games (Dead Or Alive, Street Fighter…) having sex, it’s in full color, it’s uncensored, and that’s all there is to say, if this is to your taste, enjoy! =)
Release credits are for Doujin-Moe, thank you! :jap:

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Mesubuta Shoutai O.P. [English, Full color], by Chinbotsu

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When there are more dicks than girls, things are usually weird

Futanari time! There is no scenario worth mentioning here, it’s just a group of apparently military futanari women having sex with plenty of men. With good art, little censorship (thin black bars), excessively crude sex, as far as DP, with ahegaos.
I’ll leave the appreciation of this one to the futanari fans, the best I could do myself is chance a rule of thumb guess this should please you guys ^^
Oh, one last thing: honest warning, it’s male on futa.

Thanks to whoever released it ^^ I’m short on time right now so I didn’t search the usual places for credits info (like e-h etc), I trust the usual buddies will help in the comments and I’ll update my post the next afternoon ;)

By Chinbotsu, I also share Tropical! Banana Carnival (200 pictures), Tropical Banana Girl (201 pictures), Onaho To Tsukumogami Onaho (“The Goddess of Onaholes, Onaho!”), a pack of 5 works, some of them now appear to have been belonging to the Tropical Banana Girl volume.

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Akane-chan No Koukai Jikkyou De H Na Batsu Game O Shite Mita [English, Full Color], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Granblue Fantasy series, by Ajishio

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Why is it so erotic, when the underwear are striped?

Akane, one of the characters in Granblue Fantasy (… probably? I never played the game.) takes part in a sort of TV skit for her fans, and it’s a sexualized punishment game. After adorable shimapan moments, the audience can’t contain themselves anymore, and group sex begins. Hey, why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Good art, lovely striped underwear, a pettanko girl in juicy full color, I’d say this makes up quite well for the mosaics. Nuci and Simon, from White Symphony, are behind this release, thank you! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Betor No Yume De Nebokete H Ni Hatsujousuru Kikuudan, The Tale Of A Cowgirl On A Farm and Devil Eater.

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Miqo’te X Harem [English, Full Color], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Final Fantasy XIV game, by Arumajiki

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What are those girls, furries of sorts? Nekomimi?

When I think of it, the latest FF game I played was FF9. After this, I was either too broke to buy a new console, too busy with studying, annoyed with the console generations change (at least with a bloody PC, as long as you got the processing power and RAM you’re good to go), too busy with working (I never emulated more than 2 hours of FFXI), still too broke, etcetera. I want those years back :D I want days that last 36 hours, too :D

Oh well. The present doujinshi is supposedly an FFXIV parody, but it wouldn’t matter anyway, as there is zero scenario and there are enough girls (6) so each of them doesn’t get many pages anyway. It’s a pure fap’n’go release, a volume with excellent art, I must say. In quality full color, fresh, and with only very small censorship, a few white bars are hardly an issue :3

We owe this release to AllTheFallen, thank you! :jap:

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