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Nyuuton [English, Full color, 91 pictures], by Nagaraya

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The censorship is hardly an issue here =)

Since when did I have that one?!? I found it in my downloads folder O_o
Well, it’s a nice 91 pictures long full-color hentai volume, it’s not bad at all :D

The manga is made of very short stories with a huge variety of themes. We’re occasionaly bordering forced sex, but most of the time, this is fully consensual happy sex with a bit, or a hell lot, of a kink.
The women range from highschool girl to young adult, and none of them displays small tits :3
What else to mention? A bit (like 15-20 pages) of futa, a tiny bit of sister time, a surrealist first chapter (the dialogues were so excessive, a female sex slaves academy, I giggled all along)…
And blur-censorship that is sometimes so light it’s not an issue.

It was a fine read, I say, so thanks a lot to Doujin-Moe! ^_^

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Namassuka! Yariman Days (“Namassuka! Slut Days”) volumes 1-2 [English, two large CG sets parodying The [email protected] game, 410 pictures], by Black Smile

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Admittedly, the other images suffer more from censorship than this one. Just being honest, y'know.

I’m not sharing enough CG hentai sets, right? Right.
OK, here’s something to gloriously catch up, two volumes, 410 pictures, half of them with translated dialogues (the other half being the “no dialogues” versions of the same pics.)

We watch a whole bunch of [email protected] girls having sex, some of them calling the male MC “onii-chan”, so, I guess it is, additionally, wincest time :twisted:
The drawings are good and varied (in terms of action, though, it’s nothing special, vaginal sex all along, save very very few pages with oral or anal), with a lot of various outfits, for mostly one-on-one action, plus a few threesomes and foursomes.

I hope this share may meet your tastes, and thanksa lot to The Butterfly Khan for all this work! :jap:

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Extremely Late Halloween Special Turn Into Very Late Valentine Monster Girl Special! [459 Pictures, English]

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Free Image Hosting
Hey, Troops! Delta here with the long awaited Monster Girl Pack that is long overdue. Too long. XP Still I’m making it up by sharing multiple stories, an Artist CG and a 7 Chapter Tank and all of them as sweet as it can get; well most of them anyways. X3

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Santastic Dream [English, Full color], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Hyperdimension Neptunia series, by Hechima Teishoku

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With some anime being weird and all, I can't tell if the girl's antlers is part of her santa costume, or if she is supposed to have these in Neptunia. Go figure.

I hope nobody will mind if I recompressed this 25-pages manga from (originally) 287 MB to 35 MB, right? :D
Other than that, I have very little to add. Girls from Hyperdimension Neptunia, dress as female santas and have sex. Simple as that, no complicated feelings, no drama, no pangs, enjoy ^_^
The girls are cute (occasional loli warning though, can’t change it), the drawings are horribly censored, let’s say it makes a decent quick read.

Release credits are for Draco_Nite, Danky, Amery, MisQ, Yuza, Adam, Tokitsukaze and Chinami, thank you! :jap:

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LoveHala – Love Halation, Ver U&K [English, Full color], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Love Live series, by Kamogawa Tanuki

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Too bad there's this censorship, really

Love Live. Kotori, Umi, and a group of adults. It’s the old cocktail of societal domination and conflicting game between shame and embarrassment, on one side, and irresistible waves of pleasure on the other side.
Frankly, nothing new under the sun, and the censorship’s horrible. But even like that, Kamogawa Tanuki’s art has something unique that I cannot describe properly, there’s charm to this eromangaka’s art, I believe it’s well worth sharing :)

Haaa, if only Kamogawa Tanuki had some art available for us westerners, be it paper or digital, available in official versions, it would be awesome, I’d be a proud customer…
See for yourselves for the rest, and thanks to whoever released it ^^

By Kamogawa Tanuki (also called Kamogawaya), I also share A, Twentys, the excellent re-scanned HQ uncensored version of Elements, a pack of 2 works (Cherry Sister Blossom + Da Houra – Fallen Win), Waryou, NineteenS NXF, Dog Style, a pack of 4 works (the Nineteens volumes : 1, 2, Clock Up and Ne), a pack of 4 works (Gochuumon Wa Koucha Desu Ka + Houra + Not Pants + Saki To Nodoka Act 2), Saki To Nodoka and Innocence.

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Kallen Shigyaku (“Kallen Sadism”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Code Geass series, by Archives

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For reasons unknown to me (maybe it’s invented by the mangaka, maybe it’s something related to the real Code Geass series, I don’t know), the redhead Kallen is the obedient prisoner of a group of rapists. Day after day, she’s fucked, humiliated, and broken. The end.

There’s no pretending the story is even remotely interesting. But maybe that’s your kind of kink. And I must also mention the drawings are fairly good, with very little censorship and decent-looking action.
Well, there you have it, see for yourselves, it’s up to you.

No idea who translated it. Thanks to whoever is concerned! :jap:

By Archives, I share a pack of 2 hentai works (Ura K-On volume 2 + Suzumiya Haruhi No Rinkan) and Mio Ha Choukyouchuu.

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Derenuki 2 [English], a Ghost In The Shell hentai doujinshi, by Tuna Empire, now in a COLORIZED version

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The most fuckable major ever.

This is not a replacement, no need to start a revolution, allright? It’s an addition, of a different version ^^

A kind person, going by the nickname of Beerus97, has colorized Derenuki 2, this hentai UFO parodying Ghost In The Shell. I have been impressed by the results, it was well done, and, ah, how to say, I felt that it “respected” the original, not going overboard.
A real reading pleasure, thanks, Beerys97 :)

Now, forgive the lazy ass that I am, but for a valid description of the contents of Derenuki Volume 2, because you’re in for a severe – but quality – mindfuck, please read the description I wrote for the grayscale version of Derenuki, thank you ^^

For MUCH more stuff, Cf. The list of ALL my Tuna Empire shares

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