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Pack of 3 [English] works by Tear Drop

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I can hardly understand why that girl wasn't the #1 selling point of the To Heart game

I gathered here three full-colour works by Tear Drop, they’re not brand new, sorry I’m late in sharing them, it’s MHM who reminded me of their existence :)

Those works are:
12.30 On A Summer Day
8.45 On A Summer Day
Winter Hot Spring
Technically, they are To Heart doujinshi, but in my mind they’ve gained the status of an original series, there are enough volumes starring the same characters (Tomoko aka Iincho, the class prez, an adorable megane with braids, and her BF Fujita) in vanilla situations for me to like them even though I never watched anything of To Heart ^^

You’ve got pleasant full color art (vastly ruined by excessive censorship, sigh) ingrained with a diffuse feeling of WAFF, we’ve grown to love the hentai version of those characters, so more is always welcome :)
Thanks to Tigoris Translates, the Anon person who commissioned him, and MHM!

By Tear Drop, I also share Weekly Island (uncensored, and glorious ! IIINCHOO !), Physical Education (also Uncensored, and reedited into higher resolution), C2 (repacking two works formerly known as Connect and Re-Connect), Aqua Blue volumes 1-2, and Charm

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Pack of 398 AMAZING adult pictures, by the ero-artist Firolian

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I could fap a dozen times to that picture alone. AND THERE ARE 397 MORE

Just… WOW! :shock:
The quality of the images in this pack is simply astouding :shock:

The artist Firolian has a very realistic and hardcore style, featuring plenty of videogame girls (overwatch, and a good number of others), and the girls are shown using the CG technique in which they swap various clothings and/or gradually remove them, plus a few pages in which the girl is also having sex. Meaning: if one of the pictures catches your eye, take a closer look and you’ll find plenty of variations with different outfits or a bit more or less clothing, plus the final hardcore bit :twisted:

You should check out Firolian’s Patreon, and also there is Firolian’s Tumblr blog, his Deviantart home and, it doesn’t show the same pics or are they simply arranged differently I’m not sure, his Pixiv page.

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Cute, Teasing, Sexy and Hardcore Uncensored Hentai Pictures Pack #65

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She's that chuunibyou with an eyepatch, right? I forgot the name of the series she's from, it's frustrating

I can’t even really explain why, I simply like the idea that, in summer, I’ll be sharing picture packs rather than strictly mangas as I love to share otherwise ^^
Here are 300 pics, cute, ecchi, or fully uncensored when there are genitalia to see, from random sources, hoping you like them :)

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Pack of 171 adult pictures, by the ero-artist Tarakanovich

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Would that be snow white? Or who else, then, I wonder?

If you’re looking for futanari, give Tarakanovich a chance! This artist uses the “little variations from one pic to another” to create sets of images, and among them you’ll almost always have one in which the girl has grown a bonus, ahem, appendage ;)
Otherwise, it’s the usual, women from games or popular sources such as cartoons or comics, shown in sexy or sexual ways. The art is very good, fully uncensored (naturally: I wouldn’t even see the point in sharing it otherwise, fortunately only the Japanese are bound by retarded laws in that regard), the rest is up to your personal taste :)

And lastly, in order to help just in case, here are the usual Patreon and DeviantArt pages. His DA page contains a good number of images that aren’t present in this “more adult-oriented” pack I found and shared, so, check it out!

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AshiColle Sono volumes 4-5 [English, Full color], a pair of Kantai Collection hentai doujinshi, by Kase Daiki (circle DKsha)

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Never shall we read a girl exclaim "It's so easy with your small dick!" - at least, never on HentaiRules ^^

I’ve gathered here two pretty decent fap’n’go hentai doujinshi in full color, featuring mostly Graf and Kashima, plus a few other girls, in thighhighs + uniform, and bunny girl outfits, having sumata and vaginal sex.
Don’t bother trying to find a scenario, these are mostly illustrations of girls in sexy time, basically, and it is damn fine like that :)

By Kase Daiki, to this day, I also share Kashima-chan to Suimin Ecchi, Consolation, AshiColle 3 (as part of a large pack of other works by variou smangakas) and Cho Hatsu Apron

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Body Complex [English, Full color, 118 pictures], by Orico

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It didn't strike me before. Purple hair used to be a thing in hentai and anime, but now it's almost disappeared O_o

Hey, this is good stuff here, long volumes entirely in full colour, this is veyr, very rare :shock:
Here is Body Complex, a volume made of short stories in which women, from meaty to seriously plump, have carefree complications-free sex with one or many men, they love it, their partners too, no emotional strings attached, and this is it ^^

Most of the time the censorship is hardly a bother, however I wonder if the girls won’t be too plump for some of you guys. Well, it will be up to you anyway, right? ;)
My thanks go to mystery944, who commissioned Fated Circle for this volume :)

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Elf Shimai Control (“Elf Twins Control”) [English, Colorized but also strongly Retouched version], by Tabigarasu

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Long story short, make love not war ^^

Would you remember Elf Shimai Control, that I shared a year ago?
Here’s the good news: a nice person called Ironhades has colorized it! :)

And here’s the second good news: I share here a significantly improved version, sent to me by another nice person, called MiloTheFirst.
I know it’s a matter of personal taste, but I didn’t like how the remnants of the dotty grayscale screentones looked in the colorized version, for instance. I think this new version is better, IMO, looking more like a “genuine” full-color creation.
Look, see for yourselves: original colorizationVSimproved MiloTheFirst version! :twisted:

As for the description of the story, I’ll let you read it in the page of the grayscale version ;)
Thanks to IronHades and MiloTheFirst for this full-color alternative, and to Constantly for the translation, I’m grateful :)

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