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Pack of 4 works by the artist Yurikawa [English, 145 pictures]

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I just LOVED the face of that girl :D

Since I never have enough time, I made a repack with everything I could find by Yurikawa that I wasn’t already sharing : the chapters 1-2-3-5-7 of the tank manga “After School Strawberry Dildo”, and shorter stories : This Arcade has a Ban on Love, Carnivorous Fujoshi Hikikomori and The Story Of A (Planned) Trip To Tokyo.

My thanks go to Conan, Schmidt, Taruby, Ershin and Dark Knight :)

Graphically, this is good happy sex, not so awesome that I’m going to bang my head on the walls, but still, good. Scenario-wise, haaa, now that’s something ! :D

(By Yurikawa, I also share That White Sticky Stuff)

Yurikawa is a master of the gender bender genre, his (her ?) characters play with their appearances so much you can never know who is a he or a she until he removed this shirt and/or his undies. Males may or may not look virile, may or may not be strong, or weak, and the same goes for women, there are no fixed rules and the situation may change very fast… Usually that puts me off, but Yurikawa managed to make it REALLY interesting and not unpleasant :)

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Avatar Transform 1 & 2 [English], by Katou Jun

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Another futa story...

Futa fans, rejoice, there’s lots of quality futa hentai action.

Non-futa fans, move on, give me five minutes to post my next share ;)

Update : The rest of this series (currently on chapter 10) contains lolicon, shotacon and yaoi. It will not be posted here.

So, with my thanks to Saha, here are the two episodes of a futanari-based story, with a more than baseline scenario. Gender bender warning. First this is Futa X Girl, second this is Futa X Futa. For the rest, don’t ask me too many laudatory comments about the futa genre, eh ? Just see for yourselves ;)

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Kanojo no Karada parts 1-2 (Complete) [English], by Ureshino Megumi

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Kusanyagi is still alive and kicking, good news :)

With my thanks to Kusanyagi, here is Kanojo No Karada, the story of a gay dating a whore.
Er, no. Wait. It’s not like that.
But it’s sure, there could be that kind of misunderstanding.

Let’s spit it out : it’s a gender-bender story. And now that half of my audience has ran away screaming, I’ll still say, but too late, that the ending is decent, and so are the drawings ;)

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Pack of 2 works by the artist Yuzuki N’ Dash : Change + Doll [English]

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Wow, that's a doll ?!? !D

With my thanks to Saha, Setebos, Romanji and TabsiCore, here are two interesting works by Yuzuki N Dash :)

I don’t know if those two works will be the friends of the frenetical fappers, they call a bit too much to the superior neural functions (I dare not write “intelligence”) of the readers ;)
And yet, they’re worth reading ! They contain good hentai, with quite original scenarii. I hope they’ll be to your taste :)

(MOAR ! For more stuff by this artist, Cf. The List of Yuzuki N’s Works on Hentairules)

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Custom Girl [English], by Maruneko

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The perfect illustration for the gender bender style

If you wonder what is “Gender Bender”, well, this is it !

– And at this point, 10% of my audience should have hurriedly turned off their computers :lol:

So. With my thanks to Loofnuk, here’s a short puzzling work : the drawings are just fine, detailed, uncensored, happy sex, with a funny story, but it’s true the theme leaves me feeling awkward, as with futa – no, even more. Oh well, judge by yourselves, I hope you’ll like it ! :)

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Kämpfer hentai doujin [English, 34 pictures]: Her Choice – The Case of Senou Natsuru, by Crazy9 (aka Ichitaka)

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I'm not sure, is that a MAID disguise, or something else ?

Fast summary : a Kampfer big-breasted girl doesn’t refuse groupsex, and despite her attempts to resist the pleasure, she climaxes like mad and asks for more :roll:

I suppose I could only explain better if I had watched the anime, lol :lol:

There are a few bonuses at the bottom of this post, if you’re interested.

For more: check The list of ALL the Crazy9 shares on Hentairules!

english hentai 

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Suzumiya Haruhiko hentai doujin [English] : Kyon Wa Kanojo Na No Ka, by Yasui Riosuke

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Most of my audience being composed of scary no-life otaks (just kidding, just kidding, don’t hurt me – OUCH! – hey don’t hurt me !), I suppose most of you already know about Suzumiya Haruhi ?

Forget it. This isn’t it. This is a Suzumiya Haruhiko doujin :lol:

I guess I owe you an explanation, cf that link – isn’t that crazy, honestly ?? This isn’t a gender bender, just the product of a crazy imagination, as if the scenarists had assigned the opposite genders to the characters in the initial script, and yet, it has fascinated me…

Don’t miss the list of my shares by Yasui Riosuke, also known as Goromenz :)

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