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Mahou Sensei No Sainan [English], by Palco Nagashima

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Would you look at that? No less than THREE censorship bars! OUTRAGEOUS!! :D

A male school teacher is grudingly turned into a magical girl so that he can have sex with two male students and thus load up magical power to fight ridiculous evil monsters.

Look, the drawings aren’t excellent, but there’s a worthy sense of comedy coming from it, so hopefully you may still have a good time reading it, or doing whatever you want out of it :twisted:
Graphically, at least it’s nicely hardcore, hardly censored, with quality sex, vaginal, anal and DP, thumbs up for this!

This is another Espeon+Desudesu release, thank you ^_^

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Amenochi Imouto (“After Rain Sister” – that title makes no sense, I know) [English], by Kamiya Zuzu

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Sometimes, at a point, it's best to stop thinking and just enjoy what you got.

If you think losing all your data or having your private loli furry collection accidentally shared on facebook is the worst than can happen to you, here comes the gender bender malware, using your computer to forcibly make you and your sister switch bodies ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The sex is atrociously censored, but if you can get over this (airquoting) “detail” (plus the whole gender bender theme), the girl is nice, with both a cute face, a nice rack and a lovely lively butt. It may be worth it, your call, friends =)
Thanks to Espeon and Desu! :)

By the same artist, I also share Incantation Contract and Oki Ni Meshimase.

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Kami-sama Ni Negaigoto (“God, Please Grant My Wish”) [English], by Kirimoto Yuuji

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Look at that minimal amount of censorship, woohoo!!

For reasons that are only explained in the last page, a highschool student, during a school trip, becomes every boy’s girlfriend. Very intense group sex action follows, with quality vaginal and double penetration sex. Plus, she’s got thick eyebrows :3
It’s one of those cases where you ask yourself “do I really have something against gender bender, why not just take it as quality fap materials, eh?”, I’d say :lol:

Thanks to Espeon and Desudesu ^^

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D-Medal [English, 196 pictures], by Ashiomi Masato

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I deliberately picked an image showing the combination of glorious elements with less-good looking but more realistic other elements. It's unique, it's a mangaka's signature, and it's beautiful.

… Wow, just… just wow :shock:
It’s one of those times I call reading an h-manga a privilege.

Deliberately vague summary. We’re in the “permanent” universe of Ashiomi Masato, in which a mysterious junk shop delivers magical items with sexual effects to teenagers, and we’ll watch a descent into lust leading to the painful realization that it takes effort to be a proper human instead of a walking dick, and that love is the greatest gift of all.
There’s no way I’m telling you how it ends (although I can’t stop you from reading the post’s tags, such as WAFF or vanilla, can I?), but at least I’ll be glad to mention the story was really worth it, in my eyes; not particularly complicated or mind-bogling, but it had a good rythm, a steady pace, and a moral tale atmosphere that made if really stand out…

And graphically… “Fapworthy” would be the word. Plenty of sexy girls, with natural-looking bodies (including the small imperfections such as the belly, and the small glorious details showing skill), in plenty of outfits, loving hardcore sex with barely visible censorship… woah :twisted:
Enjoy, dear friends! And thanks to Doujin-Moe who commissioned this scanlation :)

By the same artist, I also share Loveles Labyrinth, Coffin Of Cerebrum (190 pictures), Emotion Island (213 pictures), Dream Channel (212 pictures), Illusion Girls (212 pictures), Pink Links (215 pictures), Secret Schedule, and Warning Morning.

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Kimi-iro Days ~ Onnanoko No Karada Ni Nattara Nani O Suru [English, 188 pictures], by Taniguchi-san

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Switch body with a blooming female succubus? That might have its good sides :3

This is a “tankification” of sorts, a compilation of chapters that have been scanlated from magazine scans, plus the pictures of the tank in which those chapters were republished later on.
I’ll mention you the magazine scans seem LESS censored than the tank scans: you’re winning in this bargain. I added 2 comparison pics at the end of the gallery, see for yourselves :)
Some of these chapters were already shared on Hentairules, some of them weren’t.

So, what have we got here? A faptastic collection of stories revolving around mind swapping between (horny) men and (fucking gorgeous) women. The means and reasons vary, but “dirty deeds done cheap” kinda summarizes it well, lol, every time men need 0.05 seconds to adjust and enjoy their female body (no homo to take a dick if you’re a woman, right? Right?), while the girls take at least 2-3 pages to enjoy having a dick to use intensively.
The stories are morally dubious at best (the 2 worse chapters, we even have orcs kinda gently raping, and a thief stealing a woman’s body and then getting raped by thieves he meets on the road – hehe, we also have just one futanari chapter), but they don’t dwell in drama mode, nobody complains long and everybody enjoys it very, very fast.

Most importantly: the drawings… JEBUS THE DRAWINGS LOOK FANTASTIC!! Godly boobs, well-shaped women, lots of braids and nylon, magical panties sticking closely to bulging pussy lips, hardly any censorship most of the time… oh, wow :shock: :twisted: :woot:

Credits go for a large number of persons, I hope I didn’t forget some: Skitts, Guestoid, Dynam, maea, Yume, Anon (I’m not sure if it should be in singular or plural form), Kusanyagi, Chilla from Farhad TG Forum, AdolfBrix, Betzy, Button, Doujin-Moe, and Wastedman. Thank you very much! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Trans-Sexual Fiction – The Girl’s Play – TSF Catalog (182 pictures), Tamashii Insert (“Soul Insert”) levels 1-5 and Kashi Mashi 2.

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Otona Ni Naru Kusuri [English, 174 pictures], by Okawari

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Thanks, but I'll pass.

Within three days, the male MC accepts a shady pill from a shady friend, tries to give it to his sister to see what it does, becomes a girl, masturbates himself to sleep, wakes up still as a girl and discovers yuri with his sister that he ends up fisting ferociously, discovers sex with a futanari, sex as a man with hsi sister, sex with groups of men, goes through chosen mindbreak, is fucked by his futanari’ed sister and a bunch of guys.
Damn, lol :D
In the center of everything, pills to change gender, and the “courage” to decide that, screw it, you’ll become a sex worker and stockpile orgasms :roll:
I don’t want to sound to negative, nobody was forced, everybody was happy and all. It’s just, well not my kind of thing, that doesn’t stop me from praising a quality work with a very intense erotic atmosphere all along :)

The drawings are also quite intense (even the slightly slanted girls’ eyes were compelling! :shock: ), however more than half of them come with gros blurred mosaics censorship, the rest being much better almost not censored drawings (only thin black lines.) You’ll have tons of oral, vaginal, anal and double penetrations.
Thanks a LOT, for this release, to Lovemanga2086! :jap:

By Okawari, I also share Kairaku Gakuen (202 pictures), Love Subordination (175 pictures, a good scenario), Onnanoko – Girl (Uncensored version) (182 pictures) and Sex Warrior Isane Extreme + Sex Warrior Isane XXX (407 pages, very hardcore, but definitely weird).

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Ran-Man [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Ranma 1 1/2 series, by Solid Air (mangaka name: Zonda)

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Yet another dojo yaburi day in hentai Japan.
I know, I could have picked a more compelling big preview image, sorry, I couldn’t resist :lol:

OK, who among you guys has watched the Ranma series, or read its manga? Not too many people, I fear ^^ Me, I discovered it at the age of fourteen and I freaking loved it :D
Here is a relatively worthy parody of this series, the crazy humour is present (pornified of course), the weird personality of the characters… I cracked more than a few smiles while reading it :)

Technically, it’s a dojo yaburi that becomes WTF rape, but there’s no way to take it seriously and dramatically, lol. I’ll let you guys find out ^^ Thanks to Yuripe for that one! :)

By the same artist, I also share the rage-inducing netorare-focused Hitozuma X Netorare (209 pictures), and the neutral Imekura Kanmusu Takao-san to Shota Teitoku.

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