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Nishizumi Shimai Ryoujoku (“Nishizumi Sisters Sexual Assault”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Girls Und Panzer series, by Kyockcho

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Dibs on the girl on the left

There’s not much of a scenario here, skipping on the useless details here, it’s simply about watching Miho and Maho Nishizumi, two of the Girls Und Panzer female characters, having sex with two men. They initiate the sex, and, Japanese style, the girls behave as expected, weakly protesting and being teased for being bad girls (if you know me enough, you know the face I’m doing right now lol.)

Graphically, that was… fucking… AWESOME!! :shock: Tolerable censorship, faces flushed with pleasure, cute petite bodies, the charm of keeping most of the clothes on, extremely arousing inviting positions… Kyockcho knows the job, for sure :twisted:

Thanks to Doujin-Moe for this release! ^_^
By the same artist, to this day, I also share Maiden Breed and Nico Joku.

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Yuzu-chan Ni Boku No Kame-san Soujuu Shite Moraitai (“I Want Yuzu-chan To Pilot My Turtle”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Girls Und Panzer series, by Jouji Mujoh

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I lost the fight as soon as I saw her eyebrows

When I read “pilot my turtle”, I have a vague reminiscience of olde, coding that bloody turtle graph on my CPC-6128, but, no, we’re stricly in the hentai realm with 2D girls, it’s better that way.
Here, Yuzu, one of the characters in Girls Und Panzer, has a boyfriend, and, simply, she’s having an intimate moment with him.

At first I thought she was naive, candid, was going to have her first time… and then, bam, it was just their little game, she wore a super slutty top bikini, and they’ve already got plenty of experience together :shock:
And so, well, good sex. Not too censored, an adorable plump body, it’s highly worth it in my biased opinion ;)

We owe this one to Hentai_Doctor and Fishman465 thank you! :jap:

By the same artist (that you can write Jouji/Johji/Jyouji Mujoh/Mujou – argh ! – for the circle name, or Shinozuka Jouji for the mangaka’s name), to this day, I also share Hama-pai Ni, Hatsukoi Motion (222 pictures), First Touch (122 pictures, in full color), the uncensored version of Super Weak, the uncensored version of Pour Me Milk, Taigei Ikunyu Nisshi, Niku And Jaga, Isuzu Ikunyuu Nisshi, Hakufu Mankai, Urapai, the uncensored version of Solo Mugi, Secret Room, Ura Mugi, and a pack of 3 works (Nanika Kawara de Hirotta volumes 1-2 + Otona Star).

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Pack of 2 works [English and in Full color] by Yuuki Hagure (circle Wireframe)

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The girl on the left is TOTALLY in my strike zone

Welcome to the wonderful world of MacHentai, where nobody cares about the scenario and it’s all about watching super cute girls having quality sex :twisted:
I gathered here two works by Yuuki Hagure of that sort:
Anzio No Enkou War, at first I didn’t recognize it as a Girls Und Panzer doujinshi
Motto Pecorine To Connect, that one I had to search to find of what it was a doujinshi: of Princess Connect.

What more to add? No brainers, easy sex, smiling girls, only thin white bar censorship, art done with skill and lots of experience behind, it was excellent, enjoy! ^_^
Release credits are for a kind Anon, Pun De Coco and ObsoleteZero, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, known as Wireframe and Yuuki Hagure, to this day, I also share Kono Zannen Sugiru Megami Ni Seisai O, Kono Kawaisou Na Crusader Ni Kyuusai O, Erichi No Tobira, Crimson DxD (in its uncensored version !), Cinderella Fiesta and [email protected] Perfect Communication.

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GuP Hside and GuP Hside+ [English], a pack of two hentai doujinshi parodying the Girls Und Panzer series, by Uo Denim

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For reasons (unnecessary / trivial / an alibi — you get the idea ^^), Alice, Erika, Kay, Darjeeling, Maho, Mika, Nonna and Mika, are dressed in slutty outfits (my super-faves: the bunny girls and the nanobikini), and have intense and pleasant sex with plenty of muscular men.
I say: FUCK YEAH! :D

The drawings are pretty good, I resented the thick black bar censorship, but basked in the quality of the varied outfits. I hope you may enjoy it, you too :)

Release credits are for Axalon, MrWayne, Vixen, Dark Mac, Kouya913 and CellTF, from Casa Wayne and The Lost, thank you very much! ^_^

By the same artist, known as Uno Denim, Selvage Fisheries and Serubitch Suisan, I also share Ride On Bitch, Get O~Ba~, Miss Bitch (a different version of Abazure Summer), ATG, My First Bitch Girl, Nuku Nuku Gyarux, Backside – She has two faces, 3230t Sukebe (“3230 Tons Of Slut”, what an AWESOME title!! :shock: ), Boku No Seishori Gakari Wa Ijimekko Gal (221 pictures), TKO, Abazure Summer and Bitch Frag.

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Eikoku Shiki Goukon Gyakunan Jutsu [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Girls Und Panzer series, by Erect Sawaru

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That IMMEDIATELY came to my mind.

The main reason I’m sharing this doujinshi is literally just above the present line. I immediately thought of the He-Man meme when I saw that panel, and I wanted to share it for the lulz ^^

Other than that, well, frankly I find it hard to believe this really is an Erect Sawaru publication, it’s like the mangaka discarded his (her? No idea) best drawing skills and traded them for Mizuryu Kei’s worst idiosyncrasies. Poor art, terrible printing and/or scanning (once again: no idea), probably the mangaka’s worst volume to this day. (A brief summary: the Girls Und Panzer girls bring a group of boys to a hotel and reveal their hidden maximum sluts side.)
I told myself “OK, it must be an ooooold work”, but, nope, it’s written 2017 in the wordy page in the end ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, it’s up to you for the rest, hopefully a good number of you guys will love it and to hell with my criticism ^^
It’s been released by Doujin-Moe, thank you!

By Erect Sawaru, I also share Oppai Infinity (250 pictures), Seme Chichi (187 pictures), Pandra 1-2 (417 pictures), Osanazuma Bakunyuu Nurunuru Soap-jou, Zeen, Shinkyoku No Grimoire + Side Story (250 pictures), The Legend Of Paya Gang Bang Of The Wild and Mugippai.

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Screwdriver [English, Full color], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Girls Und Panzer series, by Kesshoku Mikan

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America FTW ;)

No complications here, it’s Kay, the American babe in Girls Und Panzer, having sex with a lucky man. That’s decent full-color art; sure, it’s heavily censored (as always in full color, or almost T__T), but it’s looking good nonetheless :)

We owe this release to Comoop, Shinko.Aelith, and their senpais from the E-hentai Random Translation help thread, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Sapphire Rose and a pack of 6 works (Carnaval + Cobalt Delphinium + Mercury Narcissus + Scarlet Dancing Cherry Blossom + Stainless Sage + Titanium Lotus).

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Senshadou No Uramichi St. Gloriana Jogakuin [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Girls Und Panzer series, by Inu

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Shocking, that amount of censorship, right?

Just… WOW!! :shock:
That must be one of the best Girls Und Panzer doujinshi I ever shared, if not THE best altogether.

The story is very simple (the four usual girls, Darjeeling, Orange Pekoe, Assam and Rosehip, provide pleasure to a male teacher), everything resides in the fine quality of the drawings. You will have splendid detailed lingerie (garterbelts? GARTERBELTS!! :D ), beautiful girls with horny faces, a variety of body shapes, from pettanko to busty hourglass, quality vaginal and anal, and all of that with very, very little censorship :shock:

That was totally dope :twisted:
Thanks a LOT to Cgrascal for this one, I have been amazed while reading it :shock:

(There’s MORE ! Cf. The Updated List of ALL Inu’s Works on HentaiRules)

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