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Paradise Found Parts 1-2 [English, Complete], by Sasamori Tomoe

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Hrrrrrng - five more minutes, please

In hentai, islands are either shit places that deserve instant napalm strikes, or little havens of joy. This share belong in that last category ;)
The male MC, who freshly moved in the island, discovers that sex is a very difficult business on a little island where everybody knows everybody a any girl letting off some steam risks to be branded a cheap slut for life. Implied idea: it’s easier to have sex with a foreigner :twisted:
And so, two absolutely hot teens make him his partner, first for easy fucking, and, in the end, we find things have gotten cutely serious…

The drawings are very good, intense (oral, vaginal, paizuri), generous (the girls aren’t plump but got meat everywhere it matters, the mangaka also caters to the sailor uniform fetish)… There’s only the whiteout censorship to annoy us, deal with it.
All in all, it was a very pleasant read, I’m glad it made its way to the internet, haha. Thanks a LOT to the culprits behind this evil release, Ren, Danky, Dan, Shu, Tofu, Bella, Lazybum, Axalon, Nana, Siren, Eli, Seren and Kago, from RedLantern Scanlation :D

By the same artist, under the pen names Sasamori Tomoe and Nanimoshinai, I also share Yuutousei Ni Hitsuyou No Jugyou, Succubus Stayed Life 1, Succubus Stayed Life 2, Yumisaka-san No Baai, Mystery Trap, Hakka, Kokka and Library Of Dusk.

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Amamori Note Zenpen [English], by Yuki Seto

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For a few seconds I thought she still had her panties; but, no, censorship.

Would you remember Amamori, this very cute oddball maid and highschool girl? We meet her twice in Allargando, in the Amamori’s Spear and Amamori’s Weekend chapters. She’s back! :woot:
And she’s as weird in the head as before, deciding to sexually serve a shy introvert boy, the poor lad was sheltering himself from reality by writing his Amamori fantasies in a diary she read by accident, she will make those fantasies true. It’s cute and very nice of her – although a little weird, huhu ^^

The “Zenpen”, in the title, means “first part“. I don’t know when there will be more, but I’m eager to read it when it comes :)
Thanks to Desudesu for this release! :jap:

(MOAR! Don’t miss The List of Yuki Seto’s Works on HentaiRules!)

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Mama Tomo Harem [English], by Maimu-Maimu

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Everybody deserves a therapy. Yep :D

It’s a funny tale we’ve got here. A young man sees his life crumble because he couldn’t get over his phobia of women that plagued his highschool life and professional carreer. Two neighbourhood MILFs, moved, decide to lend a hand. Because, you see, there’s a trick: if the women are seen as mothers, the phobia disappears. So the plan is to get used to fucking MILFs, and… then… Wait, how is that supposed to help anyhow for all the women who aren’t mothers yet, fuck, I didn’t realize?!? :shock:

I’m puzzled, as I type, right now. I’ll take ten last seconds to praise the generous art, burdened by whiteout censorship, but plenty enjoyable nonetheless.
It’s a Fated Circle release, many thanks! ^_^

By the same artist, called Maimu-Maimu and also Box Representation In A Cat, I also share Kokuritsu Hitozuma Gakuen (204 pictures), Kyouko Sensei To Boku No Himitsu (“Kyouko-sensei and My Secret”, 124 pictures), Delivery Mama – Midara No Ore No Gibo-san (90 pictures), The Teacher For Making Kids, Beast + You Can Not hentai and Mgirl.

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Idol Bikini Sand [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the [email protected] series, by Gasayabu

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I don't care that it's not realistic. It's awesome for a fap.

I shouldn’t even be sharing it. The drawings are average, at best. The scanning is bad (and yet I retouched it to help a bit). There is no story to mention.
But, who cares, when you got nabobikinis, two meaty hotties (Ritsuko and Takane), and lots of paizuri, eh? :D :twisted:

We owe this fapworthy fap’n’go paizuri-based release to Brolen and Phantom Renegade, from Trinity Translations Team, thank you! :)
By the same artist, I also share RitsuMitzu, Kinoko Power 14 and Kinoko Power 13.

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Tanemonogatari [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Bakemonogatari series, by Nekoi Mie

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Huhu, I loved the face she was doing here ^^

Tsubasa Hanekawa, how is she, in the “real” Bakemonogatari? Smart? Airhead? Totally fucking dumb beyond redemption?
In the present share, she’s the last of these options. Whatever a scumbag she met asks, she will provide, and with a sense of pride to do as asked :roll:

Oh well, anyway. What he have here is a good-looking megane having sex, heh. There’s something I can’t quite describe, the “Nekoi Mie” touch, a series of drawings skills, making the art really unique, a combination of experience, care and talent… Like when Hanekawa took her her glasses and that was properly represented, or the way her tummy is drawn realistically and it’s not gross… Oh well, I apologize for my poor vocabulary, take a look, you may very well be seduced :)
Thanks to Janime6 for the translation! :jap:

For MORE works by Nekoi Mie/Manga Super, Cf. the list of all his shares !

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Twin Ball Love Attack chapter 4, + the chapters 1-4 in another Zip file [English], by Goban

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Bikini bakunyu hentai? Oh god yes.

The 4th chapter of our bakunyu series has been released, I’m glad I can share it, enjoy! ^_^

In case Twin Ball Love Attack is new to you, basically, here’s the gist. Very big-busted slightly plump cheerful volley-ball club highschool girls make a classmate their obligated helper. Nothing better than good old blackmail, right? Throw him a bra, take a photo, and profit! :twisted: Fortunately, hentai oblige, there are no hard feelings and the boy will essentially be helping the girls have sex ^^
Don’t let the mention of blackmail deter you, it’s only here as a form of comic relief. We’re exclusively served happy sex in which the girls take the lead :)
In the newly released chapter 4, we have a bikini BBQ party followed by group sex. Simple as that =)

Graphically, there’s a good deal of paizuri, whiteout censorship ruining like half of the sex pages (the other half is quite OK) and vaginal action, with Goban’s good drawings. Looking great.

Credits are for DerEX, DarkMac, Axalon, Wayne and CellTF, thank you very much! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Chichi Iro Toiki (198 pictures), Please Kiss Me, Love Cheering, Please Kiss Me, Zettai Nyuuki (“Absolute Breast Kingdom”, 201 pictures), and Renai Katekyo + Secret Study

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Mohan-teki de Iincho? (“The Exemplary Student Council President?”) [English], by Volvox (O.p/com)

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Nice intensity, right? The brush lines, they add so much movement, and strength! I love this drawing style :)

A day may come when we will have an hentai manga in which the female Public Morals Commitee chairwoman isn’t a hardcore dick lover. BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY! This day, we fap and we laugh!

Look, I know the censorship in this manga is an abomination. I know. But please, pretty please with sperm sugar on top, try reading it, I believe it is TOTALLY worth it :D

And now, I wonder how far I should tell you the events going to unfold before your eyes… I could be a cunt and tell everything, but, no, I’ll resist temptation and say as little as possible.
Mohan-teki de Iincho is about a pettanko highschool morals-chairwoman, hyper strict in public, giving a “death to males” vibe, who seriously loves dick and drives her partner completely mad with desire. With an AWESOME, comedy-rich and extremely erotic, plot twist coming midway :twisted:

No, look, please, trust me on this one, read it :)
Thanks a LOT to Nipplezits, Bango, Baran and Vilis, from Hennojin!! :jap:

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