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Pack of 3 [English] works by Tear Drop

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I can hardly understand why that girl wasn't the #1 selling point of the To Heart game

I gathered here three full-colour works by Tear Drop, they’re not brand new, sorry I’m late in sharing them, it’s MHM who reminded me of their existence :)

Those works are:
12.30 On A Summer Day
8.45 On A Summer Day
Winter Hot Spring
Technically, they are To Heart doujinshi, but in my mind they’ve gained the status of an original series, there are enough volumes starring the same characters (Tomoko aka Iincho, the class prez, an adorable megane with braids, and her BF Fujita) in vanilla situations for me to like them even though I never watched anything of To Heart ^^

You’ve got pleasant full color art (vastly ruined by excessive censorship, sigh) ingrained with a diffuse feeling of WAFF, we’ve grown to love the hentai version of those characters, so more is always welcome :)
Thanks to Tigoris Translates, the Anon person who commissioned him, and MHM!

By Tear Drop, I also share Weekly Island (uncensored, and glorious ! IIINCHOO !), Physical Education (also Uncensored, and reedited into higher resolution), C2 (repacking two works formerly known as Connect and Re-Connect), Aqua Blue volumes 1-2, and Charm

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Yamada Palace [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Persona 5 game, by Motsu Ryouri

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Suddenly I ask myself a weird question, does that hairstyle have a name, when it makes those wavy undulations in the lower part?

One day, I will finally play Persona 5, and then I’ll understand better all those hentai doujinshi. I know there’s been multiple mentions of a harem, that you can date one or several games, but the present doujinshi introduces two new elements: (1) you can establish an area as a “palace” for resting, and (2) your in-game alter ego (called “shadow”) awaits you in that “palace”.
Hentai-ified addition: that palace is the harem where your alter ego has sex with the game’s girls and he gladly invites you, the player, to have sex with the girls too ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Explain in the comments if you’re brave enough, but otherwise, the gist is: 2 lucky men, 4 adorably sexy girls wanting dick and never tiring of it. Simple as that, with decent enough art =)

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Shiranui Mai Hikoushiki FC Event volumes 1-2 (uncensored versions), Taikutsu Na Warawa O Tanoshimaseyo, Dragon Queen’s volume 3, Dragon Queen’s volume 1, Dragon Queen’s Volume 2, Tou Juku Next and Kaku Musume 11.

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Watashi Ni Mawashite Ura Kairanban [English, 205 pictures], by Yano Toshinori

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Yeah, she was my favorite girl, the landlady

Niiiice, a new complete tank has been released! :woot:

The manga is about a man moving in a particular apartment building, with a unique set of rules, only singles are allowed and sex may be freely asked and consented (tell me you see what I mean, if I say it gives Tokoharusou vibes!!), it is even actively encouraged. Soon enough, the male MC who just moved in feels he’s in a private harem, with an open happy ending of sorts :)

TBH, I’m not a maximum fan or either the art (not too censored, rather realistic, nothing particular to mention) or the story (linear, no surprises). I’ll reckon it was good, satisfying, without being a work of art or having a story giving me strong emotions, or characters to which I would grow attached. In itself, this is good enough, let’s say!

It’s been commissioned by Pony and released by CovertOpBoobs and Lazarus LP, from Lazarus H, thank you! :jap:

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Moshimo Jikan O Tomeraretara 1-2 [English], by Xiaowoo

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Me, I'd play the "how is it possible that all those women fell pregnant in the same trimester?!?" - The world is lucky I don't have that power

Those aren’t fresh releases, sorry about that ^^ I remember I liked them at the time of their release, and I was intrigued, would there be more, or not, eventually? I decided to wait a bit just in case, and, as expected from me, I forgot about it soon after -_-

So. Those two works, they’re based on the miraculous time stop ability, this time gifted by a fishy watch-like device. First, this is a “normal guy” punishing a stingy bitch for her stinky attitude, and second, this is a boyfriend who catches a female stalker using the device to almost innocently lurk on his GF, and who instantly becames an S, humiliating and fucking the girl without her consent O_o

It was nice, original art, quite worth a look, in my mind :) As for the story, meh, no problem, me, if I had such a device… well, let’s say it’s lucky in lots of regards that I don’t have that device.

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Yuutousei Ayaka No Uraomote (“The Two Sides Of The Honors Student Ayaka”) volumes 1-5 + Extra + Yarimakuri… bonus [English, 180 pictures], by Moco Chouchou (aka Hisama Kumako)

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I could have picked a hotter picture, but... how to say... I felt that one represented the "soul" of the series: the pose, the naughty smile, all that "matters"

I gathered here the volumes 1-1.5-2-3-4-5 + Extra + Yarimakuri Shuugaku Ryokou Hen of the Yuutousei Ayaka No Uraomote series.

Honestly, I’ve done a two-columns comparison in my head. Left: how much of a chore it is to gather eight directories, repack and all, collect links, it’s going to take time to switch from personal enjoyment folders, to something I can share. Right: how much I think it is worth it, and how much I would enjoy re-reading it.
That was a close call, but I’m still going to share it, I liked enough little Ayaka’s slice of life sexual activities to go through it a second time, she’s such an adorable slut :D

“I wonder who the real me is”, asked herself the honours student. In this series, a girl that looks all prim and proper teaches herself the ways of the slut, sleeping with men for money or for free, becoming addicted to the feeling, but not to the point of putting her respectable facade at risk. It’s like she’s got two public images, the responsible plain girl, and the slutty gyaru who keeps her necktie on her all the time (god, that detail was so fucking lovely!).
Across all those volumes, you’ll have lots of quality sex to enjoy, I hope you will find it to your taste :)

Unsurprisingly (eight volumes!), many people deserve to be credited for all of this. Namely, three scanlation groups. First, Herreis, Kuromori, VHRP, Raven, Sajer, Vilis and Trad_Low_Cost, from Hennojin. Second, Striborg and Lord Grosso from And third, Personofinterest and Honeybread Buzz. Thank you very much, all of you, I’m grateful! ^_^

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Imouto Note.

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Ore No Heya De Mashu Ga Neteta Kara Muchakucha Ni Shite Mita (“I Found Mash Sleeping In My Room So I Fucked Her Silly”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate/Grand Order series, by Hashimoto

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Okay, he butt is fine too

I’m sharing that one because the girl has a splendid face.
No kidding, this is it. An okay body, standard action, usually too much censorship (the “the vagina must be around here, right?” type), no need for plot as this is a doujinshi.
But the girl, Mash, damn, her face, her lovely sexy face, with those glasses, and her endearing blushing!!! Awww =)

Release credits are for Erogod, Laurynas, Danky, Teru, Seren, Pincluc and Osura, from Red Lantern TL, thank you! :jap:

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Manatsu No Yoru No Inmu (“A Midsummer Night’s Ithyphallic Dream”) [English, parts 1-2, the story is complete], by Kuroiwa Menou

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I could have picked better preview pictures, but I realized that Kuroiwa Menou had systematically screwed up big time with the feet on those other images ^^;;

Ithyphallic: Of or pertaining to the erect phallus that was carried in bacchic processions. Of or pertaining to an upward pointing, erect penis. (by extension) lascivious or obscene.”
There, now the question about what tf the title of this manga meant can be put out of the way ;)

In this story, two young women bike their way across the countryside, and as soon as they get lost the inevitable tropes catch up, they bathe in a suspicious pond and find shelter in a strange village not present on any map ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
It’s strange, usually I like my manga convincing, but when this futanari, the less explained it is, the better. I really, really could have done without the “biological” explanation about why the two women became horny futas overnight, eager to have plenty of sex, ugh, disgusting :(

Still, this is very well drawn, girls with realistic athletic bodies, with only very little censorship, so if you’re into futa, check that one out?
Thanks to Q91 for the scanlation!

Fore MORE, cf. The list of ALL Kuroiwa Menou’s Works on Hentairules!

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