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Secret Journey [English, UNCENSORED version, 245 pictures], by Po-Ju

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Buddhist religion isn't so retarded as to forbid sex to its priests, fortunately (angry glance at catholicism)

I had given up on sharing that one nine years ago (jebus! Nine frigging years!!) after it became maximum shota and treated the male MC as a mere fuckboy basically, but now that it’s become fully uncensored, I say, it’s worth making a post at least =)

So, here we are with this hentai parody of the old A Journey To The West tale, in which a super cute young boy (he’d look like an early teenager, I’d say) with a fully grown dick travels acros the border between China and India, and meets mythical beings, all of them female, horny, interested in young boys, and sexy.
There isn’t much of a scenario actually, meeting, having a confrontation that turns to sex, becoming sex buddies… Still, it’s a harem in formation (3 girls in the end), with a cheerful mood, no drama, no worries here, it’s not that bad :)

I have a gripe with the extreme shota dimension, the monster girls are interested in far fucking too young boys (totally below ten), insert fingers in their butt, once made them suck each other… that, in my eyes, is a massive waste of talent. Matter of taste, sure, but it ruined any reading pleasure for me :-/
On the other hand, the drawings are quality, the women are really great looking, especially now the censorship is gone.

Release credits are for Rdbtpgdb, 0405/tokorodokoro, Anonymous Scanner (oh boy, I had forgotten AS, it brings me back many years), Ulricat from Doujin-Moe, and 圣堂汉化 for the decensoring, thank you! :jap:

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Rouka (“Mishandled Flower”) [English], by Angyadow

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I'll let you google the word "catharsis" if needs be: sometimes, exposing yourself to something very sad is necessary and makes us feel better in the end

A sad story, for a change.
We’re made to feel sympathy for a young woman with an unfortunate fate, with nowhere to go, and who must accept to have sex in exchange of financial support for her and her younger sister. A boy finds out, is offered sex, and, not oddly I think, it makes the situation even more poignant, as even when it feels good, sex means nothing real for the poor woman, trapped as she is. It’s just physical, it can’t heal her wounded soul, it even aggravates the situation, showing her there’s no way out.
Decent art for a bitter and yet moving story, don’t read if you’re already depressed today, friends.

Thanks to the person(s) behind this release, I’m sorry, I have no idea who it is!

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Houman Mucchiri Pai (“Voluptuous Plump Boobs”) [English, 213 pictures], by Muronaga Chaashuu

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A splendid hentai jewel had slipped under my radar, so with a delay for which I humbly apologize, here is the delightful Houman Mucchiri Pai, 213 pages full of meaty love :)

The manga is made of single chapters (save a two-chapters arc), with casual non-emotional setups in which men and women greatly enjoy consensual sex. Frequently, there will be ambient comedy, from just enough to make us smile, to hilarious.
The girls are plump, full of meat to grab, and their very large breasts never fail to provide paizuri, yummy! Also, these are high rez tank scans, with very little censorship :twisted:

Enjoy the hentai feast! ^_^ We owe its release to B.R.R., Axalon, Brolen, Anonymous, Svines85 from B.E.C. Scans, Dynellen (who, besides all that, told me about this manga and sent me a link to dl it) and hentaicore. Thank you so much! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Very Pleasant <3 Secret Special Training and Milky Clinic.

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Souma Taxi & Souma Ikka No Halloween [English], a typical pack of 2 works by the hentai mangaka Mizuryu Kei

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In real world, there'd be moral bigots who'd condemn this. Pfeh.

I already shared some of the slices of life of the nuts Souma family, in Teisou Kannen Zero and Souma Kurumi no Idenshi – Kurumi’s Gene. Here are two more! ^_^
Those two new works, featuring the dick addicted family of women, are:
Souma Ikka No Halloween (on Halloween’s eve, the Souma women prepare themselves for an orgy party when neighborhood teenagers visit for candies. For lack of candy, they’ll lose cherries.)
Souma Taxi (Can’t these women resist offering their pussy to evern man they spend five minutes with? No they can’t. Even inside a taxi.)

Good drawings, ahegaos, the typical. Like it or not, your call! ^^
Release credits are for Seijurou1337, Moofin, Eno and Godjesus, from Hennojin Scanlation, and Cgrascal, thank you! :jap:

Seriously, by the way, fuck the dad in that family. You imagine the monumental cuckhold fetish the guy must have to have married that woman? There’s cuck fetish, and then there’s the Souma husband’s cuck fetish, in a wholly different league, lol.

For more, see the list of Alice No Takarabako’s (also known as Mizuryu Kei) works on Hentairules

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Milky Pocket [English, 203 pictures], by Emily

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"Fapworthy" doesn't even begin describing it.

Vanilla lovers, cute girls lovers, rejoice, here comes some great sauce :3

Xyresic and KuroOtn (thank you!!! :jap: ) bring us the scanlation of this complete tankoubon, made of single-chapter stories (except a 3-chapters arc, Vanilla Pocket). With the exception of the first chapter (a relatively dramatic conclusion where love turns selfish and overwhelms reason), the rest of the manga is depicted under a slice of life ambient feeling, teenagers liking each other and finally doing the thing. Cute love, cute sex, cute girls, tenderly warming our tired hearts, that’s it story-wise =)

The drawings, now. Petite girls, either nicely busty or pettankos (and a pair of near-lolis, sorry), smiling, cheerful, with their own idiosyncrasies to make them uniquely lovely. With very little censorship, semi-opaque rectangles, nothing bad. I’d rate it as very good (& good enough!) but not exceptional.
Well see for yourselves, it’s lovely, full of vanilla :)

By the same artist, I also share Sweet Sweat 1-2.

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Kanojo De Ippai volume 3 [English, 215 pictures], + the translated volumes 1-2-3 in another Zip file (651 pictures)

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One of the rare panels where you can at least guess where the dick is ^^;;

2015, 2016, 2017: for three volumes by Jouji Manabe, this is a super speedy release pace, haha ^^
Dear hentai lovers, here we are, with the new release of Kanojo De Ippai volume 3, the series is complete, at last :)

According to the scanlator, Ochimusa, the series didn’t make it big in Japan. I would almost call it odd, it’s some of the best ecchi, near-hentai we can get, in my opinion.

Sure, it’s more ecchi than hentai, there is deliberate whiteout censorship hiding dicks and pussies. But we got great boobs, seven sexy girls, beautiful faces, hot naked bodies… Visually, we’re not deprived :3
More than that, the story line is funny and interesting enough: in a slice of life style, we follow a young man undergoing a divorce, forced to cohabit in a new flat with a strange girl (and, of course, they’ll become lovers)… The female boss joins in on the fun, the wife makes a comeback, and everyone is both a mature adult and childish in dealing with this whole mess ^^ And, boy, the characters ARE likeable ^^ The male hero, trying to be the responsible adult. His female roommate, an adorable female hentai mangaka (a nice mise en abyme, how much of it may be autobiographical?!?), carefree, free like a cat and hot like a cat in heat, and everyone around them…
See for yourselves, I hope you’ll enjoy it :)

Thanks a LOT to Ochimusa and Afro Thunda, really ^_^
For MORE Jouji Manabe works, check out The list of Studio Katsudon shares!

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Natsu Ga Kimi O Irodoru [English, Uncensored version!], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Lucky Star series, by Handsome Aniki

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If she asks politely...

Who wants a meaty meganekko with a loose bikini and who still blushes like mad when asking for dick? :D
After Masturibayashi, here’s another Lucky Star doujinshi in which Miyuki Takara spends H time with her boyfriend, this time, at the beach. The action is less intense (less sex, less crude), it’s still quite good in my opinion :)

We owe this release, English and decensoring, to our dear Belldandy100, thank you! ^_^

By the same artist, under the pen names Handsome Aniki and Asuhiro, I also share the awesome Koiiro Oppai (216 pictures), Love Of Love – Boobs Are For Sex (214 pictures), Masturibayashi, Itakano, Dadana Ni Natte, Bikini Trap, Mimura Kanako Namadori Rape, Yellow 2 Happy, Magic Of Love, Itsu No Ma Ni Ka, Zenbu, Kimi No Sei Da, Under One Small Roof, Tonight I’m Falling, Ookami Ni Naritai, Bokura No Shippai, Iinchou No Sotsugyou and Mitsukete Secret.

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