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Ore Senyou Hisho [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Gundam Build series, by Sunagawa Tara

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Hot damn, look at that hourglass figure!

I never watched Gundam Build, so I can only vaguely comment on what happens. A strict-looking busty teacher tries to get leverage on a team building gundam toys for competition or something, and, hentai oblige, it implies deflowering him and offering him awesome sex.
Honestly, we can ignore the scenario, it’s just good sex basically, lol. Not too censored, a pleasant rather crude and explicit drawing style, see for yourselves :)
(Side note: I ran a light retouching on the pictures, to smoothen the spotty backgrounds and adjust levels.)

I’ll be thanking Mongolfier for this release :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Kaerimichi (“On The Way Home”), Prostitute Dancing Priestess, In-Jyu and Chocolatribe.

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K Watashi Ni Ranbou Shite Kudasai [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the “Mobile Suit Gundam Tekketsu no Orphans” series, by Itachou

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Actually, an invitation I wouldn't take. I'd dislike putting my dick in a hole already covered in someone else's cum. Ew.

Wow, I didn’t realize there were so many Gundam series. According to wikipedia, Mobile Suit Gundam Tekketsu no Orphans is the freaking FOURTEENTH iteration O_o

In this doujinshi, the character known as Kudelia Aina Bernstein can’t endure the guilt from the consequences of her past actions (don’t ask me more, I spent two minutes with wikipedia and the gundam wiki, that’s all xD ). So, she decides to drown herself in sex.
End of the grim scenario summary, now onto the good stuff: the drawings are FREAKING GOOD! With quality lingerie!! :twisted:

Thanks to Cgrascal for this one :)

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Hajimete No Sekai [English, Uncensored!], an hentai doujinshi parodying the “Gundam Build Fighters Try” series, by Minazuki Juuzou

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Woah O_o

Belldandy100 brings us a good hentai doujinshi, that he translated, edited and decensored himself, thank you VERY much! ^_^

In this share, we have the male hero in the Gundam Build Fighters Try series, Sekai, having sex with his sister and two classmates. Slightly comical premisces, and then, well, sex, each of the girls got a turn. It started as domination, then became equal terms, and in the end, WTF, Sekai was fisting the last girl :shock:
I’ll try to forget the last part about fisting, everything before that was perfect.

By the same artist, I also share Waga Nikuni Muretsudoi Kurae (134 pictures), An Afternoon Liaison With My Naughty Dear Nao (also uncensored), Hakkou Hime To Tsuntsun Megane + Tsuki Ni Kawatte, and Zutto Zutto Suki Date (sadly still in Japanese, uncensored, 178 pictures).

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Try Try Try [English], a Gundam Build hentai doujinshi, by Tsukino Jyogi

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Better unplug your brain, cause you won’t be needing many brain cells for this one :D Kindly brought to us by Tigoris Translates (thank you again!), we’re watching Sekai, the male hero in Gundam Build Fighters Try, having wincest time with his sister, and also with two other female buddies. They’re ripe and ready, welcoming him in their vagina and buttholes.
As for the boy, he’s totally cool with the idea of impregnating three highschoolers. Sigh, go and try to maintain an even faint willing suspension of disbelief in such conditions. That’s why I recommended unplugging your brain.

As long as you can enjoy intelligence-free fap’n’go hentai, that one should be fine. Not too much censorship, three girls with nice faces and splendid boobs, an infatigable male hero… It looked good :twisted:

(For much more stuff by this artist, Cf. The List of Tsukino Jyogi’s Works…)

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E.H.C.2014 Winter Omake Bon [English], a Gundam Build Fighters hentai doujinshi, by Type90

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Nothing special to say this time, here is a very short one by Type 90, only 11 pictures, and blur-censored at that, and yet, DAMN, they’re GOOD :twisted:
Thanks to Tigoris Translates! ^_^

(I share MORE stuff by this artist, Cf. The list of Type90’s works…)

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Aquarion Evol hentai doujin [English] : Combine Dependence, by Goromenz (Also Known As Yasui Riosuke)

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I have the weird feeling that even if I had watched Aquarion Evol, I wouldn’t have understood a single fuck as to what happens in this doujin, it sounds confused. Apparently, the heroines “suffer” from a disease that turn them into brain-free nymphomaniacs, hence sex satisfying the body but not the soul follows.
Oral, vaginal, anal, DP, large hips and large breasts.

I’ve got mixed feelings toward this doujin, I can enjoy several panels, but the gloomy “story” (for lack of a shallower term) line ruined most of my fun.
What about you ?
Credits are for Kizlan, thanks ! ^^

(Don’t miss the list of my shares by Yasui Riosuke, also known as Goromenz !)

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Could we possibly have gone wrong at some point ? No shit ?

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I can’t tell how it’s going in other countries, but at least in my country, the Japanese horrible tragedy, more precisely their problem with the Fukushima nuclear plants, stirs the same nauseatingly repeated debate. To make it into a caricature, it’s “Greedy brainwashed pro-nuclear realist neocons” VS “Unrealistic green khmers living on Care Bear Planet”.

The most sickening part in this is that nobody actually listens to the other party’s arguments, but everybody’s taking advantage of the shit hitting Japan to try and prove they’re right. The Japanese shouldn’t have used such a dangerous energy, the Japanese should have instead bought safer plants for instance the ones we’re selling… ¬_¬
Fuckers without morals.

Hey, I know, my post is pointless, but it’s MY blog, you can’t prevent me from posting useless stuff when I feel like it ;)

(more useless rambling follows, you may wish to skip it)

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