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Kurojouten Kuro Gal JK To Dousei Shite Mita Kekka [English], by Charveltiger

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Tanned skin: I have yet to see a girl with that looking bad

We’ve got a pleasant, vanilla-flavoured and slightly funny share here, starring a male teacher with relatively strong negativity, that a cheerful tanned gyaru will wrong around her finger ^^
There’s love, there’s tanned skin, there’s light comedy, it somehow reminded me of earlier works by Dr.P., this feeling that it’s pleasant and free of any emotional load…

Enjoy the girl’s lovely shape, folks, and thanks a lot to Alexey, Bango, Baran and Grink, from Hennojin! :D

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Houman Mucchiri Pai (“Voluptuous Plump Boobs”) [English, 213 pictures], by Muronaga Chaashuu

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A splendid hentai jewel had slipped under my radar, so with a delay for which I humbly apologize, here is the delightful Houman Mucchiri Pai, 213 pages full of meaty love :)

The manga is made of single chapters (save a two-chapters arc), with casual non-emotional setups in which men and women greatly enjoy consensual sex. Frequently, there will be ambient comedy, from just enough to make us smile, to hilarious.
The girls are plump, full of meat to grab, and their very large breasts never fail to provide paizuri, yummy! Also, these are high rez tank scans, with very little censorship :twisted:

Enjoy the hentai feast! ^_^ We owe its release to B.R.R., Axalon, Brolen, Anonymous, Svines85 from B.E.C. Scans, Dynellen (who, besides all that, told me about this manga and sent me a link to dl it) and hentaicore. Thank you so much! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Very Pleasant <3 Secret Special Training and Milky Clinic.

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JK-ENKO – Hiiragi Marin No Baai [English], by Tamagoro

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GLOOOP! - best SFX this year, fucking LOL

I’m a *tinyù bit late in sharing that manga (like, what, one year? :lol: ), sorry ^^ And so, with great thanks to Dark Knight, here is a decent Tamagoro scanlation :)

In this share, we follow a highschool girl, the gyaru type, working as a call girl. Really, for her, it’s all the advantages combined, she loves dick, and men are foolish enough to pay to give her what she loves most!
… Eventually, the guidance councelor in her school confronts her about it and blackmails her – zero surprise here, he’s got a monster cock, and the girl’s scored herself a new sexfriend, the end ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

On the one hand, there is this drawing style, this proude and cheerful open sluttyiness I came to love when done by Tamagoro. On the other hand, the mangaka has had to use the most horrible of the censorship methods: blur mosaics, and it always ruins everything.
It’s up to you :)

For more, I recommend you check The list of Tamagoro’s works on Hentairules

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Yuna Sensei Wakakarishihi no Kurorekishi (“The Black History of Yuna-sensei’s Youthful Days”) [English], by Insert

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I sometimes wonder if this peace sign fashion is a real thing in the real world, or if it only happens in hentai

Honest confession. I’m pretty sure I missed a pair of releases of works by the mangaka Insert, but I’m totally lost with these, the links between the volumes are loose at best. So here I’m just going with the flow, I see I’ve got one work “right now” by Insert, I feel like sharing it, I share it :D

Here, we follow one of the characters revolving around the main character in the rest of Insert’s works. Watching her early days, when she went from probably normal to total dark gyaru whore – and learnt some men are scum.
Compared to past works by Insert, the story and the art are quite meek, so it’s a safe read, check it out if you haven’t read it yet! ^^

By Insert, I also share Boku Dake No Bakunyuu Ona-maid – Yuna Sensei No Junan, My Personal Big Breasted Masturbation Maid : Himeno Raika Arc and four nice packs : here (Flirtation + Limited Edition Book + On Loadn + Oral Goddess + X2), there (2007 Winter Gentei Hon Garnet MacLaine + Dream Club Rui + My Personal Big Breasted Masturbation Maid – CumDumpster Chapter 2-R), here (Kuchishuu Benki Hen 2 + Mousou Hen) and there (Blowjob Lovers Only + Everyone’s Big Breasted Maid Original + Kirche + Manya the Whore in the Puff-Puff Room + My Own Huge Tit Maid).

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Oni Gal Ni Shiborarechaimashita [English], by Ahobaka

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Please tell me I'm not the only one seeing a similarity with Distance's Joshi Luck series, graphically, right?

It starts as prostitution, and ends as great friends with benefits. What can I say? Woot! :D
Oni Gal Ni Shiborawaitwhatsomething is a decent story, with awesomely hot art. The female MC is an oni, a sort of monster-girl looking fully human, save a horn on her forehead. Me, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of French kissing, I don’t care ^^
She’s near-plump, has dark skin with tanlines, a cheerful grin, huge lively boobs, and enjoys dick a whooooole lot =)

The art really won me over. Here’s to hoping more works by Ahobaka will be released in the future! ^_^
So far, my only share by Ahobaka is Scylla Onee-chan to Boku (posted by Delta Oblivion.)
Thanks a lot to Doujin-Moe for this release!

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Hatsujou Rhapsody (“Make Love Rhapsody”) [English], by Miyabi

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I love this state of tension, when reason goes out the window and only the deepest feelings and instinct rule...

N04h, Herzer and Alexey, thank you very much for this, bring us a very pleasant new release, vanilla-based, with – of course – enough of a kink to greatly please the eye and the imagination.
Fundamentally, this is a simple “highschoolers falling for each other” story, but thanks to the good number of pages (28), the mangaka can take time to build the characters, make them likeable, create a setup in which tension grows until even the male character manages to realize it. More “work” on building up unbearable tension, so admirably strong it blows conscious thoughts away, a funny race to shelter, and at last, good sex :D

It’s gently touching, it’s well drawn, enjoy, folks! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share  Otomehime (199 pictures), Joujou Shoujo Etcetera (“Pure-hearted Girl Et Cetera”, 203 pictures), a pack of 2 works (Junai Lyricism Toranoana Tokuten + Kanban Musume), Koi Wa Moumoku (“Love Is Blind”), Kagami, Present For You and Watashi No Suki Na Oji-san x Ore No Suki Na Iede Shoujo Ge (“My Beloved Mister & My Beloved Runaway Girl”, a really beautiful release.)

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Ofuro Trouble (“Bath Trouble”) [English], by Morishima Kon

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I never saw girls with that hairstyle, in the real world. I wonder if it's purely imaginary, or if it's something in Japan.

Niiiiiice! :twisted:
The story: the stormy relationship between a next-door shota and the energetic gyaru who loves toying with him (like teaching him respect for his mom, we don’t speak about bad stuff) moves on to the next level, sex! :woot:
The characters are likeable, while the art is awesome. Hardcore (vaginal and anal), detailed, very little censored, with detailed genitalia and lovely dark skin :3

I’ll let you enjoy, folks, it was dope ^_^
Herzer, N04h and Alexey are the ones who brought us this release, thank you very much :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Hot, Meaty Body and its sequel Shudouken Wa Docchi (“Who’s In Control ?”).

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