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Koakuma Ageman [English], by Maumen

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Gyaru hentai is one of the best things that happened to hentai

Gyaru hentai has this quality that this is like railroad tracks for the mangaka, providing clear directions to follow: the girl has to be cheerful, versed in the matters of sex, welcoming more sex, and she has to be super sex with, as ultimate bonus, delicious brown skin :twisted:
This share had no straying off those directions, so: ENJOY! ^___^

Release credits go to Shawn, Herreis, Bpal and Grink, from Hennojin (this is a link to their Patreon, check it out?)

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Poka Poka Winter [English], by Kochi

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Her face, awwww =)

Awww, that was a heart-warming story, in which a young adult with a negative personality meets a beautiful gyaru with a “welcoming” personality.
I reckon “welcoming” isn’t the proper term, but I don’t even know how to name it, so all suggestions are welcome: some women, like the gyaru in this share, seem made to embrace you, hug you, show you that it’s gonna be allright, and sometimes they also have a strong libido that restores your confidence in your virility and gives you even more reasons to hope for both more sex and a smiling future…

TL;DR: excellent outdoor sex, enjoy, guys! ^___^
And thanks a LOT to Mikakunin! :)

By the same artist, I also share Ore No Kanojo No Himitsu Ana and the dramatic but beautiful Misery.

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Nama-iki Sakari (“The Height Of Bitchiness”) [English, Tank-Reedited version!], by Kotengu

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Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn. YUM.

Let’s save some time, please open those two images.
And notice the differences, every little thing that has been added here and there, the more subtle shades, and of course the glorious new “thing” in the middle ;)

In short, this glorious share (that I made, what, three years ago I think? I’m too lazy to check) has been reedited to tank scans, and it looks much better now, with much less censorship and plenty of minor upgrades :twisted:
For this, we have to thank Mysael, great job, we’re in your debt! ^_^ Also, ofc, due original credits are for Dark Mac, Wayne from Casa Wayne, and Viacheslavovich, thank you very much :jap:

Oh, the story, btw? A cheerful gyaru, tanned, tanlines, bloomers, with her virgin track and field teacher. They have good sex, and that’s that ^^

By the same artist, I also share Nontan Shinkon Seikatsu, a pack of 2 works (Atago Milk + Atago No Amaama Seikyouiku) and Pure-Heart Girl.

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Gal Shota Cinderella volume 5 [English], + a repack with the volumes 1-5 (170 pictures), by Nanakagi Satoshi

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That's not even the best pic in the new chapter, but in case you didn't stop to read/download it, at least, I wanted you guys to enjoy the girl's cheerful face, isn't she sweet? ^____^

Aaaaaaaand the chapter 5 is out, featuring the maid again! ^_^
In Gal Shota Cinderella, a gyaru catches the eye of a very young rich boy (only his massive schlong reveals his real age), and then we’re served a combination of intense sex between the boy and, alternatively, the gyaru and his devoted maid, meanwhile romance points are piling up.
As I wrote before, the male MC is too young in my eyes (“fucking meh, what a waste”), but the two women are totally awesome sexbombs. One fair-skinned and loveable in her devotion, the other tanned, busty, cheerful, supple, loving sex, proactive, adorable, the two girls have kind souls inside the bodies of a slut… wow :twisted:
To be honest, anatomy is nuked in some pages (an example, volume 4, page 25: this has become wrestling, lol), but then it’s fun to watch :D

Dynellen, Kuma-pun Pepejpn, Lobotomista, 1/4-Based Anon, Whalbum and Genit, 靴下汉化组, whalbum and B.R.R. are behind this release flow, thank you very, very much! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Fuya No Nemonogatari, Toaru Himitsu No Chounouryokusha S, Transform, Toritate Namaniku and a pack of 5 works (Kosutte Gingin in its Uncensored version + Hanare Rare nai + Ura no Oshigoto + Wai Ai 1 + Wai Ai 2).

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Educational Guidance [English], by Suruga Kuroitsu

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At least she stayed tanned after her reformation was achieved

The reforming of a gyaru, in the name of justice orgasms :D
Let’s say the confrontation of a gyaru and a stubborn male disciplinary committee member led both youngsters to developing a certain sense of compromise, they found a middle ground :3

It’s happy sex, a bit funny, my only gripe is this abomination called blur-mosaics censorship.
Release credits are for Alexey, Seijirou1337, Baran and Grink, from Hennojin, thank you! :)

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Bitch Gal Pako Hamex [English], by Stemun

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I would so gladly tap that

Two gyarus pick up an available salaryman and make him their flatmate and sexbuddy, simple and enjoyable :D
The girls have GODLY breasts (they make good use of it), sport cheerful smiles and enthusiastic behaviour, the drawings are okay (a bit too many thick censorship bars, IMO), it was a real pleasure to read it ^_^

Thanks a lot, for this one, to our dear Biribiri, Axalon and CellTF! I’m grateful :)

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GalPa! volume 1 [English], by Kaigansen (it’s a doujin circle, the mangaka’s names are Sakagami Umi and Ueno Meguru)

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Color me stupid, when I shared GalPa! 2 just a short while ago, I had not found that there really was a first. I searched, found nothing, called it a day.
Good news for you, I suck at searching stuff, and better people found it for me, the first volume, XxxRick and Gimonfu, translated into English, thank you ^^

This first volume is way better than the second, I think. More precisely: the first half, drawn by the mangaka Sakagami Umi, is FUCKING AWESOME, a mix of light comedy, of quality sex, and of AWESOME art.
The second half is drawn by another mangaka, Ueno Meguru, and not worth much attention.

Enjoy your cheerful slutty dark gyaru with a killer body, guys ^^

Reminder: GalPa! volume 2 is here ;)

By the same artist, I also share Butterflies , GalPa! volume 2 and Passion Pink.

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