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Minikui Bitch Na Ko (“The Unattractive Slutty Girl”) [English], by Makki

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A strategical choice, that picture. Showcasing the artist's astounding talent while hiding the ugly censorship method

There are men… A girl could print “I like you” on a 10 meters wide billboard surrounded by glowing neons with howling sirens to attract attention, they still wouldn’t get the hint.
Also, half of them are the kind who project broken fantasies on girls and are unable to see the real person in front of them.

In this share, ahem, let us say misunderstandings are cleared, and feelings start to bloom? ^^;;
It’s not only the story, that was great: the drawings are SPLENDID, with an exceptional hand-drawn feeling to them, full of sensibility, of pleasant little things in terms of technique and details (the blushing! the pouting! The lips!!), I simply couldn’t have enough :shock: :kickass:

Freudia, Amalthea, Cadenza, CellTF and Palaxius, from Team Koinaka, and Mikocon, Rin, V O N, and Yosh, are behind this great release. Thank you so much!! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Kimi Dake Ni and Bell-Up.

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Muchi Lover [English, 214 pictures], by Methonium

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I could bust a nut from just looking at that picture. Honest warning though, I removed 3 censorship bars to make it look even better, originally, it's not decensored

Oh, wow. AWESOME!! :shock: :woot:
This tankoubon is full of wonders, admirable, lovely, quality wonders.

Scenario wise, each chapter is a single story (save two two-chapter long arcs), starring teens in end of highschool or young adults. And every time, this is a vanilla hentai story, in which a boy and girl (once, two girls) are a perfect match, both morally and sexually. The characters love each other, complete each other, deeply care for each other. We smile with them, blush with them, laugh with them.
I’m mentioning laughing: there will be lots of giggles, comedy is a frequent spice, I went from chuckling to laughing out lout several times :D
Some stories are plain vanilla (always long term mutual loving with confirmations of the liking), some other stories are touching and moving, heart-warming as I adore them, awww =)

And the drawings? OH YISS!! The girls range from healthily meaty, to plump, to (rarely) fat. They have cute faces, large lively breasts, and GODLY BUTTS that would make saints fall from heaven if they had internet up there to read hentai. There are tons of oral, vaginal sex and paizuri, and a fine load of anal time too.
The censorship is light, relatively frequent semi-transparent bars, over detailed quality genitalia. Triple AAA hentai :twisted:

Your attention please, lastly. This tankoubon is the recollection of several works that I used to share already based on their magazine versions (read this Tank VS Magazine glossary entry of mine, if needed). But sadly the tank version, although less censored and with better overall quality, comes in too low image resolution. We’re talking of a shift from 2500 px (magazines) to 1500 px (tank).
View the images without fitting-to-screen: magazine / tank.
You may get the magazine versions of those works in their respective pages: Cafe Latte Lovers, Peach Butt Motion, Momojiri Ocean (“Peach-Butt Ocean”), in this tank called “Fidgety Ocean”, Ookiku Nattara (here called “Once I Get Bigger”), Torotoro Toko Jijou (here called “A Simmering Bed Situation”), Nice To Meat You, its sequel Just To Meat You, Yoru No Champion (here called “Night Champion”), and Kimi Wa Akaboshi (here called “You’re A Crimson Star”).

Thanks to Doujin-Moe for this release! ^_^

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Shiri Sapo Bitch [English], by Gomu

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We don't even see the censorship on some images, neat ^^

A depressed divorced man nearing fifty (in my opinion) finds solace in the arms of a cheerful highschool gyaru prostitute who recognized a potential customer at first sight. That’s what I thought I would have to write as a summary.
Actually, this is a quality hentai UFO, a pleasant piece of WTF hentai :D

It’s delightfully weird ^^ First, the male customer: not a beauty pageant for sure, but not the fucking sweaty ugly fart we’d be expecting for someone that age, and someone with an “all things considered” gentle personality. Second, the behaviour of the characters, neither the man nor the girl act as planned. Let’s add the light comedy feeling with a touch of near-tsundere, followed by quality anal pounding :)

You’ll see, you’ll see… enjoy! ^_^
And thanks to Bango, Tester and Dabor, from Hennojin Scanlations :jap:

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Buruman [English, now in an UNCENSORED version!!, 216 pictures], by Blmanian

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And I'll be crowned King Arthur when I pull back

Sweet news, friends :)
The bloomers-centric and excellent hentai manga called Buruman is now UNCENSORED! :woot:
This is something we owe to Gangstatrad, an operation commitssioned by Brad33, thank you very much! ^_^

A note, about the file sizes: I got the manga as a 476 MB behemoth. I allowed myself to recompress the images, with a compression ratio so gentle you won’t notice any difference to the naked eye. Resulting in a .zip now only 137 MB large, hopefully, it will be less of a burden to leech :)

(And now, lazy as I am, I copy-paste the description I wrote for the still-censored version of Buruman ^^)
Imagine a Japanese person speaking. Bloomers > “booroo” > “buru”. Buruman. I’m ashamed to confess it took me 3 minutes to make the connection ^^;;

Graphically, oh YEAH ! Buruman is made of awesome materials, many girls having hardcore sex (oral, vaginal, sometimes DP), many of them with tanned skin, and their faces convey intense ecstatic expressions of pleasure. Their breasts aren’t unnaturally large, their bodies are mostly realistic too, it felt really good to the eye.
Scenario-wise, the chapters are unrelated single stories, the two thirds of it are happy sex with either mutual love or liking with kinda bland storylines (except for Patty the American, that one was fun ^__^), the last third is either imposed or rape sex, sigh. I’m already in the process of forgetting the bad chapters to only remember the good ones, TBH.

Credits for this visual porn nugget are for Krizalid, once again doing an excellent work, thank you, and now to Brad33 and Gangstatrad! ^.^ (I’ll also mention Krizalid is accepting donations…)

By the same artist, I also share Beropi (“Tongue piercing”), Black Community Service, Sakura Motto H Mo Ganbaru, Sakura H Mo Ganbaru and Gyaru Katekyo Maji Mawaii.

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Kaerimichi (“On The Way Home”) [English], by Sunagawa Tara (or is it SunaKawa Tara?!?)

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Sometimes, the way compression works completely eludes me. I have no idea why I had to shrink the image to 500px to keep it below 60 kilobytes. Not below 40 or 50 ko as of usual, but 60! Weird O_o

I like what I’m reading today :3 In Kaerimichi, the main characters are a couple of highschoolers who long stopped being innocent. They display slightly delinquant attitudes (nothing big, vulgar talking, light pranking, laid back clothing style) and we quickly find they’ve got kinky habits such as strolling naked with the girl on a leash at night. They’re good kids in my book :D

The story: the boy feels too pressured by his GF, so (with her consent) it’s time to punish her by confiscating her skirt and panties and embarrassing her in a park in full day time. Hidden oral sex and enthusiastic vaginal sex follow.
The drawings disappoint once sex begins, the contrast between a beautiful gyaru body and hideous blurry mosaics censorship is shocking. And yet, even like that, it was pleasant eye candy, I believe.

Enjoy! And thanks to CellTF, Maipantsu, MrWayne, Axalon and CynicW ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Prostitute Dancing Priestess, In-Jyu and Chocolatribe.

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Sower of Temptation [English], Arai Taiki

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Too bad there's so much censorship on the images, right?

I almost felt pity for the male hero in this story, a highschooler with a side job ^^
First, he’s asked to do overwork; he leaves work tired and meets two female schoolmates, two slutty gyarus openly into compensated dating, who ask him if they can spend the night at his place as they have nowhere else to sleep, their night’s “appointment” was cancel. Being a kind man, he accepts to let them in; being kind sluts, they offer him the best deflowering a man could dream of; and they have sex all night. Following which, next day he has school, and then after school work… and after work, the two girls are waiting for him for more sex.

Graphically, it’s quite good. The girls have overly accentuated body idiosyncrasies, if you’ll allow me the expression. One of the girls (the fair-skinned one) always makes weird duckfaces and has near to no breasts; the second girl, the dark-skinned gyaru, is a bit less weird, but the mangaka still plays a lot with perspective to make their bouncy asses even more prominent. It’s the kind of stuff I like, however I suspect it may put off a few readers, it’s up to you…

This release comes from N04h, Herzer and Mysael, thank you! :)

By the same artist, I also share Senobi Ga Shitai Otoshigoro.

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Risou no Mesu Kanojo (“The Ideal Slutty Girlfriend”) [English], by Aikawa Monako

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Fappable, at the very least

Now, that’s a weird scenario idea. An asshole highschooler openly tells he’d prefer a slutty gyaru over his current “normal” looking girlfriend, and for magical hentai reasons, he obtains a PS Vita game to transform his girlfriend into that.

The poor girl has no idea what happens to her. She is transported to a place with a group of men, and with every new step in the group raping she unlocks a new gyaru transformation progress.
“Of course”, the girl immediately loves the sex and is mindbroken very quickly too, hentai niche oblige.

That left me with conflicted feelings. Loathing for the boyfriend and for a niche in which a girl has to be mindbroken, on the one hand. On the other hand, strong enthusiasm for the quality of the hardcore art, hardly even censored, well drawn, pushing the right buttons, I like tanned dark skin and proud sluttyness, I had it.

See for yourselves? Release credits are for N04h, Herzer and Mysael, thank you :)

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