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Kanojo To Aoki Nikuyoku No Enjin [English, 48 pages], by Inanaki Shiki

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WTH is it with the toes in the bottom-left?!? O_o

The art is good, however it felt like I was reading a story written by someone trying to get rid of meth addiction and suffering acute withdrawal symptoms.
So, errrr, well, there’s a girl with a strong sex drive, her BF’s a soccer club captain and he “donates” her to the club because she’s demanding too much from him, the boys happily rape her, a few pages later she realizes being a semen tank is what she’s always dreamt of and she lives the happy cump dump life from here on, another girl joins, the teachers join, happy preggo ending, wtf did I just read.
┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

I have to commend the art at least, very little censorship, hardcore (vaginal, anal, DP, paizuri, a bit of foot fetish), cute facess, it’s got to count if you’re here for a quick rub.
Thanks to Constantly for this release!

By the same artist, I also share Kara No Utsuwa Kouhen, Sanrenkyuu Wa Asa Made Nama Yukinon and Misaka x Misaki.

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Seikyouiku Wa Rankou De [English, Uncensored version], by Jairou

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Nothing beats practical education

Ah, I had missed the release of that one, three, or was it even four weeks ago. Yet another h-manga that slips under my radar, sorry about that ^^

So, here comes Sex Education Via Orgy in which a healthy gyaru of highschool age apparently helps shotaboys understand what’s all this undecipherable garbage they’re taught in sex ed is really about.
If you’re insistent on categorizing girls, I imagine you could call her a gyaru of sorts?
But really, it’s simply that, a cheerful girl with a splendid body, and three boys all too happy to have sex with her =)

I couldn’t entirely enjoy the art, as shotacon is a boner killer for me, but I must reckon the girl was hot. Also, I’m fine with DP, but triple penetration, when two dicks touch directly, ew lol no :lol:

Anyway. It’s a fine-looking release that we owe to Belldandy100, thank you very much, and if that’s to your taste, ENJOY! ^^;;

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Galfriend [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Galko-chan series, by Brain Dead

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Heh, I don't know why, I suddenly remembered how I felt fifteen years ago about futanari, how it was shocking to me... Time flies ^^

It’s been over a month I didn’t share a futa release: I’m falling behind my quota :D

Here is a pleasant Galko-chan parody, in which one of the female characters, Otako (the one with glasses and freckles), has grown a dick, because, duh, because hentai. She comes to Galko for a consultation, and “one thing leading to another”, hey.
It’s good sex, with mutual liking, even the censorship was bearable. That’s what I call fap’n’go hentai, good and doing its job.

So there you go, as long as the drawing style’s idiosyncrasies are to your taste, enjoy? ^^
Thanks to Clawhammer for that one =)

By the same artist, also calling himself Eiji in postcripts, I also share Akane-san Ero Sugidesu, Onegai Tearju-sensei,  To Love Ru Trip, Tearju-sensei No Houkago and Mysterious Creature OO.

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Meshimase Imouto Gyaru A La Mode (“Experience The Younger Sister Gyaru A La Mode”) [English], by Iroito

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You see what I mean, about the annoying censorship I mention in my description?

I’m a bit confused here. A girl hasn’t seen a boy for many years, they meet again and she’s had her gyaru metamorphosis so she immediately takes out his dick to offer him her virginity and they have quality sex while she’s confessing her love to him.

Errr… what?
I’ll call it vanilla, but, well… It felt hallow, I’m confused, simply :D

Other than that, the drawings are rather good, a bit too censored (and a maximum hips & belly drawing fail on page #10), it was a decent read, I felt :)
Thanks to N40h and Herzer! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Kiss Shite Sawatte Motto Shite.

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Kono Natsu, Shoujo Wa Bitch Ni Naru [English, Improved and longer version], by Hal

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Wow. Intense.

Please trash the version of Kono Natsu, Shouno Wa Bitch Ni Naru that I shared two years ago, thank you.

See this BEFORE / AFTER! striking comparison :twisted:

A new version has come out, with:
– 12 additional pages (a full new chapter),
– new scanlators (Progste, Slobber and Mysael, that I can’t hope to thank enough! :jap: ), replacing Cgrascal’s inferior quality work
– dazzingly better scans, with a fuckton less censorship and much superior image resolution!

To describe the manga, now… Well… It’s a clusterfuck.
Graphically, it goes from very good-looking and intense, to extremely good-looking and insanely intense. But… well, I found it hard to appreciate it, when everything revolves around the female MC totally losing her marbles, falling in a spiral of corruption and emerging more than broken, triumphantly fucked up, to exert fucked up justice upon the unworthy. In the beginning, she was given false hopes of romance, dumped, used humiliating sex as relief, became a filthy cum dump, and in the end she transmuted herself into a femdom queen, found the boy who stole her virginity and purity, and breaks him :shock:

By the same artist, I also share My Wife Is A Nudist (“Okusama Wa Razoku”) + My Wife Is A Nudist After, Atashi Ga Roshutsukyou Dakaratte Yariman Janain Dakara Ne, Bitch Summer Vacation, M No Honkai and My Girlfriend Is My Innocent Queen.

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Yarigai Sagashi (“Wanting More, Wanting Better”) [English], by Unou

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Haaa, if only it hadn't been censored like that!

I had planned to share this one a good time ago now, but I completely forgot about it, sorry about that.

So. Yarigai Sagashi has a delightful WTF feeling. If you can bear the abominable blur mosaics censorship, that is, I prefer to mention it at once.
It’s the story of a hot gyaru girl selling her body, who has to stay at her uncle as her mother broke her leg and is in the hospital. However, her uncle mistakes her for a prostitute he had just called ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The girl adapts easily to the situation, it’s good sex, and somehow I found myself sympathizing with the characters, haha. The censorship ruined arousal for me, but I still finished reading with a broad smile ^_^

P.S. page 17 is totally Starbucks.

Thanks to CellTF, Maipantsu, Palaxius, Axalon, MrWayne and Dynellen, a fine team, for this release! :)
By the same artist, I also share Fujiyama-san To (“With Fujiyama-san”) and Choose.

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Seifuku No Mama Aishinasai (“Love In School Uniform”) [English, 206 pictures], by Sakagami Umi

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Ultimate bonus for me about that pic: the girl is supposed to be from France :D

Ladies and gentlemen, here is a fine hentai jewel, full of awesome sex between youngsters of (mostly) highschool age liking each other :)
Each chapter is a different story so I won’t bore you with a detailed list, however I’ll still mention that one thing that struck me: boys may be horny monkeys (aren’t we all), but this time, in the manga, these are the girls who have the strongest libido and take the initiative! Go, girls!! :D

The stories are simple happy sex, frequently with love, sometimes a cute enough to be moving. Graphically, it’s where the manga truly shines, all those girls have adorable realistic bodies, cute faces, I particularly loved the multiple panels in which there was a “woosh! GLORIOUS BOOBS!” sudden revelation moment :3
As for the sex: vaginal, hardly even censored. Which is good, hehe.

Release credits for this splendid hentai release are for Alexey (he’s the one who commissioned it all!), Herreis, Baram and Dabor, from Hennojin, thank you dearly! :jap:

By the same artist, as Sakagami Umi or as part of the doujin circle Kaigansen, I also share If It’s Without You I Don’t Want It, GalPa! volume 1, GalPa! volume 2 Butterflies and Passion Pink.

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