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Watashi No Gardener [English], by Dr.P

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Admittedly, not the hottest picture in the manga. But come on, it's a funny one :)

I picked that one because, unlike so many other works by Dr.P, there wasn’t full whiteout censorship but black bar censorship under which genitalia were revealed. But, frankly, don’t go jumping up and down on your seats, this is kinda average, as an hentai share, objectively.
On the “meh” side there are drawings that are a bit good without being exceptional, plus the annoying bother of having lots of censorship. While on the good side it’s heart-warming vanilla looking towards the future, with a relatively interesting female MC, at the same time more mature and more childish than the male MC.

It’s up to you, as always, enjoy! :)
(Oh, the story’s summary: an awkwardly totally upfront slightly older girl, the young adult man she’s liked for a long time, and their relationship making a great new step towards being more than occasional sexfriends.)

Thanks to whoever released it! :)

By Dr.P, I also share the uncensored versions of Bokunchi No Mikage-san (184 pictures), Ren Ai Stampede (189 pictures), Shinryaku Teki Renai Shugi (201 pictures) and of Whenever You Touch Me (201 pictures), Momoiro Daydream (184 pictures, gloriously decensored), Trauma Overwrite, Athletic Aromatic and Drunk Teacher (also uncensored). Just in case, let’s not confuse Dr.P with DP !

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Anata ni Madowasare (“Deceived By You”) [English], by Regdic

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One of those rare times when I couldn't care less for the censorship. The girl was too much totally in my strike zone.

There are certain things I would like to tell about the events in this share, but for reasons I cannot mention, I must zip it. I will only say the male MC is a MILF lover, and meets again, after many years, the former tomboy with whom he used to be best friends as a kid.

Look guys, it’s terribly frustrating, don’t rub it in, just read it, it’s totally worth a look :lol:

And with that, yet another quality release coming from N04h, Herzer and Alexey, has made its way to Hentairules, huhu ^^ Thanks a lot, you three :)

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Thawing Love + Thawing Love Another Point [English], by Kuro No Miki

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Oh god those boobs. Oh GOD.

In Thawing Love, a cute highschool girl finally convinces her slightly older private tutor to become her boyfriend; quite possibly, catching him masturbating inside her stockings helped ^^
The second half, Thawing Love, Another Point, pokes hard on the boundaries the basical vanilla lover uses to define what is OK and not OK. It shows the female MC’s mother fucking the boy, to give him a confidence boost… because (yep: because) she knows something is in the air between her daughter and the tutor but she thinks he needs a little push to become more assertive. Me: dafuq, woman, seriously???

Oh well, we’ve got vanilla of sorts, good drawings of two beautiful women with beautiful eyes, long wavy hair, and meaty bodies, it’s nice :3
We owe this release to Anonymous, Afro Thunda, Axalon, MrWayne and CellTF, thank you! :)

By the same artist, I also share Magokoro Hold, Kaiten Eigyouchuu, Taiyou No Hime, Go in My Way, Gran Nyuu Fantasy Magisa Hen – Granboob Fantasy – Part Magisa, Break The Complex + Sleeping Beauty, Kaiten Eigyouchuu (“Afternoon Tea”), Sunny Drops, Big Sister’s Heart And Spring Sky, Tousian E Youkoso and 2 Balls Into Marriage.

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Kinyoubi No Haha-Tachi E (“To Friday’s Mothers”) [English, 201 pictures], by Jitsuma

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That pic comes from, probably, the best chapter in the volume. Which is saying a lot.

This is a manga made of single-chapter “stories”, in which plump to obese women have sex with their shotacon sons.
And it was boring to death and beyond :facepalm: If you miraculously get resurrected you’ll die again. Maybe it’s just that it isn’t my kind of kink (hell not), or that the art wasn’t bland in my eyes only.

But, well, if you dig fat natural MILFs, with only very little censorship, hey, if you love it, I’ll be glad for you.
Moving on. Thanks to Desudesu, Amoskandy and Kusanyagi for all the work it took!

By the same artist, I also share Son Swapping (232 pictures).

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Pinkerton [English, 202 pictures], by Monorino

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There's a plot twist at the end of the chapter concerning that girl. The only burst of laughter I've had in the whole volume :)

– On the one hand, we’ve got exceptional drawings. The sex is very hardcore (tons of vaginal, anal and double penetrations) with annoying but bearable censorship (relatively thick but not too numerous black bars), the girls are cute candid-looking (at the beginning) highschoolers.
– On the other hand, the scenarios (each chapter’s a different story) are near-garbage, it’s always about girls raped until (two pages later) they are mindbroken and develop veneration for “the cock”, welcoming verbal abuse, revelling in being a cum dumpster.

If you’re after multiple quality power faps, and can discard boring mindbreak (or enjoy it, to each his own), then this share is for you, enjoy! ^^
And thanks to Doujin-Moe :)

Side note: why is it called Pinkerton? Anyone’s seen a detective agency?!?

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Reticent Boy And Sexually Pervert Girl [English], by Shomu

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Happiness comes in all forms

Seven and Zero from Zero Translations, thank you for this, released a pleasant odd piece of hentai, in which a highschool girl is a hidden slutty masochist. Secretly hoping to be caught when masturbating in the empty classroom, fantasizing about being blackmailed and used as a cum dump… Wish granted! With, for the vanilla touch, her male childhood friend who is in love with her :)

The censorship is a mood killer, thick black bars, but other than that it’s good, a strong and impressive drawing style, intense sex, a lovely female MC… Check it out? ^^

By the same artist, I also share Yenkoh To Kuro-gal, Futago Ni Shihai O – Dominate Twins and Higyakusha Ni Kutsuu O

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Pack of 4 works by the hentai mangaka Umeran (circle Umenonukaduke) [English, 117 pictures], parodying the Major series

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This time, I prefer the younger woman to the MILF

I gathered here four works by the eromangaka Umeran (circle Umenonukaduke):
Mania Momoko
Mania Shimizu
Mania W

They are parodies of Major, a Japanese series about teenagers playing baseball. The pornification begins when a widowed mother (“Momoko”) accidentally makes her son aroused as he catches her masturbating, soon after they’re having sex; then two buddies of the son join in the next volume, after this a new girl (“Shimizu”, looking more 25 than 35) becomes the MC, and in the last volume it’s group sex between boys and the two women.

The scenario is plain and worthless in my biased opinion, but on the other hand I’ll heartily praise the drawings. Full of energy, very little censorship, lots of quality butts, nice huge breasts, braids (pubic hair warning, though)… Yep, these are good materials :)

Rozett, Notnoob, BagelsTheKraken, Mudjoe2 and FlatJustice, from AllTheFallen, and Doujin-Moe, are behind those releases, thank you! :jap:
Side note: almost the same cover, different mangaka, I believe Mojer Second is worth a look…

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