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Give and Take [English], by Musashimaru

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That was adorable ^_^

I know I almost don’t bother anymore sharing mangas with too strong censorship, but please bear with this one, I promise it’s worth it. Look at it this way: one the one hand, disgusting repulsive blur mosaics. On the other hand: EVERYTHING! :D

The story is about two young adults with opposite builds, the girl is tall and big (not even plump, but you’ll get the idea?) and yet she dresses up as a highschooler for reasons, while the man may be fully adult as his speech manners show, he is nonetheless betrayed by his boyish size and appearance. It will turn out the girl was broke and considering prostitution, it will turn out they had untold feelings for each other… that was stereotypical, true, but adorable nonetheless :)

Graphically, endure the censorship, because it’s gold, and as an amazing bonus, the girl’s got freckles :twisted:
It’s been released by Rotoscopic, many thanks! ^_^

By Musashimaru, I also share Honey Time (214 pictures), Keep It A Secret From My Sister, of Course (237 pictures), Spirited Girl, its sequel Spirited Girl Supremacy, Naked Play 1-4 and 8, The Sweetish Temptation and Broadcast Girlfriend.

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Houkago Étude (“After School Impro”) [English], by Mashiro Shirako

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Awwwww =) Most of me is melting.

This h-manga has been chosen by NecroManCr. Must I tell more? :D
You will have the feels, the warm and fuzzy feeling coming from quality vanilla and adorable characters, this time with two highschoolers in a situation in which the border between improvisation and an actual confession quickly dissipates ;)

NecroManCr, if you ever read my lines: THANK YOU, YOU KICK ASS!!

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Sae-chan Sensei Ha Gaman Dekinai [English], by Spiritus Tarou

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I picked a pic without genitalia, I couldn't fine one that looked good once cropped and shrunk to fit within a blog post, partly but not entirely because of the censorship

There’s a decent comedy vibe to that one. Not full-on comedy, as in written with laughing as the #1 target, but good enough to give us smiles :)
The story: a male highschooler asks his girlfriend, a young female teacher, to stop having sex with him because his grades have been dropping. The girl was kind of a nympho honestly, every two hours might have been a tad much, even in the hentai world. Which leads us to the manga’s main events, a week later, as she’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and has sex with her BF again.

Giggles, good drawings despite far too thick censorship bars, good feelings for the characters, it’s a pleasant read, allright =)
My thanks go to Rotoscopic, Dynellen, MrWayne, Axalon and Vixen, great job! ^_^

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Saimin Gokko, Kanchigai, Spinning Her Wheels, Bukiyou Koi Moyou (“A Clumsy Love”), a pack of 2 works (Kawaii To Iwanaide + Senpai Wa Oshi Ni Yowai), Ore No Kanojo Ga Kawaisugiru No Ga Warui (“It’s My Girlfriend’s Fault For Being Too Cute”), Global Panic and Hajirai Shoujo.

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Kikyou (“Homecoming”) [English], by Tsukudani

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Providing your GF with fresh nutrients

When the girl that has become used to being treated like shit by an abusive boyfriend and is currently a runaway asks the boy who liked her in highschool to fuck her hard, and instead, he takes it slowly and kisses her: YAY VANILLA! :D
And even better, the tastiest vanilla, the vanilla that comes when you’ve already tasted the bitter side of life and you discover at last its sweet side.

Apart from that, I’ll let you find out the details, I’ll just add the drawings are good enough to let the WAFF flow well ^^
Enjoy! And thanks to our dear NecroManCr :)

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Tonari No Chinatsu-chan R 03 [English], + a repack with the volumes 1-2-3, by Tukinowagamo (circle Kuragamo)

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Thinking of it, why are there so few girls wearing a choker in hentai? Has that particular fashion not reached Japan?

This “R 03” volume is a prequel to the events taking place in R 01 and R 02, we’re shown how two childhood friends became sexually aware of each other, and we focus on the girl as she masturbates while thinking of her nii-san.
On the negative sided, you will have nothing hardcore. But on the positive side, we find again this atmosphere both peaceful and at the same time almost stifling from all the pent up eroticism, and the quality, original and pleasant drawing style. Plus, the girl is a total cutie, with a choker around her neck, HNNNNNNG!!!

In the volumes 01 and 02, the sex came as something perfectly natural between them, we now see how it came to be so natural, so, well, unavoidable :)
I imagine it could help, besides just the volume 3, I also share a repack with the volumes 1-2-3.

I love calm and yet intense vanilla like that, I hope it may please you guys too :)

Release credits are for a good number of people. Namely: Fragilecare, Grey, RtS, Amalthea, Amalthea, Crystalium, Cadenza, Freudia, HayateK4L, Lvl_0, Nero, RO and [email protected], from Team Koinaka!
Thank you very much, I’m grateful :jap:

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Senpai Sore Wa Hansoku Desu [English], by Toribami Sasami

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The gush of sperm ABOVE the censorship bars: the censorship was applied within the mangaka's studio

The male MC’s observation skills are… lacking, shall we delicately say. For personal reasons, he avoids all contact with women, so his early age female crush has no other choice, to approach him, than to wear male business clothes and wrap bands around her voluptuous chest – and the trick works, he takes her for a man ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
When he finally finds out, because this is hentai, he gives her a bit the dick while she’s passed out drunk (all cool in the hentai world, again: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ), and when she wakes up it’s confession time and mutual love time. Yet again: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The story was weird when you look at it, but after all, lol, why not, it ended well, and the drawings were decent enough :lol:
Thanks to Garass and Fated Circle! :jap:

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Chiri Mo Tsumoreba Koitonaru.

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Hougan Kanojo (“Shot Put Girlfriend”) parts 1-3 [English, the story is complete], by Arai Kei (AKA Kansai Orange)

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At least you can't say the girl isn't hot :3

Well. This is confused boner material.
We go from happy sex, to cheating happy sex, to netorare, to open perversion, to forgiveness and acceptance of one’s perversity, to sex with love, to threesome, with a happy ending conclusion :shock:

Don’t misunderstand me, this isn’t bad, but the fast pace and edgy themes might give you a strong desire to facepalm or give up. I won’t blame you, but this might be a loss: even with the poor English and the (whiteout) censored art, the girl is a solid hottie: tall, well-built, tanned, with tanlines, while the drawings are full of pleasant “hand-drawn” idiosyncrasies. It’s good on the eye, and, after all, the ending is happy, too…

(Oh, a brief summary: a tall athletic girl is secretly the lover of a male teacher, but he is a genuine pervert and orders her to become the girlfriend of her male childhood friend. Yeah, that’s a shitstorm in the brewing.)

I’ll leave it in your hands, I guess ^^ It’s been released by Satoru, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, known as Arai Kei and as Kansai Orange, to this day, I also share Clover 1-4, Yugame (Distorted Love), The Preying Mantis’ Nest, HaPPY LIfe, Natsu No Hate, Otonari-san Wa Koi Wazurai, Doutei Otoko To Toramimi Onna, and a MASSIVE pack with ALL my other English-translated works by Kansai Orange (20 volumes, no less, and I retouched/improved them whenever I could!)

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