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Prunus Persica [English, Uncensored version!], by Ootsuka Kotora

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Me fapsta

Awww, it’s the kind of work I wish I could share every day on my blog =)
Let us say that Prunus Persica is a vanilla hentai manga in which an almost adult young man and his aunt become lovers. There is cuteness, intensity, intense fully uncensored wonderfully drawn sex, and – perhaps most importantly, as that was the final touch – a touching heart-warming ending :)

-Edit: maybe that’s not an aunt, I’ve been tricked by the “auntie” the Japanese use. Thoughts?

Release credits are for KeichiiCAT and Gansta, thank you very much! ^_^

(Kouchaya, Ootsuka Kotora… I share TONS of other works by this artist, Cf. The list of ALL his shares)

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Raidon Shougyoushi Full Color Soushuuhen [English, Full color], by Studio Huan

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What an admirable, caring brother.

I almost missed the release of this one, at first, I thought I was seeing a repost of my previous Studio Huan share, there was the same name in the title, “Soushuuhen”. A few days later, by chance, I realized it was something else ^^
So here we are, let’s share it =)

You have a very vague story canvas (a brother obsessed with his sister), and then these are random illustrations of girls, in inspiration from Kantai Collection shipgirls.
The drawings are boobies-enthusiastic, the girls have maximum caricatural manga characteristics (such as the large eyes), and there’s almost no censorship: enjoy! :twisted:

Ranzu and Biribiri are behind this one, thank you very much :)

By the same artist, I also share New Nanofei School 1-2 All Full Color Soushuuhen Shinsouban, New NanoFei School 5, New Nanofei School 6, a pack of 2 works, Batsugunda volumes 1-2, New Nanoha-san + Shamal-san Fullcolor Hen, New MahoDom, Batsugun Da! Full Color Soushuuhen, New MadoHom Full Color Soushuuhen and Beni Kan.

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Pack of 3 works [English], by Momonosuke

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I almost forgot to share these, with time passing and all. Here are three pleasant chapter-long releases by Momonosuke that I’ve seen earlier this month, each with their own story type and girl body type, and quite worth reading every time :)

Those works are:
Gal Nurse. That one is my STRONG favorite, the girl has a body to die for: tanned, tanlines, glasses, tsundere, a crazy hourglass figure, HNNNNNG, she’s so fappable. The story sucks a bit (it revolves around the girl secretly loving being bullied), but it ends well enough.
Inaka No Aji Wa Koi No Aji. Featuring a mature-looking young adult pettanko (also, a cousin), an ambience of calm, composed vanilla, where warm and fuzzy feelings flow naturally.
Natsuzora Kanojo. Cousin summer wincest, bikini and tanlines, too short and expeditious though.

For those three works, thanks a lot to Fated Circle and his commissioner, Garass! ^_^

By Momonosuke, I also share Momoiro Nurse (194 pictures), Otokonoko Onnanoko, The Moon And The Dancer, Natsu Hada, Aoi Tori Wa, Osana Na Najimi, Renai Icchokusen, Momoiro Otome Irony, Hekigan To Kinpatsu To Tanuki, Beach De Kojinshidou, Nadeshiko No Sodatekata and My Little Sister Got A Boyfriend.

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Sweet Attack [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the [email protected] Cinderella Girls game, by Hisakabe Oto

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Too bad, those censorship bars, really

Sato Shin, a cute [email protected] heroine, with curly twintails and a healthy meaty body full of curves, gently “frames” her producer in order have, at last, sex with him, and get him to confess his feelings for her. Sex follows, basically :D
It’s got a cute canvas, the girl is lovely and the sex would have been more than just okay, if it hadn’t been for the far too thick censorship bars.
Still good, though ^^

Thanks to L-San and M-san for this release! ^_^

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Alena-san Juu-sai! [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Dragon Quest IV game, by Nazunaya Honpo

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Her boobs. Truly the main character of this doujinshi.

I almost didn’t recognize her: Alena, the teenage fighter girl from Dragon Quest 4, appears here as a busty enthusiastic (about sex, duh) adult woman O_o
There’s a certain logical sense for her male partner, thus: Kyril, one of her game companions, who changed from being the same age as her or a bit older, to being, now, a full-shota :roll:

Well, anyway, what matters is that we can watch them having intense sex, it’s nice like that, I guess, there’s not too much focus on the male partner fortunately. Also, there’s a bonus picture with Manya or Menea, that is buckets-worthy.
Thanks to Bango, Baran and Grink, from Hennojin! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Sex Assistant.

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Yaritagari Nyotaika Bish [English], by Marneko

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Let us quote the female MC, as she proceeds to take out her nanobikini: “One day, I found the perfect porn book. My mind was completely taken over by hot women… And before I knew it, my body had turned out like this.”
That’s one way of introducing gender bender, huhu, right?

Oh well, it’s an original setup, and for what matters most, we’ve got a hottie in a nanobikini, enjoying sex, with a voluptuous body, with three boys, leading to action going as far as DP. As long as you don’t mind a bit of GB, it’s good =)
Thanks to Doujin-Moe for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, under the pen names Marneko and Maruneko, I also share Soshage De Toransu, Kaoru Kanojo + Masumasu Kaoru Kanojo, Asa Onna Na ore To Futanarikko Ojousama Tomodachi Mo Taisetsu Ni, When Aniki Wore A Bikini, Furubita Dress and Trans Layer.

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DIE REI KAI [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Occultic;Nine series, by Nekoi Mie (AKA Manga Super)

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I was very tempted to choose, instead, as big preview pic, the one with the Touch of Life, hehe

I can honestly say I have NO FUCKING CLUE what has been going on in this doujinshi, lol.
From what I could gather, Touko and Asu, from Occultic Nine, are in their “spiritual bodies” (died) but still have sex, very intense sex overflowing with erojoules, all the while sustaining long conversations that made zero sense to me.

You have hot realistic bodies, paizuri, vaginal, anal, DP, entranced faces, and an undefinable impression you read some top notch quality shit, stemming from the mangaka’s talent and experience.
Just check it out, me, I give up, here ^^;;

We owe this release to SaigouSan, Osura, Danky, Kago, Axalon, Meterion and Hayate, from RedLantern TL, thank you! =)

For MORE works by Nekoi Mie/Manga Super, Cf. the list of all his shares!

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