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Dark Elf No Koi Monogatari (“Love Story Of A Dark Elf”) [English], by Miyamoto Liz

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Lovely ^_^

It’s customary on the internet to ask if it is allowed to have a dark elf experiencing mutual love and blissful sex. Shouldn’t she be raped, broken, betrayed, as of usual?

Anyhow, the present share is a godsent for me, it’s a dark elf experiencing mutual love, and having blissful sex :D
The drawings are splendid, imagine that, a maid, with hot lingerie, she’s a dark elf, she’s got an intimate tattoo, her breasts are nice, her butt is lovely. THIS. IS. DOPE!! :twisted:

This was really lovely and seriously hot, go for it, guys! ^_^

Release credits, now, are for Dynellen (who commissioned it), Brolen, Siperi and Bananapow. Thank you dearly :)

By the same artist, I also share Pure Majo Study XXX.

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Gochisousama Wa Kikoenai [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the [email protected] Cinderlla Girls game, by Kirintei

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Those slanted eyes are sexy

Yeah, that’s yandere allright. The girl is a total psycho, that’s for sure, but you can’t even tell to what extent. Is it only to the point she is monomaniac, inpredictible, and pours all of her into her cooking?
Or are there, say, secrets hidden in the closet? Secrets better left cold?

I shall restrain myself from spoiling you every little detail, why waste your creepy shivers, right? :D
Otherwsise, graphically, it’s pretty good I felt. Good art, original perspectives in a few panels, almost tolerable censorship, a girl with an entranced face… Check if out, if yandere doesn’t scare you too much ;)

Oh, mind you, when you think this is finished, wait a bit, there are a few more pictures after the “apparently final because full of text” page.
Thanks to CGrascal for this release! :jap:

Side note: it’s always the same [email protected] girl, Mayu, that goes bonkers, no?

By Kirintei, I also share Mina No Off Kai, Aigan Ningyou To Kako Ni Torawareta Kanojo, a 2-doujin mini hentai pack, a great IdolMaster doujin, and an average short work. And there’s the Favorite Memories case, a non-yandere one o_O

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Bakunyuu Majo Tsuki Ni Ichido No Cosplay Nakadashi Off-kai (“Big-Titty Witch’s Monthly Cosplay Creampie Meetup”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Granblue Fantasy series, by Poccora (circle Shay-Cone)

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Time for a'stuffing

Damn. Those boobs. The original Magisa in Granblue Fantasy was originally designed as a majestic slut as far as appearances go, so once she’s hentai-i-fied, she becomes something else :shock:
Ahem. Anyway. Here is yet another fap’n’go hentai doujinshi based on Granblue Fantasy, this time starring Magisa, acting all slutty in front of a group of men gathered for an orgy, with vaginal, DP and paizuri. Not too much censorship, very intense action, Magisa showing an entranced (occasional ahegao-ish) face… It was good, I felt, nothing to complain about if you don’t ask too much =)

Thanks a lot to Selcouth, Rokusanji and Danky, from Red Lantern, or is it White Lantern, White Symphony, I’m lost sorry :lol: :jap:

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Okita-san Datte Koi Ga Shitai [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate Grand Order game, by [email protected]

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Pardon me, but I can't stop giggling. "KYUUUUU!!!"

Here’s a decent fap’n’go publication, a Fate Grand Order hentai doujinshi in which Okita has some good time with her master. No complications. It’s just a personal opinion ofc, but I was pleased with the relative low level of censorship (“fitted black bars”, staying where male genitalia are), and I was anyway won over the moment we saw Okita’s panties.
Bless Japan, for coming up with these fictional panties in manganime, hentai included, that magically stick so perfectly to the intimate surfaces of the female body, reality doesn’t even come close in terms of appeal :D

Thanks to whoever is behind this release! :jap:

By the same artist, under the pen names of [email protected] and Akiduki Akina, I also share Kizuna Level Nante Kankeinai Desu, Shinkon Quest, Kongou Collection, We Can Have Sex Since You’re Not My Real Brother, Right?

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Akane-chan No Koukai Jikkyou De H Na Batsu Game O Shite Mita [English, Full Color], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Granblue Fantasy series, by Ajishio

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Why is it so erotic, when the underwear are striped?

Akane, one of the characters in Granblue Fantasy (… probably? I never played the game.) takes part in a sort of TV skit for her fans, and it’s a sexualized punishment game. After adorable shimapan moments, the audience can’t contain themselves anymore, and group sex begins. Hey, why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Good art, lovely striped underwear, a pettanko girl in juicy full color, I’d say this makes up quite well for the mosaics. Nuci and Simon, from White Symphony, are behind this release, thank you! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Betor No Yume De Nebokete H Ni Hatsujousuru Kikuudan, The Tale Of A Cowgirl On A Farm and Devil Eater.

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Ora Ora Na Shinjou + Ouen Shitageru [English], a pack of 2 works by Chirumakuro

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I'm still a boobs person. But, damn, I want to praise an ass like that.

I gathered here two recently released works by Chirumakuro, they’re cheerful, full of enthusiasm, and their common trait would be the two girls are meaty, hyper busty, and are in a situation of soft domination, they initiate and grant the sex. The art is full of live, of enthusiasm (damn, those bouncing titties, those shapely butts!!), with only minimal censorship, it was a pleasant read that left me with a broaaaaaaad smile :)

Those two works are:
Ora Ora Na Shinjou: in which a tsundere girl needs an excuse to meet the boy she likes, at long last as the confession of love is done they’re back on equal footing
Ouen Shitageru: in which a girl who was forgotten behind on brains distribution day plays cheerleader, offers her booty, is fucked a lot, and in the end her crazy enthusiasm still hasn’t weakened at all (quite unlike her exhausted boyfriend) ^^

Thanks a lot to RagnaroxasX and Constantly for those two releases! :)

By the same artist, that you will find called Chirumakuro (mangaka’s pen name) or (circle name) Entelecheia or Entelekheia, I also share Kekkonn Zuri-Zuri, Sports Club No Mikako-san and Serval Nipple.

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Tadaima Kareshi Ikuseichuu [English], by Agawa Ryou

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Yes. That ass. YESSSS!!

WebDriver, thank you very much for this, brings us a nice release, with a bit of comedy and WTF impressions all along ^^

Here, I have conflicting aspirations, I would like to tell you everything, but on the other hand giving you off the details would make it more boring to read… So, nah, I’ll shut my trap, and simply encourage you to read this share, there’s loving, giggles, happy sex, a damn fine ass and hardly noticeable censorship, it’s good! :D

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