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Mizugi No Maryoku (“The Magic Of Swimsuit”) [English], by Mikemono Yuu

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Oh, SO fappable!!

It took a competition swimsuit to rouse an herbivore boyfriend’s libido, damnit, some fictional idiots don’t know their chance :D
Other than that, it’s cute and hot, a very meaty (not plump, but you know, generous in the hips and boobs?) cute girl wearing a fine swimsuit, even with huge whiteout censorship, that’s very enjoyable =)

Herreis, Eno and Dabor, from Hennojin Scanlations, are behind this release, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, known under the two pen names Mikemono Yuu and Sigma Arts, I also share Mayoiga No Onee-san volumes 1-2, Takao Onee-san To Nyuuko, a pack of 2 works (Committee’s Role Model + Cool and Carnivorous Girlfriend – “Cool Nikushokukei Kanojo”), Takao Onee-san To Nyuukyo Kai, Onegai Gaeshi, Hypnosis App, Bokunchi No Senshichou and Ikaruga Inran Zoushi.

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Taikutsu Na Warawa O Tanoshimaseyo [English], by Motsu Ryouri

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Indulge, she says. Running a marathon would be less exhausting :D

It had ben a century a female tengu had not left her mountain, so as you can imagine, the modern world surprised her. Fortunately some things never change: when two hunks approach her, she knows how to welcome them. Intense sex follows, with an intermission I found comical, in which the two boys are exhausted but resort to tools that didn’t exist last time the tengu visited humans: vibrators, lol (and then the boys are back in the game for more, huhu).

The drawings have a pleasant crude side, no fear to be hard, full ahegaos, deep action. A bit too censored for my taste (numerous thick black bars), though.
Thanks to Dead Girl Translations for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Dragon Queen’s volume 3, Dragon Queen’s volume 1, Dragon Queen’s Volume 2, Tou Juku Next and Kaku Musume 11.

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Shirotsumekusa No Koibumi (“White Clover And Love Letter”) [English], by Hamao

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Glasses = erojoules++

That was super cute =)
A plain and not so attractive teen girl (not very busty, glasses, plain haircut) receives with a “yes, me too” the confession of a classmate, and, of course, sex follows. Technically, nothing big, I know, but the way the characters are introduced, we get to love them, sympathize with them, very quickly. That’s quality vanilla for you, making us want to cheer on new lovers :)

The drawings are bursting with talent (even the boy looks handsome and realistic), the girl’s got a realistic-looking body (a bit like Cuvie’s girls, I think), even with the regrettable whiteout censorship, this was top-tier hentai. I didn’t see it coming, the girl’s body was even “moving”, she didn’t have a pornstar body, no slutty attire, she was just her, a plain normal girl… but under the drawing pen of a skilled artist, in a touching story, then she became beautiful and hot…
Enjoy, friends, enjoy! ^_^ And thanks a lot to CrowKarasu! :jap:

I slightly retouched the pictures (beforeafter.)

By the same artist, I also share Candy Drop, Ookami-san To Hitsuji-san, Satisfaction, Lilith, Sister Typhoon, Love Peak (re-edited version), Sunshine Next Door, and A Kiss on The Scarlet Rose.
Those abovementioned works are also available as a huge pack with everything gathered together.

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Love Tool Ni Goyoushin (“Be Careful Of The Love Stickers”) [English], by Ikeshita Maue

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Ah, come on sensei, it's a lost cause anyway

A highschool girl is trapped by her threatening public image and reputation of being stern and imposing strict manners, she can’t seek romance like that. So, when she hears about special tattoos supposed to help getting a boost in love-finding, she buys a bunch and puts several of them on her. Two pages later, her IQ fell below ambient air temperature and she craves for cocks. Which she’ll get.

It’s almost too bad such an item doesn’t exist for real, lol, imagine, getting on crowded metro stations during peak hour and plastering them at random on people pressed against you by the rest of the crowd, and then going back home to read the news about crazy mayhem in stations… :twisted:
We owe this release to DarthAlice and Desudesu, thank you! :jap:

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Witch Bitch Collection Vol 3 [English, 51 pictures], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fairy Tail series, by Tamagoro

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Dark Knight, thank you so much for this, brings us an intense, action-packed and very long (51 pages) Fairy Tail hentai doujinshi. In which Lucy enjoys prostituting herself, and then “falls” for one of her customers, kind with her, super rich, with a monster cock: for the first time it’s not just for orgasms, but it’s for the pleasure of being loved and receive XXL orgasms. Tons and tons of hardcore well-drawn sex later (some of it with Yukino, another Fairy Tail girl) Lucy has to choose between her guild and a carefree future with him…

I briefly considered calling it mindbreak (mind-blowing orgasms sought for like a drug, ahegaos, considering giving up on her guild and family…) but eventually decided against it, I think it’s just a different view on how Fairy Tail could have gone, if there hadn’t been so much drama and fighting…

As for the drawings, damn, Lucy is fucking hot (paizuri, vaginal.) And it’s not even badly censored. Enjoy!! :twisted:

For more, I recommend you check The list of Tamagoro’s works on Hentairules

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Daijoubu Onee-san Ga Nuitageyokka (“Are You Ok? Do You Want Onee-san To Pull One?”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Granblue Fantasy, by Unadon

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I fail to understand why, but this image wanted to take a massive size, 80 kb with the usual compression, I had to "damage" it by killing lots of near-invisible details. WHAT WAS SO SPECIAL ABOUT IT???

Narumeia, one of the crew members in Granblue Fantasy, has lots of sex with the male hero, first a long paizuri, and then vaginal sex on several occasions. Well, that’s it lol, I can’t invent events just to make it look more interesting :lol:
Graphically, I’d say it’s okay, a very busty girl with horns with a ravished face might or might not be to your taste, it’s up to you ;)

Thanks to Obsoletezero for this release! :)

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Onee-chan Wa Shinpaishou (“Big Sis Is A Worrywart”) [English], by Onee-chan Wa Shinpaishou [English], by Kurokoshi You

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Good stockings can cost a lot, heh, better keep it a fantasy

Some stories are so simple, reading them must take less time than enduring my uselessly lengthy post descriptions :D
Here, it’s a sister with her stepbrother, she wants him badly, and, eventually, at last, goes for it. It’s cute (although, to be frank, the art isn’t as good as past releases by the same mangaka), with moderately annoying thick black bars and a healthy nylon fetish :3

It’s a release we owe to Dynellen, Crystalium, Amalteha, Cadenza, Freudia, HayateK4L and [email protected], from Team Koinaka, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share In-Suru (227 pictures, Tanu Chichi, Hanayome Sakari, High Risk Game, Twinkle, and, last but not least, Yuudachu (“A Sudden Evening Rain”)

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