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Kuroinu – Kedakaki Seijo Wa Hakudaku Ni Somaru – The Comic chapters 3-4 [English], + the chapters 1-4 in another Zip file, by Ootsuki Wataru

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Haaaa, at last, a change. Elvers aren’t raped, humiliated and forced to endure attempts to mindbreak them in those two new chapters. This time, it’s a female human knight enduring it.
I’ll have to recognize the art is quite good, on the other hand, be it just oral, vaginal or DP, the girl, Alicia, has a splendid body, and the fact she does not break makes her even better.

Credits are for Kizlan, thanks in the name of the guys liking it! I’ll add something, Kizlan now has a Patreon, check it out! If you dig the twisted fantasies he translates, you might want to encourage him into bringing you even more of these…

By the same artist, I also share Koukishin Ha Neko Wo MoXXsu.

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Hahaoya Shikkaku Elite Oyako No M Buta Netorare Tenraku Jinsei [English, 479 pictures], by Hana Hook

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Facepalm time. Yay -_-

I’m mostly sharing it by request, also because I know it’s going to please a good number of people, and I like being nice. So, there you are, the episode before the gigantic NOPE known as Hahaoya Shikkaku Elite Oyako no M Buta Netorare Tenraku Jinsei Epilogue Oyako-hen (“An Elite Mother And Son’s Fall Into A Life As Masochist-Pigs – Epilogue: Mother And Daughter Chapter”).

I took the liberty of recompressing it for you, without a difference that would be visible to the naked eye, the zip’s size fell from 347 MB to 179 MB (169 MB smaller, woot !)
As for the story ? I view it, from my personal point of view, as despicable shite, women are viewed as sows, and men are either dominant alpha males for whom everything is granted, or submissive pieces of shit who must have their pride crushed even when they’re granted access to the sows’ orifices. Fucking sigh :facepalm:
Still – I know lots of you disagreed previously, but, hey, it’s my blog :D – I had to bow to the energy and dedication poured into this comic, no easy route was chosen, lots of efforts were made. I don’t like it, but I can reckon this is now low quality shit, this is high quality shit ;)
Credits for the release are for Rinruririn, Kusanyagi and Herzer, and this is following a suggestion by Gelleyenk that I’m sharing it :jap:

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