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Futsuu No Onnanoko (“Non-entity Girls”) [English, 194 pictures, we reach maximum WTF levels, it’s fantastic!!], by Gesundheit

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Yep, yep, you noticed the face of the sensei. One little surprise among a thousand others :D

This is mad, bizarre, AWESOME shit!! :D

This manga is made of single chapter stories, each and every one of them weird, hot, slightly disturbing, full of twists, rich with comedy I never saw coming. You can’t make more WTF hentai than this particular volume. Girls will rape, be raped, enjoy both sides of the coin, there’ll be (sex) fights (everything is sexualized, instead of a delinquant girl playing with her butterfly knife she’s showing off her dildo rotation skills, you see the idea?), absolutely crazy ideas of all sorts…
Man, I just can’t properly convey the feeling of delight and shock I had while reading ^^

I think my favorite arc is the one in which the mangaka, Gesundheit, depicts himself as one of the manga’s characters, a slim, manly figure with a sci-fi gas mask, served by an army of women and manservants, an admirable and hilarious combination of mise en abyme (delivered like a boss in this volume) and breaking of the fourth wall :shock: This is between pages 145 and 167 (included), please: you HAVE to read it :shock:
Mind you, half of the chapters in this volume would have deserved to be favorites. Like the chapter 1, introducing the hentai equivalent of STANDS, ffs lol.

Graphically, I regret I must mention there is massive blur-mosaics censorship on all genitalia. Other than that, the girls are cute, on the (mostly) realistic side, save for when they’ll have a giant penis (there’s like 20% futanari), and have extremely extreme sex, with maximum dilatations, legendary creampies, and more. As I already wrote before, I don’t care this is grammatically incorrect, the sex is extremely extreme, period :D

Release credits are for Sneikkimies, EnDy_S, Satoshi, Jay19, Tim_, Gilgamesh, Minty, Bagels, Yumino, Shalltear, Miya, FlatJustice, Amaterasuthird, Rizel, Vixen and Bride Of Sin, from All The Fallen translations, thank you very much! ^____^

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Yaruki Switch (“Aphrodisiac Switch”) [English, 198 pictures], by Nikusoukyuu

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Dayum, this is my favorite page in the whole manga

In this share, for undisclosed (till the end) reasons, a female mad scientist gifts a creepy loner man a very special gift: he can view on women a symbol of their sexual frustration, and act upon it to place them in a state of hypnosis, with various follow-up effects (always including sex, naturally.)
There’s true potential to this idea, however, to my regret, this newfound power went to the male MC’s head and, eventually, using D&D terminology, he switched from chaotic neutral to chaotic evil. As the saying goes, “All power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely” (Lord Acton.) With a form of justice in the end, at least.
Long story short, there’s mutually pleasant sex with no harm done, mutually consented domination (going both ways), so far so good, but also netori, netorare, and even rape, it’s kind of a pity.

Graphically, though, this is damn GOOD! At times it reminded me of the early works of Shunjou Shuusuke (before his girls started eating five meals a day, something about the eyes perhaps…) Very little censorship, very good-looking girls, if you’re here for the faps, you’ll have quality materials aplenty :twisted:

We owe this release to Sailor1980 and Desudesu, thank you! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share GyaruImo.

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Uzuki-chan No Suimin Kaihatsu [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the [email protected] Cinderella Girls game, by Yakiniku Tabetai

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Mangakas sure are skilled. Dayum!

The story was super dark and sad. But, frankly, I have to salute that level of dedication, lol.

Ahem. In a few more details, now. It’s about the [email protected] girl, Uzuki Shimamura, she has a creepy nasty delusional otaku fan, who has big plans for her. To successfully approach her, he radically changes his image, gets hired into the idols agency, and then starts hypno-training her when she’s unaware (it might be dangerous for her? Noooo, not according to the male MC’s delusional standards), until, lots, lots and lots of work later, she’s fallen for him, mistaking deceively implanted lust for love O_o

BEC Scans, and Brolen, Svines85, Kanya913 and Dynellen, are behind this release, thank you! I cannot say I loved the story, but the art was worth a shot, I believe.

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Awesome [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Dragon Quest XI game, by Darabuchi

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Fucking sigh. I resent that shit like that looks absolutely hot and yet I'd rather puke my guts out rather than fap to it.

I get it, that Dragon Quest XI is the most realistic DQ game ever, so it attracts more attention towards the female characters. I get it, that Martina is no doubt the hottest girl in the game, and the variety of outfits she will wear, her in-game techniques, all of that increases the sexual tension around her. I also get it, she’s designated as the girl to brainwash, it apparently also happens in the game, right?
Could we please get one hentai doujinshi in which she isn’t hypnotized and/or mindbroken?
Please? T__T

Here comes a very good-looking release, in which Martina falls under the control of your random hentai scumbag. Quality sex, and a story worth a dozen facepalms. Ah, sigh, it’s still worth the look.
Thanks to Darknight for this one.

We owe this release to Dark Knight, thank you! :jap:
By the same artist, I also share Phantom Thief, a pack of 2 works (Barista + Kumori Nochi Hare), Zettai Kyosha 1-3 and Tosshi Tosshi mata Tosshi.

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Again volumes 1-2-3-4 [English, 182 pictures], a pack of hentai doujinshi parodying the God Eater series, by Lithium (AKA Uchiga)

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Damn, what a sight to behold!

Three years ago, I shared the first volume of this God Eater parody series, Again #1 Stay With Me Till Dawn, but I didn’t understand much about the story. Today, three more volumes are out in total, and I’ve read two wikis plus a few other pages found through web searches, and
I went from “I don’t understand jack shit about God Eater” to “I’ve got the general picture but how the hell does this particular doujinshi series relate to it”. I guess it’s a progress?

Ah well, anyway, here we are, with a repack of the four volumes. I included the volume 1 that I already shared as well, it’s simpler to make it a full (…for now! The story is still ongoing) repack.

The contents, are quite the rollercoaster.
Story-wise, You have a combination of vanilla, sex with love and strong mutual emotions, rape, despair, hope, prospects about the future alternatively dramatic or brimming with hope.
It’s all about Alisa Amiella’s past and present. In the volumes 2 and 3, we watch her past as a sex doll, she was hypnotized and mindbroken into being a cum dump in the hands of nasty evil men. In the volumes 1 and 4 we have flashbacks from a more recent past, as Alisa has vanilla sex, full of mutual love, with her leader Lindow Amamiya, who accepts her and grants her a form of moral salvation. Above it all is a shadow of more drama, as Lindow is (airquotes: wikipedia says it’s all BS) “supposed” to be dead and the evil masterchief makes a comeback. But it’s all very confusing, I found, the way it’s written.
Even art-wise, it’s also a rollercoaster, there are amazing ups, finely refined art (the vanilla chapters) and/or very litle thin black bar censorship (the volume 4), and downs, poorer art (the rape parts) and/or disgusting blur mosaics censorship (the volumes 1-3). All in all, I think it’s still worth readings, so: thanks a lot to N04h and Doujin-Moe!! :)

The titles of those four works I share are:
Again #1 Stay With Me Till Dawn
Again #2 Flashback Memories
Again #3 All That Heaven Allows
Again #4 Blue Tear In My Hands

By the same artist, I also share Dainiji Lindow Obikiyose Daisakusen.

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Ayatsuru Otoko ~ Subete no Onna o Omoidoori ni (“The Man Who Controls Ladies”) [English, Complete with its parts 1-2-3, 60 pictures], by Date

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Still cheating, in my eyes

Originally, the titles for each chapter were in “zenpen, chuuhen, kouhen” style, but I have little love for this naming method that will leave in the dirt a part of the readership (a large part, I fear, isn’t it kinda unfriendly?). So, rather: here are the parts 1, 2 and 3 of Ayatsuru Otoko ~ Subete no Onna o Omoidoori ni, the story is complete now :)

With Date, you can expect strong WTF hentai, the type that either gives you terrifying goosebumps (all those flesh suits stories) or at least throws you into a strong sense of vulnerability. And it’s always a spiral of corruption. I can’t say I like it, but, somehow, I admire it, this vertigo of corruption and lives thrown in disarray, there’s something more than basic porn in there.

In the present story… what if your harmless fap fantasies became dangerously real, and couldn’t be undone?
A young man helped the wrong (or right) person when he was being harassed: a creepy old man who loves to hypnotize women to have sex with them, and from there on that old man will stalk the male MC and offer him women. Needless to say, besides the random girls he gets, the young man will succumb to temptation and also let the pure women who like him lose all individuality and also become his sex dolls. It’s sad, it’s a fap fantasy, the rest is up to you!

Release credits are for Desudesu and Sailor1980, thank you! :jap:
By Date, I also share Kuzuo No Kuzu Application, Honey Lesson, a pack of 3 works (In The Forest + Konna No Atashi Janai + Overwrite) and Saimin Sharyou Bishoujo JK O Jibun No Mono Ni.

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Watashi Uranaishi No Oji-san To Saimin Koubi Shichaimasu [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Dragon Quest VIII game, by Bakunyu Fullnerson

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THE reason why all men fantasize about twintails

Sooooo… there’s an Android port of Dragon Quest VIII? I call that an interesting option…
Hentai-wise, this DQ8 parody is about Jessica falling for an ugly fart with hypnotism skill and enjoying being superfucked by him, while two shotas watch behind a window (I don’t see why the mangaka felt the need for this, IMO it’s a waste of this limited resource known as spare pages.)

The story is what it is, but graphically, at least, dayum Jessica is good, and the action is nice :twisted:
One rant if you’ll allow: her twintails ought to have been put to use during the ENTIRE volume in my opinion. A haircut like that, isn’t it specifically designed so you can hold the girl from the back?

Biribiri, Axalon and Jerk are behind this release, thank you :)

By this artist, under the names Bakunyu Fullnerson, Magoroku and Kokuryuugan, I also share good and bad stuff, and oddly perhaps, the bad stuff is his tankoubons, while the good stuff is his smaller volumes ^^ Here’s the list: Sensual Scent Proactive Legs (220 pictures), the revolting Ashigami (235 pictures), Now Aging, Paradise, a pack of 2 works, Suteki Na Oku-san, Sangri-La, One More Time With The Beautiful Sister, Seiken Koutai, Bikou Shoujo, The Common, The Chaste, The Cleanin-Inclined Woman, Oh Girl, and Exotic Syndrome.

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