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Shoujo Nikuyoku Chitai (“Lustful Flowers”) [English, 224 pictures, Complete], by Miito Shido

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That weird time you're proud you stayed flaccid all the time you read something visually very hot

Coming as a sequel to Lustful Berry, here is now the complete Lustful Flowers.

You may have a déjà-vu impression, as I already shared the first half of the manga a year ago. I will directly copy-paste the summary I wrote at that time, as nothing changed (save the images resolution…), the manga isn’t heavy on plot.
We’re in the universe of Lustful Berry, this time it’s more girls experiencing shit, plus a comeback or two.
How should I say… Within its own hentai niche, Lustful Flowers is a high quality product, fulfilling every requirement and more. But you have to love that niche; me, sure, I don’t have a problem if that’s other people’s fetish, but personally I viewed it as a stinking pile of horseshit.
The themes: Corruption. Mind breaking. Blackmail. Girls are meat, made to be abused. Men are predators rightful to seize what they want. Gangrape girls long and hard enough, and they’ll become toys to play with. Blah, blah, blah, the usual weird (in my eyes at least) fap fantasy.

Graphically, it’s also within the absolute BEST you can expect within that niche, very hardcore, oral, paizuri, vaginal, anal, double penetrations by the dozens, with very little censorship, entranced ahegao faces, no noticeable defect or wrong idiosyncrasy… I got to commend that. Save one infuriating flaw: who the fuck puts a blindfold on glasses, for fuck’s sake?!? Take the glasses off first, what is that blasphemy!
Anyway, if it’s up your alley, heh, enjoy! Release credits are for Shakuganexa, thanks for all the work!! :jap:

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Dokusebe Appli (216 pictures), Lustful Berry (166 pictures) and Poppin’ Cherry (212 pictures.)

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Hanazono No Mesudorei (“The Slave Girls Of The Flower Garden”) [English, 201 pictures, Uncensored version!], by Nikusoukyuu

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Buttfucking a brainwashed hot young nun. Living the life :D

With the help of a female accomplice, a nurse and a skilled hypnotist, the “jack of all trades” employee of a prestigious female highschool superfucks every girl and makes himself a perfect harem. In short.

The story is based on two pillars, hypnotism (leading to “sorta” consensual sex, but let us not fret), and rape (because some of the girls are bad girls and “deserve”, airquoting, a bit of breaking before the hypnotism kicks in.) Plenty of girls join the harem, lots of students of course, plus the principal, the school’s nurse (she’s the accomplice, her fetish is to be raped hard and watch others go through the same thing), and two nuns.

That’s relatively shallow as a story, true. I expected a deeper plot as in the mangaka’s relatively similar Yaruki Switch, with plot twists or the like, but eventually it’s just steady unhindered harem building all along. But the art. THE ART IS FUCKING AWESOME!! :shock:
Full uncensored. Explicit. Well done all along. Strongly reminding me of Shunjou Shuusuke’s style. Just… wow, this is the best hardcore tank in a long while!! :shock: :woot:

Thanks a lot to Dark Knight for this release :)

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Yaruki Switch (198 pictures) and GyaruImo.

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Momohime [English, 198 pictures], by Gesundheit

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Not much weirder than the rest of the manga

First things first: tag this post as “WTF hentai”.

I will never read a weirder adaptation of the good old Momotarou Japanese tale. The world has been devastated by war, the remaining survivors are under the hidden oppression of onis, who have designed a world to their liking, in which women are trash, raped and exploited. That is, until the arrival of the female MC and her companions, who will somehow lead an uprising. I’m writing “somehow”, because there will be several plot twists…

Imagine “Hokuto No Ken” produced by a madman who reads science-fiction, and the fights are exclusively made with dicks and vaginas? All of it, with zero shred of morality in sight, especially the mother WTF of all WTFs ending.
Graphically, you’ll have massive dilatations, ahegaos, unholy ejaculations, monstruous sex, “normal” sex, with a few exceptions this is only rape, honest warning there is also very visual violence (think seinen, not shonen), and everything is so mosaic-censored you won’t see anything fapworthy. Oh, you’ll also have a cool Volkswagen combi.

Enjoy your hentai UFO! ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
Release credits are for: Sneikkimies, Jay19, Bride Of Sin, Gilgamesh, Tim, Amaterasuthird and Ro-chan, from All The Fallen Translations. Thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Futsuu No Onnanoko (“Non-entity Girls”, 194 pictures).

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Fujiwara-shoki o Haramasetai (“I Want To impregnate Secretary Fujiwara”) volumes 1-2 [English], a pair of doujinshi parodying the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai (“Love Is War”) series, by Sakayama Shinta

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Fuck her right in the anus, you maggot! Why go for the vagina?

Looks like Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai (“Love Is War”) is a relatively recent manga series, it started in the end of 2016, and “only” sold a million copies a year later. A nice figure, but still not the “hyperpopular comet” type. Wikipedia has little to say about it, but I’ll mention you can read its scanlation here, for instance, plenty of chapters are available. I read a dozen or so of them, their art is poor but the rom-com story was amusing, two highschoolers clearly into each other but they don’t want to “admit defeat” by confessing first, so they resort to all silly plots and schemes to push the other into doing it first :)

Now, this doujinshi. The female MC is a huge airhead, she’s Fujiwara-san, one of the manga’s secondary characters. In the first volume, she has comedy and then worries-free sex with the manga’s male MC, the student council president. The second volume is nothing alike, this time Fujiwara is hypnotized and raped by an incubus looking like a shota who plans to impregnate her, wtf :shock:

The drawings (with vaginal action only) are rather good, better than the first dozen chapters (I didn’t read more yet) of the original manga, huhu ^^ Also, there isn’t too much censorship, not too thick black bars is the best one can hope for nowadays.
Enjoy, maybe? Thanks to DrunkenWeeb for this release :)

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Shinai Max Mattanashi 3 (“Max Affection System 3”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the [email protected] Cinderella Girls game, by Sian

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Only with hentai, could I manage to fap to a face alone

This share is like the polar opposite of Takumi To Dousei. Takumi Mukai, one of the [email protected] Cinderella Girls, is in dire straits although she can’t help it and isn’t aware of it either, she was transferred to another producer, and this new P-kun uses on her a sort of mind control device (question: would that be inspired from the actual game?), making her absolutely in love with him, and happy to “serve” influential older men from the entertainment industry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You may view it as a dark scenario if you like, I will cowardly avoid openly taking position. As far as the art goes, at least without doubt this is high quality. Takumi has a fucktastic just ripe enough body, her entranced eyes are something else, and crude hardcore sex on her only makes her shine more. I think I would have liked more focus on her face, and less views of the three ugly men who purchased her, heh.
We owe this release to Dynellen, Brolen, Viacheslavovich and Skepto, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Takumi To Dousei, One-Night Stand With A Gyaru + Fucking A Gyaru Slut, One Day Girlfriend!, Sheltered Couple and MMS allure.

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Siren – Kyousei Saimin Keitai [English, 198 pictures], by Yokoyama Naoki

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After all, everyone must have had lots of fun with the fantasm idea of hypnotizing women, right? (and fuck whoever is an angel enough to never have nurtured those fantasies.)

To summarize the manga in one sentence: men obtain ways to control women, enjoy the ton of sex it brings them, but they end up corrupted by this new power, happy twisted ending. We have hypnotism, black magic, possession, and the stereotypical variations on WTF phone apps. In the second half, the male MC doesn’t become corrupted, he is a corrupt shit from the beginning, using a phone app to hypnotize girls, making them perfect idols and proud cum dumps.

And then, the oddity, the two last chapters (pp 156-195) are made of vanilla hentai, happy sex with love and all O_o

I couldn’t really love the stories, but somehow, just like it’s fun to wreck your city in Sim City, there’s a certain dark charm about it, I wouldn’t judge the manga too harshly. And, graphically, it’s FUCKING GOOD! Well drawn girls, with extra-minimal censorship, just a small thin bar here and there, yess!! :twisted:

We owe that one to Doujin-Moe, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Carol – Saint Bell, Zettai Fukujuu Ousama Game to Rin-chan Now, French Kiss chapter 6 (which made me appreciate gender bender, to my great surprise O_o), Wifes, Yokoyama Naoki Ni Yoru Yokoyama Nao No Eroi Hon and Yokoyama Naoki also drew 2 bonus pictures in Eternal Love.

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Futsuu No Onnanoko (“Non-entity Girls”) [English, 194 pictures, we reach maximum WTF levels, it’s fantastic!!], by Gesundheit

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Yep, yep, you noticed the face of the sensei. One little surprise among a thousand others :D

This is mad, bizarre, AWESOME shit!! :D

This manga is made of single chapter stories, each and every one of them weird, hot, slightly disturbing, full of twists, rich with comedy I never saw coming. You can’t make more WTF hentai than this particular volume. Girls will rape, be raped, enjoy both sides of the coin, there’ll be (sex) fights (everything is sexualized, instead of a delinquant girl playing with her butterfly knife she’s showing off her dildo rotation skills, you see the idea?), absolutely crazy ideas of all sorts…
Man, I just can’t properly convey the feeling of delight and shock I had while reading ^^

I think my favorite arc is the one in which the mangaka, Gesundheit, depicts himself as one of the manga’s characters, a slim, manly figure with a sci-fi gas mask, served by an army of women and manservants, an admirable and hilarious combination of mise en abyme (delivered like a boss in this volume) and breaking of the fourth wall :shock: This is between pages 145 and 167 (included), please: you HAVE to read it :shock:
Mind you, half of the chapters in this volume would have deserved to be favorites. Like the chapter 1, introducing the hentai equivalent of STANDS, ffs lol.

Graphically, I regret I must mention there is massive blur-mosaics censorship on all genitalia. Other than that, the girls are cute, on the (mostly) realistic side, save for when they’ll have a giant penis (there’s like 20% futanari), and have extremely extreme sex, with maximum dilatations, legendary creampies, and more. As I already wrote before, I don’t care this is grammatically incorrect, the sex is extremely extreme, period :D

Release credits are for Sneikkimies, EnDy_S, Satoshi, Jay19, Tim_, Gilgamesh, Minty, Bagels, Yumino, Shalltear, Miya, FlatJustice, Amaterasuthird, Rizel, Vixen and Bride Of Sin, from All The Fallen translations, thank you very much! ^____^

By the same artist, I also share Momohime (198 pictures).

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