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Wagamama Pet Life [English, Uncensored!], by Tomose Shunsaku

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Mn ngh heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa

There’s *something in the end, I… oh, shoot, and I can’t even speak about it. You’ll understand when you get there.
I’ll just comment the graphical side, for reasons. Graphically, this is absolutely fapworthy. Uncensored art, two cuties loving dick, a tsundere, it’s quality threesome hentai :)

It has been released by Saigou Homura, Ro-chan, Shaun, Danky, Siren, Jou, Eli and Lyrist, from Redlantern Scanlation, thank you! ^_^

By the same artist, known as Mugenkidou and Tomose Shunsaku, I also share Enko-sei, Natsukano, Asuna To Online, Suguha To Fairy Dance, Boku To Rinjinbu To Umi No Year, U.M.R. and Soft meat.

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Kuzuo No Kuzu Application (“A Shitty Man’s Shitty App”) [English], by Date

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Sigh. Fucking SIGH.

The mangaka Date has gotten us used to fucked up stories, in which things go seriously bad, and then, take a turn for the worse. The present share lacks the “what the holy fuck?!?” touch present in most of the other mangaka’s creations, but we’ve still got the bad vibes, it still makes the average vanilla lover – me – feel like scooping out his eyeballs with a rusty spoon in the end.
TL;DR version: an asshole neighbour hypnotizes the wife who moved next door to him, mindbreaks her, superfucks her at her home while the husband is about to come back and have his life wrecked. Take it or leave it, it’s a matter of tastes, as always, but I’ll have warned you.

Graphically at least, it’s OK. I’m too disgusted by the theme to have a fair opinion, sorry, though.
We owe this release to Sailor1980 and Desudesu, thank you! :jap:

By Date, I also share Honey Lesson, a pack of 3 works (In The Forest + Konna No Atashi Janai + Overwrite) and Saimin Sharyou Bishoujo JK O Jibun No Mono Ni.

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GyaruImo [English], by Nikusoukyuu

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I want to highlight I didn't decensor shit from the picture, it came as is ^^

And now, something (not so) entirely different :D A comic in which a brother hypnotizes his tsundere twintailed sister, has lots of sex with her while having fun disgusting her with his vile presence the rest of the time (and yet, he may be a lazy ass, he’s not a straight failure of nature or an ugly toad), and in the end a certain SFX and representation of moitness are here to show us the sister’s attachment to her brother will soon stop being just unconscious.

The drawings have a pleasant side (something about the eyes reminds me of ShindoL, wouldn’t you agree?), without too much (semi-transparent grey bars, sometimes no bar at all) censorship… It’s worth a look I think, enjoy! ^_^
And thanks to N04h and Herzer for this one :)

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Dokusenyoku No Kyouki [English], by Okunoha

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Even under hypnotism, the girl prefered doggystyle to missionary, to avoid seeing the ugly face of the boy

In Dokusenyoku No Kyouki, a super ugly teenager invites a female childhood friend to his house, she distractedly confirms her love interest in someone else (anything between her and the male MC didn’t even belong to the world of the possible, nobody would blame her), and she accepts to let him help her with a good-luck charm, a talisman that she has to watch to gain confidence and shit like that.
Needless to say it’s an instant-hypno magic thingy and a few pages later she’ll be an ahegao-ing cum dump at his exclusive disposal :roll:

At least, the drawings are nice, a petite girl with a wild face, it’s good eye candy. Except for the face of the male MC that is nightmare material.
I ran a weak retouching on the images, with unsatisfactory results. The images, originally, suffered from a certain faint blurry quality that annoyed me a lot, no idea if it came from bad printing or bad scanning. And my retouching came as unsatisfactory, in that it only did half of the improvement I was hoping for, but with stronger retouching it would have started to damage the pics, so, no.

We owe this release to Zealous-Idol, thank you! :jap:

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Kokoro No Kaitou No Josei Jijou [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Persona 5 game, by MTSP

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Pettanko with glasses? Yiss.

I don’t have enough knowledge of the Persona games to understand how or why, so here it comes raw: a random hentai joe from the Persona 5 game’s universe gains mind control abilities and beds the cutest girls of the game. It’s a “take it or leave it” story canvas.
Graphically, at least: YUM! The mangaka’s talent shines, with beautiful refined traits, not resorting to drawing magnified crude genitalia everywhere, sexy bodies, perfect normal-sized tits, a fine bikini and swimsuit bonus fetish… My only grip would be with the thick black bar censorship, otherwise, it’s very good :)

Thanks a lot to Jerk and Biribiri! ^_^

By MTSP, I share the bad: Tachibana San’s Circumstances With A Man, Tachibana-san Chi No Dansei Jijou Yaribeya-hen, Tachibana-san-chi No Dansei Jijou Shousetsu Ban Sashie + Omake No Hon, Fujun Kouyuu and Sakiko-san’s Man Issues. The happy sex: a Macross hentai doujin. The straight facepalm material, under the name of Jin: Educating A New Wife. And the half-assed: Nishimiya-san Chi No Katei Jijou and a 6-works pack (Yudan Taiteki + Tohsaka-Ke No Kakei Jijou volumes 1-5.)

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Pack of 2 nice works by the hentai artist Akitsuki Itsuki

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Girl, make it six rounds and I'm still game!

I gathered two works by the mangaka Akitsuki Itsuki. In both cases, we have great sex, a great conclusion, a fine mood, quality almost uncensored drawings, and an original enough setup to keep us interested all along :)
Apart from that, the canvas are stronly different.

Those two works are:
– Himitsu No Onedari Kousaimin (“The Secret Desire After Hypnosis”), in which a highschooler demonstrates his sexy female teacher that, yes, hypnotism isn’t a scam, look at how I play with your desires, miss secretly already perverted anyway. Borderline rape, borderline mindbreak, but without crossing the border. The conclusion with the teacher gaining the upper hand stopped it from being bad, let’s say.
– Kotoni Majiwareba Akanukeru: that one is straight vanilla, and highly loveable as such :D In that one, a cheerful popular highschool girl cures an introverted shy boy of his gloominess (with sex, what else). Male tsundere is so funny to watch ^^

In Kotoni Majiwareba Akanukeru, I allowed myself to retouch the images, from this to that :)

We owe these releases to Cradily and Mindwipe, thank you very much! :jap:
By the same artist, I also share Wagamama Iinari! Saimin Date! (“Selfish? Submissive!? Hypnosis Date!”), Where Love Is Bound, Korekara Nakayoku Shimashou Ne and its sequel Zettai Sukutte Misemasu Kara.

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Hachishaku Hachiwa Keraku Meguri – Igyou Kaikitan [English, 223 pictures], an horror hentai manga by Jyoka

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I considered placing a spooky AF image on top of my post, but reconsidered, what of the people who will get seriously scared? ^^

Oh shit. Wow. I’m under a manic laughter right now, I can’t stop it, probably to protect myself – I was shaken :D

You know this feeling, after a good horror book or horror movie, when you’re glad you were scared to death? Bingo.
It’s strange, even. I don’t like horror mangas, the non-adult ones, I find them boring and lacking in intensity. They make me yawn.
But add sexuality and suddenly the soup thickens, the recipe works, the emotions become strong enough to overpower me and make me yield, I’m taken, I’m a captive, I have no choice but to read it and enjoy being creeped out :twisted:

So there we are, a uselessly long intro (sorry! My specialty!) for a horror hentai manga, with extremely intense sex (very graphical, with very little censorship, expect the women to be plump, busty and kinda realistic) and story twist after story twist.
Some stories were grotesque. Some were shocking. Some were disgusting (pages 144-168, the cow head chapter: I wish I didn’t read that one, honestly you may want to skip it). Some (yep, plural form) were beautiful and moving. Every single one of them was freaky as hell :shock: :D

Release credits are for for the scans, Saha for the chatper 3, RampantSerenity for the basis of the translation of the chapter 4, and everything else, translation and editing, to Mongolfier. Thank you, really. I’ll have a shitty night now, but it was totally worth it! =)
(Update: I didn’t know, it’s got an OVA O_o)

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