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Hoshizora Marine Line [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Love Live series, by Alp (AKA Ringoya)

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One word: YUM!

How about a petite smiling hottie in bikini, with adorable tanned skin? :3
There’s no real scenario, it’s simply Rin at the beach with her boyfriend, first a quickie in the shower, then penetration sex at hips height in the sea. I tell you, sex in the water is only good in comics, it’s the thing you only try once IRL, lol.

Thanks to Hentai_Doctor for this one! :jap:

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Takami No Kyuujitsu, Maru No Hodokoshi, Dressing Up and Miwaku No Kusari

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Kanako Kaede No Onsen Burari H (“Kanako And Kaede’s Casual Hot Springs Sex”) [English, Full color], an hentai doujinshi parodying the [email protected] Cinderella Girls game, by Zanzi (circle Asgo)

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Don't look too carefully at her left leg, or you'll regret it

Here’s a fine example of quality fap’n’go, in which there is zero scenario, but plenty of excellent sex =)
Basically, the producer in the [email protected] Cinderella girls series has sex with Kaede and Kanako, the two of them at once, or separately, all night long. It’s not that censored (white bars are much less of an eyesore, IMO), the girls, one slim the other plump, are good-looking, it’s a fairly good release I think :)

At least, look at the gallery, and how the pages 19-20 were made, that was almost artistic ^^

Thanks to Poi for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, known as Zanzi and as Asgo, I also share Trial Vacation (in its uncensored version).

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Ari Jigoku No Hime (“Princess Of The Antlions”) [English], by Yuran

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This combination of soft greyscale and colour was also pretty nice

That’s one of those cases in which I am torn, there is so much I would like to tell, but if I did, that would ruin your reading and kill what you could be getting from the manga…
I shall compromise: the manga is about a country girl falling under the influence of a male cabaret host. She doesn’t realize she’s being used and robbed off her savings, she even becomes a sex industry worker to provide for him, and after some time, as harsh reality comes down on her, she undergoes a change, leading to a surprising ending…

Look, I apologize for being so vague, I really do, but please, if you haven’t read it yet, give the manga a chance? It’s interesting, it’s not all manichean… and, more than just a bonus, it’s fucking well drawn, with an original combination of colour and grayscale :twisted:

We owe this release to Grey, Ro, Jakuran, Danky, Dakka and Kale, from Red Lantern TL, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, called Yuran or Moonphase, to this day, I also share Moon Phase Material, Jougasaki Mika No Yasashii Yume and Jougasaki Shimai No Itazura Na Yume.

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Nitta-san Taijuu O Fuyasite Kudasai (“Please Put On More Weight, Nitta-san!”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the [email protected] series, by Tachibana Roku

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The wrong way to put on weight

Is it really a thing, in Japan, asking models to put on some weight to look better? Here, in Europe, I’ve got the impression girls are prefered at death’s door from starvation -_-
Anyway. Here, Nitta, one of the [email protected] girls, is asked to gain some kilograms to look better in photoshoots, she accepts because her beloved P-kun fancies her like that too, sex ensues eventually… well, the usual, no? ^^;;

The doujinshi didn’t go full vanilla (blushing, yeah, but no confessed love, it wasn’t particularly moving), but it was pretty decent already I felt :)
I retouched a bit the pics, not too much.

Thanks to Obsolete Zero for this release! :)

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Girigiri Idol volumes 3-4-5 [English, 76 pictures], by Rocket Monkey

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Visible proof comics characters can live with 80 million neurons instead of 80 billions.

– Positive explanation: the female MC, with zero experience when she fell in love with her producer, mistook the love of dick with romantic love. Which means she’s got like no antibodies against cheating once she discovers it can be even better with other men, preferably either with big dicks or in great numbers.
– Negative explanation: oh boy, what a dirty remorseless cheating whore.
– Hentai universe best universe explanation: the girl is a genine “candid slut”, her romantic feelings still exist, untainted, in a faraway platonician realm, she retains her inner purity even when she’s covered in cum.
It’s your call, really :D

Anyway, that’s the thing, with the ending of the Giri Idol series, a meaty (ought I call her plump?) idol (inspired by Ayane, from The [email protected]), in love with her producer, at first blackmailed and pushed into sex (volume 1), and then enjoying it greatly with multiple men later on without compromising her idol career. The art is explicit, I think this is like the story, either you hate it, or you adore it.
I already shared the volumes 1-2 + bonus in an earlier post, and now the rest comes, the volumes 3-4-5 :)

Release credits are for Poi, Viacheslavovich, Danicco and Hujkl, thank you! :jap:

For more, please see The list of Rocket Monkey’s works on HentaiRules

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Uzuki No Himitsu (“Uzuki’s Secret”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the [email protected] Cinderella Girls game, by Meganei

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That magical phase, when you're past the moment you pretend to be well-behaved, and you feel... liberated!

In the real world, if you caught a girl masturbating in your office, you’have to flee to another continent, there’s just no way it could end nicely for you, even two decades later molesting suspicions might catch up on you.
In the hentai world, you defuse her shame by offering to show her that, you too, you masturbate ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway. Uzuki Shimamura has the chance to be caught by her producer, and the real thing is better than any solo fantasies, excellent and enthusiastic sex follows :)
The sex was drawn fairly well, and yet my personal preference was on page 20, when the two youngsters took a break from thrusting hard, to turn around and kiss… awww =)

Thanks to Obsoletezero for this release! And sorry if I joked about the typo page 18 ;)

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Saiminjutsu Ni Kakerarete.

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Umi Live [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Love Live series, by Fujishiro Seiki

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It's just a prank, sistah!

When your prank is so good your best friend loses her virginity over a joke. In this share, Umi, one of the Love Live! idols, belives it when the other girls of the band tell her they’ve all popped her cherry and it would help her perform better, so she registers to a dating site and does it with a random anon.

It was emotionless sex, but drawn rather well, with the male partner naturally taking the lead and playing the girl like an ero-violin, with talent, teasing her and making her feel embarrassed, but without sadism. So: not bad =)

Thanks to Nasen for this release! :jap:

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