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Ojou-sama To Maid No Midara Na Seikatsu [English, 205 pictures], by Shindou

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In the girls' defence, they still remembered to use condoms during the five first minutes of the orgy

My last share of the day, a cheerful complete tank packed full with superb cuties enjoying sex :D The manga is divided in small arcs and single chapters, there isn’t a strict rule for the stories, there are all kinds of women: ojou-sama, OL, maid, your normal JK, sexy idols, and – frankly – the canvases of the story matter rather little, it’s always happy sex with mutual liking or love, with lots of smiles, enthusiasm and occasional faint comedy :)

The art is plentiful: girls from meaty to plump, body fluids, tons of action, minor disrespect for anatomy (huge boobs flying everywhere :lol: ), sometimes, with the addition of moderate black bar censorship, censorship, it takes a few seconds to figure out what’s happening ^^

TL;DR: enjoy, it’s excellent :D And thanks to Doujin-Moe, again ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Hatsujou Days (193 pictures), Naisho No Yurine-san and Boss No Dagashi.

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Elf No Mukotori (“Elf’s Trial”) [English], by Tanishi

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Of course, I had to select the dark elf, how could I not :D

Apparently, it’s part of the ritual to become a sorcerer, have sex with the two hot female elves (one dark elf, one “normal” elf, should I call her caucasian elf to make it politically correct?!? :D ) while trying to impregnate them.
The rest is a mix of domination (the boy is more than willing, but, still, he’s on the receiving end, not allowed to take the initiative) and of happy sex with mutual liking. There were also bits I didn’t like, the girls were a bit too plump and nurtured a bloody weird fetish for armpit hair, WTF O_o

Oh well, it’s good sex, still, check it out maybe? ^^ Thanks to Ein Ling Translations :)
By the same artist, I also share Trap-Shiki hunting.

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Cooking Pakopako [English, 136 pictures, now complete with the parts 1-4], by Otochichi

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My favorite girl in the whole set.

Now, that’s a relief! I had been only moderately interested by Cooking Pakopako when it was two chapters long, we had been introduced to four girls but only two had sex, and out of those girls, one was OK (very plump, but bearably) while the second was uglily obese and not worth it.
With this final update, the two other girls have sex, one of them is reasonably plump (and the male MC’s mother: deal with it), and the other one is slender and by far my favorite, wonderfully slutty with horny bespectabled eyes :twisted:

Oh: if you only find out about Cooking Pakopako now, it’s about a male teenager catching the eye of his mother’s MILF friends, they each in turn ask him to come and provide help with home chores, etc… The girls have EXTREMELY erotic faces (they were stunning on multiple pages, and their eyes, their eyes, woah! :shock: ), and a natural charm of MILFs is that they’ve come full circle around hardcore sex already and aren’t afraid to enjoy an intense dicking session without playing the prude newbie maiden. But too much fat is too much, for the most of it :-/

We owe this release to Axalon,, Lied, Vlad, Maipantsu, JjustJ, Boggyb and Blurk, from LittleWhiteButterflies, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Shikijoukyou Oyako, Celeb Tsuma No Doutei Exercise, Hatsu Goukon Wa Mama Naranai (“My First Mixer Was a Real Motherfucker!”), Acupuncture Mystery Selection.

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Mama To Oneechan First Story [English, 74 pictures], by Souijou

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The only reason to bother yourself with this manga: that girl.

Amoskandy, thank you for this, brings us an old-school manga based on family incest. A brother and sister naturally having sex with each other, the mother lusting after them reunited with her own brother, and it ends with group sex. I don’t know… there are frankly bad points here, such as the low resolution (1059 px), the ugly drawing idiosyncrasies (men’s faces, ew), but on the other hand, it gives us a hardcore manga with practically no censorship and a super hot sister (braids, glasses, busty), at least…

Well, see for yourselves, and, if it’s to your taste, enjoy :)
(Inb4 someone asks, there won’t be a translation of the rest, unless another scanlator picks it up.)

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Tropical! Banana Carnival [English, 200 pictures], by Chinbotsu

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As the horns subtly hint at, the girl is an amazoness. Hush. Don't ask.

One futa per chapter. That’s dedication :D

Boys, girls, aliens, here is a merry complete tank, brought to us by Hentropy and Saha (all my thanks for this, really! ^_^), in which it’s happy sex all along (save one rotten chapter, with domination and ahegao, just one), between futanari girls and non-futa girls. Everyone is enjoying it immensely, the girls are very busty, plump, plenty of them are tanned or dark-skinned, and graphically the mosaics censorship is mostly made up for by all the energy, the glasses (guilty as charged: meganekko fetishist represent) and beautiful female bodies :)

While there’s a pair of chapters with more than liking (one of them ends in vanilla), most of the time the scenarii hardly matter at all, save to make us smile, so: ENJOY!! =)
(Side note, I retouched some of the chapters, mostly for levels and surfaces, it concerns the pages: 61-89 and 131-194.)

By Chinbotsu, I also share Tropical Banana Girl (201 pictures), Onaho To Tsukumogami Onaho (“The Goddess of Onaholes, Onaho!”), a pack of 5 works, some of them now appear to have been belonging to the Tropical Banana Girl volume.

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Trap-Shiki Hunting [English], by Tanishi

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It’s a pleasant combination of light comedy and hard sex we’ve got here, in this story where a middle-aged landlady seduces her neighbour ^^
The themes aren’t going to please everyone, it’s a plump lady, with pubic and armpit hair. But I’d say, if you can deal with it (or like it!), come on, go ahead and read it, you’ll get plenty of smiles from it, sympathize with both of the characters, and probably enjoy the energetic drawings a whole lot! ^__^

The manga has been released by Ein Ling Translations, many thanks for this :)

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Succu Life [English, COMPLETE volume, 171 pictures], by Nanase Mizuho

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Buckets. I tell you. BUCKETS!

The tank is now officially complete, the 174 pages long Succu Life :)
Confession time, nothing is truly *new* here, I was already sharing separately the contents of this tank, the new thing is that it is now officially compiled as the full volume it is.
Those (now obsolete) contents were:Kinensai (“Prayer Service”) and the 7 chapters of the story arc already known as “Succu Life”.

It’s a pleasant manga, with, in random order, three succubi and a village miko as female MCs, tsundere, love (not “romantic” love, but vanilla nonetheless!! :D ), intense sex (I will highlight: not fucked up sex, with proper mutual care), twosomes, threesomes and group sex, all of it with EXCELLENT art, suffering only minimal unobstrusive censorship: go for it!! :twisted:

We owe this release to Charly4994, NCrosser, Kane Blueriver, Yuki and Raikadash, from XCX Scans, and Guimu, Zeno and Rin, thank you so much! ^_^ I imagine a nice guy must be behind the repacking, too, I don’t know who, though!

By the same artist, I also share Aneman (194 pictures), Princess Force (168 pictures), Older Sister Little Brother Older Sister (Uncensored, a 2-chapters complete story), Teitoku No Oyomesan 2, Shinshi To Ore, Oyomesan Wa Maou 1-7 (125 pictures), and ILIAS – Kyouen No Utage (166 pictures).

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