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Haha to Ko to Yuuwaku no Atosaki (“The Consequences of Mother Son Seduction”) [English], by Ameyama Denshin

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That face! (those ears)

A hot adult MILF with loose morality basks in a situation where she is loved, in feelings and sexually, by both her husband and her son. And at this point I’d rather stop writing or I’ll become pointlessly angry.

A short break later: at least, the drawings are exceptional. A hot face, braids (now with proper formatting: BRAIDS!!), enthusiastic anal and vaginal, it’s got good visuals :)
Well, see for yourselves, and thanks to Desudesu and Kraid42! :jap:

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Dear My Mother volume 2 [English, 194 pictures], by Tohru Nishimaki

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I can't hate boobs like that.

Here comes the second volume of Dear My Mother, the volume 1 started with a stepmother relunctantly accepting to let her stepson fuck her to help him focus on his studies, and here we are in the conclusion with a romantic happy ending in Paris :)
You will have tons of bakunyu action, the female heroine is a woman in her thirties with a cute face, a nice hourglass figure, and giant tits. The sex isn’t very varied, vaginal sex in a few positions, mostly missionary, but at least it’s not too censored =)

FYI, This is actually an alternate reality of Scarlet Desire, made after the artist went to work with another magazine that prohibited the Incest theme. Same characters, but they’re in a step- relationship, and there is a husband.

Graphically, it’s all cool, and the ending is pretty good. And yet, look, frankly, I couldn’t like the manga because of the personality of the male MC. I wasn’t a fan of him before (a spoiled brat: selfish, always demanding attention, not caring at all to steal a wife because his wishes come first by principle). But in the volume 2 I lost all respect for him. In a way, this is because he was “too” Japanese, impersonating a society’s broken idiosyncrasie. Such as: marriages arranged without love, children provided with authority but not love… and a son not giving a fuck that his father died, fucking his widowing wife in front of the mourning photograph. WTF Japan, I know I’m splitting hair and always overthinking things, but – WTF?
Sorry for the wall of text to rant -_-

Credits are for Amoskandy, thank you again! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Delicate Fantasy volumes 1-2-3 (176 pictures), Dear My Mother (196 pictures), Scarlet Desire Volume 1 (196 pictures) and  volume 2 (250 pictures), and The Lovely Nanako Sensei (Uncensored version).

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Tonari No Miko-san Wa Minna Warau (“The Shrine Maidens Around Me Are All Smiling”) [English, 223 pictures], by Yaya Hinata

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Exorcize me, please ? :D

Here is a comple tankoubon, focused on Japanese priestesses :)
To be honest, I never really understood how “it works” in Japan, how any girl can put on the miko clothes, and, bam!, there she is, a miko. Isn’t it supposed to require training, belief, instead of looking like any other part-time job with a uniform ? O_o

The mood is set to light comedy, with in every chapter a new opportunity for the same characters (one lucky boy, and 3 maidens, a cheerful klutz, a slightly more mature-looking megane, and a stern pettanko) to have casual happy sex. One futa and double penetration chapter, lots of nekomimi.
An exception, the last two chapters are unrelated. First an original and, actually, interesting, story about a girl being compared to a guitar, how you make it vibrate, cry and moan, and last a crappy story about a stepsister with bad drawings and a loss of virginity causing the loss of like a liter of blood, that was ridiculous.

I’d say, save the last chapter, that was a good read, with nice drawings, almost fully uncensored. Worth reading and keeping, in my opinion :)
Biribiri, Afro Thunda, Axalon and Job Truniht, with Ryuu, the same Job Truniht and my dear Zathael as commissioners, are behind this release. Thank you very much! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Girlfriend Friend 1-2.

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Hanshin Omocha chapter 3 [English], by Psycho

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Oh god lol :lol:
I can hardly believe this is a sequel to the grim two previous chapters of the Hanshin Omocha series, in which – no change here – girls work as sexual relief hostesses, placing themselves across holes in a wall, with the male customers able to enjoy their butts without seeing their face or chest. This the story was resolutely comedy-driven, as a gyaru teen girl (dark skin, bad manners) finds there’s her lousy father among her customers, but she won’t dare raise her voice to avoid getting caught. The girl’s behaviour, the father’s poor excuses… that was dark but actual humour :D

As for the drawings ? I’d say, anyone with a butt fetish and not pushed into murderous frenzy at the sight of mosaics, has a strong chance of enjoying it ^^
Many thanks, for this release, to Imari from Statistically NP! ^_^

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R-18 [English, 189 pictures], by Umino Sachi

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You’ll find lots of types of women inside that manga. Mothers, sisters, childhood friends, a “fucking hell I didn’t see it coming” trap in chapter 3, a grandmother, a blackmailed neighbor, a girlfriend, a store manager, a girlfriend’s sister… Fair warning, the two thirds of the manga include adultery or cheating. And save the two chapters with blackmail, the canvas doesn’t change, it’s happy uncomplicated sex between characters who are smiling all the frigging time, it became creepy in the end :shock:
As for the male partners, I’d say it’s half shota, half adults.

The art is quite old school, shall we say ? The pubic hair, the plump women, the rare and small censorship… I can’t say I’m a huge fan, but maybe it will please a number of you guys :)
By the same artist, I also share Kindan Soukan – Haha To Ko No Tawamure (“Forbidden Relations -Mother Son Frolics”) (170 pictures).

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Watashi Wa Kore De Kazoku To Nakayoku Narimashita chapter 1 [English], by Kimura Neito

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The charm of tanned skin… UHHNGGNGYEH!!! ^________^
Here is the delightful story of a brother and his two sisters, living alone, and, of course (shall we say “because hentai plot” ?), they end up having happy sex with love. I know I could explain in greater lengths, but I don’t deem it as necessary ;)

We’re focusing here on the “gal” sister (while the other sister simply masturbates), and she’s something :shock: With her brown skin, her flowing hair, her beautiful eyes, her hourclock figure… oh god yes :twisted:
I read in Koiiro Oppai how the transition to numeric appliances like drawing tablets allowed to apply screen tones in the blink of an eye without losing time and money, as it used to be in the past… And so, for all those numerous tanned girls we love so much, YAY FOR DIGITAL ! :twisted:

My great, great thanks, for this release, go to Sliggoo, Winks, Palaxius, Cinia Pacifica and Cadenza, from Team Koinaka ! :jap:

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Ore No Imouto To Asa Made H Suru (“Doing Ecchi Things With My Sister Until The Morning”) [English, with minor changes], an Oreimo hentai doujinshi, by Mikekodou

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I'm better as a single son, I now would totally want to band my sister, if I had one.

Here is a pleasant no-brainer “happy sex with love” Oreimo parody, between the two main characters of the series, Kirino and her brother. The drawings are quite good, full of energy, and there’s very little censorship =)

The manga was translated by Haolen, thank you very much ! ^_^
A note, this is not very good English, Haolen stated in his credits he’s doing his best despite being neither a Japanese nor English native, so let’s not complain and be grateful, shall we ? :)

I also amended a little bit the texts when it was wrong enough for me to notice, in photoshop with noob-ish selecting-deleting-cloning letters (from “become” to “became”, adding a missing “it”, adding an “s”, you see the kind of things, replacing once “brother” with “sister”, the funnier was creating a new “R” by cloning a “P” and adding a chunk of an “I”, huhu ^^), and cropped away the bad borders of some pages, to help when I could.

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