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Mousou Theater 42 [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Toaru No Jutsu No Index series, by Studio Big-X

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No need to hypnotize me, I'd be raring to buttfuck her

Coming as a sequel to Mousou Theater 41, in this new volume, Shokuhou is once again hunting for men to hypnotize so that they gang up on her and believe they’re raping her hard. Change of plans: she meets Accelerator (one of the series’ MC, a self-centered superhuman with mental issues) and they have a sexual contest to find who’s the real dominant one. No change of plans actually: every man in the vicinity joins to fuck her holes anyway :roll:

I couldn’t get enough of those intense (hot faces, oral, vaginal, DP) quality drawings, the fap’n’go scenario is a no-brainer, so: enjoy! ^^ Thanks to whoever is behind this release :)

By the same artist, under the Arino Hiroshi and Studio Big-X names, I also share Mousou Theater 41, Mousou Theater 48, Lens No Uragawa, Happy Christmas, a pack of 5 works (Mousou Theater volumes 28, 31, 35, 37 and 43) and Mousou Theater 22.

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Houman Mucchiri Pai (“Voluptuous Plump Boobs”) [English, 213 pictures], by Muronaga Chaashuu

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A splendid hentai jewel had slipped under my radar, so with a delay for which I humbly apologize, here is the delightful Houman Mucchiri Pai, 213 pages full of meaty love :)

The manga is made of single chapters (save a two-chapters arc), with casual non-emotional setups in which men and women greatly enjoy consensual sex. Frequently, there will be ambient comedy, from just enough to make us smile, to hilarious.
The girls are plump, full of meat to grab, and their very large breasts never fail to provide paizuri, yummy! Also, these are high rez tank scans, with very little censorship :twisted:

Enjoy the hentai feast! ^_^ We owe its release to B.R.R., Axalon, Brolen, Anonymous, Svines85 from B.E.C. Scans, Dynellen (who, besides all that, told me about this manga and sent me a link to dl it) and hentaicore. Thank you so much! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Very Pleasant <3 Secret Special Training and Milky Clinic.

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Oppai No Jikan (“Titty Time”) [English], by Suihei Sen

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Even if you don't read the manga, at least you won't have missed that image ^_^

(Small update: apparently I screwed up and overwrote the mangaka’s name, it wouldn’t be “Umi No Sachi” but should have been “Suihei Sen”. Sincere apologies, sorry that you’ll see the wrong name!)

A caring father is concerned his son might inherit the same physical flaw he has himself: a midget size. Even with a glorious stache, it’s ridiculous.
So, he hires a nursing maid to feed him breast milk daily.
Some time later, let’s say this was a success, the son grew by something like 20 centimeters and had a nice splurt of growth :3 …That is, until the bonus surprise in the end, lol ^^

A bit more seriously, it’s a successful mix of comedy, vanilla and hentai we’ve got here, with a very original story canvas, cute feelings, and a super hot maid (her glorious boobs mostly made up for the whiteout censorship, I daresay. However, I must warn you, there’s only a small number of pages with sex.)

Enjoy! And thanks a lot to Kyunrou, Ensj, Danky, Immoral, Axalon, Seren and Page, from RedLanternTL! :jap:

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Milky DD [English, retouched version], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Cuniculus

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Everybody's hentai fighting, hoo ha!

Nanagami, Hamakaze and Hagikaze have a night battle with their inexhaustible admiral. (Boy, do I love hentai mangas that are easy to summarize.)

I must voice skepticism regarding the double D bra size mentioned in this post’s title, I’d rather imagine we’re in the F than the D, no?
Other than that, above average art, low white rectangle censorship, no complications, it’s a good fap’n’go :)

Thanks to Cgrascal for this release!
A note: I retouched the pictures, to give you an idea… Beforeafter!

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Patchou Milk [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Touhou series, by Yukiusagi

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I don't entirely understand why, but I feel like shouting AMEN!

Patchouli, a cute busty and naughty girl from the Touhou universe, helps herself to a healthy young man. Simple, and efficient ^^
The drawings are good, not too censored, and it’s plain happy sex without special stuff to mention, that’s pure fap’n’go, check it out of the drawings are to your taste :)

This doujinshi has been released, a while ago already, by Bango, Lesher and Dabor, from Hennojin, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Ikinuki Lunatic Time.

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Pack of two [English] works by Gold Koman Sex

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That girl has considerable potential. Let's hope more will come eventually! ^_^

I gathered here two works:
Tensai! Kasshoku Kokumaro Funnyuu Maid! (“Genius! Milk-spraying Creamy Brown Maid!”)
Kasshoku Kokumaro Funnyuu Maid! Baka ka! (“Milk-spraying Creamy Brown Maid! Is She Stupid?”)

They’re about a household in which the dark-skinned maid is an adorable tsundere, being in a stormy relationship with her master. She openly rants, pouts, plans (unsuccessful) revenges, until she at last receives “punishment”. Let us add her people have a rare condition where they lactate aphrodisiac milk once aroused.
There will be lots of teasing, tsundere’ing, boobies fetish and anal sex, all of that with an original drawing style :twisted:

Seriously, guys, go for it :D The dialogues are spicy, very funny, the maid and her master play a well tuned game, it’s a pleasure to read it ^^
Plus… A dark-skinned maid wearing bloomers? JEBUS!!!

We owe those quality volumes to Dynellen, who commissioned for this Dick Tater, God Revan, The Tsukuyomi, AkazaChan and RaccCITY. Thank you very much! ^_^

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Mama Tomo Harem [English], by Maimu-Maimu

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Everybody deserves a therapy. Yep :D

It’s a funny tale we’ve got here. A young man sees his life crumble because he couldn’t get over his phobia of women that plagued his highschool life and professional carreer. Two neighbourhood MILFs, moved, decide to lend a hand. Because, you see, there’s a trick: if the women are seen as mothers, the phobia disappears. So the plan is to get used to fucking MILFs, and… then… Wait, how is that supposed to help anyhow for all the women who aren’t mothers yet, fuck, I didn’t realize?!? :shock:

I’m puzzled, as I type, right now. I’ll take ten last seconds to praise the generous art, burdened by whiteout censorship, but plenty enjoyable nonetheless.
It’s a Fated Circle release, many thanks! ^_^

By the same artist, called Maimu-Maimu and also Box Representation In A Cat, I also share Kokuritsu Hitozuma Gakuen (204 pictures), Kyouko Sensei To Boku No Himitsu (โ€œKyouko-sensei and My Secretโ€, 124 pictures), Delivery Mama โ€“ Midara No Ore No Gibo-san (90 pictures), The Teacher For Making Kids, Beast + You Can Not hentai and Mgirl.

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