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Pack of 2 [English] works by Oroneko, full of vanilla and WAFF :)

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Summer nectar. Enjoy your drink, mate!

More vanilla for you guys! Once again, it’s commissioned by Alexey, and scanlated by Bango, Kusojiji, Baran, Neith and Orla, from Hennojin. Thank you so much! ^_^

Today, these are 2 works by Oroneko:
Charming Strategy Love At the Beach. Bikini, confession, sex full of WAFF.
Onegai Maid-sama. A maid costume, footjob and domination of the male, then the obligatory turning of the tables, once again a heart-warming WAFF conclusion.

It’s only three years that I’ve been reading works by this mangaka, which isn’t much, and yet Oroneko is seriously growing into one of my all-time favorite artists. His girls are so full of life! And not only that, they’re endearing, each of them with their own adorable idiosyncrasies! :)
And again today, the girls are adorable, they’re matched with the right boys for them, the drawings match the stories, also full of life, never dull, not too censored (only a few black bras), that was quality as I love to read, and to share with everyone! :kickass:

By the same artist, I also share Complex Cosplex, Girigiri Nama Housou (“Last Minute Raw Broadcast”) and its sequel Sundome Raw Broadcast, Kaikan Jikken and Okuri Ookami Otome Ni Gochuui.

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Koe Dakede Icchau [English, DIGITAL Tank version, 197 pictures], by Ozaki Akira

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I made my best to crop the guy's balls out of the picture. I don't know why, I HATE having them in a pic, ew, gross

Here’s a cornelian choice, if I’ve seen one. Should we go with:
– a high resolution with horrible maximum whiteout censorship (that I shared here), or
– a low resolution version in which there is only very light censorship?
I made you a comparison, in actual image size: FormerLatter.

The latter is the present share: a kind soul, Baha815, has taken the hyper-censored high res version, and applied it (that sounds easy? Think reediting a full volume, for hell’s sake, it’s a ton of work!! Thank you Baha815!! :jap: ) to a Digital Tank version, that had sucky low resolution but was miraculously only burdened by semi-transparent bars per genitalia.

Going from 2500 px high to only 1532 px high, trading whiteout that hid everything for fully visible sex with transparent censorship, is it worth it? I can’t decide for you. Your call: I share both versions now :)

And now, because I’m a lazy ass, for a description of the manga, please refer to what I wrote in the super censored version half a year ago ;)

Side note: I batch processed the images to remove useless white bars above and below the images, 54 and 21 px high respectively. No idea why they were there to begin with, but they were a waste of screen.

By the same artist, I also share Koe Dake De Icchau (high res super censored version, 197 pictures), Rewrite + Clinic volumes 1-2 (362 pictures), Hitozuma Bakunyuu Announcer Yuriko-san Vol 1 (196 pictures), Hitozuma Announcer Nama-Honban (195 pictures) and Dear Shitamachi Princess volumes 1-2 (394 pictures).

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Sakuya Ga Mizugi Ni Kigaetara (“Because Sakuya Changed Into A Swimsuit”) [English, hand-retouched version], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Touhou series, by Koza

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She's stunning, in a bikini, in this volume :)

No need for a complicated explanation for this share: Sakuya puts on a very very small bikini, and enjoys her day off with a coworker she likes, quality bikini sex (twice) follows :)
Please, enjoy her mighty lovely ass, the quality art, and the very small amount of censorship, this is quality hentai :twisted:

Side note, I allowed myself to retouch the images, I think this time it really brought some net value added.
See for yourselves: Before / After!

Thanks a lot to The Chrysanthemum Translations for this release! :jap:

By the same mangaka, known as Koza (artist’s name) or Rocket Chousashitsu (circle name), I also share Yuukarin Chuchu 2, Kazami Yuuka To Naisho Play, Momiji-chan To Goshujin-sama, Alice To Deres and Izayoi Sakuya No shousha Na Jikan.

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Naisho No Gohoushi [English], by Morishima Kon

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You see that image? You really do? Now, please realize that, to view it, you should have your head placed right under the balls of the male protag. Enjoy the imaginary feeling of testicles on your forehead :D

You know what, I regret those times when sister incest was THE hype. I know trends come and go, I know. But since last year, I have the impression the strongest trend is shotacon, it’s kind of a waste, if you compare it to the other possible hypes. Imagine if every mangaka suddenly chose to go into garterbelts and fine lingerie, instead? :D

In this story, a young shota discovers the joys of sex with the restaurant waitress (I’m tagging this as “maid”, she definitely looks like one) on whom he has a crush, the girl enjoying showing him the ropes. It’s mutually pleasant sex without complications, with the mangaka’s fine drawing ensuring good quality all along (save for the X-ray part, in which absolute disregard for anatomy is mandatory.)
Thanks to Kusojiji and Wheldrake for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Ofuro Trouble, and Hot, Meaty Body plus its sequel Shudouken Wa Docchi (“Who’s In Control ?”).

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Royal Harem [English, Full color], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Azur Lane game, by Rei’s Room

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Honest disclaimer, I darkened a lot that pic for it to look good inserted inside a blog with a dark blue background color, otherwise, in genuine colours, it would have looked suuuuper pale.

I’m missing time, so here’s something super quick to prepare, that pleased my eyes greatly when I read it (and that’s an understatement, the color balance between blues and pinks, the soft drawing style, the lingerie bits… haa, it felt good ^^). Don’t you even expect a scenario, it’s simply a full-color Azur Lane doujinshi in which two girls, called Belfast and Illustrious, have sex with their captain. Simple as that, a fairly good fap’n’go =)

Thanks to NHNL Translations for this release! :)

By the same artist, I also share Taigei Kai No Tsukurikata, There’s No Way My Yozora Is This Cute, Cinderella No Aishikata, Kujira No Ongaeshi and Tsukihi Karen And I Fight Too Much.

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Pack of 4 [English] works by Syoukaki (102 pictures in total)

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Syoukaki has now officially become an artist to keep on watch. I'm having great expectations now :)

This is with great pleasure that I’m preparing this post, I hope it will please a large number of you guys, and who knows, bring you a smile, make you feel happy hopefully :)

I gathered here four works by the mangaka Syoukaki. The stories are long enough to have some plot and have us feel some form of emotional involvement: we get to like the characters and cheer for them.
This is vanilla, must I even mention it ;) In every one of these works (well, a bit less in the last one, Sekimen, in which there’s direct jumping to action) there is mutual care between the characters, they place their partner’s pleasure and happiness before theirs, and they make the effort to understand each other. The kind of heart-warming hentai I love so much =)
Graphically, it’s quite good too, the girls have beautiful eyes, there is an admirable care poured into the girl’s appearances, the censorship is quite bearable, so reading it was a pleasure :)

Those four works are:
Jounetsu Engage
Kyoudou Well Maid
Nimensei Lovers
Sekimen Perfume

Axeley, Vilis, Seijirou1337, Baran and Orla, from Hennojin, are behind those releases, thank you very much! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Egao No Tsukurikata, Shinyuu Affection (“Best Friend Affection”) and Koisame Dolce.

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Dark Elf No Koi Monogatari (“Love Story Of A Dark Elf”) [English], by Miyamoto Liz

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Lovely ^_^

It’s customary on the internet to ask if it is allowed to have a dark elf experiencing mutual love and blissful sex. Shouldn’t she be raped, broken, betrayed, as of usual?

Anyhow, the present share is a godsent for me, it’s a dark elf experiencing mutual love, and having blissful sex :D
The drawings are splendid, imagine that, a maid, with hot lingerie, she’s a dark elf, she’s got an intimate tattoo, her breasts are nice, her butt is lovely. THIS. IS. DOPE!! :twisted:

This was really lovely and seriously hot, go for it, guys! ^_^

Release credits, now, are for Dynellen (who commissioned it), Brolen, Siperi and Bananapow. Thank you dearly :)

By the same artist, I also share Pure Majo Study XXX.

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