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Awesome [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Dragon Quest XI game, by Darabuchi

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Fucking sigh. I resent that shit like that looks absolutely hot and yet I'd rather puke my guts out rather than fap to it.

I get it, that Dragon Quest XI is the most realistic DQ game ever, so it attracts more attention towards the female characters. I get it, that Martina is no doubt the hottest girl in the game, and the variety of outfits she will wear, her in-game techniques, all of that increases the sexual tension around her. I also get it, she’s designated as the girl to brainwash, it apparently also happens in the game, right?
Could we please get one hentai doujinshi in which she isn’t hypnotized and/or mindbroken?
Please? T__T

Here comes a very good-looking release, in which Martina falls under the control of your random hentai scumbag. Quality sex, and a story worth a dozen facepalms. Ah, sigh, it’s still worth the look.
Thanks to Darknight for this one.

We owe this release to Dark Knight, thank you! :jap:
By the same artist, I also share Phantom Thief, a pack of 2 works (Barista + Kumori Nochi Hare), Zettai Kyosha 1-3 and Tosshi Tosshi mata Tosshi.

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Kono Natsu, Shoujo Wa Bitch Ni Naru [English, Improved and longer version], by Hal

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Wow. Intense.

Please trash the version of Kono Natsu, Shouno Wa Bitch Ni Naru that I shared two years ago, thank you.

See this BEFORE / AFTER! striking comparison :twisted:

A new version has come out, with:
– 12 additional pages (a full new chapter),
– new scanlators (Progste, Slobber and Mysael, that I can’t hope to thank enough! :jap: ), replacing Cgrascal’s inferior quality work
– dazzingly better scans, with a fuckton less censorship and much superior image resolution!

To describe the manga, now… Well… It’s a clusterfuck.
Graphically, it goes from very good-looking and intense, to extremely good-looking and insanely intense. But… well, I found it hard to appreciate it, when everything revolves around the female MC totally losing her marbles, falling in a spiral of corruption and emerging more than broken, triumphantly fucked up, to exert fucked up justice upon the unworthy. In the beginning, she was given false hopes of romance, dumped, used humiliating sex as relief, became a filthy cum dump, and in the end she transmuted herself into a femdom queen, found the boy who stole her virginity and purity, and breaks him :shock:

By the same artist, I also share My Wife Is A Nudist (“Okusama Wa Razoku”) + My Wife Is A Nudist After, Atashi Ga Roshutsukyou Dakaratte Yariman Janain Dakara Ne, Bitch Summer Vacation, M No Honkai and My Girlfriend Is My Innocent Queen.

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Gutto Onedari [English, 200 pictures, Complete!], by Nukunuku Orange

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Just... Wow. Some scenes, such as that one, were intense O_o

EDIT: see the comments below for details, thanks to Dynellen, I didn’t notice the chapters 1-4 were in a degraded version (not the chapter 5, so it only affected the pngs, oddly.) I replaced the zips I share with a clean version, with best non-degraded originals. Comparison: earlier versionnew version. In case you already downloaded the full manga, well, I humbly apologize, and offer you this direct DDL link to the chapters 1-4, new version, you can simply delete images, from #1 up to #073, and replace them with the contents of this zip.

A few days ago MaxBigfoot contacted me about this manga, he had found it inside an old imagefap gallery, without any information, and the most surprising was that this imagefap gallery was complete, the full tank was in English. Everywhere else we could find on the internet, only the chapters 1-5 of Gutto Onedari were translated.
Isn’t that weird, frankly? There are no credits past the first five chapters, so, it’s all a mystery. This doesn’t look like a rewrite (consistency, quality of typesetting, “convincing” dialogues and setups), I feel it’s more like an unsigned scanlation :shock:
So, please, if you have additional information, do let me know :)

In the meantime, let’s enjoy a complete 200 pages long scanlated tank, shall we? ^_^
The manga is focused on anal sex, highschool girls (plus two freshly adult nurses) adoring it. Prepare yourselves for huge ahegaos, max blushing, plenty of fluids flying everywhere (creampies, female ejac, a bit of lactation, etc), very intense action with only minimal censorship, the images packed considerable (and crude) impact. Each chapter is a single story, a vague canvas, and lots of sex, 90% of it in anal form. Save one ugly chapter (pages 10-33, with blackmail, rape and mindbreak), it’s happy – and kinky – sex, without noticeable romantic feelings.

Release credits are for Yoroshii and Afro Thunda, for the chapters 1-4, and Doujin-Moe for the chapter 5 (that was known, as a standalone release, as “Ottyo Ko Nasu“, “Careless Nurse 2”). Thank you very much, and thanks to the unknown anon(s) behind the second half of the volume! :jap: Also, Max Bigfoot deserves kudos, without him, I wouldn’t be sharing Gutto Onedari ^^

By the same artist, I also share Hameana Jirashi Ketsu Naburi (“Tease The Fuckhole, Torment The Ass”, 205 pictures).

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Again volumes 1-2-3-4 [English, 182 pictures], a pack of hentai doujinshi parodying the God Eater series, by Lithium (AKA Uchiga)

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Damn, what a sight to behold!

Three years ago, I shared the first volume of this God Eater parody series, Again #1 Stay With Me Till Dawn, but I didn’t understand much about the story. Today, three more volumes are out in total, and I’ve read two wikis plus a few other pages found through web searches, and
I went from “I don’t understand jack shit about God Eater” to “I’ve got the general picture but how the hell does this particular doujinshi series relate to it”. I guess it’s a progress?

Ah well, anyway, here we are, with a repack of the four volumes. I included the volume 1 that I already shared as well, it’s simpler to make it a full (…for now! The story is still ongoing) repack.

The contents, are quite the rollercoaster.
Story-wise, You have a combination of vanilla, sex with love and strong mutual emotions, rape, despair, hope, prospects about the future alternatively dramatic or brimming with hope.
It’s all about Alisa Amiella’s past and present. In the volumes 2 and 3, we watch her past as a sex doll, she was hypnotized and mindbroken into being a cum dump in the hands of nasty evil men. In the volumes 1 and 4 we have flashbacks from a more recent past, as Alisa has vanilla sex, full of mutual love, with her leader Lindow Amamiya, who accepts her and grants her a form of moral salvation. Above it all is a shadow of more drama, as Lindow is (airquotes: wikipedia says it’s all BS) “supposed” to be dead and the evil masterchief makes a comeback. But it’s all very confusing, I found, the way it’s written.
Even art-wise, it’s also a rollercoaster, there are amazing ups, finely refined art (the vanilla chapters) and/or very litle thin black bar censorship (the volume 4), and downs, poorer art (the rape parts) and/or disgusting blur mosaics censorship (the volumes 1-3). All in all, I think it’s still worth readings, so: thanks a lot to N04h and Doujin-Moe!! :)

The titles of those four works I share are:
Again #1 Stay With Me Till Dawn
Again #2 Flashback Memories
Again #3 All That Heaven Allows
Again #4 Blue Tear In My Hands

By the same artist, I also share Dainiji Lindow Obikiyose Daisakusen.

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Succubus-san O Kataritai [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Demi-chan Wa Kataritai (“Interviews with Monster Girls “) series, by Itou Eight

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Hot and sad at the same time

Honest warning: HUGE WALL OF TEXT coming, lol. The doujinshi struck me, I apologize ^^

The drawing style looked a bit peculiar to me compared to other Itou Eight volumes, even the boys were thick, the square expressions on the people’s faces, however it is actually made to resemble the Demi-chan Wa Kataritai series itself (see that image) for instance. So, as far as the drawings side go, huge props to the mangaka for managing to respect a series’ original art style, while turning it hentai!

Story-wise, now. I’m extremely grateful to hentai, it allows me to discover new series that I love, such as We Never Learn the other day, and today, Demi-Chan (look, you can read it here, 37 chapters have been scanlated to this day). But it also has negative effects, as the present hentai share is worse when you know precisely what this is about.
To summarize, the female MC is actually a succubus, and as such, unless she hides everything but her face (example) and avoids skin contact, she will arouse madly the men around her. In the original series, she succeeds in doing her best protecting people from her automatic “effects”; in the hentai manga a secondary character (caring and generous originally, here transformed into a scumbag) accidentally stumbles into her, they have sex, they become intense lovers, and the female MC falls into corruption, gives in to the love of dick and starts making a move on another “pure” man (the male MC in the original series). It’s hot, but it’s sad, so sad for me :(

Truly, this manga is best read when you do NOT know the original series.
Even if graphically it’s hot as fuck.

We owe this release to Desudesu and an Anon, thank you! :jap:

By Itou Eight (circle name: Eight Beat), I also share Milk Dip (210 pictures), CHIAKIchang Help, Moon Light Stream (Uncensored version), Motoyan Onna To Shatei Otoko, Lollipop Of The Dead, Kouhai Missed Memories, Bear Hunt, Okita Ke No Omotenashi, Hikkoshi No Aisatsu Wa Shinchou Ni, Sora To Gyaru No Aida Ni Ha, Uraraka Ura Fuzoku, Kangokushi Saiminnokei, Pichi Muchi, Wakachiai, and, with the pen name spelled a bit differently, Beware Of The Panty Thief.

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Ochita Mesubuta-tachi (“Fallen Bitches”) [English, 192 pictures], by Tendo Masae

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It doesn't show of course, but that image comes from the worse chapter in the book

Normal or magical girls, confronted to various sorts of rapists (human, partly human, monster, magical), are raped, however they feel so good in the end they end up completely mindbroken, period, next chapter begiiiiiins NOW. And so on.
I dislike this theme, it’s no surprise here, but at least I’ll have to be honest and pour some praise, while most of the art is average, there are pretty good moments taking the reader’s eye by surprise here and there. A beautiful face (that’s the best part in the manga, the numerous cute blushing faces), a quality ero position with, by chance, very little censorship… For this reason, I can’t call the manga “garbage” – I mean, I’ll have forgotten about it in two days, sure, but I can’t call it shit at least :D

I think I saw Doujin-Moe credit stamps, soooo, thanks to Doujin-Moe?

By the same artist, I also share Mahou Shoujo Ai (182 pictures).

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D-mode [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Dragon Quest XI game, by Shouchuu MAC

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Ah, if only the Dragon Quest XI game were ported to PC, some day! I haven’t played it (not speaking Japanese nor owning a PS4/Switch), but every youtube video I have seen of the game was splendid. Very, very beautiful graphics mixing quality realistic nature and backgrounds with characters for whom the anime-Toriyama touch were respected, gameplay that doesn’t seem to suck… But I know, I know, it’s a lost cause to see any recent DQ game ported to PC :(

Oh well, anyway. Here is a fairly good-looking hentai doujinshi in which one of the female characters, Martina (you pervs may peep at her here or, in “devil form”, whatever this may mean, here), is hypnotized by a game’s villain (Boogie) and “turned evil”, after some time as her mind breaks her body color changes and she stops being a human. Apparently, this really happens (minus the hypno, hard sex and mindbreak dimensions ;) in the real game. Good art, only relatively thin bar censorship, a story well done for a niche I can’t like, that’s it, the rest is up to you :)

Thanks to Dark Knight for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, known as Shouchuu MAC and Hozumi Kenji, I also share CtoU, Ignition Sunburn, Awahime DL Version, Nouryou Mahou Shoujo No Ichiban Shibori, Usagi and Marriage Blue.

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