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Ayutamu-Sensei [English], by Ohkami Ryosuke

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In Japan, apparently, you can have sex in the street outside a net cafe and nobody will notice. Magic!

A simple and nice release we’ve got here, about a female eromangaka taking inspiration from her new boyfriend :)
As every time one of the main characters is an eromangaka, I can’t help asking myself if there isn’t some autobiographical element, it makes it somehow more interesting, to imagine a flesh and blood person maybe living it for real… :3

And there’s not too much censorship ^^ I feel it’s worth a look at the very least. Thanks to Alexey, Herzer and N04h for this one! :)

By the same artist, whose name I’ve seen written as Ohkami Ryosuke and Ookami Ryousuke, I also share Nemuri No Aizu, Hazukashii Chibusa (“Embarrassed Tits”), Love Hero 21, Love Hero 22, Sexual Time (206 pictures), the great Chichimonogatari (199 pictures, it’s a sweet read !), TS Ryuugaku-Ki chapter 1, TS Ryuugaku-ki chapter 5 and Kano Kare Konpurekksu.

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