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Pack of 4 works [English, Full-color, 102 pictures] by the hentai mangaka Kamogawa Tanuki

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Oh god those boobs.

I gathered here four fullcolor doujinshi by the eromangaka Kamogawa Tanuki (also known as Kamogawaya). There’s never a particular scenario to mention, there are girls, there are dicks, and brains are not necessary frankly ^^
The censorship level is: “infuriating”, AKA huge mosaics, it’s a sad pity. But I believe that doesn’t stop the drawings to be arousing and really pleasant to the eye… I hope you’ll like it enough, haha :)

Those four works are:
Gochuumon Wa Koucha Desu Ka: the Girls Und Panzer girls in school uniforms (woohoo, nylon fetish for the win!!) and (wut?) nanobikini too. One of the girl is a loli, sorry.
Houra: for some reason, Nodoka, one of the girls from the Saki series, has sex with her father. Great paizuri, vaginal sex, and boy does pink hair (and giant boobs) make a girl sexy. A weird note: I deliberately chose to share with you a censored version of this one. The two alternatives I rejected were: a “fantasy” version (with weird changes, ranging from useless/unnecessary to garbage) and a “decensored” version (that was so poorly decensored the original white censorship bars looked much better on genitals.)
Not Pants: three Strike Witches girls, and dicks. One of the girls is a loli, sorry.
Saki To Nodoka Act 2: Saki, again. Foursome time. I know it’s hard to tell because it’s the volume that got, by very far, the greatest amount of censorship, but one of the panels is featuring double penetration, woot.

By Kamogawa Tanuki (also called Kamogawaya), I also share A, Twentys, the excellent re-scanned HQ uncensored version of Elements, a pack of 2 works (Cherry Sister Blossom + Da Houra – Fallen Win), Waryou, NineteenS NXF, Dog Style, a pack of 4 works (the Nineteens volumes : 1, 2, Clock Up and Ne), Saki To Nodoka and Innocence.

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Danke Schon [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Oota Yuuichi (Also Known As Digital Flyer)

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Boom! Headshot!

Graf, Bismark and Prinz are daily sexual partners in this Kantai Collection parody, mostly enjing both Admiral’s dick and their beloved double-dildo.
It’s simple as that, there is no scenario, it’s all about feeling good with each other, with this weird qwirk that all the girls are of German origin and apparently “danke” means dick for them, hence lots of danke-danke ^^;;

The drawings aren’t bad, not fantastic by very far, sure, but pleasant, skillful enough, and I liked the carefree spirit and the nanobikinis, hehe.
Enjoy! And thanks to Constantly for this release :)

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Oboetate – Just Learned It [English, UNCENSORED version, 221 pictures], by Millefeuille

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Great, EXCELLENT NEWS, everyone!
One of my all-time favorite mangas, bursting with quality action, wonderful sex, with smiles, comedy, creampies, boobs and love of life, has been decensored!! :twisted:

The name: Just Learned It. In Japanese: Oboetate.
Who made the dencensoring: our dear Teddy Bear.

I was overjoyed to read that manga at the time of its release in 2010, and mentioned there was only minor censorship. Now that it’s gone, it’s even better ^_^

To keep it short : the drawings are exceptional as long as you have nothing against slightly plump girls (I call them “real girls” and love them even more, personally ^^), there is happy enthusiastic sex, mostly teen highschool girls with a few adults, with constant care for the partner’s pleasure, complicity and sometimes mutual affection, titfucks of heaven, tons of creampies (ROFL !!)…
I don’t know how to express it, but only a few artists give me the impression they LOVE women who love sex… Millefeuille is one of these artists, it shows through his drawings.

I renew my great thanks to the now retired Tadanohito (and all his kind donators) for the scanlation, and now to Teddy Bear for the decensoring, great job!! :D

Best quote of the ending year: “Can’t hold on any longer? OK then, it’s time for my pearl necklace.” – OH GOD

For MORE Millefeuille Goodness, Cf. the list of his Works ! :)

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Ai No Corrida volumes 1 and 2 [English, 92 pictures], a pair of hentai doujinshi parodying the Walkure Romanze series, by Jumbomax

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Headband + nanobkini? I'd bust a nut so fast

Basically, from what I understood from web browsing, Walkure Romanze has become a series, with the porn game, a non-adult ecchi anime and whatnot more. Well, whatever, here this is a porn parody, in which several busty girls with hourglass figures are in bikini and please several men. No idea why they consent to sex, but they fully enjoy it; there’s a “typically Japanese” mood with the girls getting off being verbally teased and reminded of how embarrassing is what they do.
And then (a more mediocre sequel, in the second volume), it’s the main girl having sex on holidays with her boyfriend.
Simple as that, no questions asked ^^
The main girl is called Celia (blonde, blue eyes), but the other girls get a bit of action too.

Let’s add bonus erojoules if you’re like me a huge fan of big breasts, heabands and nanobikinis :twisted:

Thanks a lot to Doujin-Moe for this doujinshi pack! :jap:
By the same artist, I also share Call Me Tonight and Hibikiss 3.

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Kitakami-sama To H Suru Hon [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Drill Biyori

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King Arthur's crowning jokes

Kitakami, one of the many shipgirls in the Kantai Collection universe, is married to her Admiral (a bulky good-looking one, yay, not a faceless nobody or a shota midget as it too often happens! :D ), and spends a holiday with him. First, they’ll have sex at the beach (nanobikini time!) and then at their hotel, in the bathtub and on a bed.

The drawings are good but far from excellent to be honest, and yet I enjoyed it a lot. Perhaps thanks to Kitakami’s braids (huge fetischist here), or the good relation she had with her husband, I don’t really know… ^^
Thanks to whoever is behind this release, BTW! :jap:

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Leopard Hon 23 + Leopard Hon No 2 [English], two hentai doujinshi parodying the “Oshiete! Galko-chan” series, by Leopard

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Aphex Twin smile: I can fap to this

The spirit of a perverted ero-mangaka takes possession of Otao’s body, one of the friends of the busty Galko, from the eponym series. Because she feels guilty she hurt him, she lets Otao do as he pleases with her body. And so does begin a prolungated period of time in which they’ll be lovers, enjoying each other’s bodies, until a surprising conclusion is reached…

That was a nice read. I resented the slightly excessive amount of black bar censorship, but on the other hand… Galko… WHAT A GIRL! WHAT AN ASS! With or without panties on them, I do love shapely asses like that, it must be so good to tap it :twisted:
See for yourselves for the rest, you should enjoy that read, I’m quite confident ^_^

Thanks a lot to Brolen and Doujin-Moe for this one! :)
By the same artist, I also share Oshiete My Honey and Oshiete My Honey 2 Kouhen volume 2.

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Ureta Karada No Hatsujouki [English, 209 pictures], by Takasugi Kou

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All hail the glory of MILFs!

First of all, thanks a lot to my dear Ehud, after Ane Zukushi, he gave me another hentai piece, the complete volume I share here, Ureta Karada No Hatsujouki, by Takasugi Kou. It must have flown under my radar, thank you Ehud ^_^

So, what have we got here. A complications-free complete manga, made of single chapters or short story arcs, in which women of MILF age or officially MILFs have lots of quality sex, either with their sons (like, the two thirds of the chapters, starting from the beginning of the volume) or with various other guys (the final third of the manga). It’s always consensual, with a kink at times. The mood is set to joyful sex with mutual liking and at times odd combinations of love and liking. No drama, no cheating, no issues.

The drawings are kinda okay, not Takasugi Kou’s ultra-best, but they deliver what is promised. Women between 30 and 40, slightly plump, with reasonable pubic hair, having oral sex, with occasinoal bonuses like oral, too few rare anal pages, one chapter with anal and DP. The amount of censorship varies: the manga was made from a combination of separate releases from various sources, so it goes from super small white bars to sometimes mosaics or whiteout.
We owe this release to Desudesu, thank you! :jap:

For MOAR, check The (long) list of Takasugi Kou’s works on Hentairules.

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