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Tawawa Na Kouhai-chan [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Getsuyoubi no Tawawa (“Tawawa On Monday”) series, by Akapenguin

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She's got the boobs and hips for a spectacular hourglass figure, I gotta give her that.

Seriously? The initial purpose of Tawawa On Monday was to provide a positive motivation towards workers and students alike on Monday mornings.
And here, it’s turned into some kind of [ magical hypnosis + woman treated as meat + shouta + netorare conclusion story ] mixed bag garbage bag, in a Box Truck Sex odd context.
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

The art is top notch, normal, it’s drawn by Akapenguin, but the story… argh, fuck it.
Ah, well, anyway, as always, take my rants with a pinch of salt (bad pun, I’m too salty, sorry), see for yourselves :roll:
Thanks to cc0dykid for this release.

By the same artist, known as Akapenguin and Asahina Hikage, I also share a pack of 3 works (Haitenaino Erina-sama + Moon Freak + Moon & Jupiter Freak), Hitomi-chan Chi No Ofuro Ni Iretara, Venus And Mercury Freak, Oneechan Chuuihou Hatsureichuu, Shota Teitoku To Nyuukyo Time, Venus and Moon Freak, Jupiter And Mars Freak, Takao And Kashima Freak, Shimei Shite Mo Ii Desu Ka Tadokoro-chan and Shibu-rin Ga Low Angler Ni Nerawareta You Desu.

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Mesu No Tadashii Haramasekata [English, 202 pictures], by Maki Daikichi

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I can almost HEAR all the instant boners from this picture

Hey, it’s a fairly decent new complete tank we’ve got there, many thanks to Doujin-Moe for the treat :)

The manga is, on top of all, good for the faps (plenty of different girls, all of the meaty, busty, loving sex a lot, with splendid butts and not too much censorship).

But it might leave you with a bad impression if you’re a hardcore vanilla lover. The girls are dumb beyond words, are naturally yearning for dicks, so they’re easily turned into cum dumps by the horny boys around them. If only the girls had been smart and/or had had any sense of pride, I would have had to tag this post as mindbreak. Furthermore, most of the boys (OK, except in 3 chapters) are scumbags who take pleasure, not just in emptying their balls, but in corrupting and humiliating women. Sigh :roll:
So. It’s up to you as always. I know I threw a barrage of negative criticism, but it’s mostly easy to ignore most of the time (remember: the girls are so dumb they’ll welcome anything, and the three worst tags that I added to this post, blackmail, cheating and netorare, are only present in two chapters) and if you only care for the drawings and how hardcore they are (here, as far as DP gangbang style), it’s very good.

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Dosukebe Appli [English, 216 pictures], by Miito Shido

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Twintails, paizuri, and one of the few non-mindbreak happy sex scenes? I HAD to choose that picture

How the hell should I summarize a tank SO FULL OF WTF? Like, overflowing with WTF.

100% of the manga is about women being used for sex, and turned into willing puppets lusting for dick. Most of the time, it’s through the use of various smartphone apps, there’s also a few other devices (a cooperative ghosts, hypnosis, tentacles…), but the end result is always the same. Namely: the women climaxing like crazy with maximum ahegao faces on them. A few of the men “using” the girls have feelings of guilt, but most of the time it’s a scumbag festival.
At least, I have to praise the inventivity, and the quality of the art (anal, vaginal, paizuri, DP, very little censorship… wow.)

I’d rather end it here, the manga was too much for me; check the tags I added to the post if more details are necessary. Credits are for Doujin-Moe, thank you!

By the same artist, I also share Lustful Berry (166 pictures), Lustful Flowers volumes 1-2-3 (121 pictures) and Poppin’ Cherry (212 pictures.)

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Mars Explorer volumes 1, 2 and 3 [English, 209 pictures], by New Bokiya

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I really shouldn't view it as comedy, but I couldn't help it ^^;;

Here is a weird mix of WTF hentai and science-fiction :shock:
In Mars Explorers, human settlers face a series of life-threatening crises, but fortunately a superhuman is among them, with his teleportation powers he can perform miracle last minute rescues.
He can, but he won’t – unless there’s a hot wife to blackmail and turn into his sex sleeve in front of the netorare’d husband. Because he is a total asshole :D

And during sex, asshole-san applies his teleportation superpowers to piston the women in surnatural ways that drive them beyond ecstasy. WHAT THE FUCK (lol)
I’m sorry, I can’t take it seriously, I know the male MC is an actual bad guy, that the power to help ought not be traded for favours (I was touched by the iconic sentence in the first Spidey movie, that with great power comes great responsibility), that the third volume is dangerously nearing mindbreak… and yet it was just too excessive to be taken seriously by me, I giggled most of the time :roll: :lol:

It’s badly censored, the story is excessive in all regards, I don’t even know why I ended up liking it ^^;;
Biribiri, Axalon, Afro Thunda and Zelxus are behind this hentai UFO, thank you :)

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Double Play [English], by Umemaru

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I shouldn't get angry like that. Imbecile teens who betray are commonplace.

HANS? Somebody? I can’t find my flame thrower, damnit. Another time, maybe, sigh.
Anyway, this is the story of a girl taking another boy as a fallback plan but then hopping back to the first guy without a second thought, and in the end shit hits the fan. I mostly wanted to facepalm, though.

If we can only focus on the sex part, the girl is a cutie, barely censored, loving sex, with nice curves, she’s quality fap materials.
It’s a doujin-moe release, thank you!

By Umemaru, I also share Idol Densetsu Kirari (“Kirari, The Legend of Idol”, also called “Pathetic Legendary Idol Kirari”, 188 pictures) and Conversation In The Language Of Flowers: Black Lily.

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Pack of 2 [English] works, focused on swapping, by Taono Kinoko

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I read it with too high expectations, I think, so I enjoyed it less than I could have. I hope my summary will help without wrongly deterring.

I gathered here two works by the eromangaka Taono Kinoko, in reading order:
Koibito Gokko
Kareshi No Me No Mae De Anal Kaihatsu Sareru

They’re about swapping, we’re shown two “open” couples of highschoolers, they love sex and swap partners. All cool? Well, no.
The mangaka enjoys breaking the balance, one of the boys is better endowed and much more a conqueror, and it’s clear as day the “lesser boyfriend” is cuckhold material, his joy is tainted with muted bitterness. Too bad, swapping is very, very rare in hentai, so here we have a failed opportunity (but after all, a good swapping story requires extraordinary balance and sensitivity in the story-writing, I can imagine it’s not easy to do, and even less to manage to get it published, sigh.)
It’s still damn good-looking, the girls are drawn realistically, there is only thin censorship, and lots of sex, it’s excellent fap material at the very least.

We owe this release to Desudesu and Mondo2000, and Faperu, thank you!

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Alice Ga Suki Nano Wa [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Touhou series, by Hiroya

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I don't like the genre, but I have no problem reckoning it was well made.

As always, with netorare stories, I wonder if the mangaka drawing this (1) is a dominant person loving to NTR others, (2) nurtures fantasms of NTRing others, (3) is a sad victim who experienced that trauma and sublimates part of it into art, or (4) simply doesn’t give a fuck (“So, next, I’m drawing midget waffen SS porn? Sure.“) and does what his editor thinks is going to sell :D
Open question, unless one of you here can enlighten us ^^

Anyhow. Here we are, with Alice, totally under the dominion of a tall, manly, heartless man. She accepts to invite a pure kind-hearted boy who had a crush on her, in order to show him how she is fucked hard by a man a hundred times more virile than him (or “than he”? I’m not too sure, here… anyone can help?).
The poor sod has his pride and soul crushed, Alice has her wet pussy pounded, all goes as planned. Graphically, it’s very good, story wise, all due warnings were issued.

Thanks to Desudesu for this release :)

By the same artist, I also share Mariho.

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