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Gekkakou No Ori Ichi [English, 212 pictures], by Sanbun Kyoden

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Begone, fucking piece of shit

I can’t even really explain why, but I loathe anything done by the mangaka Sanbun Kyoden.
The stories, the art, the atmosphere, it makes me feel like I’ve walked through a bigass abandoned dusty spider’s web that clings to my face, I feel dirty.

Call me a faint of heart (bitch please), blame me (rightly so) for falling into irrationality, I don’t care, I gave up entirely on this mangaka. However, still… Not even one occurence of the accursed Sanbun Kyoden on Hentairules? That’s cold.
So, hey, just once, because it was released this week, I’ll share something by Sanbun Kyoden. And then, never again.

There you are, with a manga brought to us by Ragdoll, MintVoid, Tulkus, Graitbait and Baha 815 (the manga was older than that, but Baha815 reedited it to tank scans). Thanks are an order.
It’s about raping, stealing a wife, destroying family ties, and sullying what used to be pure.
If YOU like it, hey, seriously, I’m glad for you that I can offer it. Me, I’m sooooo fucking done, I’m gonna read a WAFF vanilla hentai tank to rinse my eyes.

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Yaruki Switch (“Aphrodisiac Switch”) [English, 198 pictures], by Nikusoukyuu

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Dayum, this is my favorite page in the whole manga

In this share, for undisclosed (till the end) reasons, a female mad scientist gifts a creepy loner man a very special gift: he can view on women a symbol of their sexual frustration, and act upon it to place them in a state of hypnosis, with various follow-up effects (always including sex, naturally.)
There’s true potential to this idea, however, to my regret, this newfound power went to the male MC’s head and, eventually, using D&D terminology, he switched from chaotic neutral to chaotic evil. As the saying goes, “All power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely” (Lord Acton.) With a form of justice in the end, at least.
Long story short, there’s mutually pleasant sex with no harm done, mutually consented domination (going both ways), so far so good, but also netori, netorare, and even rape, it’s kind of a pity.

Graphically, though, this is damn GOOD! At times it reminded me of the early works of Shunjou Shuusuke (before his girls started eating five meals a day, something about the eyes perhaps…) Very little censorship, very good-looking girls, if you’re here for the faps, you’ll have quality materials aplenty :twisted:

We owe this release to Sailor1980 and Desudesu, thank you! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share GyaruImo.

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Aniyome To Gitei – Kindan No Kankei part 2 (“Kouhen”) [English], + a repack of the parts 1 (“Zenpen”) and 2 (“Kouhen”), by Zonda

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A hot ass is hot, even when this is netori and netorare

Just in case, a tiny bit of clarification (you’ll also find it in my glossary): after I shared the part 1 (aka Zenpen) 3 weeks ago, here comes the part 2 (aka Kouhen), of the Aniyome To Gitei – Kindan No Kankei mini story arc, coming from a manga called Hitozuma X Netorare :)
So, yeah, well, the sequel came, and I *think* this is final, the story is over.

In the chapter 1, a young wife lacks the willpower to tell her fuckface mother in law it’s not her fault she doesn’t breed, it’s her husband who is infertile. Hentai oblige, here comes the husband’s twin brother, similar DNA but fucked up personality, who is glad to lend a hand penis in private. Soon enough (as in: half a page) the wife adores sex with the much more skilled and experienced brother.
And then there’s the chapter 2, in which the scumbag brother invites the last remaining brother to join the whack-a-hole party, with the wife a-do-ring those sturdy dicks.
… right in the devastated husband’s face. Full netorare + netori. Everybody agrees to treat him like shit and humiliate him forever.
The ending was so bad it became comical for me, ew, lol.

Honestly, while the story is bad, the drawings are EXCELLENT, with splendid art, only minimal censorship, absolutely fapworthy.
Thanks a lot, for this release, to Girugameshu, LonerPrime, Nyarlathotep, Riscent and Toffee San, from Team Kamikiller! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share the neutral Imekura Kanmusu Takao-san to Shota Teitoku, the comedy-driven Ran-man and the “try too hard, fail so hard” rage hentai Saikai (“Reunion”).

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Pack of 2 works by Arakure [English]

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Her chin looks like an erect penis seen from below. There, now you can't unsee it :D

Not a good day for married women. Not when Arakure is in charge :D

The two Arakure works I share here are:
Hitozuma Wa 2-do Okasareru, in which a wife cheats on her husband, and another guy blackmails her with evidence to have sex with her, him too. I’m tagging this as netori, because the wife is clearly won over, praise the mystical power of huge lightsaber dick!
Minami-san Wa Osake Ni Yowai, in which a boss gets his female employee drunk, and then fucks her silly in her half-conscious state before his husband arrives to pick her up

I’ve seen much worse as far as the stories go (the husbands stay oblivious and aren’t made to suffer, it’s “only” netori in one case and “only” -with huge airquotes, okay- raping a mostly unsconscious woman in the other case), so I guess it’s a matter of having a fetish for this or not.
However, I’ll be praising the drawing style, the women have extremely fuckable bodies, with quality screentones work, the talent is undeniable.

N04h and Herzer are behind these two releases, thank you! :)

By the same artist, I also share Tsuma To Charao Ga Kieta NTR Bedroom, Hitozuma To NTR Shitami Ryokou (“Married Woman and the NTR Inspection Trip”), Hitozuma To NTR Chounai Ryokou and – I’m not 100% sure it’s the same artist, but chances are it is – Prison Rape.

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Netoriai [English], by Tarazoo

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Poor girl. Sexy eyebrows though.

I doubt this share will provide satisfactory fap materials for most of you because of its story. But, on the other hand, that’s why I’m sharing it, the story. It’s… ah, well, food for thought. The kind of thing you read fast, and then you find yourself thinking it over and over multiples times during the rest of the day, I don’t know if that happens to you too?

It’s a case of self-netorare, here. As a young man, the male MC had his best friend betray him, belittle him and steal his shy, tender, loving girlfriend away. A generation later, the daughter of the formerly best friend and GF has become his student, is the spitting image of the GF, and is falling in love with him.
The rest is sex, of course, but me, all I was thinking of was how sad the male MC was, unable to love the girl for who she is, and probably already plotting to let himself be invited to the dinner table to drop the “by the way I fucked your daughter” bomb.
I can’t hate the characters, I can’t really sympathize either… damn, it gives me very complex feelings.

By the same artist, I also share Yaoya Komachi.

We owe this release to M(_ _)M and Obsoletezero, thank you! :jap:

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Hamakaze Netori [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Abe Inori

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Why does it become hotter with stockings? No, seriously, I wonder

I’m no fan of mindbreak + netori scenarii, but I must reckon that, within this specific niche, that was a very good product. Good art, the atmosphere so loaded with sexual intensity it’s stifling, and a dark hopeless story from which there was no escape for the female MC, Hamakaze: blackmail, forced sex, and the unescapable willingfully consented mindbreak.

So: fuck it, but hats off, lol. Credits are for Doujin-Moe, thank you! ^^;;

By the same artist, I also share Anamawashi (205 pictures), Rental Tanetsuke Oji-san, Deisui Sara-chan Omochikaeri Namahame Sex, Seisai Kuubo Ga Netoraremashite ~Shoukaku Hen, Ore No BiriBiri Ga Konna Deredere Na Wake Ga Nai, Hiai Shimai and Tomoe Mami Wa Majo Dearu.

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I Already Have a Huge Titty Girlfriend, But Now My Busty Junior, Hami, Has Come to Entice Me [English, Uncensored!], by Kuusou

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Unless I am mistaken, this is only the second time I see a woman with *officially* false boobs in an hentai manga

Ahem. On the one hand, there is “ugly” cheating, cheating behind the GF’s back, turning one’s back to the whole world by losing oneself in pussy, which makes sex look kinda sad.
On the other hand, DAYUM THIS DOUBLE RATION OF BOOBS!! :D Plus, it’s uncensored :3

There isn’t an actual scenario to mention, first the male MC with his “official” GF, then with another woman with larger (giant) boobs who netories like a pro, intense sex, well, this is it.
Thanks to Ancient Archon for this release, and give those boobs a chance, check it out, the paizuri and vaginal sex were excellent =)

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