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AshiColle Sono volumes 4-5 [English, Full color], a pair of Kantai Collection hentai doujinshi, by Kase Daiki (circle DKsha)

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Never shall we read a girl exclaim "It's so easy with your small dick!" - at least, never on HentaiRules ^^

I’ve gathered here two pretty decent fap’n’go hentai doujinshi in full color, featuring mostly Graf and Kashima, plus a few other girls, in thighhighs + uniform, and bunny girl outfits, having sumata and vaginal sex.
Don’t bother trying to find a scenario, these are mostly illustrations of girls in sexy time, basically, and it is damn fine like that :)

By Kase Daiki, to this day, I also share Kashima-chan to Suimin Ecchi, Consolation, AshiColle 3 (as part of a large pack of other works by variou smangakas) and Cho Hatsu Apron

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Watashi Ni Mawashite Ura Kairanban [English, 205 pictures], by Yano Toshinori

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Yeah, she was my favorite girl, the landlady

Niiiice, a new complete tank has been released! :woot:

The manga is about a man moving in a particular apartment building, with a unique set of rules, only singles are allowed and sex may be freely asked and consented (tell me you see what I mean, if I say it gives Tokoharusou vibes!!), it is even actively encouraged. Soon enough, the male MC who just moved in feels he’s in a private harem, with an open happy ending of sorts :)

TBH, I’m not a maximum fan or either the art (not too censored, rather realistic, nothing particular to mention) or the story (linear, no surprises). I’ll reckon it was good, satisfying, without being a work of art or having a story giving me strong emotions, or characters to which I would grow attached. In itself, this is good enough, let’s say!

It’s been commissioned by Pony and released by CovertOpBoobs and Lazarus LP, from Lazarus H, thank you! :jap:

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Hanakan Nande Konna Koto Ni Naru Zura [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Love Live Sunshine series, by Yopparai Oni

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Fuck that scumbag teacher. And fuck the absence of a proofreader.

Okay, nylon fans, this is for you lovely freaks that I’m sharing this doujinshi :D
Fair warnings: (1) the english is bad, seriously bad, I cringed all along and yet English isn’t even my mother tongue, (2) this is a mildly ugly story based on blackmail and domination (the victim: Kunikida, a Love Live! idol, she lets a teacher toy with her to protect her friends from his harassment), and (3) look, I already mentioned it, but the English is so bad I must warn you again.

At least, we’ve got decent art, it’s especially good if you love nylon and one piece swimsuits, and in the end, you have this jewel of a printed advice:
“Rape is criminal conduct
Please, just do it to 2D girls”

Thanks to Gagak Black for the release!
By the same artist, to this day, I also share the vanilla-coated Umikan Love – Umi-chan To Ecchi Suru Hon.

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Pack of 3 works: Matsuri One Shot + Matsuri Zenpen + Matsuri Kouhen [English], by Mashira Dou

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When I exported the cropped image to jpeg on my disk, it FUCKING BECAME BLUE. Damn, I hate, I hate so much indexed colours with their weird palettes.

I gathered here three separately released parts of a same series.
Spoiler-free summary: netori and netorare, forbidden love temptation between stepsiblings.

Spoiler-rich summary, those works are:
Matsuri One-shot: apparently, it’s after that one that a “developed” version was created, made of the two follow-up volumes,
Matsuri Zenpen: the “true” first volume, setting up the plot details, starring a brocon stepsister whose love is rejected (footjobs don’t count) by her stepbrother, as he has a realistic approach and doesn’t want to leet teenage emotions destroy everything his parents and family have built. Dejection and the immature desire to jump into harm to punish those who love and care for her make her fall into the arms of the school’s fuckboi.
Matsuri Kouhen: not really a conclusion in my opinion, but praiseworthy developments. The sister and fuckboi, while having lots of sex, reconsider several times why each of them feel attraction and what they’re really seeking in life. In a twisted way, they mature more than they evolve. As for the brother, in the end, he too shows not only a clear mind (he had it from the start, remember, he rejected a free hole when it was offered), but some form of empathy and courage.

At first I thought this would be yet another netori + netorare story, blank and boring. But then to my surprise, the characters showed some personality, some intelligence, and refused to stay true to the caricature of stereotyped personas they seemed to have. They matured, questioned themselves, became a bit less dumb…
So, yeah, in my opinion, this is quite worth a read :)
– provided, last warning, you understand you’ll have netorare/netori.

We owe those three releases to Xenegenesis (the one-shot), and CoNTRa and N04h, thank you very much! :jap:

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Double Wish [English], by Waves

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I cropped out the guy. Who cares about him.

Double Wish is a decent hentai release, in which a young female teacher finds she shares the same wish as a male student, to have sex and make her pregnant. Following which they start working on making their shared dream come true ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

I didn’t feel “moved” by the story for some reason, and the art, while it was good, was still severely censored with plenty of black bars, this is why I’m calling this “decent”, rather than “great”. For the rest, hey, it’s entirely up to you, I can only wish you love it more than I did, it’s got the potential for it :)
Side note: I very slightly retouched the images, to add a tiny bit of contrasts and depth to the relatively flat and unimpressive images.

Thanks to Desudesu, Job Truniht and PureEnergy for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Secret Game.

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Kanjuku Hatsutsumami Otome (“A Ripe Maiden’s First Harvest”) [English], by Tanishi

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FFS, shave or at least trim that shit, woman

I’m really, really no fan of hairy armpits. But if I had managed to put it aside, I’d have called it a solid share, about an OL finally finding a man interested in her, and discovering at last the joys of sex. She’s pleasantly meaty, very busty, has a cute round face… Well, yeah, it’s a good share – except for the armpit hair, wtf ^^;;

Thanks to Dynellen and DrunkenWeeb for this one! :jap:

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Elf No Mukotori (“Elf’s Trial”), Trap-Shiki hunting.

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Pack of 4 Uncensored futanari works [English], by Hinemosu Notari

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Almost makes me regret I'm not a futa fan

I gathered here four works by Hinemosu Notari:
Atago Takao Souhon
Katori Sensei No Tokubetsu Renshuu
Pola Pri
The Bigstick Blues

Apparently, we’re in a version of the Kantai Collection universe in which it is customary for the shipgirls to have working penis attached to them and “practice” with them  ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
Thus, we have a dominant Atago, a submissive Takao, Pola, Prinz, Iowa and Yamato, and a few other girls, partaking in hard fucking each other, long story short ^^

The drawings are rather good, and on top of all, they’re fully uncensored, which was very nice :twisted:
It’s not too much my cup of tea, however I would whole-heartily recommend it to the futanari lovers :)
Release credits are for Anon, Vilis, Potato, VHRP, Neith and Orla, from Hennojin, thank you!

By the same artist, I also share Read Me (212 pictures, , High Res, Uncensored and Retouched version), Seifuku Henai (“Uniform Devotion”) (202 pictures) and Working With Toys (Uncensored version.)

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