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Maru No Hodokoshi [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Love Live Sunshine series, by Alp (circle Ringoya)

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I hope calling it Moe wasn't overdoing it, but that was my overall impression. It's frustrating I can't find the proper words to explain why.

Call it fap’n’go, call it McHentai, you’ll get the idea. Quality art, an easy story, it’s usable without needing to be a masterpiece, and as a bonus it’s cute enough (a kind of “moe” impression, I can’t describe it properly…) to deserve to stay in one’s hentai collection, in my opinion :)

A brief summary: teen idol Hanamaru, because she’s kind, is a priest’s sexfriend. Yeah, I know lol.
Biribiri and Axalon, for Doujin-Moe, are behind this release, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Dressing Up and Miwaku No Kusari

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Teacher’s Cabinet [English, 90 pictures, it’s a complete, although short, volume], by Saranaru Takami

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Now, picture her with a nun outfit. It gets even better :D

DAYUM!!! :kickass:
The women in this manga have spectacular legs, long, excessively shaped (it’s a compliment ^^), usually covered in sexy thin fabric (look, I’ll call that nylon). Add to that their exaggerated hourglass figures and plump bodies, you’re in for a treat: lots of excellent paizuris and (something too rare) great assjobs! :twisted: Sure, most of the time you’ll have heavy censorship, but the qualities of the drawings make up for it.
I’ll also gladly praise the care given to sexy lingerie. Really, this manga is great if you love curvy women ^___^

Story-wise, it’s the “slightly older and experienced woman with newbie promising youg man” canvas. A young female teacher healing a student’s broken heart and enticing him back into school again, a nurse taking care of students’ needs, a private tutor motivating her student, and lastly a teacher meeting a former student by chance. Nothing special, but it works =)

Release credits are for Ladrason, Desudesu commissioned by Ozma and an Anon, Jonaq and Cgrascal. Thank you dearly :)

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Melcheese 38 Juujun Atago Shinjin Debut [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Nama Cream Biyori

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The feeling of a coitus well done.

Do you like large breasts, mutual loving, ripped stockings? Seek no more, and enjoy Agago, lol ^^
Here is a fine-looking release by Nama Cream Biyori, serving us quality as of usual, the art style is lovely, the action is intense (although a bit too censored, so many black bars, sob), and there’s even tiny bits of comedy here and there =)

Tigoris Translates is behind this release, but I don’t know who commissioned him. So: thanks to whoever is concerned! :)

Fore more, see The updated list of all Nama Cream Biyori’s works on Hentairules :)

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Amayadori (“Taking Shelter From The Rain”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Ahru

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I don't understand. The girl is in doggystyle, right? She has a ponytail, right? So: WHY isn't her man pulling on the ponytail?!? WHY?

Hehe, after Ryuuta, Aoi Hitori and Takahashi Note, here is Ahru’s version of an hentai called Amayadori: that’s some popular title, right? ^_^

Well, other than that, simply, we’re in Kantai Collection, and Chitose is taking shelter from the rain (hence the title) with her admiral. Wet clothes, an opportunity alone with nobody to watch: this occasion is as good as any, hentai time!
The drawings aren’t exceptional (more like a bit above average, IMO), but it’s a decent enough read, I feel :)

Thanks to Doujin-Moe for this release! :jap:

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Naisho No Gohoushi [English], by Morishima Kon

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You see that image? You really do? Now, please realize that, to view it, you should have your head placed right under the balls of the male protag. Enjoy the imaginary feeling of testicles on your forehead :D

You know what, I regret those times when sister incest was THE hype. I know trends come and go, I know. But since last year, I have the impression the strongest trend is shotacon, it’s kind of a waste, if you compare it to the other possible hypes. Imagine if every mangaka suddenly chose to go into garterbelts and fine lingerie, instead? :D

In this story, a young shota discovers the joys of sex with the restaurant waitress (I’m tagging this as “maid”, she definitely looks like one) on whom he has a crush, the girl enjoying showing him the ropes. It’s mutually pleasant sex without complications, with the mangaka’s fine drawing ensuring good quality all along (save for the X-ray part, in which absolute disregard for anatomy is mandatory.)
Thanks to Kusojiji and Wheldrake for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Ofuro Trouble, and Hot, Meaty Body plus its sequel Shudouken Wa Docchi (“Who’s In Control ?”).

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Ima Kara Kanojo Ga Netoraremasu (“From Now On She’ll Be Doing NTR”) [English, 226 pictures], by Umemaru

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IDK why, really, but I ADORE that picture

The netorare is strong in recent tankoubon releases ^^ Although, this time, it’s less a problem for me, I’ll elaborate.

So, here comes Ima Kara Kanojo Ga Netoraremasu, in which cheating is a tradition all women accept, and men alternate between enjoying stealing, and enjoying being a cuck. Look, no drama, they’ll even fantasize about it at times.
Jokes aside, there are a few “rage” moments, but they’re quite scarce (and a reaction to how dumb some characters are or how hard the mangaka tries, you see, not a reaction to the story in itself), and my focus was much more on the SPLENDID graphical quality of the art. Intense, joyful, full of life, of talent, with realistic detailed art, woah :shock: :D

Love or hate this kind of netori+netorare manga, it’s your call. But at least, check it out for the art, it is worth it in my opinion :)
Thanks to Doujin-Moe for this release! :jap:

By Umemaru, I also share Idol Densetsu Kirari (“Kirari, The Legend of Idol”, also called “Pathetic Legendary Idol Kirari”, 188 pictures) and Conversation In The Language Of Flowers: Black Lily.

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Tadaima Kareshi Ikuseichuu [English], by Agawa Ryou

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Yes. That ass. YESSSS!!

WebDriver, thank you very much for this, brings us a nice release, with a bit of comedy and WTF impressions all along ^^

Here, I have conflicting aspirations, I would like to tell you everything, but on the other hand giving you off the details would make it more boring to read… So, nah, I’ll shut my trap, and simply encourage you to read this share, there’s loving, giggles, happy sex, a damn fine ass and hardly noticeable censorship, it’s good! :D

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