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Miwaku No Kusari (“The Chain Of Fascination”) [English], by Alp

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Even in American video porn, I don't think I've seen this position  more than a few dozen times.

The female MC has a refreshing outlook on boys: she accepts confessions, but skips to sex immediately! After all, how could she be happy with a man if he doesn’t drive her crazy in bed? Ergo: better test bed prowess before becoming emotionally involved, right? Right! :twisted:

It’s decent sex, with above average art, I would say. Check it out? ^^
Thanks – as so often, lately! – to N04h, Herzer and Alexey! :jap:

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Oshiri Asobi [English], by Akanagi

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Biribiri, Axalon and Jerk, thank you very much for this, bring us a very good anal hentai manga :)
There is no particular scenario to mention, a girlfriend reluctantly accepts to try anal once, to please her BF, and spends the day at school with a vibrator up there, in preparation. When the evening comes, she’s more than ready, and it’s a highly successful first backdoor time.

I won’t pretend everything’s fine, there is blur-mosaics on the vagina and penis – but not on the anus, god bless ambient hypocrisy :D It’s a big stop sign for most of us. But maybe you’ll be able to still enjoy it, I’d say everything else was highly worth it =)

And I know some people don’t like Anal, to each his own of course. But me, when I see quality anal, DAYUM! Even in real life, it has so many advantages: tighter, no risk of impregnation, other positions, a good second option for the red river days…

By the same artist, I also share Ichaicha Konekone Lovelove and Tatoe ba Shokuhou san ga Kamijou san to Chucchu shitari suru Sonna Sekai ga Moshi aru to Sure ba.

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Onee-chan No Stocking [English], by Shinooka Homare

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Go for it, brother, go for it!! We're rooting for you!

Hehe, I like shares like this, when the female lead goes totally overboard, over-analyzing everything and letting her crazy imagination run wild, and yet she remains earnest and tries to do well ^^

What else to say? It’s got a comedy-based intro (not full-volume comedy, regrettably, only before sex begins ^^), with foot and nylon fetish, followed by more conventional vaginal sex, enjoy, and may wincest comedy hentai triumph yet another time ^___^

Peganuss, Vilis and Herreis, from Hennojin, are behind this release, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share By the same artist, I also share Anta wa Atashi no Ottoman (“Little Brother, You Are My Ottoman”), Non-Stop Kinugasa-san and a pack of 5 works (Idolize volumes 1–2–3–3.5 + Stomomo Nyuukyo Dock.)

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Kizuna Level Nante Kankeinai Desu [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate/Grand Order series, by Akiduki Akina

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Too many girls remove their glasses for sex. At least, not in hentai :D

Haaa, a nice and simple share, not wasting much time on a scenario ^^
In this manga, Mashu, from Fate Grand Order, has sex with her Master, who gently teases her until she confesses wanting to have him inside her. Good vaginal, nylon fetish, good intense anal (and with fine positions for that, too), with (mostly) tolerable black bar censorship.

Hopefully, you may enjoy the read, it’s up to you ;)
Me, I’ll end by thanking our friends, Zathael, Biribiri and Axalon, good choice and job! =)

By the same artist, under the pen names of [email protected] and Akiduki Akina, I also share Shinkon Quest, Kongou Collection, We Can Have Sex Since You’re Not My Real Brother, Right?

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Onee-chan Wa Shinpaishou (“Big Sis Is A Worrywart”) [English], by Onee-chan Wa Shinpaishou [English], by Kurokoshi You

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Good stockings can cost a lot, heh, better keep it a fantasy

Some stories are so simple, reading them must take less time than enduring my uselessly lengthy post descriptions :D
Here, it’s a sister with her stepbrother, she wants him badly, and, eventually, at last, goes for it. It’s cute (although, to be frank, the art isn’t as good as past releases by the same mangaka), with moderately annoying thick black bars and a healthy nylon fetish :3

It’s a release we owe to Dynellen, Crystalium, Amalteha, Cadenza, Freudia, HayateK4L and [email protected], from Team Koinaka, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share In-Suru (227 pictures, Tanu Chichi, Hanayome Sakari, High Risk Game, Twinkle, and, last but not least, Yuudachu (“A Sudden Evening Rain”)

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M Kyoushi Mochizuki Sensei No Himitsu (“M-Teacher Mochizuki-Sensei’s Secret”) [English, 207 pictures, tankoubon version], by Ohtomo Takuji

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The addition of her little braids is yet another stroke of genius ^_^

I don’t clearly remember when the scanlation of this manga began, but I can tell it was eons ago. I totally forgot about it over time, waiting for a “more complete” version and then forgetting again, until 45 minutes ago when I saw it had finally been released in a full, complete, final and official version. Wow :shock: :D :woot:
You have it in tankoubon scans and quality, so, to keep it short, lol, ENJOY! ^^

A brief summary: variations on the theme of “a super hot teacher joins a school where everyone lusts after her, teens and adults”. different setups, depending on which arc we are in: comedy, vanilla, blackmail, casual sex, plus in the end two lesser chapters featuring a nurse and a rape class. And the art: top tier hentai, with very little censorship, totally worth it :D

Release credits are for a long list of persons, with first and foremost, as commissioner, our dear Dynellen. Credits, so, are for: Yoroshii, Nemui, Afro Thunda, Nefoarious, Gurumao, Striborg, Painload and Nasen. Thank you, thank you so much :)

By Ohtomo Takuji, also known as Number2, I also share the excellent Drinking Virgin (186 pictures, Uncensored), Idol Sister (191 pictures, tank version), Katekano (146 pictures), Karumina, Takuji Hon 1-2, Boku Wa Seieki Ga Ooi Node, Idol 100% Naka Live (full-color and Uncensored), Ore No Jimiko Ni Nama De Ryaku and a big pack of 7 other works.

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Darjeeling-sama Ichiban Shibari [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Girls Und Panzer series, by Inoue Yoshihisa (under the “Ponyfarm” circle name)

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Look at Poekoe's (thick eyebrows) face, look at it! Awesome =)

Once again, thank you so much to Inoue Yoshihisa-san for opening my eyes, before I found works by this mangaka I had only contempt to BSDM and rope binding (shibari), now I view it as something liberating, a form of expression of the self, and the occasional gold comedy material ^^

In this Girls Und Panzer doujinshi, nothing much “happens”, the ojou-sama Darjeeling who always speaks in proverbs manages to tie herself with perfect tortoise shell shibari, and her school friend Orange Pekoe seizes the opportunity (with a dildo coming out of nowhere.) I’ll let you read it, me, I giggled and enjoyed, hopefully you’ll also find it to your taste :)

We owe this release to CrowKarasu, thank you! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Escape Creator (possibly the BEST rope bondage manga ever, not shitty at all), Teacher X Teacher (181 pictures), Nawashi, Shibarare Hime, Pony-On, Sunao chapters 1-2 and 5-8 + bonus, Surface Avalanche, Watashino Beer-sales Costume, and I’m certain you’d appreciate to read Ojii-San Is A Shounen Detective, a non-hentai hilarious and well-drawn manga !

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