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0930 Oku-sama [English, 226 pictures], by Takaoka Motofumi

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I love that ponytail :3

Mikakunin, thank you very much for this, brought us a fairly nice complete tankoubon, entirely focused on women in their thirties. All but two will be having sex outside of marriage.
Other than that, it’s hard to give a thorough picture, as the manga is a mixed bag of sorts.
Sometimes it’s consensual, sometimes it’s near rape. Sex is never on equal terms, there’s always a side dominating the other, most often men, but not always. Most of the time it’s uncomplicated cheating that doesn’t compromise marital life, but sometimes things get ugly and ecstasy comes with the perspective of future unhappiness.
These are lots of “most of the time… but sometimes…“, sorry ^^;;

Graphically, damnnit, we also fall in the “most of the time… but…:D
The art is good for the women, they’re meaty, busty, have good supple bodies and there’s practically zero censorship over the vaginal and anal sex (with average DP bonuses here and there).
But there’s an issue: honestly, the scans don’t look too good. The levels are correct at least, but for surfaces, there’s a horrible moiré effect over nearly every screen tone. (Edit: thanks a lot to the comment by Bububu, I didn’t know how to name it before.) As a result, the volumes look bad, and against all odds I found myself prefering the panels in which the mangaka drew the fewer volumes as shadows on the skin.

All in all, I think it’s worth a read, enjoy! ^^

There’s much more, Cf. Takaoka Motufumi’s Works on hentairules

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Hamerareta Erina-sama [English, retouched version], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Shokugeki No Soma series, by Studio Wallaby

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Poor Erina. I'd still bang her so hard *cough*

Hentai quotes time:
« That ass just spoke! How is this possible!? »
« Whoa… Awesome!! I fucked you so hard the wall collapsed. »
(Also, don’t tell me you didn’t read the big hentai quotes post?)

NaxusNL, thank you for this, brings us a kinda both funny and WTF piece of hentai, in which the Shokugeki No Soma’s own ojou-sama, Nariki Erina, is hentai raped under ridiculous circumstances (stuck in a wall, like, seriously? ^^;;), and comes to love the dick of the guy who abused her.
As a story, I’ll give you that, it’s nothing big. But the WTF note (see the quotations above, lol), and the quality of the drawings highly make up for it in my opinion; it’s the kind of hentai that will never be called masterpiece but will be perfect for an occasional fap.

Enjoy, if you can! ^^;;
Side note, I retouched the images, making them more impactful. I could have picked a preview picture in which the difference showed more, but, heck, I HAD to use that one instead ^^ BeforeAfter!.

By Studio Wallaby, I also share Mahou Shoujo Asuka (an excellent, very original Evangelion parody), Kimi To No Kiss, Servant Asuka, Charming Asuka, Trouble Musume Haruna & Ryouko, Onee-Chan Sensei Yojigenme 1-4 (154 pages long, and yet it is complete shit), To Love Rukko Momo & Nana (a jewel, that one), Submissive Heart 36, Ayanami Rei, Secret File 5 Next 5, Asuka No Toki and Ayanami No Toki.

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Erina-sama No Renai Kenkyuukai 2 + Les Desserts 2 [English], a pair of delicious hentai doujinshi parodying the Shokugeki No Soma series, by Hisasi

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That was AWESOME!!

Six months after the first pair of volumes, here is the excellent sequel, two FUCKING GREAT new volumes in which Erina and Yukihira have greatly pleasant sex together, in an onsen (nudity) and with Erina dressed as a megane nylon-clad teacher.

The drawings are beyond excellent, they’re genious. Both in greyscale (nylon! glasses! Vibrator! Paizuri! HNNNG!!) and in full-color (a long onsen bath, toying with the ignorant ojou-sama theme, oral, paizuri, vaginal, and it lasts long enough to fully enjoy it.)

I wish you a great time reading it, and thanks a LOT to Metaphrastes! ^_^

But wait ! There’s more. Cf The List of Hisasi’s Works on HentaiRules!

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My Dear Maid [English, COMPLETE VERSION, with the new final chapter 5, 172 pictures], by Takatsu

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Hitting all my buttons at the same time. HNG!

Well, that was a great ride: boys, girls, here is the end of My Dear Maid :)

In the former chapters, a young rich boy, looking younger than his highschool age, abandons his family manor to live alone in a commoner’s flat. Dear, as is called his tanned busty maid, follows him, they make an odd but quality couple, the maid’s poker face and the boy’s tsundere manners can’t hide they’ve got a thing for each other. Later, a pure-bred ojou-sama with thick eyebrows joins, followed by the boy’s mom, because, I don’t know, because hentai ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The 5th and final chapter abandons the harem route, and goes full vanilla. At last, feelings (and not just of lust) are confessed, tenderness is shown, it was cute. Of course, we had our long fill of steamy hot sex, outdoors and at home.
With, in the end, a plot twist I would have never seen coming, good job Takatsu-sensei ^_^

There’s a slight note of comedy, good drawings, tanned skin, a threesome, vanilla, if not for the shota and mother themes, I’d be totally fine with it, huhu.
I don’t want to make false promises, so, yeah, there’s whiteout censorship, and Takatsu does us a Takatsu, frequently screwing up his drawings and making the male hero suddenly look like a grade schooler during sex O_o.
Credits are for Dynellen as the generous commissioner, Lovepupils, Drozetta, JFJF552, Alex68785, Scagli, Svines85 from B.E.C. Scans, SXIndy27/tsukuyomi, and, lastly, for the chapter 5, to Kuma-pun and Genit. Thank you very much!!! :jap:

For MORE, I recommend you The list of Takatsu/Takatu’s works on HentaiRules :)

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Erina-sama Ni Tokusei Kuroi Curry O Gochisou Shita Kekka [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Shokugeki No Soma series, by Tachikawa Negoro

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Erm. So. Okay? No, look, this share got me puzzled. It starts very bad, but it ends kinda well, from a certain pont of view.

We’re in the Shokugeki No Soma universe, and the #1 ojou-sama, the ice-cold arrogant Erina Nakiri, visits a curry restaurant, on a whim. The chef is super-worried, he knows she’ll call his best meal to taste like shit, and it will mean the end of his restaurant. Which leads him to desperate measures: adding an über-secret aphrodisiac spice to Erina’s plate.
I thought we’d witness rape or mindbreak afterwards, but apparently, the male chef was only half a bastard, and Erina recovered well enough in the end O_o

Graphically, at least, no hair-splitting, it’s above average and, ahem, “usable”. Great boobs :D
Thanks to NO4h, Herzer and Armada Du for this one! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Ochibureta Joou (“The Fallen Queen”).

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My Dear Maid chapter 4 [English], + the chapters 1-4 repacked together, by Takatsu

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I picked a fairly honest preview pic this time, showing the censorship and the woman's age

« You’re his mother. This is well within your rights. »
And so, dear pervs, here is the 4th chapter of the My Dear Maid series, by Takatsu.

–Update: good news, this post is obsolete. Follow this link for the complete version :)

Bitch Hi School [English, UNCENSORED version, 200 pictures!], by Kai Hiroyuki

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HNNNNG! I'd want to grab the girl by the thighhighs and let the beast run wild

Aw yiss.
An excellent manga full of cheerful enthusiastic sex has been decensored, thanks to Varkatzas666 and Brad33, thank you so much! ^___^
And of course, also, thank you so much to Tadanohito (now retired) and his kind donators :)

Bitch Hi School (I know, “Hi School”, and not high, deal with it) features plenty of highschool girls (including a cheerleader team ^^) and 2 adult women, having happy sex with mutual liking with good-looking guys, hung like a horse and accepting their luck without second thoughts. There are occasional nice comedy bits (“Jinguuji snipers are the finest” – I laughed… you’ll understand…), but, essentially, the volume is scenario-free and feels-free.

This volume’s very good point is, simply, the drawings: the girls display glorious generous bodies, and they have enthusiastic powerful sex, vaginal, anal, paizuri and oral. The artist occasionally screwed up with the hips (making them extra-wide) or the butt (from nice booty to fat ass), but that wasn’t too frequent fortunately, let’s say the hips area is Kai Hiroyuki’s weak point ^^
And now that everything’s decensored, it looks even better :twisted:

By the same artist, I also share Love Kachuu (“Lover’s Time”, 221 pictures), Ane Haha Kankei (214 pictures, Uncensored), Bitch High School (199 pictures), Work And Sex (213 pictures), My Mountain Village Journal (229 pictures, Tank scans), Please Take Responsability, Manatsu No Hanazono (216 pictures), Amai Sasoi Ni Goyoujin, Onegai Amamama and Female President’s Seductive Interview.

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