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Pack of 2 nice hentai doujinshi [English], by SeN

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Error: cannot unfuck. You'll understand, lol ^^

I gathered here two works by SeN that display amazing eye candy and are built on “easy sex” canvases that don’t fly high and are guaranteed to not stress our poor brains even at the end of the most tiring day ^^

Those two works are:
Kiyohi No Hon, parodying the Fate/Grand Order game, in which Kiyohime is with her Master. There’s a gradually creeping in feeling of unease, as we come to realize the girl isn’t right in the head.
Unbalance Goddess, parodying the Utawarerumono series (yeah, I write “series”: if I weren’t such a hopeless piece of shit human, I would have searched for the name on Wikipedia to at least be able to tell you if it’s a game, a visual novel, an eroge, or something else. I have completely forgotten :D ). In which a girl, Haku, accidentally brews a powerful aphrodisiac, and borrows help from the nearest male, called Kuon. Good sex without bad vibes, this time :D

Thanks to Mitsukai and Constantly for those two releases! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share a pack of 2 mangas (Ame Ni Yadorite + Osananajimi No Gin No Hane), Katakoi, The True Ending’s Other Side, Shiroi Doukyuusei, Kokoro Bakari Present and Please Hold Me.

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Twin Ball Love Attack chapter 5 and tank bonus [English, with the chapter 5 in much-less censored tank scans], + the chapters 1-5&bonus in another Zip file (the story is now COMPLETE!), by Goban

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I feel that Goban is one of those rare mangakas whose work looks even BETTER when in full color O_o

Wait, it was only one month ago, that I was sharing the previous chapter 4 of this series?!? I felt like it was like at least 3 months O_o :shock:

Excellent news, here is the final bits of Twin Ball Love Attack: its chapter 5 and a “tank bonus”, with them the story is now complete! :woot:
The previous chapters were based on magazine scans (and had huge whiteout censorship), while the final chapter 5 uses tankoubon scans and show much less censorship. The tank also came with a short full-color bonus chapter, which is included in the present share.

In case the series is new to you, basically, here’s the gist. Very big-busted slightly plump cheerful volley-ball club highschool girls make a classmate their obligated helper. Nothing better than good old blackmail, right? Throw him a bra, take a photo, and profit! :twisted: Fortunately, hentai oblige, there are no hard feelings and the boy will essentially be helping the girls have sex ^^
Don’t let the mention of blackmail deter you, it’s only here as a form of comic relief. We’re exclusively served happy sex in which the girls take the lead :)
There will be sex in various outfits (including bikini ^_^), in duos, threesomes and group, simple as that =)

Graphically, there’s a good deal of paizuri, whiteout censorship ruining like half of the sex pages (the other half is quite OK) in the chapters 1-4, with Goban’s good drawings. Looking great, enjoy! :kickass:

Credits are for DerEX, Mikocon, DarkMac, Axalon, Wayne and CellTF, for the chapters 1-5 and, additionally for the chapter 5, also to Salar from Hentaicore (scanning the tank) and Dynellen (commissioning of the scanning). Thank you very much, I am most grateful for all you guys did! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Chichi Iro Toiki (198 pictures), Please Kiss Me, Love Cheering, Please Kiss Me, Zettai Nyuuki (“Absolute Breast Kingdom”, 201 pictures), and Renai Katekyo + Secret Study

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Naburizuma (“Teasing Wife”) [English], by Aoi Hitori

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You see the censorship? You see it? THIS is censorship I can tolerate!! :D

I sometimes wonder what have lived the persons who write stories like that. Did they find out in their life that the trust they put into their wife/husband was a fallacy, and they were betrayed, laughed at, behind their oblivious back?
Or is it simply the attraction of darkness, which you can feel precisely because you’re in a comfortable, sheltered situation, you toy with an idea without fearing it will ever befall you?
I guess it’s a mix of both, but, still… sometimes I ask myself again.

Ah, sorry, my bad wall of text habit. Simply, this share is about a wife cheating on her husband with his brother, reluctantly at first, but then loving the sex more on the adulterous side and being treated like meat makes her feel, quoting: “alive“. Nothing unusual in itself, but it gave an odd mix of good and bad vibes, it made me feel very uncomfortable :/
Graphically, on the other hand, THIS IS faptworthy to the max, as long as you dig Rubens-type women, the censorship is almost entirely invisible, good luck noticing it ^^

Would someone know who I should thank for this release?

About Aoi Hitori… The other works that she released, with the appalling exception of Jimi Tsuma Netorare Shigan and the Hitozuma (“Marrried Wife”) series, are more intelligent and sensible: Amayadori (Uncensored version!), Hitoduma Katei Kyoushi, Dousoukai, Tutor Wife, two Yeah stories, Yaritai Hitozuma, as well as an older pack of various gathered works.

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Reika Wa Karei Na Boku No Maid [English, now fully in TANK SCANS, 235 pictures], by Gustav

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Definitely one of the best maid hentai mangas I have read to this day

I waited long enough that there won’t be any more bonus unsuspected updates, so, here we go guys:
Reika Wa Karei Na Boku No Maid is now available ENTIRELY IN TANK SCANS!! :woot:
Those tank scans mean a lot LESS censorship (only black bars instead of entire whitened out areas) :twisted:

(The previous version that I shared had only 3 chapters in tank scans, the rest was in magazine scans, and the final chapter + bonus weren’t translated yet.)

In this hentai manga focused on maids, we follow two main characters, a Master wondering whether his maid really likes him or just makes her job, and Reika, his maid, mostly oblivious of anything non-maid-related (for reasons only explained page 218) – and yet, deep inside, she feels love. When they have sex, Reika is in charge, gently, teasingly, lovingly dominating her master. Over time, their relation became more balanced, the maid gained human traits and the master grew to be her equal.
These were great feelings, without falling into “genuine” vanilla… I found the ending to be lacking in terms of explanations, please don’t miss the page #218 to finally understand why :)

The drawings are top-tier, they’re really great, both for Reika’s and (she appears occasionally and has two chapters of sex) the brunette maid’s face, the outfit variations, and the hourglass figures. The sex is made of footjobs, paizuris, oral and vaginal, with rare anal in the end.
Please enjoy, this is fapworthy :twisted:

A quote I loved: « I have been waiting for you since many years ago. Because you’re the answer for everything I have ever wished… If master falls in love with me, that would be my wish coming true. »

I slightly retouched the tank’s scans: before! – vs – after!.

Release credits are for This Shouldn’t Have Happened (chapters 1-5, magazine scans) and Obsolete Zero (translation of the rest of the chapters, and tank reedit), thank you VERY much! ^_^

By the same artist, under the pen names Gustav and TelomereNA, I also share Maid Minami No Gohoushi Full Course, Ijiwaru Desu Producer-san (“Producer-san is a meanie!”), Kouiuno Ga Sukinan Desuka, Doko Miterundesuka Producer-san and Minami Syndrome.

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Twinkle X Twinkle [English, 55 pictures], by Kusui Aruta

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Wincest ftw!

Jhenier13 and Phazonmasher, thank you for this, bring us a good vanilla hentai manga, based on wincest between a young man and his two female cousins (they’re twins, although it doesn’t show.) Both girls love him for, err, idk, the stupid grin he makes when he tries to elaborate complex thoughts, something like that. Anyway: each of the girls gets the solo treatment, and we have a quality threesome in the end =)

The drawings are detailed, hardly even censored, not overly realistic shall we say, it’s a pleasure to watch this particular rare style, I feel :)
Enjoy! And sorry for the *slight* delay, I “should” have shared this one a long time ago ^^

By Kusui Aruta, I also share the nice and decensored Another Dimension, Houkago Himegoto, Yuki Rika, Hosi Zora, Juujunyoukan Wa Iranai Ko Nanka Ja Naindesu, Secret Love, Kuishin-nee Banbanzai, Mami-san No Hon Kakko Kari, School Idol To Deaeru SNS Ga Arutte Hontou Desuka ? Enkou Shoujo Erichika Hen, Renai Holic 0-3 (warning, outdated, I ought to share an updated version) and Love Hiyori 1-4.

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Matsuribayashi [English], a Lucky Star hentai doujinshi by Handsome Aniki, now in a decensored version! ^_^

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Crude, explicit, detailed: I love art like that =)

Sweet news, another quality hentai manga has joined the decensored ranks, today: Matsuribayashi, by Handsome Aniki, thanks to Belldandy100 :)

In this doujinshi, Miyuki Takara (from Lucky Star) and her boyfriend have a date at a festival and, of course, outdoor sex follows. She is quite cute, with her glasses and yukata, and now that censorship is gone, hot damn, that’s steamy hot sex :shock:
The crude nature of the drawings is striking, detailed, generous, realistic, as a reader I felt compelled, taken inside by imagination, good job :twisted:

Release credits are for Cgrascal (scanlation) and Belldandy100 (decensoring), thank you very much! :jap:

By the same artist, under the pen names Handsome Aniki and Asuhiro, I also share the awesome Koiiro Oppai (216 pictures), Love Of Love – Boobs Are For Sex (214 pictures), Itakano, Dadana Ni Natte, Bikini Trap, Mimura Kanako Namadori Rape, Yellow 2 Happy, Magic Of Love, Itsu No Ma Ni Ka, Zenbu, Kimi No Sei Da, Under One Small Roof, Tonight I’m Falling, Ookami Ni Naritai, Bokura No Shippai, Iinchou No Sotsugyou and Mitsukete Secret.

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Pure Majo Study XXX [English], by Miyamoto Liz

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Allright, call me the devil :D

It’s a cute hentai manga we’ve got here with decent, above average at least, art :)
To be frank, the story is testing the limits of credibility (a gifted witch becomes attached a normie, she wants to conceive a child with him because that’s what you do when the love is mutual, but she has no idea how it works, the boy provides practical explanations), so it’s possible some of you may like it less because it would be super hard to maintain a willing suspension of disbelief…

We’ve got vanilla hentai, big breasts, almost zero censorship, I believe it’s worth a look at least, enjoy if you haven’t read it yet! =)
This has been released by NecroManCr, thank you! :jap:

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