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NAO-COS (“Naoto Costume Play”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Persona 4 game, by the manga group Petica (made of the mangakas Mikamikan and Tsukako)

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Her eyes are beautiful :)

Naoto Shirogane (a shy brunette with beautiful eyes) and Yu Narukami (some guy of male bishie), from Persona 4, have sex. First with Naoto dressed as a maid, and second as a nurse. They like each other, there’s a bit of musual teasing, that’s cute, and that’s all ^^
The drawing quality varies (the volume I’m sharing is the compilation of the works of two different artists in a single volume), from good in the first part, to below average in the second part, but at least there’s no massive censorship, it’s got to count, right ?

I hope you may enjoy your read, but at least, at least, please, check the page 16 :twisted:
Thanks to Red_Piotrus, BatsuDatsu, Ultimaflaral and Shinko, from the EHCove! :jap:

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Frontier [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Persona 3 Portable game, by Ikeda Shuuko

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Maid play ? I'd like to be game :D

Hina and Akihiko, from P3P, have sex, with Hina dressed up as a maid and playing “I’ll obey master, now give me orders plz”, basically ^^
I have little more to add. The drawings are good without being exceptional, there’s not a lot of censorship, there’s mutual care… and, well, now the rest is up to you =)

Credits are for Mikol (who commissioned it), Tigoris (from Tigoris Translates), Svines85 (from BEC Scans) and Michelous Scans. Thank you! :jap:

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Persona 4 hentai doujin [English] : 4Card, by Sochikochi

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The drawings had a certain "naive" feeling that was quite pleasant

Four Persona4 heroines have sex with a Narukami guy whose face is not entirely unfamiliar, maybe the main character (I can’t tell, I haven’t played that game.)

There’s oral, vaginal, stockings and spats fetish. And that’s all I think I must add, for the rest, see for yourselves ^^

Thanks a lot to Nandeyanen, LS, Yuri and Chanso, from Life 4 Kaoru :) (Anyone interested ? They are recruiting members !)

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