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Pack of 2 futanari works by the hentai mangaka Arabiki Koshou (from the Fancy Polori circle)

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Stop! It's futa time! (only old people will know the joke)

I’m glad I saw those two releases, two Persona 3 hentai doujinshi, in which a female android called Aigis, and a normal girl called Kimiko, become lovers. “Because hentai”, it’s not only yuri, as Aigis grows a fully working organic penis: futanari time, lol ^^;;
In reading order, the titles are:
Aigis! Strike!
Aigis! Crash!

There are moments of tenderness, moments of frenzy, yuri moments (AKA: not using the dick yet), served by fairly good art with fresh talent. I believe it is worth a read, enjoy! :)
And thanks to HFL Translation :jap:

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Futaba-chan Prpr [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Persona 5 game, by Metaneko

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Awww, heart-shaped censorship over the clit, it was cute ^_^

Frankly, if I were to adopt a stricly neutral and unbiased perspective, I should say this doujinshi only has average art and not enough pictures with sex.
But to hell with neutrality, there was a LOT of cuteness, cute blushing, glasses and hotpants – that’s enough for me to enjoy, and hopefully, it should please a few of you guys too ^_^

Oh, a summary: Joker and Futaba, from Persona5, have sex. Hotpants, a petite girl with glasses and a cute fresh blushing face, enjoy ^^

N04h, Neko Arcueid Brunestud and Phantom Renegade, from Trinity Translations Team, are behind this release. Thank you! :jap:

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P5 Harlem [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Persona 5 RPG, by Tachibana Omina

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Wow. Great art O_o

Who wants some steamy hot harem sex? ^^
Here is a Persona 5 hentai doujinshi, in which a male char, “Joker”, finds himself having sex with 6 women from the game. Apparently he’s been having sex with them separately already, but today marks a full-throttle orgy with everyone. Needless to say, the girls are smoking hot and the boy’s got unlimited stamina and ammo, so excellent sex followed, with only tolerable censorship. Meaning: enjoy! ^___^

Side note: who was it, that recommended me to share this doujinshi? Zathael? I most humbly apologize, I forgot, and I can’t find where the advice was given T__T

Credits are for Axalon, MrWayne, CellTF and Ero-Senning, from and, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, under the Tachibana Omina, Shimapan and Ominaeshi names, I also share Ikinari Harem Life (219 pictures), Boku Wa Minna No Kanrinin (“I Am Everyone’s Landlord”, 203 pictures), FE If Harem, Boy Meets Harem, a pack of full-color pictures, Harem Variety Pack and DOA Harem volumes 1 and 2.

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Phantom Thief [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Persona 5 RPG, by Darabuchi

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Now, I want a vanilla hentai share with a twintails + nanobikini girl.

I didn’t understand much to this Persona 5 hentai doujinshi, apparently some villain is able to hypnotize people into doing whatever he asks. And, unsurprisingly, he’s picked one of the female heroines and is going to turn her into a mindbroken sex slave.
That said, I have to commend the drawings, they’re nice, a busty girl, with twintails, not chubby but nicely meaty, in a nanobikini… I’m a pussy at heart and a bad atmosphere ruins my fun, too bad ^^

We owe this release to Dark Knight, thank you! :jap:
By the same artist, I also share a pack of 2 works (Barista + Kumori Nochi Hare), Zettai Kyosha 1-3 and Tosshi Tosshi mata Tosshi.

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NAO-COS (“Naoto Costume Play”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Persona 4 game, by the manga group Petica (made of the mangakas Mikamikan and Tsukako)

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Her eyes are beautiful :)

Naoto Shirogane (a shy brunette with beautiful eyes) and Yu Narukami (some guy of male bishie), from Persona 4, have sex. First with Naoto dressed as a maid, and second as a nurse. They like each other, there’s a bit of musual teasing, that’s cute, and that’s all ^^
The drawing quality varies (the volume I’m sharing is the compilation of the works of two different artists in a single volume), from good in the first part, to below average in the second part, but at least there’s no massive censorship, it’s got to count, right ?

I hope you may enjoy your read, but at least, at least, please, check the page 16 :twisted:
Thanks to Red_Piotrus, BatsuDatsu, Ultimaflaral and Shinko, from the EHCove! :jap:

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Frontier [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Persona 3 Portable game, by Ikeda Shuuko

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Maid play ? I'd like to be game :D

Hina and Akihiko, from P3P, have sex, with Hina dressed up as a maid and playing “I’ll obey master, now give me orders plz”, basically ^^
I have little more to add. The drawings are good without being exceptional, there’s not a lot of censorship, there’s mutual care… and, well, now the rest is up to you =)

Credits are for Mikol (who commissioned it), Tigoris (from Tigoris Translates), Svines85 (from BEC Scans) and Michelous Scans. Thank you! :jap:

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Persona 4 hentai doujin [English] : 4Card, by Sochikochi

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The drawings had a certain "naive" feeling that was quite pleasant

Four Persona4 heroines have sex with a Narukami guy whose face is not entirely unfamiliar, maybe the main character (I can’t tell, I haven’t played that game.)

There’s oral, vaginal, stockings and spats fetish. And that’s all I think I must add, for the rest, see for yourselves ^^

Thanks a lot to Nandeyanen, LS, Yuri and Chanso, from Life 4 Kaoru :) (Anyone interested ? They are recruiting members !)

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