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Tsubomi Wa Shitteiru Kara Ne [English], by Yumeno Tanuki

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A dick was hidden in that picture, can you find it? (Blur-mosaics censorship is so awesome.)

Well, that story was weird, certainly not bad, but taking a route I am not used to.
It’s about a male teacher who makes for a very poor adult, unable to take care of himself, lacking self-confidence, and letting his flat become a filthy mess. He calls for help one of his female students, Tsubomi, she will cook for for him, clean his flat for him, and have lots of sex with him. It’s like the roles are reserved, the person fully in charge (handjob milking, vaginal sex, verbal teasing and/or encouragement) is Tsubomi, the idiotic irresponsible demander lacking brains and initiative, glad to be led on, is the male adult.

Let’s add to this the bad blur-mosaics choice, and the drawing quirk that males the girl’s belly look a bit loose even when she’s a pettanko, frankly I don’t think many people will thoroughly enjoy reading the manga. And yet, personally, oddly perhaps, I liked how the story went, and the drawings had a certain charm.
Ah, see for yourselves, I hope you may enjoy it :)

Release credits are for Seven and Zero, from ZeroTranslations, thank you! :jap

By the same artist, I also share Terpsichore, J-CT Haramitai-kei Joshi and Triple Mix (206 pictures)

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Hatsujou Days [English, 193 pictures], by Shindou

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Ho. Ly. Shit. I picked the best pic in the whole volume.

Hatsujou Days is a patchwork of single chapters, none of them similar to each other, the drawing quality and the basis of the scenario vastly differ all along.
Most of the time: these are highschoolers; it’s happy sex with mutual liking; the girls are near-plump and show amazing boobs; save an occasional ahegao these are proudly horny female faces with secret lewd expressions.
Just once: pettanko, rape, femdom, shotacon, anal & double penetration, group sex, mindbreak, a nun, tsundere. Not all of that in a single chapter (could you even IMAGINE a chapter like that?!?) (Minor edit after publishing the blog share: I gave it some thought, and yet, I can imagine it. Jebus).

The drawings are mostly good (with occasional ups and downs), I’ll let you view the preview pictures to make yourself an opinion.
My gratitude, for this complete tankoubon, goes to Birbiri, MrWayne and PureEnergy. Thank you! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Naisho No Yurine-san, I ♥ XXX and Boss No Dagashi (packed with the obsolete magazine scans version of I Love XXX).

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Kairaku Gakuen [English, 202 pictures], by Okawari

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No romance here. At best, sex friends with fine compatibility, otherwise, girls wanting dicks and boys enjoying free pussy. And it was great like that :twisted:

Dear fellow hentai lovers, here is a blast from the past, Kairaku Gakuen, by Okawari.
The drawings are intense, very intense, packing quite a hentai punch, rich with tons of quality details, from the girls’ faces to every other side of their bodies. The eyes of the girls give an additional intense vibe, they’re slightly slanted compelling, begging for dick… wow :shock:

Save for the lack of paizuri (one page), there was everything I could hope for. Oral, vaginal, double penetration, in duos, threesomes, badass creampies, gangbangs, with only minimum censorship or time “wasted” on a scenario (each chapter is a different story). It’s important to highlight the girls are never forced, pressured or – once the deed is done – broken. In a very perverted manner, in a universe where hardcore daily sex is practically as natural as breathing, they’re respected and valued.

That. was. DOPE! :D
I hope you’ll enjoy it, thanks to Doujin-Moe for this release!

By Okawari, I also share Love Subordination (175 pictures, a good scenario), Onnanoko – Girl (Uncensored version) (182 pictures) and Sex Warrior Isane Extreme + Sex Warrior Isane XXX (407 pages, very hardcore, but definitely weird).

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Nemuru Otome No Shitsukekata [English], an hentai doujishi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Kuon Michiyoshi (under the “Bread And Cake Pictures” pen name)

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Creampie, motherfucker! - sorry, bad joke
(Personal rant: stockings like that must be a hell to print, to scan, and I’ll personally testify they’re also a hell to resize in photoshop, look at that mess.)

Fubuki Murakumo, a tiny female ship looking like a sort of mechanical rabbit-girl, with her weird sort of ears, is the female MC in this share. She belongs in that odd category of women who look adorable and that you want to tease even when they’re mad at you. Even more when they’re mad.

Regrettably, in my eyes, this time it’s to depict a scene of abuse and mindfuck. I lack the proper vocabulary to describe it and I’m not even sure I figured everything out as it was to be frank, let us say the girl is raped in her sleep, and later made to imagine in her dreams (all the while being raped) that she and her rapist (a scummy mischievous admiral) are developing feelings for each other.

That was weird. But hot. A pettanko with strong tsundere potential (a potential that was not turned to profit) revealing huge boobs, and splendid with her nylon-clad legs… there’s fap materials for many hentaiers.
It had been a while I didn’t share something by Cgrascal, thanks for this new release!

By the same artist, I also share Himegoto Maternity (216 pictures), Spray Pink 1-3, Zettai Harem volume1 (186 pictures) and Akatsuki Wo Matte volumes 1 and 2 (the BEST Berserk parody I ever read, Caskaaaaaa!!)

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Ane Zukushi [English, 196 pictures], by Yuuki Homura

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I'm a sadist in disguise. This picture, looking fine, right? I chose it because once you look at the hips very closely... imagine her spine... look at her belly... there we are, YOU CANNOT UNSEE IT BITCH, one of the very rare screwups by the mangaka! ^_^

Here is a fine, a great tankoubon, that is at last complete, thanks to the combined efforts of Mintvoid, and of LustyLady00 & BlackRussian from The Lusty Lady Project. Thank you very much! ^_^ I’ll also include my friend Ehud in those thanks, as he gave me the final chapters 5-11, whose release I had not noticed.
(Just to be clear: I was sharing the chapters 1-4 of Ane Zukushi until today. Ehud hit me up with MintVoid’s final chapters 5-11.)

Ane Zukushi is a DELIGHTFUL manga about sisters. Wincest FTW!! Big sister, little sister, pettanko, busty, meek, dominating, tsundere, but in the end, they all have a soft spot for their beloved onii-san and have lots of love to share :)
(Fair disclaimer, two chapters in the end aren’t about sisters but about married life between highschool girls and their young male teacher.)
The drawings are good, with very little censorship, sometimes “only” good (either with average art, or with printing not doing the volumes and contrasts justice), sometimes seriously great, it depends on the chapters. And the censorship? Hah! The censorship is almost invisible, not even getting in the way :twisted:

I hope you may enjoy it! Hardly even censored quality vanilla bursting with WAFF and wincest, that’s too rare =)

By the same artist, I also share Pipiruma (206 pictures, AWESOME vanilla), White Canvas (more ero than pr0n, but delicious vanilla) and Mozart Ni Koishite (rather average).

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Lingua Franca chapters 1-5 [English, 146 pictures], by Akatsuki Myuuto

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If my two hands were available, I'd be clapping loudly

I have a lot to catch up on :D
You see, I gave up on sharing Lingua Franca when the chapter 3 came out and I found it was straight loli & tentacles. I thought I’d wait. And today, to even out this chapter 3, I have two follow-up chapters that are that mostly OK, this is good enough for hypocritical me :woot:

In this series, a young man is stranded away on a deserted mysterious island, only populated by women, and his capture is closely followed by a total orgy in which the girls take turns enjoying his dick. At first I’d call him a lucky bastard, but so many women lining up to ride him, while he isn’t even allowed to move how he pleases, this would be a male being hentai raped. Doesn’t matter, had sex.
Chapter after chapter, after this, the story progressives, gives more and more info, however we still don’t know yet the big picture, we’re only given bits of information. It’s both thrilling – I think I have a valid suspicion now – and frustrating, hehe ^^
Sorry but not sorry, I will NOT write spoilers about how the scenario is progressing, it’s best discovered firsthand :)

Art-wise, the drawings are FANTASTIC, among the best Akatsuki Myuuto has had to offer. There are many girls, from tall to petite (with a lot of loli, sorry, we’ve got to deal with it), from fair white to tanned, they incorporate odd western items to their clothing (tanned chick with leaves to hide genitalia, but still wearing a tie, how hot can it be ?!? Ah my god), there’s also a loli cyber slightly tentacular nekomimi, and a few futanaris (only on girl, no on-boy interactions). All those girls are drawn with great care, and the sex is simply AWESOME.
And there’s the setup, mysterious, intriguing, this isn’t just a savages island, and also the backgrounds drawing, superbly rich and detailed… wow :shock:

Tech, EdMX, Freudia, Dudeman, Crz, Axalon, Shoku, Jericho, Saramasu, Kyurin and JBK, from The Phoenix Syndicate, with Dudeman taking over after the phoenix’s flames fanned out, are behind this release. Thank you so much! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Beautiful Girls Club (“Bisyoujo Club”) volumes 1-2 (Tank, 442 pictures), Dorei Usagi To Anthony (uncensored, 243 pictures), Shoujo x Shoujo x Shoujo (213 pictures), Innocent ~ Shoujo Memoria ~ (202 pictures), Shoujo X3 the hentai anime – episode 1, and Moratorium Shounen X Shoujo.

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Futari Wa Onapet (“The Two are Fap Materials”) [English], by Karasu

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Why even wear a top, when it is transparent? The mystery remains :D

No context is given, for this scene in which two women are in deep love with a man and they make love to him. We read they’re to be engaged to him, and they describe themselves as submitted to him, for his sole use, and such.
It’s weird perhaps (I felt no emotion at all, it would be the only thing that was uncool, it’s the reason I don’t tag this as “vanilla”) but, hey, why not, it makes good fap materials ^^

Graphically, it’s nice too. A near-plump super-busty woman with a poker face, a near-loli pettanko with still a nice butt, paizuri and vaginal sex with low censorship. I imagine it should please a good number of readers, haha =)
Credits are for No4h, Herzer and Mysael as their commissioner, thank you! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Wild Therapy, Onaho Keeper, Tonari No Sumire-san and Kango Shidou Onegai Shimasu.

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