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Ero Pippi + Extra [English, the complete Tank version, 245 pictures], by Shiwasu No Okina

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I have yet to understand why he didn't take her in the ass

Good news: Ero Pippi, by Shiwasu No Okina, the complete tank, is now available :)

The manga is composed of 4 arcs:
– Girlfriend Boyfriend Girlfriend
– Hokeniin Survival
– No One Wake Up 1-2 (in my eyes, the most rotten manga Shiwasu No Okina has come up with, a story based on rape, domination, destruction, corruption, urgh)
– Boku No Bokki Penis O Rokuga Shite Ikina Yo (“Go Ahead And Film My Hard Penis”) 1-6
– plus a bonus, an extra announcing Enkou Ojisan

You will have probably infered it right: the contents of the manga aren’t new, myself, I was already sharing the arcs 1 and 4 on HentaiRules. However, before now, they were only available in poorer and lower resolution magazine scans. Now, we’re talking 3000 px res, moderate censorship, and max quality scans :twisted:
So, yeah, a confirmation, this is a “reedit”, the previous versions made with magazine scans (typically: cursed with huge censorship and relatively poorly printed) are replaced with tankoubon scans in which the English version is re-applied, woohoo!! ^___^

I deeply apologize but I must make it more complicated. The previous version of Girlfriend Boyfriend Girlfriend, the one based on magazine scans, was – and still is – available in an uncensored version, so maybe you’ll want to keep it separately.

Release credits, for Ero Pippi, go to a lot of people :) Namely: Salar from, KirbyDances, Qaqtusman, Afro Thunda and Lasertym, HonyakuSands, Nogardnogard and Other Guy, ItsJustMe111, Hippeo, the /h/ 4chan community, Nogardnogard, KirbyDances, Tremalkinger and HonyakuSands, and finally the person who did the tank reedit, Hzqr. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! ^_^

For MUCH more stuff, cf. The List of ALL Shiwasu No Okina’s Works!
And of course there’s My Shiwasu No Okina TOTAL Pack =)

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Roshutsu Shoujo Yuugi Jou (“Exhibitionist Girl’s Play Jou”) [English, 240 pictures, Uncensored], by Charu

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Maybe I should have picked another picture, the man really has a weird face on that panel ^^

We’re not at Suehirogari levels, but it’s a commendable effort here, with a manga entirely dedicated to a girl’s passion for exhibitionism.

She gets off being stared at and masturbating while remembering the burning stares on her exposed pussy and breasts, and on the lucky occasion, a cuni from a horny spectator. So, honest warning: there will be NO sex, only rare occasions of pussy licking and a few masturbation pages. Mostly, you’ll have naked skin exposure (tons of fully uncensored slit shots) (I would have never imagined I would once write “slit shot”, but there we are), occasional pussy spreading and/or climaxes. No “plot” either, although we have a happy ending of sorts, the girl’s life settles in when she finds someone who accepts her for who she is without judging or trying to take advantage of her.

The art is rather poor IMO, but maybe you’ll like it, it was less about being crude and graphical than about setting up situations, this time :)

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Hatsuiki [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Kuon

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Anal hentai, good hentai

At first I thought the doujinshi would be just OK, and then it got much better :twisted:

We’re in the typical Kantai Collection setup, with Hatsuzuki, one of the girls doing night service for her admiral. She may look hot with her petite body and her black stockings, but her emotionless face and the contempt she shows for sex, openly telling she didn’t enjoy it, are unpleasant. Pissed off, the Admiral pokes around, literally, and discovers her weak spot, the ass :twisted:
Finally, quality sex with the girl moaning and shaking, that was way better :D

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Boukoku Maou No Hoshihiko-kun [English, 214 pictures], by Narusawa Kei

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For all perverted intents and fapping purposes, she's like a succubus, enjoy :D

At first I was considerably puzzled with the English release of Boukoku Maou No Hoshihiko-kun, why go from the easy to find glorious HD raws with 3000 px high images, to an English version with minuscule 1200 px high pics, WHY? Eventually, after noticing one of the chapters had pics in another res (1740 px), I imagine it must have been because the scanlators didn’t know of the high res raw and went for another set of scans. A pity, really ^^
Still, I used the HD raws to add manually a good enough cover picture, plus the end of volume images that were missing from the English release, it’s better than nothing ^^;;

Because of this 1200 px res, I have a much more reserved opinion, otherwise I would have expressed far more praise for a manga with a full-volume scenario, making great use of the stereotypical traits of a story in which a male teenager hosts within him a still dormant devil king and finds himself in the middle of a baA dark-skinned demon MILF? Yes pleasele between sexy evil and holy girls, the mangaka added an original and praiseworthy development on this canvas, it was a good read, and the art, even too small, was intense and great :)

It’s been released by Hordy987, thank you very much! :jap:

By Narusawa Kei, to this day, I also share Anemone Star Mine 1-4, Ero-Koi in its Uncensored version, The March Rabbits Of An After-School Club 1-2, Tsuyo Kano, Changing Miracle, Sis Lover, Head Shot Bakery, Hanabi Yori Dango, Kumagiri-san Wa Dere Nai chapter 1 and, in its uncensored version, Kare Kano Boshuu Chuu (“Relationships Wanted”).

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Doutei Danshi Kousei Iinkai (“Virginity Boy Rebirth Committee”) [English, 219 pictures], by Tamagoro

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Good girl :D

Hard not to love those Tamagoro sluts ^^ They’re openly horny, easygoing, welcoming dick, and friendly =)

The manga is made of a variety of stories, from single chapters to multiple-chapters arcs, but in the end, it all revolves around happy uncomplicated sex. Highschool girls loving to deflower lucky shy boys and then becoming sex buddies, mischievously trying to pull down school aces, securing a wealthy husband, following weird local traditions, or simply enjoying their life to the fullest: you see the idea I imagine :)

In terms of art, this is fucking AWESOME! Very little censorship (tank scans are so much better), a variety of girls from pettanko (or even loli in one chapter, sorry) to fit and clearly plump, tons of vaginal sex, a few paizuri/DP pages, and on top of all, that lustful, eager expression on the faces of the girls, I can’t get enough of that :twisted:
Oh, yeah, I wrote “tank scans”, didn’t I? Some of the chapters composing the manga may already be known to you: if yes, I’ll highlight some of them (or even all? I’m too lazy to triple check) used to be in magazine scans, but have been here reedited to tank scans :kickass:

Release credits are for a good number of people and teams: 5AM scans, Momo Demon, Giftz, BRR, Fieldpaint, Springborn, Warw90, Poi, Ero-Sennin and Ahcheeze. Thank you very much, all of you! I’m deeply grateful! :jap:

For more, I recommend you check The list of Tamagoro’s works on Hentairules

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Love Animal [English, Uncensored version!], an hentai doujinshi parodying the To Love Ru Darkness series, by Nanakagi Satoshi

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Heart-shaped butt + thigh gap = faps. FAPS!

Mea uses her abilities to make Rito have sex with her, basically. Don’t search for a scenario, you won’t find one :D
The drawing style is a bit unusual, a mix of realistic and exaggerated, although, to be honest, Nanakagi Satoshi may have delivered a quality erotic product, there never was any hope to compete with the real art by Kentaro Yabuki. If you think I’m unfair here, that simply means you didn’t read the To Love Ru Darkness series (complete version, official color version), in which the art puts 95% of the hentai production to shame :3

And as it’s been decensored, it’s even better :twisted:
Release credits are for Biribiri, Afro Thunda, Flammz and Belldandy100, thank you! :)

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Gal Shota Cinderella (170 pictures), Fuya No Nemonogatari, Toaru Himitsu No Chounouryokusha S, Transform, Toritate Namaniku and a pack of 5 works (Kosutte Gingin in its Uncensored version + Hanare Rare nai + Ura no Oshigoto + Wai Ai 1 + Wai Ai 2).

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Kanyou Shoujo chapters 2-3 + final bonus [English], by Nagare Ippon

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Eeeeh! I had not noticed, the girl on the left was having anal, and not vagina! (Sorry, I like those little details ^^)

Last month, I was sending the list of my recommended scanlators to someone over the internet (if YOU are interested in commissioning something, I’ve got a list of trusted translators for you, just email me ^^), and today, sweet surprise, that person came back to me, he had commissioned hentai works… And here is the first of them now :)

Nicknamed Lolwhat, he chose two chapters (and a bonus) from Kanyou Shoujo, a tankoubon by Nagare Ippon. You can expect the usual Nagare Ippon idiosyncrasies, but without the truly fucked up bits, it’s just casually very hardcore sex with little questions asked, the girls starting kinda pure (only into yuri) and then becoming fine slutty groupsex bitches in the end. It’s the mangaka’s odd skill, this is a spiral of corruption, but nobody’s mindbroken, it’s more about opening oneself up to new likeable horizons and kinks. So, hey, why not :)

You have hairy pussies, a friendly busty and a tsundere freckles pettanko girl, vaginal, anal, double penetration, with only “reasonable” amounts of black bar censorship, hats off to Nagare Ippon!

It’s been scanlated by Desudesu, commissioned, as I wrote above, by Lolwhat, many thanks!! ^_^

(Remember to view The updated list of ALL Nagare Ippon’s works on Hentairules)

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