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Shikyuu Seishi Kudasai (“Please Give Me Sperm”) [English, 221 pictures], by Ariga Tou

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Confusing as fuck. But very much worth the read.

I don’t even know where to begin to summarize this manga, I deleted 3 drafts already, they became super long and hardly made any sense.

Shikyuu Seishi Kudasai is a complex story, a full-volume single story arc, revolving around the magical powers hidden within a highschool boy being finally released unto the world. This is frustrating, because we’re not told *what* those magical powers could do in normal daily uses, the whole plot revolves around how those magical powers are *transmitted* from one generation to another.
It seems the male MC’s magical powers can drive a girl insane with desire, until the moment she becomes pregnant at last. Then, the girl’s soul will be somehow trapped inside a magical device; and that device itself serves as a sort of magical amplifier for the magical powers of the current-generation boy wielding those magical powers.
The entire manga will then be built around this conflict, massive lust, three girls, and trying to prevent the trapping of a new girl’s soul inside a magical device by making the wrong girl (not the one fated to have her soul trapped) pregnant first.
And here goes my fourth summarizing attempt, still not making sense, lol. Sorry, I’m not trying a 5th time ^^;;
It somehow makes sense eventually, hang in there (and FYI the detailed explanation of the fundamental “mechanism” is on page 090.jpg.)

Graphically, at least it’s simple :D Three girls, from a short-haired pettanko to a long-haired busty foreigner with thick eyebrows. Happy sex with (eventually) love. A unique drawing style, emphasizing beautifully each body’s own traits. I disliked the high frequency of x-rays, but very much loved the minimal amount of censorship.

We owe this unique release to Marius8 and Tganimation6, thank you! :jap:

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Spiritual Lunch [English], by Otaku Beam

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Awwww =)

Awwww, that was A – DO – RA – BLE! ^___^
Spiritual Lunch is the soft romance story of a female highschooler succubus with the boy she chose as her partner. At first, the boy is only kindly providing her with food (fap sperm), and eventually they become lovers.
There is a very pleasant combination of light comedy dialogues, adorable furious blushing, and beautiful, sensible drawings.

The girl is the pettanko type, which wasn’t all to my fetish, but at least there’s only very little censorship, so I won’t complain ^^
It was a lovely reading session, I’m quite confident it should please most of you guys out there, hehe. Thanks a LOT to NecromanCr! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Sorako No Tabi and Stay By Me Zenjitsutan Fragile S.

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Nudist Beach Ni Syuugaku Ryokoude [English, Complete, UNCENSORED, and with TANK SCANS, 255 pictures], by Shiwasu No Okina

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I shared in Feb. 2016 a version of this manga that was still censored and, for half of it, was using less beautiful and horribly censored magazine scans. Then, in May 2016, I was part of the “let’s gather funds to pay for the decensoring” project (here). Around the end of 2016, I resisted when an alternative decensored version came out on the internet: it wasn’t decensored with the same talent, the images still needed retouching, and the dialogues still contained a good number of errors.
And today, early Feb. 2017, at last, at long hentai last, there we are, we have the version decensored and graphically finalized by Belldandy100, with numerous translation edits and corrections. The real, the final, the FUCKING AWESOME deal :twisted:

Boys, girls, this manga combines an extremely arousing story (a Japanese class has to spend a day at a nudist beach, and the class nerd reveals a splendid body, a massive dick, every girl gets her turn and again with him, with vanilla AND orgy conclusions, oh my godddddd) with the best drawings I’ve seen in several years reading hentai, no less. I don’t even have enough words to praise it as much as it deserves.

Release credits are for Belldandy100 (decensoring, editing) and Sands, Nogard Nogard, Anon, Other Guy, Editor Guy (look, it’s written like that in the credits page ^^;;), and all the generous donators who contributed to the funding of the decensoring. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Today as I share this new tank, here’s what I haven’t done yet: (1) update my Shiwasu No Okina redirection page, (2) update the now obsolete Nudist Beach post to link to the new final version, and (3) offer an updated Shiwasu No Okina Total pack. Reason is, I’m having an exceedingly chaotic weekend and I simply don’t have time, I’ll do it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. What I have done today: d’oh!, provide the dowload and gallery links for Nudist beach ;)

For MUCH more stuff, cf. The List of ALL Shiwasu No Okina’s Works !
And of course there’s My Shiwasu No Okina TOTAL Pack =)

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Lingua Franca chapter 6 [English], + the chapters 1-6 repacked together (172 pictures), by Akatsuki Myuuto

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Aw, YISS! Wish I were there ^^;;

At long last, happy sex with the childhood friend, woohoo! :woot:
Ahem, sorry for the enthusiasm. Here is, my dear fellow pervs, the brand new 6th chapter of Lingua Franca, by the hentai genius Akatsuki Myuuto, featuring sex with a pettanko brunette :)

If you’re new to the series, here’s what happens: a young man is stranded away on a deserted mysterious island, only populated by women, and his capture is closely followed by a total orgy in which the girls take turns enjoying his dick. At first I’d call him a lucky bastard, but so many women lining up to ride him, while he isn’t even allowed to move how he pleases, this would be a male being hentai raped. Doesn’t matter, had sex.
Chapter after chapter, after this, the story progresses, gives more and more info (everything revolves around a sort of alien nekomimi cyber loli hidden in the middle of the island, using mecha sex-tentacles and apparently having a plan revolving around the collection of semen), however we still don’t know yet the big picture, we’re only given bits of information. It’s both thrilling – I think I have a valid suspicion now – and frustrating, hehe ^^

Art-wise, the drawings are FANTASTIC, among the best Akatsuki Myuuto has had to offer. There are many girls, from tall to petite (with a lot of loli, sorry, we’ve got to deal with it), from pale to tanned, they incorporate odd western items to their clothing (the tanned chick uses leaves to hide genitalia but still wears a tie, how hot can it be?!? Ah my god), and, during a chapter, a few futanaris (only girl on girl, no with-boy interactions). All those girls are drawn with great care, and the sex is simply AWESOME, with the mangaka’s idiosyncrasies (impossibly thin waists, arched backs, occasional creative work on perspective).
And there’s the setup, mysterious, intriguing, this isn’t just a savages island, and also the backgrounds drawing, superbly rich and detailed… wow :shock:

Tech, EdMX, Freudia, Dudeman, Crz, Axalon, Shoku, Jericho, Saramasu, Kyurin and JBK, from The Phoenix Syndicate, with Dudeman taking over after the phoenix’s flames fanned out, are behind this release. Thank you so much! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Beautiful Girls Club (“Bisyoujo Club”) volumes 1-2 (Tank, 442 pictures), Dorei Usagi To Anthony (uncensored, 243 pictures), Shoujo x Shoujo x Shoujo (213 pictures), Innocent ~ Shoujo Memoria ~ (202 pictures), Shoujo X3 the hentai anime – episode 1, and Moratorium Shounen X Shoujo.

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Tsubomi Wa Shitteiru Kara Ne [English], by Yumeno Tanuki

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A dick was hidden in that picture, can you find it? (Blur-mosaics censorship is so awesome.)

Well, that story was weird, certainly not bad, but taking a route I am not used to.
It’s about a male teacher who makes for a very poor adult, unable to take care of himself, lacking self-confidence, and letting his flat become a filthy mess. He calls for help one of his female students, Tsubomi, she will cook for for him, clean his flat for him, and have lots of sex with him. It’s like the roles are reserved, the person fully in charge (handjob milking, vaginal sex, verbal teasing and/or encouragement) is Tsubomi, the idiotic irresponsible demander lacking brains and initiative, glad to be led on, is the male adult.

Let’s add to this the bad blur-mosaics choice, and the drawing quirk that males the girl’s belly look a bit loose even when she’s a pettanko, frankly I don’t think many people will thoroughly enjoy reading the manga. And yet, personally, oddly perhaps, I liked how the story went, and the drawings had a certain charm.
Ah, see for yourselves, I hope you may enjoy it :)

Release credits are for Seven and Zero, from ZeroTranslations, thank you! :jap

By the same artist, I also share Terpsichore, J-CT Haramitai-kei Joshi and Triple Mix (206 pictures)

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Hatsujou Days [English, 193 pictures], by Shindou

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Ho. Ly. Shit. I picked the best pic in the whole volume.

Hatsujou Days is a patchwork of single chapters, none of them similar to each other, the drawing quality and the basis of the scenario vastly differ all along.
Most of the time: these are highschoolers; it’s happy sex with mutual liking; the girls are near-plump and show amazing boobs; save an occasional ahegao these are proudly horny female faces with secret lewd expressions.
Just once: pettanko, rape, femdom, shotacon, anal & double penetration, group sex, mindbreak, a nun, tsundere. Not all of that in a single chapter (could you even IMAGINE a chapter like that?!?) (Minor edit after publishing the blog share: I gave it some thought, and yet, I can imagine it. Jebus).

The drawings are mostly good (with occasional ups and downs), I’ll let you view the preview pictures to make yourself an opinion.
My gratitude, for this complete tankoubon, goes to Birbiri, MrWayne and PureEnergy. Thank you! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Naisho No Yurine-san, I ♥ XXX and Boss No Dagashi (packed with the obsolete magazine scans version of I Love XXX).

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Kairaku Gakuen [English, 202 pictures], by Okawari

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No romance here. At best, sex friends with fine compatibility, otherwise, girls wanting dicks and boys enjoying free pussy. And it was great like that :twisted:

Dear fellow hentai lovers, here is a blast from the past, Kairaku Gakuen, by Okawari.
The drawings are intense, very intense, packing quite a hentai punch, rich with tons of quality details, from the girls’ faces to every other side of their bodies. The eyes of the girls give an additional intense vibe, they’re slightly slanted compelling, begging for dick… wow :shock:

Save for the lack of paizuri (one page), there was everything I could hope for. Oral, vaginal, double penetration, in duos, threesomes, badass creampies, gangbangs, with only minimum censorship or time “wasted” on a scenario (each chapter is a different story). It’s important to highlight the girls are never forced, pressured or – once the deed is done – broken. In a very perverted manner, in a universe where hardcore daily sex is practically as natural as breathing, they’re respected and valued.

That. was. DOPE! :D
I hope you’ll enjoy it, thanks to Doujin-Moe for this release!

By Okawari, I also share Love Subordination (175 pictures, a good scenario), Onnanoko – Girl (Uncensored version) (182 pictures) and Sex Warrior Isane Extreme + Sex Warrior Isane XXX (407 pages, very hardcore, but definitely weird).

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