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Doubles [English, a complete 3-parts story, 77 pictures], by Cuvie

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That share looks kinda easy to decensor... fleeting thought.

Real world: bitchslapping conclusion. Hentai world: vanilla 3some ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So here we are, with this share in which a girl mutes her feelings and helps her long-time male friend become sexfriend with a classmate who kinda likes him but is mostly here for the sex. The boy isn’t so oblivious that he doesn’t put his newly acquired skills to use on the (shall I call her tsundere? Oh, I definitely shall) tsundere friend, and there he goes, two-timing lucky bastard he is. In the end, instead of drama, we end up with a functional ménage à trois =)

No dramatic vibes, no heavy emotional burdens, quality (although a bit too low res, 1500 px) sex with very little censorship (and relatively low erotic intensity, I felt), it was good, enjoy! ^_^
Thanks a lot to the Team Koinaka for this release, and more precisely this time, to Razorflame, Freudia, AoC, CellTF, Cadenza, Constipat8, Yosh, Amalthea, Hayatek4L and [email protected] :jap:

(For MUCH more stuff by this artist, cf. The List of Cuvie’s Shares on HentaiRules)

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Pack of 5 works [English, 134 pictures], by Syoukaki

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Haaa, if only there weren't this hideous censorship

I gathered here five works by Syoukaki:
Ganbatteru Kara Kotaetai (“I Tried My Best So Answer Me”)
Joudou Diary (“Affection Diary”)
Kawaii Ndakara Shouganai (“Since You’re Cute It Can’t Be Helped”)
(Those three above have been released just recently)
Sono Wonna Fushidara Ni Tsuki (in a strongly retouched version)
Stoicism (published under the “Earthean” circle name)
(Those two were on my disk but I had forgotten about their existence, a random “just in case” search showed them to me, and, heck, let’s share them too even if they aren’t as good.)

As I mentioned, I strongly retouched the images in Sono Wonna Fushidara Ni Tsuki: BeforeAfter!.

Individually, those works are good although maybe not exceptional. However, taken in bulk, I feel they make up for each other’s occasional weaknesses. Eyes that lack expression and soul here and there, made up for by faces flushed with emotion and teen budding romance; hideous blur-mosaics censorship made up by glorious breasts and other works with “only” thin black bars… You see the idea?
All in all, if time and experience allow it, I foresee a great vanilla future from this mangaka :)

Release credits are for Alexey, Mawile, Seijirou1337, Tester and Orla, from Hennojin, for the first three works, and Team Bandura for the two Kancolle doujinshi. Thank you very much! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Dishonest but lovely, a pack of 4 works (Jounetsu Engage + Kyoudou Well Maid + Nimensei Lovers + Sekimen Perfume), Egao No Tsukurikata, Shinyuu Affection (“Best Friend Affection”) and Koisame Dolce.

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Dishonest But Lovely [English], by Syoukaki

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Awwwwwwwwww ^_^

Here is an adorable vanilla hentai release, in which a gyaru with short hair and lovely crooked smiles can’t stand anymore the presence of her superficial “friends” and goes back to her more earnest, less showy boyfriend. To go full tsundere on him, to feel warm, to feel loved, to have sex, to tell him kind words, a bit of everything ^_^

Graphically, honest warning there’s this abomination called blur mosaics on most of the H pages (not all!), but other than that, gah, that was adorable. A petite girl, with boyish short hair, a choker, sexy lingerie that (thank heavens!!) she doesn’t take entirely off for sex, it pressed to many of my switches!! :twisted:

I hope you may like it, and thanks a LOT to Alexey, Kusojijii, Baran and Orla, from Hennojin! :)

By the same artist, I also share a pack of 4 works (Jounetsu Engage + Kyoudou Well Maid + Nimensei Lovers + Sekimen Perfume), Egao No Tsukurikata, Shinyuu Affection (“Best Friend Affection”) and Koisame Dolce.

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Tonari No Boukun [English, 155 pictures], by Tarakan

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Go for their holes, or run away, move to a different continent and forge yourself a new identity, boy, the choice is yours.

This is the main story arc of the Osananajimi no Wagamama Sex tankoubon by Tarakan, after which two other chapters still follow, but with different (and weird) characters and unrelated storylines.

In the beginning, I had an extremely bad vibe coming from the manga. Femdom isn’t my strongest fetish (…? When’s my “understatement of the year” coming?), I don’t entirely like it when a sadistic girlfriend is the dominant one. Here, the male MC, although it’s a relationship of openly mutual love, has to ask, has O faces, fuck, this guy is pathetic.
And then, out of nowhere, a second girl appears, a petite meganekko… who will find it natural to handcuff and dom the boy on the first occasion: our bloke is a magnet for the wrong kind of girl.
At least, the last third is a more satisfying ending, on a more equal status.

So, yeah, I have reservations for the story. But at least I’ll gladly commend the art: originally drawn, finely done, very little censorship, it’s good eye candy :)
Thanks to Herreis, Vilis and Visible Ninja, from Hennojin!

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Futsuu No Onnanoko (“Non-entity Girls”) [English, 194 pictures, we reach maximum WTF levels, it’s fantastic!!], by Gesundheit

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Yep, yep, you noticed the face of the sensei. One little surprise among a thousand others :D

This is mad, bizarre, AWESOME shit!! :D

This manga is made of single chapter stories, each and every one of them weird, hot, slightly disturbing, full of twists, rich with comedy I never saw coming. You can’t make more WTF hentai than this particular volume. Girls will rape, be raped, enjoy both sides of the coin, there’ll be (sex) fights (everything is sexualized, instead of a delinquant girl playing with her butterfly knife she’s showing off her dildo rotation skills, you see the idea?), absolutely crazy ideas of all sorts…
Man, I just can’t properly convey the feeling of delight and shock I had while reading ^^

I think my favorite arc is the one in which the mangaka, Gesundheit, depicts himself as one of the manga’s characters, a slim, manly figure with a sci-fi gas mask, served by an army of women and manservants, an admirable and hilarious combination of mise en abyme (delivered like a boss in this volume) and breaking of the fourth wall :shock: This is between pages 145 and 167 (included), please: you HAVE to read it :shock:
Mind you, half of the chapters in this volume would have deserved to be favorites. Like the chapter 1, introducing the hentai equivalent of STANDS, ffs lol.

Graphically, I regret I must mention there is massive blur-mosaics censorship on all genitalia. Other than that, the girls are cute, on the (mostly) realistic side, save for when they’ll have a giant penis (there’s like 20% futanari), and have extremely extreme sex, with maximum dilatations, legendary creampies, and more. As I already wrote before, I don’t care this is grammatically incorrect, the sex is extremely extreme, period :D

Release credits are for Sneikkimies, EnDy_S, Satoshi, Jay19, Tim_, Gilgamesh, Minty, Bagels, Yumino, Shalltear, Miya, FlatJustice, Amaterasuthird, Rizel, Vixen and Bride Of Sin, from All The Fallen translations, thank you very much! ^____^

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O wa x O Taisetsu Ni Surubeki Darou [English], by Hisakawa Tinn

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It's funny, in hentai, I'm infuriated that men keep their glasses but absolutely grateful that women keep theirs. I should get my shit together.

There’s a little spoiler to this story, I’ll resist temptation and let you go “I should have guessed!” yourselves, if you don’t mind ^^
Other that that, it’s a simple scene, two highschoolers, a pettanko meganekko with a bit of a tsundere nature, and a boy whose engine simply won’t stop once it has started :3

I’ll shut up before I finally write that spoiler, so: thanks to N40h and Herzer, and enjoy…

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Binkan Hoshuu (“Sensitive Supplementary Class”) [English], by Pija

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A cutie. Even if she's not fed enough :D

It’s a nice and simple vanilla share we’ve got here, starring a pettanko highschool girl, super flat, but with a cute face and delightful tanned skin (she’s in a swimming club, figures). And, because hentai, guess what happens ;)

The drawings are superb, with impressive contrasts, although plagued by too thick black bars. All in all: definitely worth a look, in my eyes. Enjoy! ^^
And thanks to Herreis, Vilis and Foresail, from Hennojin :)

By the same artist, I also share Watakushi Mob Desu Ga, Aru Atsui Hi No Futari and Futari No Hi – Day Only For Two.

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