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Namaiki JK Onsen Ryokou 2-haku 3-kka (“Cheeky Female Highschool Student Hot Springs Trip”) [English], by Shiki Takuto

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And here my regret I'm not skilled enough to redraw the missing part is clearly showing ^^;;

A highschool girl targets a middle-aged salaryman as he’s going to an onsen, follows him, and lets herself be invited on his tab. The poor guy was so taken aback he didn’t even think of protesting, lol. As the story unfolds, she offers him to enter a compensated dating relationship with her, and they make a well assorted couple: the girl is unexperienced but has inner masochistic traits (never refusing the escalating demands, welcoming more, blindfold play, public sex, in the end she’s the one who suggests strangulation fetish), the man isn’t quite the shee he first appears to be.

It was quality sex, not just the drawings (it IS quality, drawn with tons of talent), but also because it healed the soul of the two protagonists, in the end they found solace, their strength was restored…
(Side note, I joined four double-pages.Shittily.)

Release credits are dor Yuzuru Katsuragi and Dopeswaggu, thank you! :)

By the same artist, and I think these two works are MUCH better than this one, I also share two quality works, IF – The Puppy Story and IF – The School Story, and a garbage well-drawn volume, Honey kiss with NTR and yandere.

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Delivery Hells – Here Comes Hell [English], a delightful piece of maximum WTF hentai, by Kemonono

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WHAT THE FUCK :shock: :D :lol:

This is hilarious, and extremely weird. I would have been tempted to challenge you guys, by writing it is simply impossible to fap to this release, but that would be underestimating the internet and its lurkers :D

Look, I don’t encourage you to download it to your hard disk. But at least, please, pretty please with sugar on top, try reading it, at least ^^

The story line, in short, is about a world in which human ingenuity for evil has even conquered hell and demons are now forced to work among humans; here we watch a male MC call for a demon prostitute, however he will be served with a she-goat-demon instead of the usual friendly slime demon. The female MC acts like a spoiled bitch, and yet ends up acting like a tsundere horny fresh teen ^^;;

This delightful unfappable piece of furry hentai has been brought to us by Midori, thanks for the scanlation :)

By Kemonono, I also share Groove Tube (195 pictures, Uncensored), Yellow Pop (231 pictures) and Muchi To Ha Zai 1-3.

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Yarigai Sagashi (“Wanting More, Wanting Better”) [English], by Unou

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Haaa, if only it hadn't been censored like that!

I had planned to share this one a good time ago now, but I completely forgot about it, sorry about that.

So. Yarigai Sagashi has a delightful WTF feeling. If you can bear the abominable blur mosaics censorship, that is, I prefer to mention it at once.
It’s the story of a hot gyaru girl selling her body, who has to stay at her uncle as her mother broke her leg and is in the hospital. However, her uncle mistakes her for a prostitute he had just called ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The girl adapts easily to the situation, it’s good sex, and somehow I found myself sympathizing with the characters, haha. The censorship ruined arousal for me, but I still finished reading with a broad smile ^_^

P.S. page 17 is totally Starbucks.

Thanks to CellTF, Maipantsu, Palaxius, Axalon, MrWayne and Dynellen, a fine team, for this release! :)
By the same artist, I also share Fujiyama-san To (“With Fujiyama-san”) and Choose.

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Ako-chan To Papa-katsu Shimasen Ka? [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Saki series, by SSB

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That reminds me of SNO's Enkou Oji-san. I hope more of it will be available soon :)

In this Saki doujinshi, Ako, one of the female heroines, has a side job on the weekends, as a prostitute. But the best kind: she’s got her own sugar daddy, they spend the weekend going out, shopping (whatever she wants is bought, no doubt), having fun, and also having sex.
It’s like a willing suspension of disbelief, a temporary marital life. Only the good sides of married life, and then the weekend’s over and real life resumes, see you next time.
Hey, it’s not bad at all, as a principle, as long as you can afford it :)

The drawings are rather good (nothing to go wild about, but good enough), and Ako’s cheerful personality is charming enough to make the read worthwhile enough in my opinion =)

This has been scanlated by Desudesu and commissioned by SpeedPunk, I’m grateful, thank you! :jap:

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Omoichigai (“Misunderstanding”) [English], by Kemigawa

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One minute after I was done reading, I was recalling this manga as: "not too censored" - fuck it lol, it's sad that my standards had to evolve like that :D

Is the male MC losing, or winning, here, lol? I’m confused ^^;;
See: we have two childhood friends, male and female, however while the girl grew up a busty popular babe, the boy became a kinda creepy unpopular nobody… and we ended up in a situation where the girl extorts money out of the boy, in exchange for providing blowjobs and boob service. It’s only thanks to a misunderstanding that pushes the boy past the edge that the whole mess will be cleared away… but he’s still paying :roll:

Well, that’s an original take, on how to *not* start a relation :D
The drawings are on the good side, a bit amateurish, but it’s also good, a fresh style.

Thanks to Kyunrou, Doutei Penguin, Papahack, Danky, Adam, Crystalium and Nana, from Red Lantern TL, for this one! :)

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Enkou Ojisan Episodes 1-5 [English, 131 pictures], by Shiwasu No Okina

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Little bonus, the content smile of the sister on the left, who has already had her fill but cheers for the two still at it ^^

The “enkou” in the title stands for Enjo kōsai, highschool girl prostitution. And this series is, very simply, about a young adult guy enjoying highschool girls trading their bodies for money :D
Of course, there’s the Shiwasu No Okina vibe to make it much better. Here, the girls are cheerful, smiling, even if it weren’t for money they’d be totally into having sex, and, damn, it shows they love dick. The male hero, too… at first glance he’s a nobody, a fluffy nobody, overweight and looking plain. But actually he’s as lovely and trust-inspiring as a good fluffy cake (who doesn’t love cake, right?), he’s good natured, knows the value of the little things, and he’s good to the girls – plus, he almost has superpowers at times, such as instant escaping before getting caught :lol:

Graphically, on the one hand it’s with whiteout censorship, but even like that, hot damn the girls (both naked and, before, fully clothed) look AWESOME. Youg, erotic, pleased, please to please, wonderfully drawn. Splendid :shock: And there will be multiple panels where it’s like there is no censorship in sight, and we can enjoy even more the girls and their lovely realistic bodies :)
We owe this quality release to HonyakuSands and ItsJustMe111, many thanks! ^_^

For MUCH more stuff, cf. The List of ALL Shiwasu No Okina’s Works !
And of course there’s My Shiwasu No Okina TOTAL Pack =)

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Bakkon Cafe [English], a weird but not unpleasant hentai doujinshi parodying the Pokémon series, by Watanabe Souichi

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Where can I volunteer?

Heh, that was a cheerful piece of WTF hentai, I smiled all along ^^
In Bakkon Café, a young adult male pokémon trainer thinks he’ll enjoy a maid café with cute teens serving him, but discovers the promotional flyer is a lie, the place is ran by women looking like they’re almost in their thirties. His attempt to flee is thwarted with an expert armlock, and the rest is quality group sex, lol.

The realistic drawing style (maybe with touches of western inspiration, I wonder) takes a bit to get accustomed to, but once you got into it, it’s pretty nice, and not too censored, which is always a good thing in these days. Anonymous and Constantly are behind this release, thank you ^^

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