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Nanka Ii Koto Atta [English], by Jorori

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I chose a picture without dialogues

Vanilla of this level should be offered by social security. There’s loving, trusting, bonding, good art, cute idiosyncrasies, cheerfulness, cute pouting, this is splendid as a work of hentai, it fills us with warm and fuzzy feelings. Hats off :)

Now, the bad things, because I wouldn’t want you to regret having downloaded it: there’s whiteout censorship; the mangaka did his (her?) best to work around that but couldn’t do miracles.
More importantly: the English level and typesetting would be best described with a noun rather than an adjective: cancer. English isn’t even my mother tongue, I still make plenty of mistakes (please, correct me from time to time ^^) and yet it horrified me. Practically every panel is teeth-gritting material if you need good English.

Because of this bad English, I don’t think I should whole-heartedly recommend you that one despite its shiny vanilla quality. I’ll insist, unless you know you CAN endure really bad English, you’ll feel like you’re tortured.
I also feel like a fucking ungrateful cunt to write it like that, I apologize. Whoever the scanlator is (no idea) I hope he/she won’t read my lines :-/

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