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Jishou Kishidou [English], an excellent hentai doujinshi parodying the Re:Zero series, by Chicke III

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It's looking quite moderately censored, she should have said.

At first, I giggled. And then I laughed out loud. It kept on getting better ^^;;
Allright, I’ll just say this is a fine Re:Zero hentai doujinshi. No hints as to what the hell is going on; diverse sex including anal and DP (don’t trust false first impressions, no cucking). Still, I must make this precision, this is dialogue-based humour, with a straight-man and WTF style. Ah, come on, try reading it, it’s totally worth it lol ^^;;

Thanks a LOT to Metaphrastes for this one, I know I’ll be randomly giggling for the rest of the day, now :D

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Rem No Emilia Kuttsuke Daisakusen [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Re:Zero series, by Pirokobo

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Aaaaah, Rem. You should have won.

That’s a way to “solve” romantic triangles. When the boy Subaru loves the far too candid ojou-sama Emilia and ignores the openly confessed feelings of the maid Rem, there’s a simple solution. Which will inescapably end in a threesome (with a bonus “canon-compatible” conclusion), because we’re reading hentai and not some boring romantic novel :D
The drawings are OK, cute vanilla hentai material. Enjoy! ^^

This has been released by Cecilbk and Skillfuloli, thank you! :jap:
A side note, I allowed myself to recompress the images in this one, we went from 143 MB to 42 MB.

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Ecchi Kara Hajimeru Fujun Isei Kouyuu (“Illicit Sexual Relationship”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Re:Zero series, by Punita

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Here is a simple and very pleasant Re:Zero hentai doujinshi, with the simplest possible canvas: Rem makes a move on Subaru, who welcomes her audacity. Sex. The end :D

The drawings aren’t too censored, are very close to awesome, and as a maid lover, and a Rem shipper, I must say I had a GREAT time reading it, I hope that, you too, will appreciate it :)
We owe this release to Peganuss, Bango, Satoshi and Dabor, from Hennojin Scanlation, thank you very much! :jap:

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Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Icha Love Kekkon Seikatsu [English], a beautiful hentai doujinshi parodying the Re:Zero series, by Yasuyuki

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How to be very happy and very sad at the same time

Massive wall of text incoming! I apologize in advance. I HAD to write a long piece for this doujinshi, as I was deeply touched, and I hope I can allow those who don’t know of Re:Zero to also enjoy the story :)

So, yeah, this doujinshi should “work” especially well if you’re among the lucky people who have watched Re:Zero. Me, it was the first anime I watched in over a decade and I reckon it was a great show, really. I felt irritated to discover an unconclusive ending, because the anime relied on an ongoing novel that was far from being finished yet, but apart from that, I had emotions, feelings, and moments of amazement and magic.

Now, let’s add the context. Mid-story, the male Hero, Subaru, is at an all-time low, he doesn’t know how to avoid a looming catastrophe, thinks he tried everything without success, wants to give up. It’s at this darkest hour, that we have one of the most beautiful anime moments I know of. Rem (the blue-haired maid), who supported Subaru against all adverse winds, opens her heart to him. And, Subaru, in a moment of despair, begs her, let us run away together, away from everything, let us forget this sad fate, and live a sheltered life, far from all these disasters.
In the real anime, Rem wins our hearts but loses Subaru’s, by rejecting his broken offer, giving him strenght and faith again, and as he springs back to life Subaru remembers he loves another girl. Fuck, I still hate that moment.

Here, in this hentai doujinshi, we’re in an alternate universe, in which Subaru and Rem followed another path. They have run away together, and are now living a happy married life, loving each other, expressing their love, and courageously embracing together a smiling future.
Pure, undiluted vanilla.
Everything Rem would have rightfully deserved.

It made me glad. It made me sad (and conflicted…) It also made me horny, although that’s another topic; the art was great :twisted:

Well, see for yourselves, I guess?
We owe this great (for the Rem lovers!!) release to N04H from, helped by Herzer, with Peganuss as their commmissioner, thank you, I’m deeply grateful! :jap:

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Rem Nyan Wa Hatsujouki [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Re:Zero series, by Mori Airi

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I can't imagine nekomimi outside of Japanese fetishes. Thank you Japan.

Two very good reasons to love this share:
– Rem, the total cutie blue-haired Maid from an excellent animation series, Re:Zero
– Nekomimi in heat. Cause there’s never enough nekomimi in hentai. NEVER!

Other possibly worthy reasons: lingerie, not too much censorship, a vanilla conclusion ^^
I have nothing special to add, so: enjoy! And thanks once again to Doujin-Moe :)

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Choice [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Re:Zero series, by Hapoi-Dokoro

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In my heart, Rem, it's you Subaru should have chosen

Re:Zero is the first anime series I’ve watched in like a decade, thanks to heartfelt encouragements from numerous persons, and I must say, yeah, it was quite the thrill. In the end, I didn’t feel quite sated, I should have suspected the storyline wouldn’t manage to achieve closure and would be left open for a potential sequel in an unforeseen future, but that remained a really good watch.
In this series, the male hero, Subaru, has been hated a lot because he chose to keep on aiming for the unreachable girl on whom he had a crush since episode 1, instead of going for the absolutely adorable maid loving him, Rem, a blue-haired girl with a great smile, a great heart, and also a great spiky mace for crisis times. Rem kept on supporting him, encouraging him, giving him strength, even when Subaru was at his lowest Rem didn’t lose faith in him – and yet the sod bastard still chose the other girl.
Not in this doujinshi, at least!

Here, Rem is much more proactive and pays Subaru a bed visit. The rest is hentai, enjoy :)

We owe this release to Metaphrastes, thank you! :jap:

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Love Rem Kara Hajimeru Sourou Kaizen Seikatsu (“Love:Rem Premature Ejaculation Improvement Program”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Re:Zero series, by Yahiro Pochi

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Rem should have won Subaru's heart.

I finally went and watched an anime series for the first time in a decade.

Oh shit that was awesome :shock:
And now I finally understand why people are total fans of Rem, the blue-haired maid ^___________^

Ahem. Long story short, in this doujinshi, Subaru is found to be a premature ejaculator, and Rem decides to help him overcome his shortcoming. Her method: let him creampie her over and over, in the end he’ll have to run dry and manage to have sex long enough for her to cum too. Heh, why not ^^
The drawings are very good, intense, cute, well done :)
Thanks to Amaburiype for this release! :jap:

There’s a LOT more for you, see The list of ALL my Yahiro Pochi shares!

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