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Alena-san Juu-sai! [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Dragon Quest IV game, by Nazunaya Honpo

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Her boobs. Truly the main character of this doujinshi.

I almost didn’t recognize her: Alena, the teenage fighter girl from Dragon Quest 4, appears here as a busty enthusiastic (about sex, duh) adult woman O_o
There’s a certain logical sense for her male partner, thus: Kyril, one of her game companions, who changed from being the same age as her or a bit older, to being, now, a full-shota :roll:

Well, anyway, what matters is that we can watch them having intense sex, it’s nice like that, I guess, there’s not too much focus on the male partner fortunately. Also, there’s a bonus picture with Manya or Menea, that is buckets-worthy.
Thanks to Bango, Baran and Grink, from Hennojin! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Sex Assistant.

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Boshi No Susume volume 1 (“The Advice Of Mother And Child”) [English, 181 pictures], by Fuusen Club

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I didn't realize it before, but... WTF, her thighs are thicker than the space between her two shoulders O_o

Look, I know, this is a complete tankoubon, it’s 181 pictures long, but PLEASE, don’t just too fast on the download links, take the time to heed my honest warnings?

How to say…
The good thing about this manga, is that it contains women with working genitalia who love sex.
The bad things… well, that would be everything else, lol.

The drawings look bad and don’t do justice to the Fuusen Club name (and yet I’m not even a fan of the mangaka’s other works). The story canvas is braindead, not bad in itself, but not good either, devoid of any form of interest. The censorship in 90% of the pics is beyond gruesome, I don’t know how I could call it, pathetic? And the image resolution would have been called “low res” 15 years ago.

Read it at your own risk ;) Sorry for the whining, and thanks to Amoskandy for this release ^^;;
By the same artist, I also share Chibokyuu (213 pictures).

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“devils’ knot” by Chiba Toshirou – now fully translated and decensored!

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Hello, J.B.Random talking and today I present to you newly edited and decensored “Dorohedoro” doujinshi by Chiba Toshirou called “devils’ knot”. It’s in crazy 4200×6000 resolution (gallery files are somewhat smaller), also all sound effects were translated and edited in addition to bubble text, so have fun!
The base premise is, when a devil wants to see some hot spicy action between lovers, they better deliver their best =). Also mind you the devil is into shota and naturally has magic powers.
By the way, it is actually a third chapter in a series, so I recommend you to check up previous books here: 01, 02.

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Tawawa Na Kouhai-chan [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Getsuyoubi no Tawawa (“Tawawa On Monday”) series, by Akapenguin

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She's got the boobs and hips for a spectacular hourglass figure, I gotta give her that.

Seriously? The initial purpose of Tawawa On Monday was to provide a positive motivation towards workers and students alike on Monday mornings.
And here, it’s turned into some kind of [ magical hypnosis + woman treated as meat + shouta + netorare conclusion story ] mixed bag garbage bag, in a Box Truck Sex odd context.
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

The art is top notch, normal, it’s drawn by Akapenguin, but the story… argh, fuck it.
Ah, well, anyway, as always, take my rants with a pinch of salt (bad pun, I’m too salty, sorry), see for yourselves :roll:
Thanks to cc0dykid for this release.

By the same artist, known as Akapenguin and Asahina Hikage, I also share a pack of 3 works (Haitenaino Erina-sama + Moon Freak + Moon & Jupiter Freak), Hitomi-chan Chi No Ofuro Ni Iretara, Venus And Mercury Freak, Oneechan Chuuihou Hatsureichuu, Shota Teitoku To Nyuukyo Time, Venus and Moon Freak, Jupiter And Mars Freak, Takao And Kashima Freak, Shimei Shite Mo Ii Desu Ka Tadokoro-chan and Shibu-rin Ga Low Angler Ni Nerawareta You Desu.

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Yawaraka Atago-san [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Itou Life

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She only gets a few pages, so at least she'll have the top of spot position

A smiling Atago, a true beacon of cheerfulness, is having fun pleasuring her shota Admiral. In the last third, , a much more composed Kitakami lets her Admiral use her pussy.
And, errrr, duh, that’s it, lol, there isn’t much more to add story-wise ^^
The drawings are a mix of good and bad (the latter including, in my opinion, ugly X-rays and a dotted printing method unfriendly with shades, we lack the impression of volumes!), it’s up to you.

Thanks to Arkngthand for this release! :)

By the same artist, I also share Ecchi De Yasashii Sanae Onee-chan, Yuruyuru Nukinuki Kitakami-san, Punipuni Patchouli-sama and a pack of 5 works (Deliaya + Iina Wriggle 1 + Iina Wriggle 2 + Patchouli Ijiri + Sagariguru).

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At Home Harem Fudeoro Sisters [English, 217 pictures], by Tachibana Omina

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If you look carefully enough, you can find the male partner ;)

Oh… wow. Graphically, this is DEFINITELY the best hentai manga created by Tachibana Omina :shock:
The girls are splendid, they’re all meaty babes with hourglass figures and large breasts, only the bust size, the face and the expression on the face, from predatory to meek, vary ^^ There’s very, very little censorship (tiny rare bars), very intense vaginal sex, a wealth of little details everywhere all the time, quality anatomy (save this cute fuckup) allowing complete immersion… really, WOW!! :shock:
Allow me to drop the biggest compliment I ever wrote for Tachibana Omina: in this volume, frequently, the drawing style reminded me of the mangaka Mitarashi Kousei.

Scenario-wise, there’s a large arc about a shota (soon leaving that age category, no choice but to deal with it) and his maid welcomed into a family of three women. No real scenario. And there’s a two-chapter arc about a MILF, her daughter, and the boy between them, that one was intense, touching, and fucking SPLENDID (plus: braids. UHHNGGNGYEH!!!)

Look, I wrote a long enough wall of text, it’s in my eyes the BEST Tachibana Omina out there, so, enjoy! ^____^
Release credits are for Biribiri, Anonymous, Axalon and Pure Energy, thank you, thank you so much :jap:

By the same artist, under the Tachibana Omina, Shimapan and Ominaeshi names, I also share Ikinari Harem Life (219 pictures), Boku Wa Minna No Kanrinin (“I Am Everyone’s Landlord”, 203 pictures), P5 Harlem, P5 Harem Futaba Edition, FE If Harem, Boy Meets Harem, a pack of full-color pictures, Harem Variety Pack and DOA Harem volumes 1 and 2.

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Succubus Onee-san To Inmon Keiyaku [English], by Uesugi Kyoushirou

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Losing a bit of life energy seems totally worth it. Even better, it's an excuse to fill yourself with more food :D

We’re in an estate secretly controlled by a succubus, preying on the local males… until every dick owner ran the fuck away and our poor succubus is bored to death :D
So, when a new man shows up, in the form of a smiling shota, the deflowering didn’t take long.

It could very easily have been worse. Sure, by obligation, niche oblige, it’s domination, no consent is asked, but advances are met with amazed approval, and the woman is careful not to harm or exhaust her new partner, and the drawings are generous and hardly even censored, so, heh, enjoy!
Thanks to Bango, Satoshi and Dabor, from Hennojin! :)

By the same artist, I also share Haruka Challenge, Boku No Konatsu Senpai and its sequel Boku No Konatsu-senpai To Yagai Katsudou.

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