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Orgasm + Creampie = Zero [English], by Hiroyuki Andou

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From cute shy teen to total caricatural slut, in four years. Oh, Japan.

That sister’s so classless she could be a marxist utopia (source). This share is about a brother leaving for his studies, bidding goodbye to his cute 14 years old little sister, who cries as she bids goodbye to her onii-chan. Four years laters, he comes back to find a total slut dressed in a caricatural outfit.

As she needs money, she sells “services” to her virgin brother. Oral, paizuri, actual sex, until, of course, the brother’s vigorous penis wins the “heart” of his sister.
… How to say… this is SO stupid, ridiculous (even the censorship was ridiculous), and unrealistic… Let’s invoke the “bathos humour” clause and call it a day, it’s fun if you can laugh at the ridiculous :lol:
Thanks to Saha and Omega999 for this new release ^^;;

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