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Nuru Never Drain 3 [English], by Navier Haruka 2T

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Where can we adopt a girl like that? The thought they might be starving is so sad. Let's be good, kind, helpful folks.

Inb4 someone asks: the previous volumes seem unrelated, with different characters, and the female MCs were far from being the total babe we have here. So, I don’t mind only sharing the newly released volume here. Quality over quantity ;)

And in this share, what happens, you may ask? A sexy tanned (or genuinely dark skinned?) succubus becomes the companion of an ero artist, she takes care of his place and acts like a cute little housewife, in exchange he feeds her what she needs (I won’t insult you by naming it) day after day. A huge win for both sides =)
Graphically, the girl has a world-class body, and her cheeky smile all along pressed a lot of my buttons simultaneously. Add to this very little censorship and a fun idea (the girl’s tail able to generate lube), I would rate this a five-stars share :twisted:

Thanks to Doujin-Moe for this one!

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Oneshota JK Soap, Raikou Mama To Nurunuru Shitai.

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Da-Maid Yohane No Houshiroku [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Love Live! Sunshine! series, by Kamisiro Ryu

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Succubus or not, it was fapworthy

We’re in the same context as in my last Kamisiro Ryu share, in which Love Live! girls have become maids proud to sexually serve. No idea why ^^
Edit: for future personal reference, I’ll note here the mangaka uses the circle name “Kuroneko Akaribon“.

And in this volume, we watch a shota having non-stop sex with one of the girls, the brunette Yohane. The translation was bad, honestly, no typesetting and I suspect a part of my not understanding what the hell was going on was due to the poor TL (but maybe not, heh.) Howevever, if you can discard this poor translation and editing, the sex itself was pretty good. If you have something for sexy underwear and outfits, especially, it should be worth it :D

By the same artist, I also share a pack of 2 works (Maid Live Sunshine! DIAmond Service + Maid Live! Ver.Storm In), School Maid, Maid Love and Maid Live! Ver.Bibi.

Thanks to whoever is behind this release! :)

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Inma no Mikata (“Succubi’s Supporter”) [English, 243 pictures], by Fue

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I like how it takes a pair of seconds to understand what happens on the image, and then, BAM, AWESOME!

This is a manga about a human hired by succubi to become their food source. Forget about scary movies, these succubi are gourmets who will only feed on the best sperm ^^
A quotation I probably won’t ever forget: “So, my dick is about to become a drink bar, right?:lol:

We are served awesome deepthroat after awesome deepthroat (chapter 2: 736 ejaculations in a single day with dozens of different women :shock: ), with a bit of vaginal action too.
The drawings are FANTASTIC, entranced faces, quality art, and sexy women. However, before page 164, the massive amount of whiteout censorship (magazine scans) is almost a crime, defacing something splendid is an insult to nature’s beauty. After page 163, these are tank scans with minuscule unnoticeable rare white bars, woot!

But, hey, if you dislike deepthroats as a whole, a huge dick shoved repeatidly and entirely down a throat, I urge you to not even bother yourselves with downloading the manga, it simply wouldn’t be fit for you.

Thanks to CellTF, Axalon, DarkFire and Biribiri, for the first part, and Bango, Vilis and Burndo from Hennojin, for the last parts, I’m grateful! =)

By Fue, I also share Fella Hame Lips (227 pictures), Fera Pyua ~Mitarashi-san Chi No Jijou~ (“Two Siblings Fela Pure”, 231 pictures), Sakaki-san Satisfaction and Fela Pure Episode 1, the movie.

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Kyoyuchi No Aku (“The Evil of Commons”) [English], by Ink Complex

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Hoo, the little detail I had no noticed. Look at the speech bubble, this isn't spoken language anymore, a heart to show love for the male symbol O_o

Long story short, a succubus leads a young human into a mutually benefitting agreement, he provides her the life force she needs to sustain physical form, while he gets the best sexfriend he could ever dream of. With lots of sex as a demonstration :D
I have little to add, actually, from here ^^ The drawings are nice, the male MC is a shota but not *that* young for a change, it’s quite decent art, I hope it may please you, my dear sick fellow pervs ;)

Thanks a lot to Biribiri, Axalon, CellTF, MrWayne, Rotoscopic, for this succubus-flavoured release :)

By the same artist, known under the pen names “Ink Complex” and “Tomohiro Kai”, I also share Sei no Kenryoku (“The Power Of Sex”), E Abunai Mizugi, Maraschino Cherry Kiss, Hinin Wa Taisetsu Jan, The Dark Side Of The Moon, Homemonogatari, Hide And Peek, its sequel Ride And Leap, Silk No Kajitsu 1-3, Beer Beer, Atago At Work, On The End Of Her Leash, 7Su2, Into The Pit, Love Blooms At The Secret Hot Spring, Amagi Butaiura, Ring Mark and Poolside Instruction + When The White Shower Falls.

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Succubus-san O Kataritai [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Demi-chan Wa Kataritai (“Interviews with Monster Girls “) series, by Itou Eight

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Hot and sad at the same time

Honest warning: HUGE WALL OF TEXT coming, lol. The doujinshi struck me, I apologize ^^

The drawing style looked a bit peculiar to me compared to other Itou Eight volumes, even the boys were thick, the square expressions on the people’s faces, however it is actually made to resemble the Demi-chan Wa Kataritai series itself (see that image) for instance. So, as far as the drawings side go, huge props to the mangaka for managing to respect a series’ original art style, while turning it hentai!

Story-wise, now. I’m extremely grateful to hentai, it allows me to discover new series that I love, such as We Never Learn the other day, and today, Demi-Chan (look, you can read it here, 37 chapters have been scanlated to this day). But it also has negative effects, as the present hentai share is worse when you know precisely what this is about.
To summarize, the female MC is actually a succubus, and as such, unless she hides everything but her face (example) and avoids skin contact, she will arouse madly the men around her. In the original series, she succeeds in doing her best protecting people from her automatic “effects”; in the hentai manga a secondary character (caring and generous originally, here transformed into a scumbag) accidentally stumbles into her, they have sex, they become intense lovers, and the female MC falls into corruption, gives in to the love of dick and starts making a move on another “pure” man (the male MC in the original series). It’s hot, but it’s sad, so sad for me :(

Truly, this manga is best read when you do NOT know the original series.
Even if graphically it’s hot as fuck.

We owe this release to Desudesu and an Anon, thank you! :jap:

By Itou Eight (circle name: Eight Beat), I also share Milk Dip (210 pictures), CHIAKIchang Help, Moon Light Stream (Uncensored version), Motoyan Onna To Shatei Otoko, Lollipop Of The Dead, Kouhai Missed Memories, Bear Hunt, Okita Ke No Omotenashi, Hikkoshi No Aisatsu Wa Shinchou Ni, Sora To Gyaru No Aida Ni Ha, Uraraka Ura Fuzoku, Kangokushi Saiminnokei, Pichi Muchi, Wakachiai, and, with the pen name spelled a bit differently, Beware Of The Panty Thief.

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Wake Ari Seishokusha Ona Yami Soudan (“A Certain Sexy Nun’s Masturbation Addict Confessions”) [English], by Kousuke

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Man, what a fine butt

A horny plump nun with French speech mannerisms accepts to listen to a man’s confession: his overwhelming libido is jeopardizing his chances to make it into college. Hentai logic oblige, the next panel she’s sucking his dick, and you can guess the rest, can’t you? :D
Well, there’s a little something you probably didn’t immediately guess, but I’ll let you figure it out eventually ;)

Brace yourselves for massive knockers, odd feelings from having the vulgar French dialogues (me: lolwut, I cheered for the “branlette espagnole” though :lol: ), not too much censorship (only black bars) and enthusiastic sex. The moment the nun reveals the lingerie she was wearing and shows her splendid ass… DAYUM! :twisted:

Darknight is behind this release, thank you! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Doutei Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seifuku (“Setting Out On A Parallel World SEXUAL Conquest After Dying A Virgin”).

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Succubus Onee-san To Inmon Keiyaku [English], by Uesugi Kyoushirou

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Losing a bit of life energy seems totally worth it. Even better, it's an excuse to fill yourself with more food :D

We’re in an estate secretly controlled by a succubus, preying on the local males… until every dick owner ran the fuck away and our poor succubus is bored to death :D
So, when a new man shows up, in the form of a smiling shota, the deflowering didn’t take long.

It could very easily have been worse. Sure, by obligation, niche oblige, it’s domination, no consent is asked, but advances are met with amazed approval, and the woman is careful not to harm or exhaust her new partner, and the drawings are generous and hardly even censored, so, heh, enjoy!
Thanks to Bango, Satoshi and Dabor, from Hennojin! :)

By the same artist, I also share Haruka Challenge, Boku No Konatsu Senpai and its sequel Boku No Konatsu-senpai To Yagai Katsudou.

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