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My Dear Maid One Day [English], by Takatsu

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SCORE! *cough*sorry*

When I shared the tank version of My Dear Maid, 11 days ago, Dynellen mentioned a bonus chapter existed in Japanese. Well, here we are, he has gotten it translated too, thank you ^^

This bonus work came as a small addon to the tank, however I must warn you, this is with magazine-grade censorship: massive whiteout, and it’ll stay like that. Also, the story is kinda forgettable, the maid visiting her master at school (sex) and then having sex with him more privately. Enjoyable, sure, but nothing worth getting a cardiac arrest over, shall we say ^^
I’ll let you to read it, and, once again, thank you, very much!, to Dynellen, Kuma-pun and Svines89 from B.E.C. Scans :)

The Tank version of My Dear Maid is still available HERE, BTW ;)

For MORE, I recommend you The list of Takatsu/Takatu’s works on HentaiRules

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Spiritual Lunch [English], by Otaku Beam

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Awwww =)

Awwww, that was A – DO – RA – BLE! ^___^
Spiritual Lunch is the soft romance story of a female highschooler succubus with the boy she chose as her partner. At first, the boy is only kindly providing her with food (fap sperm), and eventually they become lovers.
There is a very pleasant combination of light comedy dialogues, adorable furious blushing, and beautiful, sensible drawings.

The girl is the pettanko type, which wasn’t all to my fetish, but at least there’s only very little censorship, so I won’t complain ^^
It was a lovely reading session, I’m quite confident it should please most of you guys out there, hehe. Thanks a LOT to NecromanCr! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Sorako No Tabi and Stay By Me Zenjitsutan Fragile S.

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Itoshi No Onii-sama – Lilim’s Gaiden [English, UNCENSORED version], by Nosebleed (AKA Miyamoto Issa)

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OH . MY . GOD!!!

–Update: and now, this is the UNCENSORED version, WOOHOOO, to have that one uncensored rather than all those others releases, we’re so luckyyyyy! :D :woot:

Ho ho ho hoooo, I have this laughter where I’m filled with joy and elation, where I’m simply GLAD I have had the chance to read something, and enjoy it even more because I can share it :D
Allright boys and girls, in this share, the mangaka deserved the Nosebleed pen name.

Itoshi No Onii-sama is the story of a young man marrying into a rich family in which the women are tanned, busty, love cock, and are of succubus lineage. We don’t see no devil wings, pointy tail, horns or actually any supernatural stuff. Simply, the girl has adorable dark skin, enticing eyes, and a badass lust for sex :twisted:
The sex doesn’t lose in intensity (powerful vaginal and anal, two pages of paizuri that felt like five, they were good) even though it also comes with mutual love. And the drawing quality, the minimal amount of censorship, it was so good, HNNNNG!

Enjoy! And thanks a LOT to our dear NecroManCr! ^_^
Update: and more thanks are for Azmodam, who decensored it, and KCZ117 who told me of the decensoring :)

By the same artist, known as Nosebleed and Miyamoto Issa, I also share Keraku No Yume, LiMiM’s, Seicross, Kimi Wa Kanojo No Kanrika Ni Iru, anb Yasashii Kashima-san (“Gentle Kashima-san”).

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Kanjin Kaname No Akuma Gaku (“Critical Kaname Demonology”) chapter 2 + the chapters 1-2 repacked together [English], by Royal Koyanagi

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Tanned MILF time. HOOOOOO YEAH!!

Here is the – unexpected, but welcome ! – sequel to Kanjin Kaname No Akuma Gaku :twisted:
This story is crazy, original, creative, just a tiny bit disturbing, and incredibly erotic, it’s the kind of hentai I love from Royal Koyanagi :D

In this story, the male hero is a shota-looking highschooler who learns he is heir to a Demon King, and his sexual powers arise, he can now drive women hyper horny, his dick becomes massive, his libido is now endless, and there are female succubi here to help awaken fully to his new future status.
In the chapter 1, it was sex with tons of highschoolers and adult women.
The chapter 2 focuses on MILFs, this time the male hero is set out to conquer the mothers of his classmates. As a MILF fan, I approve.

The drawings are great, the thick black bar censorship is hardly an hindrance in my eyes, the sex was so intense…
But. Huge and fair warning: the scanlation and editing are VERY bad (in quality: grammar is raped to death, in appearances: it looks super bad, and in trust: there must be loss of information). It’s always better than nothing at all, which is why I truly am grateful, but bad is bad, there’s no way out of it.
Thanks a lot to the kind person(s) behind this release! :jap:

For MORE, Cf. The list of Royal Koyanagi’s Works on Hentairules

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Kanjin Kaname No Akuma Gaku (“Critical Kaname Demonology”) [English], by Royal Koyanagi

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I bet you didn't realize at once the male partner's body was entirely in the picture

Haaa! THIS TIME this is Royal Koyanagi material that I can enjoy! :twisted:
Crazy, original, creative, just a tiny bit disturbing, and incredibly erotic :twisted:

In this share, the male hero is a shota-looking highschooler whose body transforms, his penis stopped being normal and he now sports absolutely massive erections and finds himself filled with absurdly strong libido. The two women closest to him (a tall brunette, a loli-looking classmate his age) explain his demon prince blood is awakening.
The rest is plot filling and tons of sex between various people, which I’ll let you discover and enjoy :D

Sure, there’s the thick bar censorship, sure it’s annoying that both the male hero and one of the girls look too young, but all in all, this is some proud hentai we’ve got here =)
Fair warning: just like in my previous Royal Koyanagi share, the scanlation and editing are very bad (in looks, grammar hard-raping, and loss of information). Always better than nothing at all so I’m grateful, but bad is bad.
Thanks a lot to the kind person(s) behind this release! :jap:

For MORE, Cf. The list of Royal Koyanagi’s Works on Hentairules

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Akuma De Ikenie [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Touhou series, by Erostellus

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Is she a succubus, or not?

MAXIMUM WARNING: the end of the story is brutal. It is not explicitely represented, but had it been, it would have qualified as guro.
And the story while showing quality sex is also brutal, it’s about a human, lost in the Gensokyo universe, and taken in by the vampiric group of the Touhou heroines, used for sexual pleasure, and destine to be their food one he expires from too intense sex.

So, yeah, the story is a huge WTF.
I’m still sharing it because the art is OK and I know many people can discard the scenario to just appreciate the drawings, and also because I felt like showing another of the sides of hentai… How to say: as for all Japanese-made things, you’ll never be able to tell that you’ve seen it all, there will always be weirder shit to come, lol ^^;;
Release credits are for Desudesu.

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Inma No Mikata (“Succubi’s Supporter”) chapter 3, + the chapters 1-3 repacked together [English, 116 pictures], by Fue

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Nice butt, though

Here is the chapter 3 of the Inma No Mikata series by Fue. I’ll be frank, while I thoroughly enjoyed the two previous chapters, this new one felt like a let down in several regards.
Two reasons behind my disappointment: (1) the new girl is a near-loli drawn deliberately borderline (with the “actually several centuries old” excuse), and (2) something I absolutely detested, on a panel, page 115, she pukes cum from a too strong orgasm, for fuck’s sake that was disgusting :(

At least, the previous chapters remain good.
Oh, if you’re new to the series: this is a manga about a human hired by succubi to become their food source. Forget about scary movies, these succubi are gourmets who will only feed on the best sperm ^^
A quotation I probably won’t ever forget: « So, my dick is about to become a drink bar, right ? » :lol:
We are served awesome deepthroat after awesome deepthroat (chapter 2: 736 ejaculations in a single day with dozens of different women :shock: ), with a bit of vaginal action too.
The drawings are FANTASTIC, entranced faces, quality art, and sexy women. However, the massive amount of whiteout censorship is almost a crime, defacing something so splendid is an insult to nature’s beauty.

Thanks to CellTF, Axalon, DarkFire and Biribiri! I’m grateful =)

By Fue, I also share Fella Hame Lips (227 pictures), Fera Pyua ~Mitarashi-san Chi No Jijou~ (“Two Siblings Fela Pure”, 231 pictures), Sakaki-san Satisfaction and Fela Pure Episode 1, the movie.

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