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Pack of 2 [English] works, focused on swapping, by Taono Kinoko

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I read it with too high expectations, I think, so I enjoyed it less than I could have. I hope my summary will help without wrongly deterring.

I gathered here two works by the eromangaka Taono Kinoko, in reading order:
Koibito Gokko
Kareshi No Me No Mae De Anal Kaihatsu Sareru

They’re about swapping, we’re shown two “open” couples of highschoolers, they love sex and swap partners. All cool? Well, no.
The mangaka enjoys breaking the balance, one of the boys is better endowed and much more a conqueror, and it’s clear as day the “lesser boyfriend” is cuckhold material, his joy is tainted with muted bitterness. Too bad, swapping is very, very rare in hentai, so here we have a failed opportunity (but after all, a good swapping story requires extraordinary balance and sensitivity in the story-writing, I can imagine it’s not easy to do, and even less to manage to get it published, sigh.)
It’s still damn good-looking, the girls are drawn realistically, there is only thin censorship, and lots of sex, it’s excellent fap material at the very least.

We owe this release to Desudesu and Mondo2000, and Faperu, thank you!

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