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What Happened When A Virgin Went To A Sex Bar With His Little Sister Kek [English, Uncensored version], by Hiroshiki

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...kek? What?

–Update: and now, thanks to Ladrason, this is now UNCENSORED! :woot:
(I replaced the formerly censored links, with new decensored links.)

Seriously? A brother and sister visit a private bar for sexual affairs (swinging, in other words ^^)… AND THEY HAVE SEX WITH EVERYBODY EXCEPT WITH EACH OTHER?!? NOT EVEN BY ACCIDENT?!?
What has hentai come to? Where are our values of wincest? O, the depravity, the loss, the abandonment of all hentai values T__T

Still hot, though. But, damn.
I’ll let you find out in more details, but thanks a lot for Anaphaxeton and Ser Maggot, from the E-H cove, as it’s been a great read despite the shocking lack of wincest :)

By the same artist, I also share My Private Teacher Is a Gal Teacher.

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Happy Birthday! Rental Kareshi (“Rental Boyfriend”) [English], by Mikami Cannon

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There are weird girls out there. Girls that will offer to lend their boyfriend for the evening, to console the loser who didn’t win his favour when he had to choose between her or her friend. Girls that will accept this offer for what it stands, and enjoy the evening :shock:
I imagine this counts as swinging, and I was seriously confused as to the tagging, should I consider this cheating, or not, when it is met with steered approval ? O_o

Graphically, at least, this is good. No defects, nice drawings, intense and simple. Good enough for me ^^
Thanks to Noraneko and JBK for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share the AMAZING Orgasmic Body (192 pictures), Madoka Unstoppable, I Love You and A pack of 5 works.

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Abekobe Bitch (“Reverse Bitch”) [English], by Yoshiura Kazuya

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SureOK1 – thank you!! – brought us a pleasant and yet scary release, in which a couple not achieving great bliss during sex receives help from another couple, with them switching partners…

Pleasant: because the sex was full of energy, intense, pushed even further by competition, there is a comedic dimension (weird, I know, mixed like that with non-comedy) and Yoshiura Kazuya draws really well.
Scary: I really felt bad while reading it, as the first boy watches his partner cumming harder from another boy, I was imagining that would be destroying their couple and end badly. Actually, no, things end very well, but, damn, I wish there had been someone to throw me that spoiler in my face, that it was OK, that I could have read it without fearing a bad end :-/ … a spoiler that I just offered you, free of charge, you’re most welcome, enjoy now ;)

By the same artist, i also share Kizashi (234 pictures, netorare pathetic and rage-inducing for me), Love Distorsion (224 pictures, awesome), Sleepy Pussy, Lewd Pregnancy Contract (meh, that one sucks, watch out !), Dignified Darling (shining vanilla) and Following Up On Our First Time (both sad and beautiful.)

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Payback chapter 2 [English] + a repack of the chapters 1-2, by Uruujima Call

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Dat Ass.

First, gotta apologize, what I shared as a standalone release was actually a chapter 1. And now, here comes its second chapter. I was complaining the first chapter was badly half-baked, only going half netori, half netorare, lacking the spice it was promising. Haters gonna hate, netorare lovers gonna rejoice, this second chapter leaves no more room for confusion.
In chapter 1, a couple tried swapping, the most reluctant one, the girlfriend, came wildly to the dick of the other guy, and she’s now being swayed, becoming addicted to the cock of that other guy, while her boyfriend is becoming serious about her.
Oh well. Sigh.

Graphically, that’s nice eye candy. With negative notes, on certain panels Uruujima Call draws the heroine with obese hips (WTF dude ?!?), and on every panel the male partner is shown as a total fuckface that should make children cry and women run away and call the police.
But most of the time, the art is really nice, to hell with whiteout censorship, the whole juicy body of the heroine is an ode to hardcore sex – in my biased eyes, okay ^^

By the same artist, under the names Uruujima Call and Korou, I also share Kamijou-san To Ookina Oppai X8 (in a very strongly retouched version), Summer Drives The Girl Mad, Happy Birthday Side A, and Shigure Training Diary (a History’s Strongest Disciples Kenichi parody ! O_o).

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