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Tropical Rainy [English], a SPLENDID hentai doujinshi parodying the Tales Of The Abyss game, by Shinsen Gokuraku

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I'll admit. With Shinsen Gokuraku, I stopped being unbiased long ago.

Aaaaaaand here is a new episode in one of my all-time favourite vanilla hentai series, Shinsen Gokuraku gracing us with another Jade X Natalia volume ^__^ (In which, this time, Natalia is accidentally doused with an aphrodisiac liquid.)

We have adorable panties, Natalia making entranced faces, blushing furiously, touching expressions of love, breasts nearing perfection in ways I can’t describe properly (they’re *not* picture perfect, but somehow, their minuscule defects make them even better, more “real”, more “convincing”… ah, sorry). And that comes with minimal thin white bar censorship, art that reached hentai god levels, in a volume that is 39 pictures long rather than the usual 20-or-so pictures in doujinshi.
Go for it guys, this is hentai and vanilla gold :D

Thanks a LOT to Ultimaflaral and Shinko, from the E-H Cove :)

By the same artist, I already share Kirakira Girl, Temptation Princess, a pack of 2 works (made of: Blind Princess + Sweet Candy Machine), No-Jn-No-Life Datte Sukidakara, Hime-sama Obenkyou No Ojikan Desu, Watashi No Kawaii Usagi-san, Nurse De Oshigoto, a pack of 3 works (No-Jn-No-Life + Oose No Mama Ni + Pretty Box), Biritai, Strawberry Honey and Miracle Flavors.

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