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Nama-iki Sakari (“The Height Of Bitchiness”) [English, Tank-Reedited version!], by Kotengu

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Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn. YUM.

Let’s save some time, please open those two images.
And notice the differences, every little thing that has been added here and there, the more subtle shades, and of course the glorious new “thing” in the middle ;)

In short, this glorious share (that I made, what, three years ago I think? I’m too lazy to check) has been reedited to tank scans, and it looks much better now, with much less censorship and plenty of minor upgrades :twisted:
For this, we have to thank Mysael, great job, we’re in your debt! ^_^ Also, ofc, due original credits are for Dark Mac, Wayne from Casa Wayne, and Viacheslavovich, thank you very much :jap:

Oh, the story, btw? A cheerful gyaru, tanned, tanlines, bloomers, with her virgin track and field teacher. They have good sex, and that’s that ^^

By the same artist, I also share Nontan Shinkon Seikatsu, a pack of 2 works (Atago Milk + Atago No Amaama Seikyouiku) and Pure-Heart Girl.

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Smells Like [English], by Zakotsu

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BEHOLD! The power of tanlines!! :D

I thought we’d have just yet another plain vanilla hentai manga about tanlines, summertime and sweat odor fetish.
We had much more than that.
Much more censorship (fuck it). And much more feels, the ending was a vanilla orgasm :D

Why don’t you check it out in more details, hmm? Thanks to Alexey, Bango and Vilis, from Hennojin ^^

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Toukai No Kotou PuriPuri [English, 169 pictures], by Jeanne D’Ack

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I can't say I chose the best picture, but, damn, that one was too funny to miss it :D
“Noot noot, motherfucker!”
Edit: also, it’s totally Q*bert.

All things considered, that is the worst manga made by Jeanne D’Ack, the idiosyncrasies are much stronger than before (giant tits, unreal hips, sometimes weird, ridiculous or even ugly faces, always the same position, ugly pregnant women – fortunately real world women never look like that lol, our species would have gone extinct with traumatized men swearing they’ll never impregnate a woman) and in addition there is sometimes weird censorship and/or ugly genitalia :(

At least, the stories are still full of the same full of maximum WTF as of usual, if you don’t take any of them seriously they’re quite funny :)

So, technically, I don’t recommend to download it. But, at least, check it out, read a few pages, and, maybe, after all, you may like it enough to read it for the giggles, your call :)
Thanks to Desudesu for this release! :jap:

By Jeanne D’Ack, I also share hare Melomelo Melon Bread, Muchi Muchi Princesses, Hamo Hamo Harmony, and Hug Hug Boing,

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D-Medal [English, 196 pictures], by Ashiomi Masato

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I deliberately picked an image showing the combination of glorious elements with less-good looking but more realistic other elements. It's unique, it's a mangaka's signature, and it's beautiful.

… Wow, just… just wow :shock:
It’s one of those times I call reading an h-manga a privilege.

Deliberately vague summary. We’re in the “permanent” universe of Ashiomi Masato, in which a mysterious junk shop delivers magical items with sexual effects to teenagers, and we’ll watch a descent into lust leading to the painful realization that it takes effort to be a proper human instead of a walking dick, and that love is the greatest gift of all.
There’s no way I’m telling you how it ends (although I can’t stop you from reading the post’s tags, such as WAFF or vanilla, can I?), but at least I’ll be glad to mention the story was really worth it, in my eyes; not particularly complicated or mind-bogling, but it had a good rythm, a steady pace, and a moral tale atmosphere that made if really stand out…

And graphically… “Fapworthy” would be the word. Plenty of sexy girls, with natural-looking bodies (including the small imperfections such as the belly, and the small glorious details showing skill), in plenty of outfits, loving hardcore sex with barely visible censorship… woah :twisted:
Enjoy, dear friends! And thanks to Doujin-Moe who commissioned this scanlation :)

By the same artist, I also share Loveles Labyrinth, Coffin Of Cerebrum (190 pictures), Emotion Island (213 pictures), Dream Channel (212 pictures), Illusion Girls (212 pictures), Pink Links (215 pictures), Secret Schedule, and Warning Morning.

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School Nuru Play (“Slippery School Play”) [English, Uncensored version], by Maihara Matsuge

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That girl was daaaaaaaaaamn fine

Please, please, please, please, please, just read it :D

It’s about a highschool girl wanting to get a full-body tan, a classmate had the same idea, the heat and lotion drive them in a state where fantasies and real-world behaviour mix up, and, bam!, intense bikini sex ^^

The conclusion, still… Oh god, that was awesome ^________^
Thanks a lot to YQII and Rdbtpgdb for this release :)

By the same artist, I also share Invisiblewd Lovers, Toraware, I Prefer Meat Over Fat, Toaru Kairaku No Enkaku Sousa, Suki Ga Tomaranai and The Haunted House’s Smorgasbord.

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Junjo Bitchi To Dotei Megane (“Pure Bitch And Virgin Nerd”) [English, 50 pictures], by Uruujima Call

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Who doesn't love a floating butt, WHO?

Should I call this “unlikely vanilla?” ^^
Pure Bitch And Virgin Nerd is the story of a highschool nerd (small, not manly, huge glasses, errand boy – and, naturally, equipped with a huge dick with unlimited ammo) making the school’s bitch fall for him.
You could have supposed the girl was a lost cause, she’s everyone fuckhole, she’s rude and doesn’t care about anything, sex doesn’t mean anything for her. Only one boy treats her differently, the nerd, he confesses his love, treats her like a loveable human and not like meat… and behind her unlikely tsundere behaviour, it means the world for her, she stops being just a hollow shell :)

Story-wise, that was heart-warming, I felt, hehe ^^
And graphically, oh boy. A meaty gyaru with provocative clothes, a round butt, quality intense vaginal sex… it looked great :twisted:

I certainly hope you will find this share to your liking :D
My great thanks are for Alexey, Bango, Neight and Grink, from Hennojin :jap:

By the same artist, under the names Uruujima Call and Korou, I also share Kamijou-san To Ookina Oppai X8 (in a very strongly retouched version), Payback chapters 1-2, Summer Drives The Girl Mad, Happy Birthday Side A, and Shigure Training Diary (a History’s Strongest Disciples Kenichi parody ! O_o).

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Oni Gal Ni Shiborarechaimashita [English], by Ahobaka

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Please tell me I'm not the only one seeing a similarity with Distance's Joshi Luck series, graphically, right?

It starts as prostitution, and ends as great friends with benefits. What can I say? Woot! :D
Oni Gal Ni Shiborawaitwhatsomething is a decent story, with awesomely hot art. The female MC is an oni, a sort of monster-girl looking fully human, save a horn on her forehead. Me, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of French kissing, I don’t care ^^
She’s near-plump, has dark skin with tanlines, a cheerful grin, huge lively boobs, and enjoys dick a whooooole lot =)

The art really won me over. Here’s to hoping more works by Ahobaka will be released in the future! ^_^
So far, my only share by Ahobaka is Scylla Onee-chan to Boku (posted by Delta Oblivion.)
Thanks a lot to Doujin-Moe for this release!

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