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Anehama 3 (“Sister Beach volume 3”) [English], by Kurokawa Izumi (A.K.A. Odin), + a repack of the volumes 1-2-3

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To the male MC's credit, he managed not to cum immediately while sandwiched between those godly tits

The long-awaited threesome, at last! :twisted:

Here is the third (and final? It looked like that) volume of the pleasant Anehama series, in which a young man (end of teen age, I’d say) is greeted into adulthood by his two slightly older and maximum sexbomb female cousins.
One’s got a mischievous mature nature (you know, self-confident, easygoing, the perfect deflowerer – she keeps her hat on during sex by the way :lol: ) with fair skin, the other’s an adorable tsundere with tanlines, both of them are beautiful and extremely hot – and, naturally, in love since childhood with the male MC ^^

I’ll let you bask in the mutual liking and the good drawings, enjoy! ^_^
And thanks a LOT to CellTF, MrWayne, Axalon, Dark Mac, CynicW and Kouya913 :)

By the same artist, known under the names of Kurokawa Izumi and Odin, I also share Trap! Kashima-san Wa Wana Ni Hamerarete Shimatta, Nagomi, Kinoko No Sasoi volume 6 and Kinoko No Sasoi volume 5.

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Ero Note Club [English], by Nyuu Koubou

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No, look, a fugly anon is porking me, everything's same as usual, why do you ask?

I’m not sure if what I have is part of a larger series, or would be taking inspiration (doujinshi sauce) from an existing series (Dream Club perhaps?), if someone knows more, I’m welcoming the information :)

In this share, Death Note has been thrown into the Pornificator2000. A random average hentai joe (AKA: fugly) owns an Ero Note, in which whatever he writes becomes reality, as long as it is of sexual nature. Long story short: plenty of girls suddenly find perfectly natural to have sex, in group or one-on-one, with the owner of the Diary, and everyone arounds magically perceives it as nothing particular at all.

And there you go. Ahegaos, creampies, powerful sex, obedient and even proactive girls. I can’t call it mindbreak, it’s beyond magic. So, eeeh, look, why not, honestly if I owned such an item I don’t think I would manage to preserve my moral compass.
Release credits are for Iambobokay, thank you for the hentai UFO ^^

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Kuro Gyaru Kanojo [English], by Santa

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Phiew, I’m relieved, the first picture gave me a misleading impression, please don’t let it fool you, OK? ^^
In Kuro Gyaru Kanojo a dark-skinned gyaru and a shota are on excellent terms, and in frequent domination battles. The girl loves teasing him sexually, the boy wants to make her his woman. Guess what, no surprise, the boy wins and out-cums the gyaru ^^

Graphically, it’s mixed impressions I ended up with. I loathed the blur-mosaics censorship and found the choice of a shota for the male MC a sad loss, but on the other hand I’m extremely positively biased in favour of dark gyarus failing to hide they enjoy a good dicking :twisted:
Well, it’s up to you anyway, your call, huhu. Many thanks to Alexey, Bango, Baran and Kyonko802, from Hennojin! :jap:

(That last preview picture… OMG THOSE NAILS! It looked like a vagina dentata ^^)

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Haduki Run Wild [English], by Ikeshita Maue

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Descartes approves.

Here is a successful combination of multiple sure-kill weapons. A childhood friend a bit older waiting for the boy to be old enough and hired as a private tutor. Glasses. A gyaru’s appearance and behaviour. Tanned, dark skin. Long hair. A woman wearing a tie. Big boobs. Naughty, cheeky, cheerful smiles. And the list goes on!!! :twisted:

What can I say. It felt like it was 50 pages long, and it looked very good :kickass:
Enjoy, my friends in hentai love :)

Release credits are for this era’s most prolific group, Alexey, Bango, Baran and Kyonko802 from Hennojin, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Love Tool Ni Goyoushin (“Be Careful Of The Love Stickers”).

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Delivery Sex [English, gloriously Colorized version], by Shinozuka Yuuji

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Calling her fappable would be a serious case of criminal understatement

I expressed significant disappointment with Delivery Sex when I shared it half a year ago, noting the drawings were excellent, but the story was facepalm material. I don’t know for you, but when a woman is created as so stupid she’s not even deserving to be called homo sapiens, I’m losing all interest and getting angry at the mangaka.

Well, I still resent the mangaka, but I certainly won’t bitch around when a fine colorization is released. The woman was super hot and arousing, before, in greyscale? Now, with quality colorization work like that, she’s even hotter!! :shock: Her adorable tanned skin, her perfect figure, she’s simply stunning! :twisted:

Release credits, for this updated version, go to everyone involved, Dynellen, Axalon (from, Cabirtmann, Wuzapp, Hoary and CellTF, Mysael, N04h and Herzer, and, of course, last but not least, Ochoh who colorized everything save the cover. Thank you very much! :)

I also share other works by this artist, under the pen names Shinozuka Yuuji and Shinozuka Hiroshi (watch out: Shinozuka Jouji is a different mangaka, though.) Those works are: Delivery sex (grayscale version), Oyako No Omoi, Yukino Sensei No Seikyouiku and One Time Gal Kouhen + Zenpen, Fumajimena Tsuma.

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Pack of 2 works [English], by Gold Koman Sex

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Hoo, those eyebrows!!

Two more volumes have been released in the Kasshoku Kokumaro Funnyuu Maid series, woot! ^_^
Their names:
Daitensai! Kasshoku Kokumaro Funnyuu Maid! (“Great Genius! Milk-spraying Creamy Brown Maid!”) (With bloomers and shota. Not so awesome, in that one the maid gives the shota who likes her what he craved for for so long)
Ganso! Kasshoku Kokumaro Funnyuu Maid! (“Eureka! Milk-spraying Creamy Brown Maid!”) (first actual volume, in a chronological story order, it shows how the maid came to work under her master and how their relationship immediately went south, huhu :lol: )

I will shamelessly copy-paste the description I wrote for the 2 previous Gold Koman volumes ;)
They’re about a household in which the dark-skinned maid is an adorable tsundere, being in a stormy relationship with her master. She openly rants, pouts, plans (unsuccessful) revenges, until she at last receives “punishment”. Let us add her people have a rare condition where they lactate aphrodisiac milk once aroused.
There will be lots of teasing, tsundere’ing, boobies fetish and anal sex, all of that with an original drawing style :twisted:
Seriously, guys, go for it :D The dialogues are spicy, very funny, the maid and her master play a well tuned game, it’s a pleasure to read it ^^

Release credits are for Dynellen, professional commissioner of awesome, and Friggo, Progste, RaccCITY and The Tsukuyomi. Thank you very much, I’m grateful ^_^

By the same artist, called Baksheesh AT and Gold Koman Sex, I also share Besshitsu Shidou + Tokubetsu Shidou and Tensai! Kasshoku Kokumaro Funnyuu Maid! + Kasshoku Kokumaro Funnyuu Maid! Baka ka!.

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Pack of 3 works [English, 122 pictures], by Blmanian

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That girl is a massive squirter, as you will discover, lol

I gathered here three works by Blmanian, they’re very good, each of them with their own tone. Those works are:
Kan Ochi, in which two judo practitioners turn their randori into a sex bout. I was impressed by the proper rendering of judo moves and the fine details like how the kimono folds go, frankly. The tone in that one: tsundere using domination to hide warm feelings, comedy and sexual prowess undo it.
Seishokusha No Sei, in which a teacher blackmails a student to have sex and “awakens” her to sex. She’s slim, pettanko, with tanlines, a maximum squirter, and she’s cute in a nanobikini, but the “blackmail is love, blackmail is life, it’s not wrong” tone got under my skin.
Takeshiryuu Shin Kenpou Gaiden Yurika Ikimasu 1-2, the best of the 3 works, and also the longest, it’s 3 “usual” chapters worth, starring the hentai version of Sakura, the Street Fighter girl with bloomers. Tsundere and vanilla mix up with comedy bits, there’s even a bit of a nice scenario, woot! ^_^

Graphically, it’s crude and yet very eye-pleasing art, I hope muscles aren’t a problem for you though ^^
We owe those releases to Fated Circle, commissioned by Garass, thank you very much! :)

By the same artist, I also share the awesome Buruman (216 pictures, Uncensored), and Beropi (“Tongue piercing”), Black Community Service, Sakura Motto H Mo Ganbaru, Sakura H Mo Ganbaru and Gyaru Katekyo Maji Mawaii.

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