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0930 Oku-sama [English, 226 pictures], by Takaoka Motofumi

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I love that ponytail :3

Mikakunin, thank you very much for this, brought us a fairly nice complete tankoubon, entirely focused on women in their thirties. All but two will be having sex outside of marriage.
Other than that, it’s hard to give a thorough picture, as the manga is a mixed bag of sorts.
Sometimes it’s consensual, sometimes it’s near rape. Sex is never on equal terms, there’s always a side dominating the other, most often men, but not always. Most of the time it’s uncomplicated cheating that doesn’t compromise marital life, but sometimes things get ugly and ecstasy comes with the perspective of future unhappiness.
These are lots of “most of the time… but sometimes…“, sorry ^^;;

Graphically, damnnit, we also fall in the “most of the time… but…:D
The art is good for the women, they’re meaty, busty, have good supple bodies and there’s practically zero censorship over the vaginal and anal sex (with average DP bonuses here and there).
But there’s an issue: honestly, the scans don’t look too good. The levels are correct at least, but for surfaces, there’s a horrible moiré effect over nearly every screen tone. (Edit: thanks a lot to the comment by Bububu, I didn’t know how to name it before.) As a result, the volumes look bad, and against all odds I found myself prefering the panels in which the mangaka drew the fewer volumes as shadows on the skin.

All in all, I think it’s worth a read, enjoy! ^^

There’s much more, Cf. Takaoka Motufumi’s Works on hentairules

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Senpai Hunting [English], by Dr.P.

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Look at my boobs. I said: my boobs.

Hentai world logic: a girl who’s always after you and teasing you, when she shows you her panties, has full rights to blame you for being the pervert ;)
Okay, some unusual stuff today, with this release by Dr.P., in which a weak highschool boy is assaulted by the girl who had a crush on him, which leads to sex in a park at night.

Fair warning, this is one of the less exciting releases I’ve see by Dr.P, the censorship is total (full whiteout) and there’s not enough highlight (in my opinion) on the girl’s body; this is clearly sub-par compared to past releases. But, hey, it’s still a cute read, with a vanilla conclusion and all =)

This has been scanlated by NecroManCr, thank you!

By Dr.P, I also share the uncensored versions of Bokunchi No Mikage-san (184 pictures), Ren Ai Stampede (189 pictures), Shinryaku Teki Renai Shugi (201 pictures) and of Whenever You Touch Me (201 pictures), Momoiro Daydream (this is an ongoing decensoring project, so the link I give will be obsolete soon), Trauma Overwrite, Athletic Aromatic and Drunk Teacher (also uncensored). Just in case, let’s not confuse Dr.P with DP !

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Otokonoko Onnanoko [English], by Momonosuke

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Dark skin paizuri? Me fapsta.

Huhu, it’s one of those cute vanilla stories with a certain twist to them.
In Otokonoko Onnanoko, we have a girly boy with a tomboy girlfriend, and, of course, or we we may think, the girl is the dominating one in bed. This is only partly true: eventually, the boy’s switch is flipped, and he becomes a total beast assuming complete dominance. As both youngsters appreciate the back and forth, hey, it’s cool like that ^^

The drawings aren’t the best I’ve read by the mangaka Momonosuke IMO, but fear not: a dark-skinned hot girl like that with only moderate censorship is eye candy anyway :twisted:
Enjoy! And my sincere thanks go to Fated Circle and Garass for that one :)

By Momonosuke, I also share Momoiro Nurse (194 pictures), The Moon And The Dancer, Natsu Hada, Aoi Tori Wa, Osana Na Najimi, Momoiro Otome Irony, Hekigan To Kinpatsu To Tanuki, Beach De Kojinshidou, Nadeshiko No Sodatekata and My Little Sister Got A Boyfriend.

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Enko-sei [English], by Tomose Shunsaku

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In all honestly, if I had been filthy rich as a teen, me too I would have been drowning in pussy without second thougts

Morale of this hentai manga: be rich, be very rich, and let highschool girls know of it.
Here is a nobody male hero, who just happens to be extremely wealthy, towards whom six highschool girls will flock, to enjoy being fucked over and over, and gather tons of cash in exchange.

No hard feelings, no emotions. I was fearing it would turn to be much, much more degrading than that, that the girls would be mindbroken and treated like garbage. Well, no. They’re treated like dirty prostitutes, sure, but once the moment’s transaction is completed and we’re not talking business, everyone is on equal terms again.
I guess this is fine, even for a faint of heart (or call it moral faggot, lol) like me ;)

Graphically, hmmm… In three words… Time to unzip?
The girls are totally hot, with proud breats and nice butts, fair faces, the drawings may lack a bit in details but they show skill and are pleasantly hardcore (as far as double penetration.)

I believe it’s a good read for everyone, enjoy folks!! :D
And thanks a LOT to Namida, Xarrawr, Aza and Dankestdungeon, from Namida Translations :jap:

By the same artist, known as Mugenkidou and Tomose Shunsaku, I also share Natsukano, Asuna To Online, a LARGE pack of 14 works (450 pictures), Suguha To Fairy Dance, Boku To Rinjinbu To Umi No Year, U.M.R. and Soft meat.

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Kanjin Kaname No Akuma Gaku (“Critical Kaname Demonology”) chapter 2 + the chapters 1-2 repacked together [English], by Royal Koyanagi

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Tanned MILF time. HOOOOOO YEAH!!

Here is the – unexpected, but welcome ! – sequel to Kanjin Kaname No Akuma Gaku :twisted:
This story is crazy, original, creative, just a tiny bit disturbing, and incredibly erotic, it’s the kind of hentai I love from Royal Koyanagi :D

In this story, the male hero is a shota-looking highschooler who learns he is heir to a Demon King, and his sexual powers arise, he can now drive women hyper horny, his dick becomes massive, his libido is now endless, and there are female succubi here to help awaken fully to his new future status.
In the chapter 1, it was sex with tons of highschoolers and adult women.
The chapter 2 focuses on MILFs, this time the male hero is set out to conquer the mothers of his classmates. As a MILF fan, I approve.

The drawings are great, the thick black bar censorship is hardly an hindrance in my eyes, the sex was so intense…
But. Huge and fair warning: the scanlation and editing are VERY bad (in quality: grammar is raped to death, in appearances: it looks super bad, and in trust: there must be loss of information). It’s always better than nothing at all, which is why I truly am grateful, but bad is bad, there’s no way out of it.
Thanks a lot to the kind person(s) behind this release! :jap:

For MORE, Cf. The list of Royal Koyanagi’s Works on Hentairules

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Nekomimi Onee-san To Kyouei Mizugi Hiyakeatox [English, Full color], by Ennui

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Too bad it was censored like that, really

That’s a quick share for me: the drawings are average, badly censored, and the mangaka excels at totally failling at drawing the hips area, but it’s, still, catering to:
– nekomimi fans
– swimsuit fans
– tanned skin fans
– full-color hentai fans :D

So I guess this share will still please a certain audience, enjoy, my dear creeps ;)

Side note, the name of the manga studio, “Ennui”, surprised me. To this day, I only found “Ennui” twice in the English language, and it was in nerdy comics, here and there. I mean, the word is totally common in French (it means “boredom”), but it seems the English infuse it with odd existentialist after-thoughts :shock:

Thanks to Hora, Iradescence and Voidmaw, from Sometimes Translating The Sauce for this release!

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Tonari No Yariman Kuro Gal Hitozuma Bo Midara Na Yuuwaku (“Obscene Seductions from the Slutty Black Married Gyaru Next Door”) [English], by Ozy

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Now, that's an invite a man has to honour.

What happens when a total sexbomb tanned plump gyaru with an husban unable to satisfy her in bed moves to a new apartment, and her neighbour is a single middle-aged average guy? Hentai. It’s hentai that happens. And it is good :D

Of course, if you dislike adultery, don’t hurt yourselves guys, don’t bother reading this share, okay?
Otherwise, please be my guests, this is a fine treat. The girl is plump (if you dislike girls like that, yeah, fair warning, in some pages the drawings on her hips go wild), meaty, self-confident, her brown skin looks amazing to caress, and she pulls all the stops, she does enjoy her intense sex :D

Yet another quality release that we’ll owe to Axalon, MrWayne, CellTF and CynicW, with Mikocon’s help, from The Lost and Casa, thank you! ^^

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