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Black Kigyou 765 Production [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the [email protected] series, by Takemura Sesshu

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Also... the quality of the work on the lights, the contrasts, the screentones. Simple details, and yet, so effective!

P-kun is living the life. In this [email protected] doujinshi, the girls have casual sex with their producer, he’s an available dick, they’re welcoming always ready pussies, and everyone is happy like that. First a few girls, and then mainly Kotori.
I must say, it’s disconcerting, this take on sex, as a casual activity, the way it’s presented. It’s cool like that, but somehow it loses in intensity, I felt… But that must be only me…

Anyway. Enjoy the good art (hey, it’s Takemura Sesshu, what did you fear? ^^), and thanks to KFC Translations! :)

By Takemura Sesshu, I also share Take On Me volumes 1 under the Domin8 Me name (it’s the official English print for Take On Me vol. 1, with better printing quality, fully uncensored, and with another – poorer, I’m afraid – translation compared to the initial magazine scanlation), Kouenji Fujunjou Shoutengai chapters 1-3, Take On Me vol. 2 (rescanned version), Surudake, the really good Idling In The Heat, Gekka, Nanka Sonna Hi and Haruka To Chihaya To Producer. Hint, in your searches, since the artist goes by the name Takemura Sesshu and Sessyu, you can safely search for, double quotes included : [ “takemura ses” ], or, even better, to screen out most mere mentions : [ “by takemura ses” ].

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