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Pack of two [English] works by Gold Koman Sex

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That girl has considerable potential. Let's hope more will come eventually! ^_^

I gathered here two works:
Tensai! Kasshoku Kokumaro Funnyuu Maid! (“Genius! Milk-spraying Creamy Brown Maid!”)
Kasshoku Kokumaro Funnyuu Maid! Baka ka! (“Milk-spraying Creamy Brown Maid! Is She Stupid?”)

They’re about a household in which the dark-skinned maid is an adorable tsundere, being in a stormy relationship with her master. She openly rants, pouts, plans (unsuccessful) revenges, until she at last receives “punishment”. Let us add her people have a rare condition where they lactate aphrodisiac milk once aroused.
There will be lots of teasing, tsundere’ing, boobies fetish and anal sex, all of that with an original drawing style :twisted:

Seriously, guys, go for it :D The dialogues are spicy, very funny, the maid and her master play a well tuned game, it’s a pleasure to read it ^^
Plus… A dark-skinned maid wearing bloomers? JEBUS!!!

We owe those quality volumes to Dynellen, who commissioned for this Dick Tater, God Revan, The Tsukuyomi, AkazaChan and RaccCITY. Thank you very much! ^_^

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Hitomi-chan Chi No Ofuro Ni Iretara [English], by Asahina Hikage

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Time for a being crowned Arthur joke

Ah, bloody hell. What a waste. To girls whose bodies were made for godly hardcore sex, with hourglass figures, splendid boobs and welcoming pussies – and it is wasted by the choice of young shotacon, damnation!! :evil:

Well, it’s up to you guys, really. Like shota? Go for it! Tolerate shota? Go for it! Dislike shota? Cast a look at the gallery just in case at least, lol.
Thanks to Amoskandy for this one! :jap:

By the same artist, known as Akapenguin and Asahina Hikage, I also share a pack of 3 works (Haitenaino Erina-sama + Moon Freak + Moon & Jupiter Freak), Venus And Mercury Freak, Oneechan Chuuihou Hatsureichuu, Shota Teitoku To Nyuukyo Time, Venus and Moon Freak, Jupiter And Mars Freak, Takao And Kashima Freak, Shimei Shite Mo Ii Desu Ka Tadokoro-chan and Shibu-rin Ga Low Angler Ni Nerawareta You Desu.

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Ingrid Lucky Hole [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the “Makai Kishi (=Dark Knight) Ingrid” porn anime series, by Tuna Empire (under the “Mesu Gorilla” pen name)

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Brown anal. Not bad, not bad at all.

Errr… So, unless I’m mistaken, what we are reading here is the paper-printed parody (doujinshi) of… a porn anime, Makai Kishi Ingrid. Hey, sure, I mean, why not, it’s just that I’m not used to that as a source of inspiration ^^
In which we have a super-badass female demon, dark skin, big breasts, killer eyes… who, for some reason, is proud and glad to be, in secret, the bitch, the cum dump, the obeying slut, of an average perverted human. The human toys with her as he pleases, humiliates her, lends her holes to other guys, and she’s fully OK with it. What the fuck?!? :shock: :lol:

-Update: OK, turns out I spectacularly failed at finding correct source information. Let me quote what Dynellen wrote in a comment: «She’s a character from the Taimanin Asagi visual novel series. She first appeared as a side character in Taimanin Murasaki and Makai Kishi Ingrid was a loose h-anime adaptation of that game which focused on Ingrid instead of Murasaki who was the main girl in the game. Ingrid also appeared in other games of the series afterwards.
This doujin doesn’t really directly reference any of the games or anime so it’s basically just an Ingrid doujin with no direct source parodied. »

Thanks Dynellen!

Putting that aside, the drawings are, unsurprisingly, very hot. Super intense vaginal and anal action, gloryhole fetish, group sex, shamelessly frenzied female facial expressions… Yum!
A note, I allowed myself to retouch the images. It’s more an aesthetic matter this time, but I really didn’t like the green taint affecting the printing; when a female heroine is presented as dark, and your searches showed you she had dark brown skin in the anime from which it is inspired, seeing her in tones of green, it feels most unnatural and kinda breaks the immersion to me. I can let my imagination do the job if she’s printed in shades of grey, not if she’s printed in shades of green. I also did basical surface fixing. Long story short, beforeafter.

For this release, my gratitude goes to Dick Tater, B.R.R. and our dear Dynellen, thank you!

For MUCH more stuff, Cf. The list of ALL my Tuna Empire shares

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Zutto Zutto Suki Datta (“I’ve Always Loved You”) [English, 185 pictures], by Minazuki Juuzou

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Makes me nostalgic of one thing from this era: the lack of consideration for censorship ^_^
Censorship has been discreetly hidden in that image. Can you find where? ;)

OK, THIS, this is a splendid jewel from a distant hentai past, ten years ago, in an era where censorship was mostly a joke and hentai girls had thick eyebrows :3
I am very glad to share with you all Zutto Zutto Suki Datta, a complete tankoubon, focused on a male hero with a massive Tower Of Power, getting to have sex with four girls (three classmates, a school nurse), and at last, in the end, with a kinky vanilla conclusion, with his childhood friend.
The sex is almost uncensored, we have vaginal and anal sex, DP in the last part, and even when it gets kinky, no drama, carefree sex with mutual care is the rule :)

I am confident you will enjoy the hentai festival ^_^
I will end this post by thanking Gustmonk, who most kindly edited and translated the manga. Great job, to have brought it to us, thank you very much! :)

By the same artist, I also share Waga Nikuni Muretsudoi Kurae (134 pictures), An Afternoon Liaison With My Naughty Dear Nao (also uncensored), Hajimete No Sekai, Hakkou Hime To Tsuntsun Megane + Tsuki Ni Kawatte, Test Mae No Yuuwaku, andZuryu Tto Irete Zubozubo Tto Yareba Gekiharitsu 120%.

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Takebe Saori-chan To Iu Kanojo To Ofuro Ni Hairu Hanashi [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Girls Und Panzer series, by Hijiri Tsukasa

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It's the kind of picture where the male should start yelling ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Saori, from Girls und Panzer, has sex in the shower room with her boyfriend. Doggystyle, a naughty boyfriend, little censorship, it’s a fairly good fap’n’go share. Simple as that =)
She is represented as a tiny bit plump (really, nothing big, maybe a “realistic” belly, shall we say), I mention it in case it either puts you off, or interests you.

By the same artist, I also share Takebe Saori-chan To Iu Kanojo Ga Dekita Hanashi.

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Shokore – Lingerie Shop Hen [English], by Chiyou Yoyuchi

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The simple joys of life: giggling because that pic ended up being exactly 525x525, a perfect square.

Jebus, this might be the hottest manga cover I saw in ages, the composition, the blushing, the expression in the eyes… :shock:

This share is a sequel to Shokore – Gakuen Kaidan Hen. Once again, we meet the funny careless teacher who, with a bored look on his face, is actually living the life, fully embracing his schoolgirl panties fetish, recognizing girls by their panty smells even across closed curtains, and detecting by instinct when a girl is actually wanting dick :lol:
Today’s protagonist is the younger sister of the girl we saw before. A stark contrast: stern-looking, thick eyebrows, her body language clearly telling “don’t touch me”. She was fucking HOT :twisted:

It’s a very good read, I hope it may please you guys! Thanks to Cgrascal! :jap:

By Chiyou / Chiyo Yoyuchi, also known as Junkie, I also share Atama No Naka wa Itsumo Hiwai Mousouchuu (196 pictures),  Midare Hajimeta Karada (204 pictures), Sukidakara Shichauno (184 pictures and Uncensored!), Shokore – Gakuen Kaidan Hen, the uncensored version of “N”, Torogao Ni Kawaru Made, Capsella, Kuro’s Aphrodisiac 1-3, and Carnivorous Sister.
And then there are also the ones that made me facepalm, sigh or rage: Haha Ha Toshishita No (facepalm adultery material that left me cursing DA FUQ JAPAN), The Lewd Scent In The Car and the 2011 version of Midaremau (that I labelled as “alien-class crap”) and – this is NOT the same work as Midaremau – Midaremau 1-3+conclusion.

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Hyakka Nyuuran ~UZUME~ (“Hundred Blossoms Raging Boobs ~UZUME~”) [English, 214 pictures], by Yumisuke Kotoyoshi

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I was tempted to pick even more extreme pics, but I decided not to scare you guys off :D

Frigging AWESOME!! :D
Here is a complete tank, made of a single interesting story, dealing with a female exorcist, her family’s ties with youkai women of all sorts (a fox-woman -kitsune-, a raccoon woman, a dark-skinned elf-like goddess of death, a nine-tails kitsune), and a feud over love, souls and freedom. I deliberately avoid details, best not throw spoilers, it’s an interesting read :)

Graphically, to hell with anatomy, low censorship… but on top of all it’s fabulous for big breasts lovers as long as you don’t care when it gets crazy ^^ Every woman has giant tits with giant areolas, the 3D dynamics of boobs in the manga would put Dead Or Alive animations to shame, and I simply must mention the laserbeam youkai boobs of Justice we see at a point, lol :lol:

Dynellen, DevilDevilish, B.R.R., Advocatezz, Friggo, Kdrt, Svines85 (from B.E.C. Scans), Drozetta, SXIndy27 and The Tsukuyomi, are behind this plentiful release, thank you so much!! ^___^

(For MORE mangas by this artist, please refer to the list of ALL his works !)

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