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Aah~ Hayaku H Shitai [English], by Yoshu Ohepe

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If you think this image is weird, wait until you see the other ones :D

Usually, I’m a Yoshu Ohepe enthusiast, but this time I reckon the mangaka pushed things a bit too far. We start with the usual happy sex with mutual liking, this time the girl is wearing a competition swimsuit, then the action goes wet and sloppy as of usual… and then, how should I even describe it, it’s like the characters become slimey, liquid, and things culminate with one of the weirdest x-rays in the history of hentai :shock:

Still, we’ve got that swimsuit hentai going for us, it’s got to count :D
Release credits are for Rotoscopic, Kago and Eiri, thank you!

For MORE stuff by Yoshu Ohepe, don’t miss The list of his shares on Hentairules!

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Zenkuu Saikyou Dosukebe Kimomen Kuzu Kikuushi Gran-Kun No Mesu Draph Toumetsusen [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Granblue Fantasy game, Suzuhane Suzu

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I'm still trying to forget Gran's face. I imagine the mental scar will eventually go away after a while

Well… that was weird. I think this is the first time I’ve got a Granblue doujinshi in which the captain Gran is the fugliest creature in the galaxy – and yet women love him.
Long story short, this captain makes the women (Aliza, Izmir, Narmaya, Threo) his slaves, one huge dick thrust after another, with a grand plan to impregnate them, because, well, just because.
┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Graphically, it’s on the unusual side, but it’s far from being bad. I don’t find the proper words, sorry. Check it out?
Side note, I slightly retouched the images, with a faint contrast increase, and a light sharpening (the images had a blurry feeling that annoyed me more than I should say.) Sorry, I forgot to make a before/after comparison. And yet I couldn’t do miracles, the pictures still look grey (although a tiny less than before), sorry about that.

Thanks to Gkfkg54d for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Majuu Jouka Shoujo Utea (187 pictures, now Uncensored!), Booi Miitsu Nyaa Goddo, Black Dick Producer, Doll and Cos Wa Midara Na Kamen.

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Can’t be Honest! [English], by Mamo

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I admire the fact that the mangaka has cared to add this little detail: the shoe size under the soles :D

It’s like a splendid gift in an unattractive gift box. A petite girl that looks distant and ice cold on the outside, however as her clothes are being taken off she reveals a horny face and a godly ass. Yiss! :D
That said, honest warning, the image resolution isn’t great (1500 px), and the censorship is an abomination that ruined all arousal in me – no idea how it will fare with you.

That has been released by Dynellen, TheGreezo and Captain Hooker, thank you! :)

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Amanojaku Ga Koi O Shite [English, 202 pictures], by Maruta

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In hentai, when they climax, boys and girls cry "I love you too!" - in the real world, we cry "HNNNNNG HUUUUUUUUURRRRRRHHHH NYAAAARHUUUUUOUOUOU", which is slightly less sexy

Ah, fuck YEAH!! Quality vanilla incoming!! :D

The girls in Amanojaku Ga Koi O Shite have realistic bodies (as always with Maruta), small to average-sized breasts, a bit of pubic hair, and seriously cute faces, blushing furiously, with thick eyebrows :twisted:
The sex is drawn with more of a “real sex” focus than a “pornographic eye” mindset, if you see the idea. What I poorly want to convey is that you won’t see gaping widened genitalia on every panel, and it’s actually better like that, here, it feels real.
I warn you though, most of the images are in small resolution, 1400 px, and it negatively affects the overall picture quality and level of details – deal with it T__T

Story-wise, each chapter is a different story, but basically we’re watching inexperienced teenagers who like each other but have poor communication skills, they’ve finally gathered enough courage to take the leap of faith, and show their feelings. And then they’re trying their best to please each other while they only have the spontaneity of their desires to guide them. It’s cute, they’re not pros, reason battles with impulse, mutual care is present…
Most of the time this is mutual love between highschoolers, but you’ll also have a bit of sister incest, a bit of bittersweet love :)

Release credits are for a fair number of people. Namely: Ladrason who repacked and edited it as a whole volume, and then Katsudon, Sukiyaki, Seorul and Koro, from Japanzai; RedVodka, Calyx, Nemesis and Altereggo, from Team Vanilla; and Cczzdhx, Freudia, Nero, EcchiNeko, Amalthea, Constipat8 and Manchewable, from Team Koinaka. Thank you VERY much, all of you! ^_^

By Maruta, there is also Kimi No Sukina Onnanoko No Katachi (189 pictures), Kanojo Ga Koibito Wo Suki Ni Natta Riyuu (199 pictures), Yuri Zuki Kanojo Wa Yuri Kanojo ga Dekinai 1-5 (that’s the complete series), Utsusemi Kouhen + Utsusemi Zenpen (x2), Gogo Wa Koucha Yori Kan Koohi De, Kashiwasaki Miki Wa Ironna Basho De Zenra Sanpo Shitemita (218 pictures), Bokura No Himitsu Kichi, Ojou-sama No Kuchizuke De Shoujo Wa Me O Samasu (“The Girl Awakens With A Kiss From The Princess”), A Good Reason For Less Friend, Nadeshiko Hiyori (1-7) and One Piece Envy.

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Yukiyanagi No Hon 31 Majo To Reiyaku (“The Witch And The Uncanny Remedy”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Dragon’s Crown game, by Yuki Yanagi

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And I didn't have to uncensor anything from there, that picture - as well as a few others - came natively without censorship! ^_^

I only shared a few Dragon’s Crown parodies, maybe it’s a pity, every time the sorceress looked totally fuckable :twisted:

Here, this is the best one could hope for, as a busty female character with an outrageous costume is drawn by Yuki Yanagi, a mangaka specialized in beautiful faces (especially the lips, hnnng!), thick eyebrows, spectacular boobs and most shapely asses, it’s perfect for him :3 I’ll let you enjoy the drawings, me, I can tell you, I sure loved it ^^
Story-wise, not much to say, a male wizard and a sorceress are equally dumb, drink aphrodisiacs as if it were mana potions, and there they go. It’s good art, not too censored, so FULL of life, or energy, haaaa :)

Thanks a lot to Kansai, Someonesblind and Dabtera, from a group I didn’t know before, Studio Shiny Chariot! :jap:

(I share much more stuff by this artist, cf. The list of Yuki Yanagi’s works)

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Tonari No Chinatsu-chan R 02 [English], + a repack with the volumes 1-2, by Tukinowagamo (circle Kuragamo)

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Thinking of it, why are there so few girls wearing a choker in hentai? Has that particular fashion not reached Japan?

Here is the sequel to a splendid manga I had the privilege to share last September :)
The atmosphere is almost peaceful in those two volumes, the next door girl is a childhood friend, she and the male MC have always been very close, and their natural attraction becoming sex feels perfectly natural. No panic, no drama, tension building up naturally thanks to the girl’s talent at pulling the boy’s levers… haa fuck yeah it’s good to read :D
I imagine it could help, besides just the volume 2, I also share a repack with the volumes 1-2.

This atmosphere also transpires into the art, mostly realistic, intense and compelling, made of small details (the girl wears a choker: HNNNG!), not too censored with just a few white bars…
I love calm and yet intense vanilla like that, I hope it may please you guys too :)

Release credits are for a good number of people. Namely: Fragilecare, Grey, RtS, Amalthea, Amalthea, Crystalium, Cadenza, Freudia, HayateK4L and [email protected], from Team Koinaka!
Thank you very much, I’m grateful :jap:

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300 No Oshirushi Atsumete Koukan Suru Yori Kawaii Anira Ni Natta Hou Ga Ii [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Granblue Fantasy game, by Kamiya Zuzu

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The question I frequently ask myself when you have girls with horns: wouldn't that make missionary position a particularly dangerous endeavour?

I supposed I should, impartially, criticize this doujinshi for its low picture resolution (around 1445 px), the relatively poor printing/and/or/scanning quality, sigh at the weird story type… But frankly I didn’t care much for it. There was “something” that greatly pleased my eye. The drawing style, the iodiosyncrasies, basically, it can’t be described, it’s a matter of personal taste…
Sorry for the unhelpful description, long story short, I liked a LOT the art in this doujinshi, so here’s to hoping it may please you guys too ^^;;

Oh, and the story? A mindfuck. The commander in Granblue Fantasy uses a skinsuit to become Anila (not just in appearance, it turns him into a full female), and then somebody else (called Cagliostro, no idea) uses a similar trick to become him and have sex with him now that he has Anila’s body.
Giving a whole new meaning to the “go fuck yourself” expression ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Thanks to NoelYui and Elysion for this release! :)

By the same artist, I also share Amenochi Imouto, Incantation Contract and Oki Ni Meshimase.

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