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Egg or Chicken Zenpen + Chuuhen + Kouhen [English, 97 pictures, the story is Complete!], by Rocket Monkey

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An ass like that... I fucking APPROVE!! :D

Sorry I took so long before sharing this one, I never have enough time on my hands, and the release of the entire story, not just the first part but all three parts, slipped away and out of focus for me. Humble apologies, all that. A clarification: Zenpen, Chuuhen, Kouhen, means first part, second part, third part (as explained here.)

This share is exceptional, mostly because this is a manga, by Rocket Monkey, based on VANILLA. And, coming from this mangaka, that’s as unlikely as snow in the middle of august (in the northern hemisphere, heh.)
Not basic vanilla, the best there is, happy sex soothing the soul, in which stranded adults find solace and renewed happiness once they, at last, become close, haaa =) :shock: :woot: :kickass:

In more details, we have a depressed adult young man who has just been rejected by his frivolous girlfriend because he is boring, too straight up and dedicated to being responsible. The housewife he compassionately helped some years ago will show him he is a good person, and a good fuck too, as it happens. Next, the daughter joins, and it ends with a threesome and a long-term much-expected solution.

Sure, there is dreadful whiteout censorship, but even then, as long as you dig MILFs or nearly-adult teens, and you don’t dislike plump women, that was a sextival to enjoy :twisted:
Thanks a lot to Anonymous, Cedr777 and Ruby Omega, from Triple777Scans, and to for the raws! :)

By the same artist, I also share Jun-Ai Trickster (211 pictures), Sunao Ni Nareba, a pack of 5 netorare works (Her True Self + Hisashiburi + I Want To Become Prettier + Jogging Mrs + Nozomidoori), a pack of 4 cheating works (Girigiri Idol – Girigiri Girl + Girigiri Idol 1+2, Shisen No Saki Ni), Kikimimi – Risou no Kanojo (“The Ideal Girlfriend”) and Himitsu No Bitch-chan, Kikimimi – Risou no Kanojo and I’m Fine By Myself.

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Hishokan No Oshigoto Ura Jijou [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Mizuwari Neko

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That ass makes me want to plug it with something I own

Just the cover was enough to get me. Meaty bodies. Huge breasts. Hourglass figures. Smiles. AH YISS :D

The rest is good, although not exceptional. Kamoi making it her duty to relieve her Admiral of his abnormal (in frequency and intensity, not in practice) sexual needs, the last part of the volume is a threesome with the addition of Hamakaze. There is oral, vaginal and paizuri, with entranced female faces, occasionally as far as ahegao, and the censorship is pretty meek, we don’t miss much.
That said, it was mostly emotional-less less, so it didn’t “tick” as much with me as it could have, but that, that’s entirely a matter of personal tastes =)

We owe this release to… er, wait, to whom, actually?? Please, if you know, leave a comment with the info and I’ll update my post with the proper thanks :)

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Boku No SeFrie Wa Seisokei [English], by Zaki Zaraki

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Who needs a job anyway

As I already wrote before, one of the best things about MILFs is they know exactly what they want, how they want it, and how to get it. No false pretence, no hesitations, self-confidence and skill at catching male prey :twisted:
In this share, an apparently respectable married woman noticed the young salaryman next door was eyefucking her every time they met, and she seized the opportunity to enjoy some fresh dick. Simple as that ^^

Honest warning if you’re in the mood to complain, yeah, it’s adultery, and also, the censorship is bad, whiteout. But even like that, there was something glorious about a proud MILF scoring herself an available young man, I really liked it :D

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Welcome To Milky’s Coffee Shop (“A Second Helping Of Mama’s Menu All To Myself”) [English], by Hase Tsubura

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The ending was good. Fuck you, loser :D

I didn’t see it coming. The story starts following relatively common themes, a coffee house ran by a MILF selling her body to the most loyal customers, and the male MC is a teen in love with her.
And then the hentai train derails, the boy loses his marbles in attempting to make the woman his woman, he transforms the consensual sex into an attempt to dominate and mindbreak, resorting to gross replacements for dildos. And like an entitled whiny bitch, he fails at breaking her in the end, good riddance :D

So, yeah, the story is weird. But the sex is good, pure MILF style, with strong idiosyncrasies, quite worth a look at the very least :)
Thanks to whoever is behind this release!

By the same artist, I also share Nikusen Glamorous (202 pictures).

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Onee-chan No Uragao (“My Sister’s Other Side”) [English], by Fukumaaya

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Those eyes! Those eyes O_o

Long story short, a “reponsible guy” younger brother visits his sister weekly to help with the housechores she is no good with, and having sex together after they’re done has already become a tradition at this point. Unsurprising but most welcome vanilla development in the end :)

I’d say, the charm of this shares resides in both the “simplicity” of their relation, it all flows naturally, as if bound by fate, and in the good side of the drawings, nothing complicated, a slightly plump sister loving her brother and his dick as a bonus… Well, me, I was very pleased while reading it, I hope you may enjoy it too ^_^
It’s been brought to us by Salar, CellTF, Dark Mac, CynicW, MrWayne and Axalon, many thanks! :)

By the same artist, I also share Kazizaki Fitness, Uiuishii Imouto (Uncensored version), Overrun, Ofupako Chuui and Ari No Mama Kyouiku.

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Phallic Girls volumes 5 and 6 [English, Uncensored version, 62 pictures], by Behind Moon

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[Keikaku intensifies]

Aaaaaaaand the WTF futanari series is back (sorry for the small delay in sharing it, not enough hours available here).
– Still mostly nonsensical (but it’s bathos humour funny because the story tries so hard to be thriller material and the characters are so serious with their evil mastermind keikakus)
– Still creeping me out (penisnails? Why don’t I rather gouge my eyeballs out)
– Still displaying some of the best futanari action in hentai, with zero censorship (not always a perfect job – vol.6 bottom of page 19 lol, but much better than nothing) thanks to BlueMoonCircle.
So, well, it’s in your hands, do as you like with it =)

Release credits are for DarkNemesis, Bango, Vilis anx Mawile, from Hennojin, and BlueMoonCircle, thank you!

By Behind Moon, I also share Dulce Report 1-14 (Uncensored version), DR II episodes 1-6, Morning Practice 0(Love)-15, Phallic Girls 1-3 (Uncensored version), Phallic Girls 4 (Uncensored version), Futanari Erection Girl, Juden-Chan, Nyotaika Clinic, a pack of 2 works (BehindMoon Recycle + Glass Fire) and Watch Me Maria-Sama.
(Side note: I should call the mangaka “Q”, but old habits refuse to die.)

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Ero Note Club [English], by Nyuu Koubou

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No, look, a fugly anon is porking me, everything's same as usual, why do you ask?

I’m not sure if what I have is part of a larger series, or would be taking inspiration (doujinshi sauce) from an existing series (Dream Club perhaps?), if someone knows more, I’m welcoming the information :)

In this share, Death Note has been thrown into the Pornificator2000. A random average hentai joe (AKA: fugly) owns an Ero Note, in which whatever he writes becomes reality, as long as it is of sexual nature. Long story short: plenty of girls suddenly find perfectly natural to have sex, in group or one-on-one, with the owner of the Diary, and everyone arounds magically perceives it as nothing particular at all.

And there you go. Ahegaos, creampies, powerful sex, obedient and even proactive girls. I can’t call it mindbreak, it’s beyond magic. So, eeeh, look, why not, honestly if I owned such an item I don’t think I would manage to preserve my moral compass.
Release credits are for Iambobokay, thank you for the hentai UFO ^^

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