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7Su2 [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Tokyo 7th Sisters game, by Tomohiro Kai

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Tanlines ? TANLINES!!! :D

Tokyo 7th Sisters. Ever heard of it ? Me neither. Wikipedia itself hasn’t heard of it O_o I found a wiki at last, apparently it’s a futuristic [email protected], an idol raising game.

In this share, though, the story canvas matters not. We see a tanned blonde highschool girl having sexy time with someone liking her back, period. A hot girl, mind you, Tomohiro Kai’s skillful drawing talent makes her shine. And those tanlines, HNNNNNNG!!
We owe this release to our dear Axalon, CellTF and Biribiri, thank you! ^_^

By the same artist, known under the pen names “Ink Complex” and “Tomohiro Kai”, I also share E Abunai Mizugi, Maraschino Cherry Kiss, Homemonogatari, Hide And Peek, its sequel Ride And Leap, Silk No Kajitsu 1-3, Beer Beer, Into The Pit, Love Blooms At The Secret Hot Spring, Amagi Butaiura, Ring Mark and Poolside Instruction + When The White Shower Falls.

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