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JK-chan To Motokare-kun (“JK-chan and Motokare-kun”) [English], by Oryou

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A tsundere just lost the war. Fap to pay respect.

I supposed I should be calling it blackmail, but, nah, that would be hypocritical. The female MC, in this share, is plain and simple a tsundere that loves a pushover partner.
So here we are, with a highschool girl and her douchey-looking ex-boyfriend, still in a “friends with benefits” relationship with him; she enjoys the sex, he enjoys teasing her, why not :)

There is “only” thin white bar censorship, a fine choice I must say, it doesn’t hide much of the girl’s splendid body. We can trust Oryou on that!
Enjoy! And thanks to Doujin-Moe :)

For more, please see The list of Oryou’s shares on HentaiRules

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Boku No Shiranai Kimi No Kao [English], by Utsutsu Minoru

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Both tsundere and netorare, all applied to the same girl. FUCK.

The story was well written (in the credits, ObsoleteZero explains it received a reward in Japan :shock: ), it was based on ambient netorare, not out of the evil mastermind of a fucked up character, but out of the annoying personality of the woman in a love triangle, simply because she couldn’t make up her own damn mind.

In itself, that makes for a good story, I felt: it could happen IRL, the conclusion isn’t final, the respective responsibilities and guilt are still open for discussion, and yet, the harm is done and netorare can’t be undone. Not bad.

The scanlation was commissioned by Raizu and done by ObsoleteZero, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Futari No Ie Kimi To No Hibi.

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Love Poro Style [English, 203 pictures], by Yuuki Homura

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I had a certain difficulty finding a suitable image, most of my favorite pics would have suffered too much from being shrunk so hard to fit inside the top of a blog post.

I’m a huge fan of Yuuki Homura’s unique style, a combination of actual hardcore hentai (as required by the market, heh ^^) and of genuine, highly praisable art: not just pornographic drawings, but more than that, art filled with soul, with inspiration, with affection towards the characters, giving us strong aesthetic feelings in many of the the non-sexual pages.

So, you’ve got it all, the artistic side, especially noticeable in the first chapters (one chapter = 1 story), the heart-warming WAFF coming from all that vanilla (only one chapter has rape and an underage char, a weird oddity in this vanilla volume, pages 123-138), and the quality hardcore sex, with almost invisible censorship :twisted: Compared to other volumes by the same mangaka, this one with have subtler drawing traits, a bit more oriented towards the artistic side and a bit less towards the crude hardcore part, I felt…

I hope you’ll have a great time reading it, me, I did ^^ Thanks a LOT to Biribiri, Job Trunhit, Afro Thunda, HurpDurp, PureEnergy, Axalon!! :jap:

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Pipiruma (206 pictures), Ane Zukushi (196 pictures) and White Canvas (more ero than pr0n). All of those mangas are made of AWESOME vanilla =)

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Chaldea Bunny Bu [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate Grand Order game, by Kagami Uekusa

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And now you wonder why bunnies spend their time breeding?

In the beginning of this doujinshi, a new card ability is unlocked in the Fate Grand Order game: by putting on a bunny suit, the heroines gain bonus points but will also become lewder. I decided to be candid and double-check if it wasn’t a real thing: my googling proved otherwise, but I learnt something interesting in exchange about the inner cruelty of the game against its own customer base :shock:

Ahem. Back to hentai: the master, gudao, uses his bunny girl card ability to have sex with Jeanne Alter, Mash, Raikou and a few others I didn’t recognize, while they wear this godsent outfit. Happy sex, drawn well (one pic took my breath away), period :D
Thanks to Tigoris Translates and his commissioner! :jap:

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Seiteki Yokkyuu Hokan Keikaku MariAsu (“Sexual Desire Supplementation Plan”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Evangelion series, by the circle Daiznosusume (mangakas Toyama Teiji and Saitou Kusuo)

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As long as there is a dildo in use, I'm all for yuri hentai

I am vastly alien to what’s going on in the new Evangelion movies, me I stopped at the first series + End Of Evangelion, so frankly, I have no idea what’s going on. Asuka’s mood hits a low, she visits Mari to feel better, sex follows. Me: hey, all good! :D
The art is above average, hardly even censored but not looking fantastic, but if you have a fetish for skinsuits or dildo-assisted yuri hentai, then it becomes much more interesting :3

Release credits are for Anya, Ultimaflaral, Gansta, LzyAtoms, Red_Piotrus and Shapes, from the E-H Cove, thank you! :)

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Sakinchi Kyou Mama Inain Da [English], by Yanyo

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And now, imagine it's an old far nearing his fifties who animates the virtual youtube girl. No way to know :D

At first I took Sakinchi Kyou Mama Inain Da for an original manga, but now I’m in a state of confusion. This is a doujinshi of a fictional character, Saki Ouga, a virtual girl created with software and behind which an unknown anon hides her or his identity to be popular and talk about stuff. Yep: Saki Ouga has a Youtube channel :shock:
If all this sounds weird to you, let’s make it weirder, read this article :lol:

Anyway. Long story short, we can enjoy a spectacularly hot dark gyaru, playing a bit tsundere, taking the lead and deflowering at last the nerd boy she likes to hang out with. It’s just a tiny bit censored, I’d call this VERY nice :twisted:
Thanks to Manabe_JP from Manabe Detective Agency for this release!

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Unmei No Kokuhaku (“The Destined Confession”).

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C9-36 Jeanne Alter-chan To Yopparai Onsen [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate Grand Order game, by Crazy9

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Jebus fucking christ, that page was AWESOME

Isn’t it nice, when a mangaka has developed a clear liking to a character, and keeps on bringing new developments in which she has quality sex? In the end, the liking rubs on us (so to say), I feel… Yeah, well, at the start as a character I didn’t care for Jeanne, but Crazy9/Ichitaka is making me like her :)

In this share, taking place in an onsen, because she’s drunk, Jeanne forgets to act cold and unreachable, she wants to be pleased, pampered and fucked hard by her Gudao she loves so much – basically :D
You’ve got very good art, a cute story canvas, enjoy, and thanks a lot to Darknight! ^_^

For more: check The list of ALL the Crazy9 shares on Hentairules!

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