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My Wild Girlfriend [English], by Mushi

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Nobody could

I love vanilla shares like that :)
In My Wild Girlfriend a gyaru with a cute, lovely and slightly tsundere side to her lives for a few days with her boyfriend, the time it will take for him to recover from a wound on the hand; until then she’ll be helping him with his daily life. The two cute teenagers managed to wait until they were in the shower to behave like unstoppable horney monkeys ^^

Fair warning: there is whiteout censorship, this is an unforgivable crime against hentai of that quality, there’s nothing we can do about it. But other than that, it’s superb, drawn very well, and finely arousing. The girl’s brown skin and super slutty underwear were totally worth it in my opinion ;)

Thanks to Angoose for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share, to this day, Junjou Bitch Love Rika and CatwOoOman.

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Pack of 2 [English] wincest works by Oryou: Boku Wa Imouto To Tsukiaenai + Watashi Wa Onii-chan To Tsukiaitai

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The few persons with whom I talked about it confirmed, they too have vivid memories of the first time they fingered a girl. First time you put a finger inside is kind of magical. I don't speak about one's own arsehole you filthy pervs.

Ah, the sweet delish of a little sister. Totally impracticable in real life, where your standard little sis would see no issues with unplugging your life support device to recharge her smartphone. No, a hentai little sister: caring, in love with her onii-chan, adorable, small and tender :twisted:

I gathered here two sequentials works by Oryou on this topic, in reading order:
Boku Wa Imouto To Tsukiaenai (The siblings’ first times, the thrill of growing tension and then the line is crossed)
Watashi Wa Onii-chan To Tsukiaitai (They’re now confirmed lovers, no need for restraint anymore, open ending about their future giving me hopes for a sequel some day)

The drawings are sweet, not too censored (thin black lines in small numbers) and there’s a sense of cuteness all the time, it was quite enjoyable, I hope you guys too may love it :)
Thanks a lot to Frogstat, from Chikanji Translations, and KKyunlations! :jap:

For more, please see The list of Oryou’s shares on HentaiRules..

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Puru No Naka No Tenshi Tachi [English], by Nimun

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Hard not to fantasize about those swimsuits, as they covered our female classmates while we were at an age where our hormones were raging wild inside us

The lookalike sister of a popular swimmer visits the swimming pool instead of her sister, and the sister’s coach, being a kind person, pretends he doesn’t notice and teaches the poor girl how to swim.
One thing leading to another, naturally, they’re having sex as if their life depended on it.
One thing leading to another, they’re having sex underwater and, at this point, I don’t know, did the girl grow gills or what?!? :shock:

Anyway, it’s vanilla, it’s well drawn, not too censored (a few opaque bars), there’s big breasts, twintails and swimsuit fetishes for you, I’m confident this share might please a number of you guys :)
Thanks to Selectortranslations for this release! :jap:

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Tomodachi (“Friend”) [English], by Ichiro

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Yes. Yes! YES!!!

It’s a simple setup, two childhood friends, male and female, they’ve already had partners before but they’re currently free, and, well, would you believe it, let’s give it a rehearsal, etcetera… Nothing new under the sun, sure, but it’s giving off great WAFF vibes, and it’s drawn with quality art, with a delicate care for ecstatic expressions on the girl’s face all along, and very little censorship :)

I’m tagging this as vanilla and all, although the feelings of love weren’t vocally voiced out, I think they were obvious enough for everyone. Enjoy! ^_^
Thanks to Alexey, N04h and Herzer! :jap:

By Ichiro, I also share Chiamane, Nekomimi Planet and Hokenshitsu No Sensei + Knockout.

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Haru O Maneku Suzu (“Ringing In Spring”) [English], by Tokiwa Midori

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No worries, this is no waste, men have unlimited ammo in hentai. And look at the girl's adorable face! ^__^

Oh boy. That. Was. AWESOME!! :D :kickass:

We’ve got:
– Quality art, original, intense, well done in all regards, without too much censorship (black bars, we can deal with that)
– An original story, taking a break from how typical nekomimi hentai goes, bursting with gentle, touching mutual care, even after lust took over
– And icing on the hentai cake, an adorable, surprising, funny and heart-warming conclusion, I’m still giggling about it :)

I can’t recommend you enough to read Haru O Maneku Suzu, if you haven’t done it already :)

Release credits are for Dynellen, Yuzuru Katsuragi, RO, EcchiNeko (a fine nickname for a share such as this one!), Freudia, Constipat8, Canine (seriously, do those guys chose this share because it matched their nicknames or what?!?), Rotoscopic and Nero, from Team Koinaka, thank you very much!! ^__^

By the same artist, I also share Nepenthes.

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Shiofuki Kanrinin Masato-kun (“Squirting Manager Masato-kun”) [English], by Suihei Sen

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I try to imagine there are no censorship bars. I'm not very successful at that.

Hard not to giggle. This is vanilla, but vanilla in which the female MC is weird. A bit lacking in the neurones department, a bit lacking when it comes to a proper upbringing about what you can and can’t talk about.. But, hey, it’s still vanilla :D

The gist: two childhood friends, male and female, the girl is fully open-minded and will talk of everything with her male childhood friend, without malice. Including her recent masturbation habit to the thought of the male MC. She’s candidly sexual :shock: The boy reluctantly helps her masturbate, eventually he can’t stand it anymore, he forces her to abstain an entire week, and at the end of those seven days they’re both ripe to do it together at long fucking last! ^^

It’s been released by Yuzuru Katsuragi, Nero, EcchiNeko, HayateK4L, Freudia and LVl0, from Team Koikana, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, called Suihei Sen and Umi No Sachi, to this day, I also share Gensen Oppai Kakenagashi, Oppai No Jikan and Amatoro Oppai + Pai Shota Milk.

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Pack of 3 [English] works, by Utu

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Look at her face! LOOK AT IT!!

I gathered here three newly released scanlations of chapters from an hentai manga by Utu.
Those works are, in reading order:
Giwaku To Miwaku (“Suspicion And Fascination”) (part 1 of 2 of a “local setup”)
Futari No Omocha (“Their Toy”) (part 2 of 2)
Toilet No Megami-sama (an unrelated story taking place in a very different location)

Those are nice feel-good mangas, in my opinion. The characters have their own personalities, weird in one (or multiple :lol: ) way or another, they’re endearing, and you can’t help smiling as the “plot” unfolds before sex can finally take place, huhu ^^
Graphically, I was glad, those were semi-transparent censorship bars, it’s too rare. And good sex, see for youselves!
Thanks to N04h and Herzer for those 3 releases :)

By the same artist, to this day, I also share I Love You, Sister, Sakura Toiki (“Sakura Sigh”), DT To SF, Cleaning No Itazura Shitate and A Dog’s Job.

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